PRYR RQST please. If you can spare a second, RELIC and I could use travelling mercies, as well as prayers for her mom and the widespread family folks.


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RELIC's mom is dying. MAYBE last 24 hours +/-. Her body is shutting down, one system at a time.
We are setting up for a speed trip to the hospital in Sanford (Sanford regional I think, Tari talked to the doc)

If we could get coverage from the Lord for our travels as well as for her promotion class which theoretically starts Monday Morning.

I'm pretty clear on what I need to do next and on from there, she is kinda in shock.

Being a closet Aspie has it's advantages.

TerryK I'll wave as I go by.

Now to pack and git outta here. At least I believe my bride is negotiating that right now.

Y'all be good and try to keep a lid on the world while we're 7-800 miles from all our "SCHTUFF"...
Absolutely praying for whatever you need.

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Well, our situation has become -=- ahhh -=- slightly less fluid than it was an hour or two ago.

The girls (I have 5 sis-in-laws) got together and decided that there is no reason (since mom is completely unresponsive, etc.) that all she wanted was to be cremated and buried at the feet of her father's grave Tari and I will handle that last piece and we're not meeting anywhere etc.

And since the situation has congealed to -=- ahhhh -=- chilled blackstrap molasses, that is where we are sitting. Though if that changes we'll let y'all know. (And, yeah, I got a bag moving the crash cart to a specific ICU bed to scare away evil spirits...)

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Prayers for the whole family........may God grant you all the grace you will need to get through this very sad and difficult time.


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Prayers up for you, my friend. Be safe and be strong. Relic, I'm so sorry. That's so heart breaking.


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prayers up for you and Relic - traveling mercies down and back and also for the passing of your MIL. you're headed into my old stompin' grounds. beware of the lunatic drivers on I-4 . . . dunkin doughnut and coffee in one hand, texting on the cell phone with the other, steering with both knees . . . if possible let us know when things are firmed up in terms of your departure. what route are you taking down?


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Prayers for you and yours. Prayers for peace in your time of need. Prayers for God's protection, mercy and comfort.