1. Melodi

    EDUC Cat safe essential oils

    0)Nightwolf says the only safe essential oils to use around cats are: 1. Lavender 2. Chamomile (both Roman and German) 3. Cannabis These oils all have incredibly low toxicity (we can't even find an LD50 for any of the cannabinoids yet...occasionally a number is suggested, but it always...
  2. Melodi

    HELP Questions needs for my House Cat Book - please post your Kitty Questions here!

    Hi everyone, By now most people on the forum know I have written a book on keeping Happy Barn Cats. That book is doing well enough that Nightwolf and I have been asked to write a book on The Happy Housecat. Now the first book came about from 45 single-spaced pages of questions asked here on...
  3. Melodi

    SOFT NEWS The new PM's first job: Impress the cat

    In the UK there is a long tradition of "working cats" who actually do help keep down vermin in post offices, pubs, bookshops, and even the Prime Minister's official residence, so BoJo is going to find he isn't the only Alpha Male living in Downing Street, Larry regularly beats up the working cat...
  4. Melodi

    SOFT NEWS The Happy Barn Cat Book is out!

    It is published! The book originally inspired by 40 single-spaced pages of questions about barn cats and pets cats that I downloaded from my inbox on this forum is finally (15 years later) a published book! My publisher sets the prices (this is not self-published) and because it is a...
  5. Melodi

    SOFT NEWS I Can Haz Book Cover (The Barn Cat book)

    HI - with all the bad and breaking news I thought I would post some good news - without everyone at this forum this book would never have been written. Thanks to the 40 plus single-spaced pages of questions from all of you (and others) about barn cats, along with the late editions of great...
  6. ersatzpanther

    CHAT Polydactyl cats

    Cats seem to be superior to humans in many ways: sight, hearing, smell and agility for instance. It has been said that if cats had opposable thumbs then they, not we humans, would rule the world. Be that as it may, I have 3 polydactl cats who have opposable thumbs. Fortunately for us, they...
  7. Melodi

    SOFT NEWS Cats (and Dogs) tried out in battle against Washington DC Rats (four legs)

    From National Geographic Homeless Cats Recruited to Fight Rising Tide of Rats There’s a new sheriff in Washington D.C. alleys: adopted feral cats. But as rodent-killing machines, New York’s terriers are even better. Picture of a rat looking for food in a trash can VIEW IMAGES Complaints...
  8. Melodi

    HEALTH Hazmat Suits and 500 Shelter cats in NY (Cat Flu update)

    I know some people are going to wonder why all the cats were not just put down but it is probably because this flu has a very low mortality rate in cats; and it is rarely transmitted to people (one vet caught it again it is mild) but this probably is good practice towards containing other...
  9. H

    ALERT Bird Flu Infects Cats in New York Animal Shelter

    For links see article source..... Posted for fair use..... HEALTH DEC 16 2016, 2:09 PM ET Bird Flu Infects Cats in New York Animal Shelter by MAGGIE FOX Comment A type of bird flu usually only...
  10. F

    CHAT Mysterious Little Creatures, Aren’t They?

    About a year and a half ago, we adopted two kittens out of the wild. One (Chloe) is solid black; the other (Zoe) is calico or tortoiseshell. Both are exceedingly affectionate and playful. Both are also unreformable thieves. Chloe started out stealing office supplies. That was a problem for my...
  11. Melodi

    FARM Viking Cat genetics revealed (and links to very-ancient barn cats in early agriculture)

    I keep saying, where you have gardens and farming; and you have small cats around that can self-domesticate they will. I am hoping this genetic study will get more funding as there are mysteries such as the likely link between Main Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats (modern name for the Viking Cat...
  12. Doomer Doug


    :lol: Given all the chaos now underway in the world right now, I declare the Doomer Doug one minute sanity program. If, after going to this link, you aren't at least somewhat in a better mood, you can go back to the Turkey, Erdogan is a lunatic who is going to nuke us, threads. After all, we...
  13. Melodi

    FARM Cat behavior book I'm always raving about 1.99 today on Kindle

    Last I looked this book didn't even have a kindle edition! I put this under "Farm" because it has a lot of insight into pet cats (including barn cat colonies) as well as big cats. From the author of the much better known Hidden Life of Dogs - this is a must read for those who want to help...
  14. Melodi

    PLAY Candidates and Critters!

    OK I'm starting a new thread to not clutter up the one on Cruz, but this is based on a project I just started on facebook. A few weeks ago I said this year I would only post pictures of candidates with a cat, preferably their own cat but a friendly kitty would do. At that time I could only...
  15. ersatzpanther

    VIDEO Cat lovers will understand this.

    I wasn't sure where or how to post this, but for those cat lovers out there (I have 3), you'll get it.
  16. Kritter

    PLAY We got two new cats from the shelter yesterday. Will they like their new home?

    Our new furkids, Noodle and Cameron.