PRYR RQST please. If you can spare a second, RELIC and I could use travelling mercies, as well as prayers for her mom and the widespread family folks.


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Prayed for the safety of you and Relic on your journey and for mercy for Relic's mom.



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Please keep us posted. Have never understood why families can be so difficult at the very time that we need to be loving and supporting each other. Should it end up being that you do not travel, please hold Relic up with extra love and support. Closure will be much longer and more difficult for her.


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Prayers for gentle transitions and none of the usual Florida death cert snafus.

She is in good hands with you two, God bless.

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And, Yes, things are a LOT calmer this evening.

Mother was at least somewhat appropriately responsive late this morning. The attending physician and sis-in-law and the hospice intake nurse all agreed that hospice was appropriate and they moved her to a hospice contract bed in the Sanford hospital.

without being foolish, there is a chance that if they clear out the pneumonia and drain the cyst below the lungs, that she may well come back.
Percentages?? Not much above 50-50. We will just have to see.

Turns out she has been progressively clearing out her trailer down to just enough furniture to have a chair in the kitchen, one in the living room and her bed. More or less. she was already pointed towards assisted living scenarios.

SO at this point we aren't going down, the sis-in-law has REALLY stepped up and is handling decisions like a trooper. She was NOT the most aggressive sis in the bunch, but is doing WELL in the situation. Of curse she's hanging in there by her fingernails, and she and RELIC talk a lot, now.
Honestly I'm impressed with Sis-in-law. FORTUATELY Sis-OUT-law hasn't stuck her proboscis into the situation. Not sure if SIL would handle that well.....

So, I be prayin for Mom and the Sis-In-Law. Thank you for all of your PRAYERS. THEY ARE BEING FELT!!



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Prayers continue. I lost my mother about this time in the 90s. I had to fly
to FL. As much as I miss her, I'm glad she's not alive in these crazy times. She'd have
a very hard time coping with it all.



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I lost my father in the 90's as well Meemur...92 to be exact..........there's no way he could have tolerated these crazy way!!
Nor my father, either. I lost him soon afterwards, before 9/11. I'm so grateful that he wasn't here to see that.
He would've blown a gasket for sure and probably ended up in the hospital.

Not that any of this is easy for me, but I adapt to changing situations much better than they did.

My condolences! I hope this spring season isn't too sad for you.

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Well, Barb has been a contrary MIL since day One. Over night, they had her on O2 as part of the Hospice Protocol and her sats stayed over 95. SIL was staying with her over night until she needed a step outside. WHOOPS!! Security tells her she can't come back in because hospital is on Lockdown (seems there was some gangbanger hauled in and about 50 of his "friends" all showed up) so SIL went home.
By mid morning this morning SIL was with her and the hospice nurse was there indicated the h. doc was on his way...
WRONG choice! SIL stood up and informed H. nurse that she wanted the HOUSE doc, since she had had no chance to talk to said House doc yesterday. House doc got there within 4 minutes (SIL CAN get THAT WAY now and then[fortunately she knows how to fire a doc ~~snerfle~~]) and after a minimal discussion, they all seem to have agreed that returning to House Doc control and letting her fight was a good idea SO they restarted (WHAH!!??) the meds and reset her O2 gear etc. They are going to be actively treating her and letting her FIGHT (with help, o' course).

Like I said, Barb IS a contrary (B)Witch. Understand I love this woman dearly but she has her mome---err---hou---err---months. (I've occasionally considered the J R Treatment with the J R defense...["some people need...."])

So that's where we are now. She is interacting appropriately (givin her daughter shit), fighting the bug that tipped her over the edge, and being the Barb we know and love (ahem).

So CLEARLY the prayers are working!!
More later as things develop!
(If you ARE praying, please include that the other Sis-Out-Law keeps her proboscis OUT of the situation, cuz if she gets INTO it there might be an undertaker in the near future...)



Prayers for all and that her mom's passing is painless and shows the Glory of God to unbelievers!! Praying for comfort t=for the family and soothing peace....

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Things changed, as per normal. They waltzed her into, out of, and back into hospice and transferred her to Orlando, and, well, they had her pretty fully sedated so there wasn't any pain, just slowing resps until none.
She died at 8:33 PM.

I GUESS we're going to meet Pamela in Buffalo, and PERHAPS do a graveside ceremony around the beginning of August, right around her and RELIC's birthdays (they're a couple days apart).

Please keep RELIC (TARI) in your thoughts and prayers, as, sometime in the next 4-5 days she will go from her current "Fully Clinical, and thus OK" and hit JUST the wrong combo of inputs and stimuli and, well, we'll be off to the races for a couple days. If I vanish for a day or two, fear not I can handle MOST of what she will dish out, both physically and psychologically.

And the wine cabinet is CLOSED until we go through that fun.