PRYR RQST please. If you can spare a second, RELIC and I could use travelling mercies, as well as prayers for her mom and the widespread family folks.


passin' thru
I'm sorry for your loss. It's always too soon : (
Your lady's gone to the front of the hug n hot tea line, for what it's worth <3


I'm sorry Tari, and Chuck. No matter what the relationship was like in life, it's just so darned final.

May God be very close in the coming days, and may kin and estate troubles be minimal.


night driver

ESFP adrift in INTJ sea
Thankk you all for your prayers. I can assure you every one of them was felt.

THAMK YOU is so weak, but it is what I have to return to each of you.
May God fill each of YOU as He has us with each of your prayers.

The Tari and Chuck Show.