ALERT We Honk at Dawn, Truckers Convoy kicks off 2/23/22 in Barstow, Cali. DC OR BUST!!.


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2:45:30 min

People’s Convoy 4-27-22

Streamed live 4 hours ago

Mud Pig Trucking

(morning meeting) Starts at 19:30 min

Marcus: Issue with PDF on website - blurry. Being fixed

Trucker G: Any reservations about going to Portland, please go with Marcus. For people handling out pamphlets, we have some bags for the homeless to distribute. A 501c3 charity is picking up the excess food that is left over from consolidation of supplies due to Grey Wolf's journey to return one of the refrigerator trucks back east.

We are all here for "freedom," which can mean different things to different people. G is there for his grand kids. and their future. He gets a lot of messages questioning why they aren't going back to DC. He says DC is this entire nation. It doesn't matter what ground you are standing on if you are standing up for freedom, your fighting DC. They are supposed to work for us and, watching the last few decades, it gets progressively worse. He is tired of watching.

He is getting a lot of emails that they are going to run into problems in Portland. These same groups that are opposing us are tired of the government too. So why aren't they stepping up. He is tired of the right and the left, tired of politics, tired of it all. We should just be Americans - stand up. Stop the division.

They try and label us as far right conspiracy theorists. We tag them as far left wing conspiracy theorists and DC gets exactly what they want. We're Americans. He's been called a patriot - he's just fed up. He is just tired of the bull.

Fuel up the trucks and cars - ready this evening. Ready to rollout in the morning. (9 am)


G: We are not stopping in Portland. If you have a vehicle that can't keep up, don't go with us.

? Expect them to throw things at us from overpasses.

G: Our itinerary has been pushed out to a lot of organizations and they are prepared for us. No fear, just aware. If you are stranded and can't make the trip, come see him and they will see about trying to get you home. We can't help you unless you tell us that you need help.

Small convoy today into Sacramento to feed the homeless.

Some lady wants them to make a side-trip to El Dorado convoy.

Some man asks what happens if we change our minds on the way and what to go to Marcus' group. G says you will have to go there by yourself. They are too small to split the convoy.

Nothing is going to get done until they see the whites of our eyes.

Marcus: Hearing tomorrow 11E ab1687 to end CA emergency services act Governor's Emergency powers. Kitchen crew - we will refuel after dinner at 6 .


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I don't know. I think he is downtown on foot. The convoy is going up I-5 on the freeway. I don't think it will interfere with him.


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I don't know. I think he is downtown on foot. The convoy is going up I-5 on the freeway. I don't think it will interfere with him.

He could help with security. He lives downtown and has been fighting Antifa forever. He knows most of them by sight and would be very valuable. Portland Andy, too.


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A white band to show support against political despotism and medical tyranny
A bit of string, a ribbon or a silicon band to recognize likeminded freedom fighters.

“We wear this bracelet as a sign of:

Freedom and democracy, respectful interaction and peaceful coexistence regardless of origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion and immunization status.

We wear this bracelet as a sign against:

political despotism, denunciation, exclusion, disinformation (by governments), force, dictatorship, health fascism (medical freedom) and scare.”

Dr. Martin Haditsch is a trusted member of the "Doctors For Covid Ethics" organization and has been on the side of good science from the start of the Pandemic.

Moreover, Dr. Haditsch is host of a very prominent documentary in Austria called, “In Search of the Virus“ on a Mainstream TV channel (ServusTV), which was aired primetime in three parts over the past six months. A fourth sequel is currently being produced and his Dr. Haditsch and his film crew came to our farm last week to tape an interview for his upcoming documentary series.

During our discussions, he told me about the wrist band he wearing and its significance.
He was trying to find a way for people to identify with each other, to find like minded individuals in this freedom fight against political despotism and in particular, medical tyranny that has taken over the world.

The idea of the white band was born. A band that one can wear to show other like-minded individuals that you share their values.

Since the birth of this idea, you can find these bands on people through out the world. When you start looking- you will find them more often than you think.

People might ask where to buy such bands - I bought a 100 of them on Amazon (so I could give them to friends), but it possible to buy much smaller quantities and from different manufacturers.

I am sure than are available elsewhere and frankly, even a white ribbon will do.


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16:32 min

Morning Meeting

Streamed live 3 hours ago

Trucker G

(Morning meeting) starts 2:57 min

Trucker G: We are going to start on time, whether anyone else is here. 9 am to Talent OR. Stop at Corning to gas up on the way. Still people coming in from LA and Sacramento stick together with your group leader, Don't get behind.

? A Californian thanking them for fighting for them. Handing out brochures supporting the CA rally.

Marcus: Met a lot of good CA.

William leaving convoy. Looooong poem.