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The DNC's BLM movement was the Soviet trained Weather Underground's key to their Revolution in overthrowing the system in the United States of America.

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Mark Rudd 1969:
The System is gonna be Overthrown
Its gonna mean a Fight
Its going mean a lot of white people risking a lot of things
When it finally join on the side of the black people

WEATHERMAN [FBI report: Ayers group trained by KGB!]

DiscoverTheNetworks (a David Horowitz site) ^
Posted on Thursday, April 24, 2008 7:00:43 PM by Eye On The Left

FBI files from 1976, recently made public under the Freedom of Information Act, confirm the connections between Weatherman, Havana, and Moscow.

Weatherman [Weather Underground] leaders like Mark Rudd traveled illegally to Havana in 1968 to engage in terrorist training.

There, camps set up by Soviet KGB Colonel Vadim Kotchergine were educating Westerners both in Marxist philosophy and urban warfare.

Obama’s Political Career Launched By Terrorist William Ayers

Having worked as an organizer for Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Whitehorn became a member of the Weathermen/The Weather Underground organization in 1969.[citation needed] She traveled with them to Havana, Cuba as part of the organization’s instruction in the ideology of Marxism and urban warfare, visiting one of the camps established by Soviet KGB Colonel Vadim Kotchergine.[3]

THE WEATHERMEN (will Bill Clinton's pardons come back to haunt Hillary?) ^ | 4-2008
Posted on 04/14/2008 2:13:46 PM PDT by doug from upland

NOTE: Hillary may have a problem using Barack Obama's connection to William Ayers and the Weather Underground.

In 1985, former Weather Underground members Susan Rosenberg (who also was implicated in the Nyack robbery) and Linda Evans were apprehended while transporting 740 pounds of explosives which they both acknowledged were slated for use in additional bombings. Rosenberg was sentenced to 58 years in prison, Evans 40; President Bill Clinton pardoned both women in January 2001.

================================================== ==================


* Declared "war on Amerikkka"at its Flint War Council in 1969
* Responsible for the deaths of police officers and the wanton destruction of public property
* Some former members are now comfortably ensconced in University professorships

Weatherman (known colloquially as The Weathermen) was a political faction elected in 1968 to lead the radical group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The organization took its name from a line in the Bob Dylan song Subterranean Homesick Blues ("You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows"). Emerging in 1969 as the most militant wing of the SDS's Revolutionary Youth Movement, the fledgling Weatherman issued a "manifesto" eschewing nonviolence and calling instead for armed opposition to U.S. policies; advocating the overthrow of capitalism; exhorting white radicals to trigger a worldwide revolution by fighting in the streets of the "mother country"; and proclaiming that the time had come to launch a race war against the "white" United States on behalf of the non-white Third World.

Grounded in identity politics, Weatherman ideology and rhetoric rebelled against what later came to be known as America's "white skin privilege." Weatherman opposed the strategy of a rival SDS faction, Progressive Labor, which rejected the sexual and chemical excesses of the counter-cultural movements of the 1960s in favor of a purer, Marxist-Leninist popular front movement aimed at developing student-labor alliances.

FBI files from 1976, recently made public under the Freedom of Information Act, confirm the connections between Weatherman, Havana, and Moscow.

Weatherman leaders like Mark Rudd traveled illegally to Havana in 1968 to engage in terrorist training. There, camps set up by Soviet KGB Colonel Vadim Kotchergine were educating Westerners both in Marxist philosophy and urban warfare.

At a 1969 "War Council" in Flint, Michigan, Weatherman leader Bernardine Dohrn (currently a law professor at Northwestern University and a Board member of the ACLU) praised the serial murderer Charles Manson and his accomplices: "Dig it. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim's stomach. Wild." She then proclaimed that the time had come to launch a war against "Amerikkka" (Weatherman always spelled "America" this way, to convey the group's belief that the nation was ineradicably racist to its core). Toward this end, Dohrn advocated the formation of an even more radical "Weather Underground" cult to carry out covert terrorist activities rather than public acts of protest. By early 1970, her wish would be realized.

Weatherman's first public demonstration was its October 1969 "Days of Rage" protest in Chicago, timed to coincide with the trials of the Chicago Seven (a group of radical leftists led by Tom Hayden), who had fomented a riot at the Democratic Party nominating convention in that city the previous year. Advertised with the slogan "Bring the war home," "Days of Rage" sought to create enough chaos to shock the American public out of its alleged complacency vis a vis the Vietnam War.

The opening "Days of Rage" salvo, designed to glorify the anarchist movement, was the October 8 demolition of a statue dedicated to the memory of eight policemen who had been killed in the Haymarket Labor Riot of 1886. Thereafter, some 300 people -- both members and supporters of the Weatherman agenda -- ravaged Chicago's business district, smashing windows and destroying automobiles. Six people were shot and seventy were arrested. The violence continued, though on a smaller scale, for each of the next two nights. As Sixties historian Todd Gitlin observed, however, no popular uprising was sparked by these events, much to the group's dismay. Notable "Days of Rage" leaders included Bill Ayers, now a Professor of Education at the University of Illinois, and Mark William Rudd, currently a mathematics professor at a New Mexico community college.

Weatherman was further radicalized by the December 1969 shooting death of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton by Chicago police. Hampton was a street thug who, in his much-heralded "morning education" programs, taught black youths that violent opposition to the U.S. government was a worthy goal. He was quoted in a 1969 Chicago Sun-Times article as saying, "I am at war with the pigs," and forecasting an armed struggle between blacks and whites. He routinely carried weapons and instructed his subordinates to do the same. For Weatherman, Hampton's death provided one more excuse to pursue a revolutionary agenda. In March 1970 the organization issued a "Declaration of a State of War" against the United States government, using for the first time its new name, the "Weather Underground Organization" (WUO), adopting fake identities, and pledging to pursue covert activities only...

ObamaAyers (7min)

CNN exposes Obama/Ayers
Notice the $100+million Obama funneled to Ayers, Ayers' wife and Rev. Wright

Terrorist Mark Rudd’s Warning on the Destruction of America’s Defenses

Apr 14th, 2011 by TMH

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal
President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies are using U.S. economic problems (which they partially created) to sell Americans on the need to cut defense spending.

This is what America’s enemies have wanted for decades. If America can be disarmed, Russia, China, Cuba and Iran will face little or no opposition to their plans for world domination.

More than two years ago, Cuban trained, former Weather Underground terrorist Mark Rudd, warned us that Obama’s game plan would be to exploit economic crises to push for defense cuts.

Mark Rudd, 1968

Rudd, an unrepentant Marxist to this day, works closely with at least three people who have been close to Obama in the recent past – Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Carl Davidson. He is in a unique position to understand Obama’s long term strategy.

Mark Rudd wrote this analysis just after the 2008 elections:

Obama is a very strategic thinker. He knew precisely what it would take to get elected and didn’t blow it. He used community organizing methods to mobilize a base consisting of many people who had never voted before or who regularly don’t vote….But he also knew that what he said had to basically play to the center to not be run over by the press, the Republicans, scare centrist and cross-over voters away. He made it.

So he has a narrow mandate for change, without any direction specified. What he’s doing now is moving on the most popular issues — the environment, health care, and the economy. He’ll be progressive on the environment because that has broad popular support; health care will be extended to children, then made universal, but the medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance corporations will stay in place, perhaps yielding some power; the economic agenda will stress stimulation from the bottom sometimes and handouts to the top at other times. It will be pragmatic…

And I agree with this strategy. Anything else will court sure defeat. Move on the stuff you can to a small but significant extent, gain support and confidence.

From The Soviet Files: An American 'Negro Republic' - The Communist Secession Plot

Highest Ranking Cold War Defector: The KGB Invented ‘Liberation Theology’

May 2, 2015

Pacepa claims that the Theology of Liberation was not merely infiltrated by the KGB, it was actually the brainchild of Soviet intelligence services.

“The movement was born in the KGB, and it had a KGB-invented name: Liberation Theology,” Pacepa said.

In Pacepa’s words, Liberation Theology was “deliberately designed to undermine the Church and destabilize the West by subordinating religion to an atheist political ideology for its geopolitical gain.”

Russia KGB Tried to Use Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Assassination to Start a Race War

The plot involved the KKK, the Jewish Defense League, black militants … and a bombing
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They are only blocking the roads if you let them. I see no barriers that even a normal car cannot drive over.

Just understand that at the very least, you will be vilified, even if your car was surrounded and being attacked by the 'Peaceful Protesters'; and if your local DA is in their pocket, will likely face charges of ___________ (fill in the blank).

Of course, the "better to be tried by 12...." thing may be coming into play.

Be ready to articulate your position (fear for your life, etc.)


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Just understand that at the very least, you will be vilified, even if your car was surrounded and being attacked by the 'Peaceful Protesters'; and if your local DA is in their pocket, will likely face charges of ___________ (fill in the blank).

Of course, the "better to be tried by 12...." thing may be coming into play.

Be ready to articulate your position (fear for your life, etc.)
Run your own camera while screaming in fear for your life.


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25:29 min
Watch: Portland police union president holds news conference on community safety and policing
•Streamed live 3 hours ago

KGW News

Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner addresses the media two days after releasing a statement calling for local and state leaders to condemn the nightly violence in Portland and defend the city by supporting the police.


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,17 min

Placer County Deputy Sheriffs' Association Oakland, CA on the night of July 4th. Firefighters respond to not only fire calls, but often times they are responding to medical calls where lives are at stake and seconds count.

This is unacceptable. It’s time for mayors to stop appeasing angry mobs and get control of their cities.
This is misrepresented. Oakland is in Alameda County, Not Placer. We don't have an ape problem up here in the hills.


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1:53:42 min
Watch live: Esper, Milley testify on law enforcement at House committee hearing
•Streamed live 4 hours ago

CBS News

Defense Secretary Esper and Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley testify to House committee on DoD and civilian law enforcement - Hearing on 'Department of Defense Authorities and Roles Related to Civilian Law Enforcement', with testimony from Secretary of Defense Mark Esper; and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley.

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19:34 min
A former Marine Sgt. from San Diego by the name of Tally, takes a video walk around the government campus at Denver Colorado.

It is surreal how far we have fallen from law and order into anarchy and decline. It brings to the forefront how badly we have allowed our nation to fall into chaos. So sad.
Welcome to Colorful Colorado...well, it used to be. Too bad he didn't get any shots of the homeless down 22nd ave Parkway. That is this encampment tripled.

Been here all my life (3rd or 4th generation) and I can't believe how bad it's gotten either. Very very sad over the whole thing.


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July 9, 2020
The sack of Portland
By Thomas Lifson
With very little national media attention, the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon has been under siege for over a month, with rioters and looters nightly clashing with police, destroying property, desecrating monuments, and helping themselves to property they did not pay for. The city is, in short, being sacked by barbarians, clothed in the garb of “peaceful protestors.”

The Portland Police, under the command of Mayor Ted Wheeler, have been restrained, to say the least, in dealing with the mobs. But they have just posted a two-and-a-half-minute video on Twitter depicting what they are up against:
For over a month police have responded to criminal activity in downtown Portland and in other neighborhoods that has caused millions of dollars in damage and has threatened human life and safety.
— Portland Police (@PortlandPolice) July 8, 2020
Firebombs may be bad, but the rioters are also using lasers to potentially blind police officers at whom they aim their weapons.

Twitter video screen grabs (cropped)​
According to Fox News:
"We're six weeks into this," Portland Deputy Police Chief Chris Davis said during a virtual news briefing. "A walk through downtown today will expose you to a scene of boarded-up windows, extensive damage to public property and really an unfortunate scene in our city center."
More than 100 people have been injured among peace officers and civilians, and the damage is reckoned at $23 million. The arrests so far are few, but of the 7 whose mug shots have been released, 6 appear to be white youngsters of college age:

Via The Post Millenial
Police have little confidence in their civilian leadership:
The president of the Portland police union that represents rank-and-file officers said Wednesday he has no confidence in city leaders to address the ongoing violence amid their failure to condemn the destructive behavior.
"I have no confidence that [the] City Council will stand up for all of Portland," Officer Daryl Turner, president of the Portland Police Association, said during a news conference. “I have no confidence that the city will stop the rioting and looting and protect the safety and livelihood of Portlanders.
Governor Kathleen Brown of Oregon has done nothing to stop the ongoing sack of her state’s largest city. The National Guard should be called up and authorized to use live rounds when they are physically threatened. That would put a stop to the riots and save Portland from becoming a shell of its former self.

Correction: Governor Kathleen Brownis unrealted to Jerry Brown of California


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Protest in Detroit over officer involved shooting escalates as crowds grow
Victim identified as 19-year-old Hakim Littleton by family

Local News
Grant Hermes, Anchor/Reporter
Victor Williams, Reporter
Published: July 10, 2020, 6:31 pmUpdated: July 10, 2020, 6:49 pm

DETROIT – A protest prompted by an officer involved shooting is growing in Detroit with larger crowds.

Police officers were involved in the deadly shooting. It happened this afternoon at McNichols and San Juan just west of Livernois. Neighbors and police seem to have very different stories.

Protesters chanted about defunding the police and called officers racist.

You can watch live coverage of the protests on ClickOnDetroit.

Watch Live: Protesters clash with police over shooting death of 19-year-old

According to Detroit Police Chief James Craig, officers were looking for a person involved in a Fouth of July shooting that left five people hurt and three others dead.

Officers say when they found their suspect they were approached by another man. Somehow a fight happened and an officer put that man in some kind of hold. That’s when officers say the man they restrained opened fire.

He began to fire a number of rounds at the officer over his shoulder. As that was happening the officer pushed him away and that is when the additional officers fearing for their lives fired off several rounds striking that suspect.

The man identified as 19-year-old Hakim Littleton by family was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

But family members who saw the interaction said that’s not how it happened.

They say Littleton did approach the officer but was unarmed and had dropped to his knees when officers pulled the trigger. His cousin says she saw it happen.

“They murdered him. Shot him in his back walking down the street. Oh they told them to freeze, ok put your hands up. And they did, and they shot him trying to put his phone in his pocket,” said Deseanae Wells, the victim’s cousin.

A press conference is scheduled to take place tonight beginning 7:30 p.m. at Detroit Public Safety Headquarters.

Craig will provide additional information regarding the shooting at the press conference.

Copyright 2020 by WDIV ClickOnDetroit - All rights reserved.

About the Authors:
Author Photo

Grant Hermes
Grant comes to Local 4 from Oklahoma City. He joins the news team as co-anchor of Local 4 News Today weekend mornings and is a general assignment reporter.


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LIVE COVERAGE: Protest breaks out at scene where Detroit police say officers fatally shot man after he opened fire

Detroit Police Chief James Craig speaks on an officer involved shooting investigation and the protests that sprung up around it.

poster (6).jpg

By: Ross Jones

Posted at 4:11 PM, Jul 10, 2020

and last updated 3:52 PM, Jul 10, 2020

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A large protest broke out at the scene where a man with suspected ties to a Detroit gang was fatally shot by police after officers say he opened fire.

Police came to West McNichols and San Juan just after 12:30 this afternoon, investigating a shooting from a block party shooting over the July 4th weekend that left three dead and five injured. DPD believes the shooting was gang related.
While surveilling the area, officers say they saw a man with an outstanding narcotics warrant sitting in a vehicle. As they prepared to arrest him, another man began to approach officers and opened fire.
“He began to fire a number of rounds at the officer over his shoulder,” said Chief James Craig. “As that was occurring, the officer pushed him away, and that’s when the additional officers, fearing for their life, the fact that he was actively shooting, they fired several rounds striking that suspect.”
The suspect was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. The man officers were initially trying to arrest was taken into custody without incident. Police have not released his name.
Protests took place at the scene of the shooting Friday evening.

Officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave, pending the results of an investigation.
The shooting comes as crime in Detroit continues to surge.
Criminal homicides are up 31% since last year, and non-fatal shootings have soared by 53%.


Tensions rise over Detroit police killing of man they say fired first at officers
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Thank you, vector7, for post #5,832. This sounds precisely right, unfortunately. Has been in the works for a long, long time.

Brace yourselves, folks.