CHAT Weird names you have encountered

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Shi' The' Ad......just spell it.

Also seen Nevaseen, Zesta & Ve Rily. I was told the last one was a Biblical name - Ve Rily, Ve Rily, I say unto you......
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The first name of just about any Black person born after 1990............

Went to High School with a person whose last name was Ivory......................his first name?..............Stone.

also another student name Van Busey...................we thought that was his last name.... but it is actually Van (first name) and Busey (last name)......

......then when we graduated his full name appeared in our senior photos it was..

Wiley Van why we know he went by his middle name..........

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Interesting. Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier were Haitian dictators. Bloodthirsty killers.
Yeah, but these guys were all stand up citizens, Just a fitting way to quickly identify which doctor slaughter you were refering to. Although the blood thirsty might fit, almost all the surgery preformed in that county for about 30 or 40 years was done by one of them.


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Elvis insisted we call him by his last name first! This King Elvis!
I had to call Wanda back by her first name only or everybody front/back would giggle out loud, including ME!


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Charles Rubright, D.C. practices as a Chiropractor in Herrin, IL
Dr. Daniel S Doolittle, MD, is an Emergency Medicine specialist in Marion, Illinois.

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And then there's the internet-famous "Max Fightmaster", who was a sergeant in the Army. Eventually promoted to Master Sergeant.

And the most comic-book name ever, the current head test driver for Lamborghini: Max Venturi.


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Bro &sis in law fostered a red headed 2yr old baby girl in the 60s legal name was booger red. I was introduced to a woman one time her name was Neda dick her husband was a dentist. My folks hung one on me my legal name is Irving and I've never met anyone with that name except my grandpa. Lots of teasing when I was a kid. HehHeh daughter had twins in her class named orengelo and limgello


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A selfish short sighted woman who was conflicted about a late in life pregnancy named her son tiers.
...their last name was reign : (

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Half a lifetime ago I actually met a man named Richard Head.

He had a daughter who married a man named Chin. So she became Chin (k)nee Head. True story.

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Another one I just remembered. A bloke whom I used to work with is named Aaron Elvis. His surname is not Presley but the same as a well known Aussie drag racer (car, not cross dressing) so he is universally called Victor.

Gitche Gumee Kid

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Three guys that graduated in the class of '58 ---Marquette School of Dentistry---->Dr Payne, Dr Toothacher and Dr Gumm . I graduated in the class of '59 ( same school ).
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Almost forgot this. When my dad went to get a passport in the 70's he had to get an "ORIGINAL" copy of his birth certificate from the "OFFICIAL" state records. When it arrived from Ohio, it didn't have the name he'd lived all his life with, joined the navy, college, teaching credentials, etc., etc., etc. Instead the name listed on his "ORIGINAL" birth certificate was....."baby boy". My dad like all his brothers were born at home on the farm in the 1930's. He could have picked any name he wanted, but stuck with the one he grew up with, Glenn boring!!


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I went to school with a guy named Bob Evans. And when my ex went to get a vasectomy, his name was Richard Chop.....Dick Chop in Austin.


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From 1990's Massachusetts: Chevy Van Pickup (yes, they were lower class Indigenous etc. named Pickup, and that's what they named their baby boy).

Sorry, I got into a thread drift here as I was trying to remember where I heard about this name, and here it is: from The Boston Globe 1997. He was 11 years old. Link below.

He is Chevy Van Pickup so named because his parents thought it sounded cool. He's here for allegedly mugging a woman outside a package store in Athol, a small town near the New Hampshire border where he lives. Chevy already is the youngest child in the custody of the state Department of Youth Services, the agency that oversees the treatment and punishment of kids in trouble.
His rap sheet would be impressive if he were an adult, never mind a child a decade shy of the legal drinking age. Athol police first picked him up when he was 5 years old (his mother can't remember what he did). When Chevy was 7 years old, the youngest age at which someone can be charged with a crime in Massachusetts, he was arrested four times once for attacking another student with a trumpet. Now confined to a facility for young criminals in Lancaster, Chevy spends his free time making cards for his grandfather and trying to earn good behavior points so he can buy presents for his sisters. For the first time, he is learning how to read.
The public price: There is no shortage of help for the Pickups, almost all of it paid for by taxpayers. There is a DSS worker, a DYS worker, a counselor from the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, afterhours school counselors, child psychiatrists, and public defenders. In addition, taxpayers are picking up the enormous cost of placing Chevy and Michael in DYS custody.
The state and Athol schools are sharing a $ 75,000 a year bill for Chevy's stay in Lancaster. The program in Springfield where Michael is serving his DYS commitment costs $ 63,946 per year. "By the time these kids are 18, the state will have spent a million dollars on them," says one of their social workers. But no one seems happy with the results.