BRKG Riots in Minneapolis (now the main riot thread)


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I just read about what happened to, George Floyd in Minneapolis MN.

It is another glaring example, of dumb arse White LEO,
attempting to deal with an African.

How many times have I stated on this board,
only African LEO should deal with African suspects.

Had that occurred, African LEO dispatched for this incident,
George Floyd would probably still be alive tonight,
instead of becoming dead, because of dumb arse White LEO's.

I believe nothing can be done. It is absolutely hopeless now.

Please be safe everyone.

Regards to all.



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Gee, so this happened today? This is likely Somali's riotong. Domestic terrorism
anybody. Good thing I just got my Windham AR-15 and 300 rounds of ammo..I just need to rrmember all my training from Fort Lenord Wood August of 1973. How do you lock back the bolt. Pull the charge handle and then that yhing on the side that doesn't move. :kaid: