1. MinnesotaSmith

    RACE Liberal white F says "White People Love Dogs Because They Miss Owning Slaves" Liberal's Tweet Goes Viral: 'White People Love Dogs Because They Miss Owning Slaves' BY MICHAEL VAN DER GALIEN JULY 17, 2019 CHAT 419 COMMENTS "Scientific research has shown that a...
  2. Doomer Doug

    PLAY Little Girl Diagnosed With Inoperable Brain Tumor Gets Special Visit from 40 Dogs

    This is the kind of story that just amazes me at how GOOD most people really are. :usfl: Except for the Demoncrats I mean! Dogs are such amazing creatures, and they are much smarter than most of the people I meet these days! the link is here...
  3. S

    HELP What Alternatives are there to Dog NSAIDs?

    One of my doggies needs pain meds, and takes Galliprant, and sometimes Gabapentin also. Are there any over-the-counter NSAID pain meds that are safe for dogs? Aspirin? Tylenol? Advil? The cost of vet meds is incredible- $64 for 30 pills, and that's really pinching me hard. Any help most...
  4. 20Gauge

    CRIME Dealing with the Crazy!

    Fun day at the office. It's not that we aren't busy enough with Tax Season, but now we have to deal with the FSA / Crazy Lady that seems to have targeted us..... Short version..... We are in a small strip mall that no one enters unless they have a specific need. Having said that, we do have...
  5. Melodi

    SOFT NEWS Cats (and Dogs) tried out in battle against Washington DC Rats (four legs)

    From National Geographic Homeless Cats Recruited to Fight Rising Tide of Rats There’s a new sheriff in Washington D.C. alleys: adopted feral cats. But as rodent-killing machines, New York’s terriers are even better. Picture of a rat looking for food in a trash can VIEW IMAGES Complaints...
  6. H

    HEALTH A dozen dogs infected with flu that spread at Florida shows

    For links see article source..... Posted for fair use..... A dozen dogs infected with flu that spread at Florida shows BY TAMARA LUSH Associated Press ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. Health officials have now confirmed a dozen cases of H3N2 canine...
  7. H

    SCI Dogs may have been domesticated more than once

    For links see article source..... Posted for fair use..... Dogs may have been domesticated more than once By David GrimmJun. 2, 2016 , 2:00 PM For years, scientists have debated where...
  8. Melodi

    PLAY Candidates and Critters!

    OK I'm starting a new thread to not clutter up the one on Cruz, but this is based on a project I just started on facebook. A few weeks ago I said this year I would only post pictures of candidates with a cat, preferably their own cat but a friendly kitty would do. At that time I could only...
  9. F

    Story Playmates

    [We’ve been told that dogs’ partnership with Man took thousands of years to germinate and solidify. Perhaps it did...but that doesn’t mean that a different sort of inter-species bond would take that long, especially if Bruno the Newf were one of the participants.] ==<O>== The autumn weather...
  10. F

    Story A Year Of Good Eating

    (Love takes many forms. It follows many avenues into our hearts. He who has learned something of those forms and avenues should not be surprised to find that the supposedly lesser creatures we choose for our companions know and experience love, as well. Bruno would tell you, but then, being a...
  11. F

    Story The Knife ... And The Newf

    [Your dog loves you. Never doubt it. And think, every so often, about what he might know, or suspect, that you could benefit from knowing. Meet Bruno, a Newfoundland, in the first of his adventures among the baffling Humans.] * * * Bruno was much smarter than his masters were aware. Though he...
  12. Melodi

    CRIME Good news Police and Dog Story (Ireland) Stolen Pups Found!

    Now this is the sort of stores we want to see more of when it comes to Dogs and the Police, of course in Ireland the police mandate is to keep the peace, not "prevent crime," which brings a bit of a different focus to their work Best day at work ever? Adorable stolen husky pups recovered by...
  13. Melodi

    SOFT NEWS Service Dog saves blind owner from fire by "dialing" 911

    This is a wonderful feel good story, and it also is why I was so horrified at the story of the police officer who shot a service dog for no good reason. These dogs are often highly trained and cost thousands of dollars to do so - this lovely lab has actually saved his owner twice, once when she...
  14. H

    SCI How man’s best friend could hold the key to anti-ageing

    For links see article source..... Posted for fair use..... How man’s best friend could hold the key to anti-ageing Drugs added to pet food may extend lives of dogs and lead the way to protect humans...
  15. Jubilee on Earth

    OT/MISC For canine owners -- sale on USA made bones and treats

    I don't know if any of you have ever ordered from Pet Flow, but often times they'll run some fantastic sales. They have a sale running right now on USA made dog bones and chews, some of which are dirt cheap (i.e. free range buffalo ears for a penny). There are household limits to most of the...
  16. hypoluxo

    SOFT NEWS Images from the Iditarod

    From Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race 2012 The 40th Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race came to an end earlier this week in Nome, Alaska. Dallas Seavey, 25, bested both his father and his grandfather with his team of nine dogs...
  17. davidinthewilderness

    GOV/MIL Kindergarten Classes on Man's Best Friend

    From the Davos One Health Conference: In their own words: Statistical analysis of biting incidents shows not only that children are bitten by dogs more frequently than adults, but also that the wounds from these bites are worse, as children of-ten suffer injuries to the neck or head. They are...
  18. Penguin Zen

    PLAY Woof vs. Meow: What Our Furry Pals Reveal About Us i JUST THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD READ .. Mods I know you will probably want to move to Animal Magnetism or something but it was pretty good site .. I love this site they have great info and funny pet videos also..
  19. M

    OT/MISC My dogs are acting very oddly.

    One keeps barking, and whining. The other is hiding in the basement, shaking. This is unusual behavior for both of them. I live in Vancouver, Wa. :( Just so ya know. Anyone else's animals acting weird tonight?