CHAT Weird names you have encountered


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Old Reader's Digest Humor in Uniform story was that a guy was named R B Jones. His parents didn't give him names, just the initials. So the Army noted his name as R(only) B(only) Jones, and he was henceforth known as Ronly Bonly Jones. I'm not making this up.


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There used to be a pool of docs up north somewhere who saw a lot of ghetto patients. One woman named her baby Lemon Jello. Pronounced it LeMON JeLO. The docs couldn't stop laughing.

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I used a dentist named Dr. Hurt
I guy that I went to school with had the last name of Davidson
his kids were Harley and Holley
A hunting buddy -last name Hunt named his son Michael
Had one of those near here. His name was L O Hurtz. Very well named.


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Mary Christmas

also, years ago were having a similar conversation as this at work and my colleague (who was British) said she knew (went to school with) a girl named Candy Beaver... and they thought well at least when she gets married she’ll have a new last name ... well she got married and her husband’s last name was Johnson.

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Met a guy, his name, Richard Hickey. Didn't know him long enough to find out if he was called Dick. My grandmother married a painter named Pink Brown.

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In Minnesota I heard a Game warden run a driver's license check on someone from
either Mississippi or Alabama. It came back to: N$$$$r Boy.
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Football player 80s-90s I think --> I.M. Hipp

Harlem Globetrotter --> Meadowlark Lemon

.......'course, anybody named FISTICUFFS is highly entertaining


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ran into a pair of Georgeannas
Georgeanne and Georgeannie (both pronounced the same jorgAnn)
only really unusually names I have personally found in the wild


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Czechaslovakia Jason
Hua Chou (pronounced Wa-Chow)
Swami Rubio

And my all time personal favorite...

Denver Joe Butters


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there was a guy in high school names Pete Long
on the first day of class the teacher was calling the roll last names first---Long Peter

RB Martin

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There's a lady I know who was named Velvet Hinson.

Velvet met and then later married Darryl Sheets.

She is now Velvet Sheets. Darryl took Velvet to his home in Georgia ...a little town called Cumming.

Yeah, Velvet Sheets lives in Cumming, GA!

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Locally I've come across two receptionists with unusual first names... one was Te'Quila and the other was Re'Tina. I kid you not. I'm sure you can GTR. Why they do this to their kids I'll never understand.

There is also a local law firm founded by someone named Crooks. Their billboards read, "Trust Crooks."


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Went to an orthodontist named Dr. Tooth Boone I believe he was a Jr.

A guy in HS named Dick Baggs!


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In kindergarten there was a kid who's last name was Masterbaiter
When I was working at a mailing house programming their computers, I ran a few of the mailing lists and printed them on one of the first laser printers. Had to watch it close with that volume because it would over heat. So I was amusing myself reading names. One was Dick Stain


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In high school I had a girl friend named Hedwick. She hated her name. It was her first name. She had all her friends call her Heidi.