ALERT We Honk at Dawn, Truckers Convoy kicks off 2/23/22 in Barstow, Cali. DC OR BUST!!.


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{LIVE STREAM} The People’s Convoy (Day 61) 04/24 Sacramento Raceway SUNDAY Driver’s Meeting

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(morning meeting)

Marcus: Conference call at noon. We need to let people join the convoy who want to. We need a campfire meeting without fire and alcohol. Time for a sit down with everybody. We will pick one livestreamer. He feels pretty good. Structure, go forward, exciting.

Santa: Faith, hope, charity, love. Bad chair good chair - faith. Put your faith in what you know can hold you. Thing is If you don't have hope, faith and love won't come. This convoy is hope.

Mogadishu, helicopter crash - Michael Durant. Enemy held position. He was losing hope and began to say goodbye. Helicopter fly overhead with loudspeaker saying Michael Durant, we have not forgotten you. Renewed his hope. 13 days later came to get him.

We know that we are on God's side in the battle for individual freedom and rights. We cannot make God come to us and be on our side. We need to be on God's side. You can't fight God , so we know we will win. We have to listen to God and fight the battle his way.

Stop, don't listen to the doubt. Grab on to hope.

Marcus: 8 o'clock meeting tonight. A good conversation.


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For Immediate Release

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Apr 11, 2022- A Freedom Protest and Convoy / Motorcade Rally on April 30, 2022, will be assembling at the Lincoln statue in front of the Illinois Capitol Building, corner of S. 2ndStreet and E. Capitol Avenue in Springfield Illinois starting at 11 am.

A rally will begin at High Noon near the statue or nearby parking lot depending on space available.

For the convoy motorcade portion of the rally beginning at 11 am, participants are encouraged to display one or more American flags and signs of their choice conspicuously on or in their vehicle’s windows to identify participants to each other.

Participants will drive the streets surrounding the Capitol building and “follow the leader”, driving only on the streets that are closest to the Capitol complex, and joining together into an impromptu motorcade.

Any legally licensed roadworthy vehicle is encouraged to join: semi trucks with or without trailers, tractors and farm equipment with proper safety placarding and licensing, campers, RVs, pickups, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, or mopeds. Also horses and/or horse drawn wagons and carriages with road safety placards are welcome.

Also pedestrians, joggers, wagons, strollers, wheelchairs, families, and legally operated drones, skateboards, hoverboards, Segways, kids battery powered vehicles, roller skaters, those with walkers or prosthetic, are all encouraged to safely participate and carry flags and signs and walk the sidewalks around the capital at the same time as the motorcade from 11 am to noon. Or simply bring your favorite chair to watch the event.

Then at 12 noon an assembly will form for a rally aimed at citizens airing dissatisfaction publicly on the loss of their rights and freedoms, and how the misuse of the Governor’s Emergency Orders and ever-changing rules have impacted the lives of them, their children and livelihood.

The motto for the Protest and Rally for April 30, according to the handout flyer, is to “remind the government that they work for us, and not the other way around”. Their handout also states that “Emergency Powers = Tyranny” and “STOP The Tyranny NOW!!”

“Every resident of Illinois is encouraged to join the protest” the organizers said. “Lord knows that our elected representatives in Springfield are passing impossible unfunded budgets, killing small businesses with their impossible regulations and taxes, caving to personal and special interests, spending money they don’t have, infringing on our free speech and medical privacy and trying to force us into submitting to their narratives of oppression and control.

Add to that the tyrannical and out of date Emergency Orders and tromped upon Constitutional Rights over the last two years, and their ever increasing laws and rules for increasing pay raises and benefits that pad their pockets and set themselves as a preferred status Citizen, and you have statewide frustration and distrust of our lawmakers and Governor.

The government we have before us is NOT a representational government OF the people and BY the people. This misbehavior by our elected and appointed officials must stop."

Bring megaphones, bells, whistles, sirens, noisemakers, pots and pans, cymbals, gongs and horns!”

Any disabled person that cannot walk or be present at the statue or walk around is encouraged to come and observe from their vehicle as close as they can get to the assembly and if possible bring a comfortable chair as near as they are able.

There are several parking lots that are used throughout the week but vacant now that most legislators have high tailed it out of Springfield for another vacation break.

Pets must be in control at all times and on a leash, and please pick up their excrement if that happens.

Licensed street food trucks and tents and merchandise vendors are encouraged to setup where and if they are legally authorized to sell around the capitol grounds.

Any person who wants to protest their dissatisfaction with the Government and to exert their First Amendment Constitutional rights is encouraged to come to the rally and tell how they’ve been affected by the lawlessness of government, its dictator-like mandates, the tyranny of lock downs and other unconstitutional edicts by the Governor and State health departments.

Speakers will have a maximum of 5 minutes each as time allows.

The First Amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The rally and motorcade is about our freedoms and dedication to the Constitution of the United States of America. It aims to bring attention our State and Federal governments' chipping away at our civil liberties and our freedoms.

We strive to bring an end to tyrannical mandates by the president, the wayward states' governors, illegal health department controls, and unconstitutional large and small business' firings of employees throughout our country.

It's not about political parties nor radical agenda, but more about the rights of the citizens and future of Americans now and forward.

Our government elected officials and those that work under them have forgotten their place and has fallen into the habit of routinely disregarding what our founding fathers have instructed us in the Constitution.

The purpose is also to give We the People a venue to come together for God and Country. No one is going to save us but ourselves.

We must act now or continue to be subject to the whims of our increasingly restrictive and un-American representatives, senators, judges and president who are dividing its peoples with their hatred and divisiveness and ruining the American way.

We do not represent any political party, any race, any gender, any religion. We are not a professional group.

We are Americans and will always remain "Of the people, for the people, by the people."

Any speaker at the event will be given their chance to speak as long as it is not hate or vulgar speech. We are people who care and are trying to help each other fight the tyranny of communism and socialism.

In case of rain the organizers state that they will hold still have the motorcade and rally.

“Anyone who wants to Rally in the Rain is welcome to do so” Barth said. “In any case, it’s rain or shine.”
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{LIVE STREAM} The People’s Convoy (Day 62) 04/25 Sacramento Raceway Driver’s Meeting

Streamed live 5 hours ago


(morning meeting)

Santa: Reading of Thomas Payne 1776 writing - the times that try men's souls...... Talks about relevance to today's battle for individual freedom. The battle will be difficult, but the destination worth it. Talked about Sir Edmund Black and his king's heart. This is the battle of our lifetime. If you get the mission in your heart, this will be the battle of a lifetime.

Flag retirement ceremony

Xray: Today -Some legislation awareness circles at capital. High motivation stop. Yesterday's meeting in Placerville was a great motivational support event.

At the end he talks about the fireside chat. He thought there would be grievances aired and discussed, but it was all fluff. Everybody seems to be happy.


Thomas Paine, These are the times that try men's souls

THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

Thomas Paine, The Crisis No. I (written 19 December 1776, published 23 December 1776)
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People’s Convoy 4-25-22 evening meeting

Streamed live 88 minutes ago

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Streamed live 45 minutes ago

Trucker G

(evening meeting notes 10:20 min into video )

Mike: Freedom. Brought his trailer back because the mud is dried. The other day he got a call form LE asking whether he was aware that there was a convoy headed for the Governor's Mansion. He said no, surprise to him. He thought they were handing out pamphlets at a shopping center. Got another call from other LE asking if he was aware and telling him that if the trucks block the driveway, they will be towed. He told them there were no trucks, only cars. He said its not the guys in trucks you have to worry about, it's the soccer moms in cars.

Someone yelled Give me liberty or give me eggs,

Everybody has stepped up to do something. The whole point is to wake people up, bring people tog and unite people. Sometimes we don't all agree, that's ok, but we can find common ground on freedom and not wanting to be bullied and pushed around by gov. Big companies that influence gov are even worse. Monopolies used to be unlawful.

Thank everybody for being here. There were about 28 of them in the beginning. Everybody didn't know each other. Mike, Brian and Marcus worked together before.

A few people have left. He needs to go home and take care of things and see family. He has plans to be back shortly. He doesn't want to leave. While he's gone, Marcus and G will take the wheel. They are still working on setting up the border (Canada) meet. He is going to task everyone here. They have done great at getting the word out.

We need a lot more people than we have here. But if you go home, build unity strong in your state. Next time (it may not be peaceful) we will have a 10X response. This will only work if we all stand strong. There is a lot of evil. A lot of stupid stuff to divide people. We need to build the state groups and the unity with Canada.

We the people are a lot stronger and badass than the government or the corporations.

Everything is going to fine.

Trucker G: It doesn't matter what faces are up here, it is your face out there and all the followers out there.

Question: what about tomorrow.

Mike: No convoy as such, need to fix Xray's truck. Maybe some small groups can hand out pamphlets. Next mission will be announced tomorrow evening. The Mayor and Texas crew went back to Texas for their convoy.

9 am meeting


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Morning Meeting

Streamed live 3 hours ago

Trucker G

(morning meeting)

Starts at 4:14 min

Marcus: Haven't been able to confirm if AB 2223 (abortion) will be voted on today or tomorrow or when? We can go there amd draw attention to it, but it is more Important that people in the states go there.

With our state groups, it is amazing to see what's happening. Many people going into capitals. Something going on in nearly every state. Coming to state house and uniting as one

Trucker G: As a streamer, he gets messages that their fire is going down, that they are fizzling out. He says, no, if anything his fire has increased the more he understands. Yes, they have had some people leave. They just can't be here.

Today is a down day. We have to fix Xray's truck. On AB2223, they keep moving the day and the meeting room and are very secretive. We aren't Californians. They need to stand up and fight and we will fight beside them. We cannot fight for them.

There are some big plans he will talk about this evening. He still has some security details to work out, but you guys will be pretty happy

Taking questions: Lady comments there is a gun bill being voted on this afternoon to get 12 y/o kids to tell if their parents have guns in the home and where they are. He says if you're going down, take someone with you. We don't go anyway alone - for your safety.

Another man says he can't find the Wyoming group on Facebook. Marcus says type "The Peoples Convoy Official" and then the state. If you don't get one, it hasn't yet been created and you can start it. There are some unofficial ones. (CA has 2 that I know of) They get messages that it is being called the "movement" now. That isn't the official TPC group. One way to tell if it is TPC is that Marcus Summers and Chris Young will be listed as Admins on all their groups.

Trucker G says he doesn't care if there are other groups just as long as your heart is in the right place. He can't tell you if it is a good convoy or a bad one. The reason there is an official state page is so they can make sure someone isn't trying to collect money and take off running. Someone from that state needs to run the page. There will be a list of all the official pages.

Meeting tonight at 7 pm


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We made it to the track #ThePeoplesConvoy

Started streaming 2 hours ago

Rypta33 Gaming

(Evening meeting)

Marcus: Website updated and the flyer is there for downloading.

William: American's Convoy Commemorative Magazine. Only 6 major distributors in the US and, with cancel culture, they will not distribute it. They want people to sign up as distributors/affiliates. They will get a cut of sales.

Marcus: Appreciation for the food.

Trucker G: They are going to the rally in Olympia WA. They have to go through Oregon to get there. We have children with us. We are asking people not to take them in harms way. There will be a secure spot we will urge you to go to with Marcus.

They are going on I-5 all the way up. They will take 2 days and will leave Thursday and arrive Friday. The rally is Saturday.

Mike Landis: There could be no problems, but if you have any concerns, go with Marcus. We will still provide food and gas. Everybody will meet back up to go to the Canadian border.

He will be leaving in the middle of the night for back east. He doesn't want to go, he has to. The opportunity to go home and come right back presented itself.

Canada is ready to take the next step. (That is not driving around honking your horn to get attention.) Canada has had it a lot worse than we did, which is why they got to a point where they started this before we did. It is also why we had a harder time getting people to stand up with us, because they really don't feel that pressure. When people aren't completely uncomfortable or it doesn't directly effect them, they won't do anything. Because people are naturally kind of sheep and are afraid. if it is ok, they don't want to make it more uncomfortable than it may already be.

It takes all of us here, or were here, or are supporting us to realize that we are heading to a really uncomfortable spot. So meeting with Canada is going to be great and hopefully this opens some people's eyes to how serious this is. Since their convoy, they have had things put in place to basically make it illegal for them to be anything but a good little boy and girl citizen. I know we definitely do not want that down here.

What he wants to leave them with is a bit of a challenge. He and Marcus and others have stayed here because they feel like people have been looking up to them to make this happen. The thing is that even on the small scale that we have here, it is a lot. We have a lot of talented people here. Maybe you don't want to be up here talking and that's fine, but that doesn't mean you aren't useful in other ways. There are people here who are good at people management ; are artistic. We have a lot of ways to get this information out.

Going back to the egg thing in Oakland, when we go into a place honking horns to get attention, it isn't always the right attention. If his truck was hit by an egg, he'd be mad, but he should get out of the truck and explain to them that they are doing what they are doing to preserve the egger's rights as well. It's about our freedoms and to be able to choose this stuff, not to be forced by the government.

We aren't here to tell people whether they should wear a mask, get vaccinated or have an immunization record. The general purpose is for freedom, stop government over-reach and prevent government from coming into our lives and screwing it up. We have to get better as a team at getting our message out there. If people don't understand, they get pissed and don't want to get behind us. Sometimes we should lay off the horns (or sirens) after we get they attention.

Next time, we have time off, I want you to get together and figure out who is good at what and come up with an idea. We have a lot more people to wake up and stand up. We are on the verge, but we are not yet there yet.

William: He did an interview with Mike and Marcus that will be on the website

Marcus: Once the flyer is updated, they will need many more brochures. They can never get enough.

Mike; They had someone here from the local school district there who said the left stands outside schools and hands kids their brochures. We should be handing them ours.

???? All the bills have synergy as pieces of a larger picture. AB1797 all government agencies access to your medical records. (Parlay into a social credit score.)

Mike: Don't sit there and send us e-mails, get off your arse and come with us.

Trucker G: He wants to shove their convoy up the bowels of the west coast and show the people at the rally that they are not alone. We are going to run this convoy straight through Portland. That is where the bowels are - not Salem.

Marcus: Every state wants us there. We can't be there. This one will be a good rally on the way to Canada.

Trucker G: There will be some people here tomorrow, but I will believe them when I see them.

9 a.m meeting
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