ALERT We Honk at Dawn, Truckers Convoy kicks off 2/23/22 in Barstow, Cali. DC OR BUST!!.


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Live - The Peoples Convoy - Post Falls Idaho Morning Meeting

Streamed live 3 hours ago

(Morning meeting Oreo express at 43:26 min)

Marcus: Thanks to the cooks. The NY Pizza. Rally at 6. Refueling after meeting and staging for rally. Rough route back DC no stopping points listed.

Trucker G: Smoker donated by Rick Manci. Antler knives donated as acknowledgement awards. (Proceeds from any knives purchased through the Convoy will be donated to TPC Minnesota Mike recognized.

X-ray: Logistics for refueling.

Santa: Bob is head of Complaint Dept. to run things in a professional manner. No names given. It concentrated on management. Notes made to pull the convoy together.

Trucker G: Come to us when you need something. Don't ask for something in front of a livestreamer because people watching will send it. We might have what you need on the truck. (12 man tent)

Rally tonight at 6. We will let you know what time we will leave in the morning. Be ready. (The rally looks like it will be big, so it may be difficult to get out of there by 7 am.) noon sloppy jones ; 4 spaghetti.




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Truckers who sought to travel to Washington, D.C., to protest COVID-19 mask mandates and vaccine requirements are suing the city, claiming police violated their First Amendment rights by blocking their entry into the city.

A trucker group called the People's Conoy set out in March to drive to the nation's capital, clogging D.C. streets to protest government COVID-19 mandates they believe were unconstitutional. However, district police set up blockades to divert the convoy from downtown D.C. Sixteen people who took part in the trucker protest are suing the city for stopping them from gathering downtown.

The lawsuit argues that the District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department's (MPD) blockades were effective and violated their First Amendment right to free speech and assembly.

According to the lawsuit, MPD blocked exits on I-395 and I-695 on multiple days in March due to the convoy. At the time, police said they closed the exits "to keep traffic moving safely," according to The Washington Post.

"The blockades were not the result of construction, auto accidents, or even scheduled road closures," the lawsuit states. "MPD formed the blockades for the sole purpose of preventing American citizens from entering our nation's capital to exercise their constitutionally protected right to free speech. Of course, such action under color of state law violates Plaintiffs' First Amendment rights."

The lawsuit also alleges that MPD's blockades led to the deaths of two people who crashed a car into a blockade. Plaintiffs argue the deaths "were entirely avoidable and tragically, foreseeable" due to MPD's actions.

The plaintiffs are suing for violation of due process, not granting equal protection and violation of free speech.

The People's Convoy was inspired by a Canadian trucker movement, dubbed the Freedom Convoy, also protesting COVID-19 mandates. The Freedom Convoy began in January 2022 and blocked the country's most vital trade route to the U.S.

"This is about our rights, as well as the freedom of future generations," organizers of the People's Convoy wrote on Facebook. "It's not about political parties, but more so about a government that has forgotten its place and has no regard for our founding fathers' instructions."

According to Washingtonian, the People's Convoy is set to return to the D.C. area after an unsuccessful first attempt at protesting.

Convoy members have "learned some stuff since last time," said David Riddell, a convoy leader who gave a speech in Olympia, Washington. He urged "tens of thousands of all of you to get in your vehicles and join with us and come to Washington, D.C."


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Truckers in People's Convoy sue D.C., say road blockades violated constitutional free speech rights

Civil case was filed Monday in the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia
Updated: May 3, 2022 - 3:13pm

Sixteen truckers who participated in the recent People's Convoy in the county’s capitol region are suing the District of Columbia for blockades they argue prevented them from exercising their "constitutionally protected right to free speech" on the streets of Washington, D.C.

The civil case was filed Monday in the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia and argues the plaintiffs' First Amendment rights were violated, according to the news website DCist.

The truckers came from across the country to protest what they called the government's "continued state of emergency declaration and COVID-19 related policies."

Their effort was similar to an earlier one in Canada. The U.S. truckers also wanted to honor 13 military members who died in Afghanistan during the withdrawal from the country last summer, DCist also reports.

The plaintiffs are seeking a jury trial. The D.C. Attorney's General Office has declined to comment.

The truckers say their convoy in March was blocked from entering the city by vehicles from the District's Metropolitan Police Department and Department of Public Work, following the one Canada that gridlocked Ottawa.

Tractor-trailers are not permitted on many D.C. streets. And authorities have said the closing of entrances into the city was a safety matter and an attempt to prevent vehicle gridlock.

The plaintiffs are suing for violation of due process, not granting equal protection, and violation of free speech. They also claim that the blockade is directly responsible for a crash that killed two when a speeding vehicle hit a dump truck on an interstate, DCist also reports.


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Rollin With The G's And The Peoples Convoy

Streamed live 99 minutes ago

Trucker G


59:19 min

Peoples Convoy 5/6/22 Butte Mt

Streamed live 80 minutes ago


(Morning meeting)

Marcus/Trucker G: Acknowledgement and thanks to Dennis the mechanic

Santa: Talks about personal sacrifice and what freedom is worth to the frontline patriot who has answered the call. Don't look back later and say that you wish you had done more, sadly it will be too late then. Do not let apathy be the death of freedom.

Marcus: Y'all need to get here and live this life. Don't just sit at home behind a computer and comment on what you think is happening. Get here and live the life before you cast your stones.

Sasnak's back and he brought 2 people with him.

Santa: This is a fight, he isn't supposed to be easy.

Trucker G: is leaving for Colorado.

Marcus thanks Chance for fueling help. Needs 4 more people. Easy running most of the week. Mount up, let's roll.


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Started streaming 4 hours ago



The Peoples Convoy #LIVE 5-7-22
OneAmericanNoParty Published May 7, 2022
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I had the streams running in the background. This is a summary for those who have zero time to watch today. The current time is 4:25 pm CDT.

Change in plans: it was too windy, so the Convoy pulled into a rest area in Sheridan WY, around 11 am or so. Trucker G and Santa called ahead to let them know in Casper that they would be delayed, then Santa checked with the new truck stop (plenty of restrooms and showers) and got permission for the Convoy to move there. They will head out at 5 am tomorrow, unless that plan changes.

Sasnak and Mud Pig asked their chats for 75 pizzas at 6:00 pm (Mountain Time) and there will be a convoy meeting after. Gypsy was not planning to cook today, nor was he able to use the smoker due to the wind.

There is some back chatter about either a rally at the truck stop (unlikely since some truckers have to sleep) or joining the GOP rally in town. That will probably be decided later.
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I though G said no GOP rally. TPC can't afford to be seen as partisan. (IMHO, it may also mess with their non-profit status.) He said individuals, of course, have the freedom to go where they want. I guess James O'Keefe is a speaker there.

I am listening to Sasnak, it looks like high winds shut the freeways down for high profile vehicles.
That's why they decided to stay overnight at Sheridan. Tomorrow, they will go to Casper. Unclear whether they will continue on or stay there for the day.

Also listened to part of the video from Xray going to Colorado. He has groups of people wanting to join the convoy, but the convoy won't pay reimbursement for gas for them to to get to the convoy. Discussion here:

1:10:36 min
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Thanks @marsh and @Meemur for all you do! I've been randomly following what's going on, life got in the way. I have been getting on long enough to click the like button on all the persons posting live streams.


Voice on the Prairie / FJB!
Marsh is the one who does the bulk of it! I was in a holding pattern today, waiting for people to arrive and projects to finish, so I had three of the live streamers on. I normally can't do that.

So glad Sasnak is back! While Wizzy is the best live-streamer in terms of technology, Sasnak provides humor, great commentary, and stories.
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I have followed Wizzy since the LA BLM/ANTIFA riots. Then he went to DC. for a few big marches. If I recall correctly, he used to be in the film industry. Sasnak has the personality and charisma with followers - on stream and off.

I do other things in the morning, spend a few hours posting links to streamers for ease of tb2k viewing, then garden until dark. Then I will get back on in the evening for wrap up.


1:40:22 min

People’s Convoy 5-7-22 pizza time

Streamed live 3 hours ago

Mud Pig Trucking

(Evening meeting at 11:35 min)

Trucker G: Looks like we made a good call stopping here. Marcus said they haven't even reached Casper yet and there were a lot of trucks overturned on the way. We are safe, there's a lot of food and if your belly ain't full, its your own fault. They will be rolling at 5 am in the morning.

We are like a big family. At 73 some days, we are going to get tired of looking at each other and emotions are going to run high and be tested. We need to get our emotions under control. We may not like each other, but we need to love each other. He has had to swallow his pride quite a few times, but it isn't about pride. It's about freedom. It's about what kind of world we are going to leave to our children and grand children. In the whole scheme of things, it won't be much longer until all of us are gone. Ponder that.

Santa: We have a fellow who we all respect. The day he joined us, it was a really bad day for him. He was missing his family and just wanted to be home. Then he heard about this guy who had just gotten out of hospice two weeks ago and wanted to join the convoy. He had been watching the convoy and as he watched, he kept getting better and better. His hospice nurse finally said, looks like you're not ready to die right now, so give us a call when you are and we will come back. We love him.

The guy Brian?: He awakened feeling bad and missing his wife. He just wanted some alone time. He pulled off at the rest stop and stayed there on the side. People called him at intervals wanting to send someone down to get him. He realized he had a family that cared about him. It is nice to have some alone time, but not to overdo it. His emotional state has changed so much this afternoon.

He had thought that God was done with him, but sitting there talking with Mud Pig, someone from New Zealand dropped in, then someone from Scotland. He realized that his little story was effecting the world. He is grateful for what God's done in his life, grateful for his family at home and here. He is enjoying his time and glad he lived through it and that God gave him a story to share.

Black Horse: A lot of viewers on the livestream giving up on the convoy because it is getting smaller. It gets bigger and smaller and bigger again. He has returned 6 times. Although he believes in the convoy, he has bills to pay to keep the lights on. That doesn't mean that we stop pushing. The people who have been here the entire time are holding this together by a thread. You can go and come back as many times as you need to. The fact is, we are here, enough is enough, we want our country back.

He also wanted to affirm that the convoy leaders made the right decision about staying here. As he was driving there, he saw a lot of rvs and small trailers rolled over as well as trucks.

One American no Party: He's getting tired and he misses his family. When we hit Ohio, he is going to go see them. He does wood turning for therapy. He doesn't know what the plan is for DC, but he's tired. He needs a break.

Sasnak: He is looking for his hatband.

Guy one of the food prep people?: Wants to thank the live streamers. He says he gets what they are saying about a break. If you are not 100% focused and healthy mentally, you can't keep up your strength to do what we're doing.

Santa; All the kitchen workers. When he started out in Ohio, he thought this would be a good opportunity to lose some weight. These people are working hard and are appreciated.
Thank you to the viewers of the livestreams for the pizza.

He talked about the state organizations. A pdf of contacts is being worked on.

Santa said someone asked him what the obtainable goal for DC was. He said, I want to ask them all to resign in disgrace - every single one of them. We are in a mess because of them. It is not because of you. You guys work hard every single day. The reason our nation is in trouble is not because of the American people. It is the people who are governing us.

Do they know we're coming? I have been told that they are fencing the White House. Really? We're the threat? They are already working on the narrative. We have always been peaceful. We have not hurt one person. We have not started one fire, we have not looted, we have not broken one window, nor will we. We've been on the receiving end of some stuff. A fence around the White House? We love that place, we revere it. To act like you're afraid of the People's Convoy is insane.

We are going to stick with our plan. We are going into DC and we're going to remain peaceful.
but we are going to be heard. That is our right as American citizens to be heard by the people who make up our government. They are not listening to you in any other way. Your writing letters; you're making phone calls; you're sending emails but you're not being heard. When you donate to TPC, you are sponsoring them to go to DC and speak on your behalf. It's time to get in your vehicle and join us along the way.

He doesn't understand why you aren't joining them. If you truly believe we are entering tyranny: What is your job worth without freedom? What is your church worth if you can't go to it and hear the lesson God laid on your pastor's heart? What are you going to do when they come out and say, now we're going to tax you 50%? They are telling us what their going to do. What good is a job if you don't have a government that listens to you and has your best interests in mind? I can get another job. I can get another truck, but not if I'm not free.

[You can watch the rest of his speech at the 41:08 min mark. It goes to 47:48 min]