The Left is Sooo Outta Touch


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it is clear to me that the ones who scream "intolerance!" the loudest are almost always the most intolerant.

"we need to embrace diversity. therefore all public school children should be taught by muslim homosexual gun control (read: banning) environmental activists so the kids can learn "diversity" at an early age, thereby immunizing them against the disease that their conservative, traditional family values having, God fearing, Bible believing, Jesus loving, born again evangelical Christian fundamentalist nutjob parents carry inside them."

conservative, traditional family values having, God fearing, Bible believing, Jesus loving, born again evangelical Christian fundamentalist nutjob:

"ummmmm..... we just want to teach our kids our own values.... morals that are not in flux, that do not change with the latest round of prime time reality TV lineups, morals that are based upon an unchanging standard derived from the truth of the Bible, not some self-righteous supreme court justice's interpretation of it. why can't we just raise our kids as we see fit and instill our values in them?"


/free speech

sorry for venting, but i had to get that out before it ruined my day.


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My favorite bumper sticker

here in snowbird country...

We don't give a shit
how you do it ""Back East"

Bill P

When one group considers themselves to be more civilized than another they are setting themselves up for classic and absolute failure.

Liberal embracement of tolerance where any and all lifestyles and personal paradigms are given equal acceptance CAN NOT stand up to an enemy avowed to kill them and us.

I find it surprising that New Yorker's who suffered the brunt of the 9/11 attacks fail to realize that there is an enemy that wants them dead and their plan is to negotiate with him in the UN...

Lucky for NYC that GWB won this election.


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"None of the people who are likely to be hit by a terrorist attack voted for Bush. But the heartland people seemed to be saying, 'We're not affected by it if there would be another terrorist attack.' "
Maybe the US needs two presidents. One for the folks in the Cities, likely to be hit by terrorists, and one for everyone else.

AT Hagan - exactly, start the presses. Imagine what the hundreds of billions dumped into Iraq could have done for the US infrastructure, standard of living, future... just a dream.

I still don't see a PLAN for paying off the trillions in national debt. What hypocracy on the GOP, with accusations about plans.... GWB hasn't ever had a clue, an exit strategy - where's the plan to either (a) slow down the Niagara Falls of money leakage, or (b) pay it off?

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It has been noted here the ungrateful attitude displayed by the admittiedly only quoted for this article) New Yorkers after the what the rest of the country did for them. It reminds me of France, filled with the graves of American soldiers who freed her.


Large cities are basically parasitic growths, which could be excised without doing any serious damage to the rest of America. They would do well to remember that. What is especially aggravating is that they think they ought to control how land is used in the rest of the country, so they can have playgrounds for their own use, even at the expense of the livelihoods of the people who live there. What difference do a few red-neck hicks make, anyway? They can uproot from their ancestral homes and go find work in a factory, just as long as we (the left-wing city dwellers) can have pristine countryside to play in. :mad:



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Trivium Pursuit said:
It has been noted here the ungrateful attitude displayed by the admittiedly only quoted for this article) New Yorkers after the what the rest of the country did for them. It reminds me of France, filled with the graves of American soldiers who freed her.
Wow, never thought of it in those terms.... That's kind of sobering....


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Slydersan said:
And your views on NYC are just plain sad - We, the heartland, sent MILLIONS of dollars in aid, and thousands of volunteers to help NYC after 9-11, and look at the thanks we get - getting called a bunch of stupid, inbred, plowboy, hicks for voting our conscience. So you tell me who got stabbed in the back!!!


[edited because i'm on a rant] And I object "to the simplicity of lumping all" 52% of people who voted for bush as dumb farmers - most people contrary to the liberal view of things have never even Smelled a farm - let alone lived on one. Farmers are dumb hick - fine try eating your concrete and buses - cuz maybe one day we will be too dumb and forget to send you food.

Woo HOO!!!!!!!!!!!

:applaud: :applaud: :soap:


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Walrus Whisperer said:
Forgive me, I dont know who to attribute this quote to:

"Tolerance is the virtue of a person without convictions"

That sums it up nicely.

I think I'm going to "steal" that quote and use it for my signature (mostly so I don't forget it!).

<b>They Just Don't Get It</b>

Phil Brennan

Friday, Nov. 5, 2004

I hate it when they do that - write a column that not only says what I planned to write but also has almost the same title I had in mind. But when the writer is Ron Marr, one of the best down-to-earth columnists on the Internet, I simply doff my hat.

Ron sets off his column with a quote from what he called a "well-coifed anchor" whose voice dripped "with derision and condescension" when he told his viewers: "What we don't realize is that there's a huge segment of the country that doesn't think like us. We can never understand the people who like their guns and their pickup trucks and their NASCAR."

Ron goes on the tell us: "That comment, as much as anything else, serves as explanation as to why George Bush was re-elected with the largest percentage of popular vote since 1968. The pretty TV man was stating that those such as he – the elites, the sophisticates – can never comprehend the lowly mental horsepower of folk who shop at Wal-Mart, belong to a bowling league, sometimes attend church, and still believe that the United States is far superior to the socialist enclaves of Europe.

"To the TV darling, working stiffs and Joe Six-Packs are the 'great unwashed.' They don't read the New York Times, utter sly chuckles at the cartoons in The New Yorker or spend 400 bucks on a pair of shoes. They like a beer and a steak, read the funny pages on Sunday morning and think a day of chips and NFL is a dandy ol' time.

"Such being the case, they are not worthy of respect."

I could not have said it better, or even quite as well.

There's nothing new about this, the great divide between decent ordinary Americans and the liberal elite – it's been responsible for the elections of Ronald Reagan and George Bush and the Republican control of Congress since 1994 (save for the brief period after the turncoat Sen. Jeffords deserted the GOP and started voting with the disreputable Senate Democrats).

What these intellectual and cultural snobs have done is to treat the great mass of Americans as slightly retarded ignoramuses, unmindful of the fact that we do have our pride and the opportunity to shove it in their face by voting down their darlings when the mood strikes us – as it just did.

What the self-appointed elite can't understand is that most Americans instinctively reject anything that smells of Big Brotherism – the doctrine that a largely un-elected group of elitist journalists, socialist legislators and academics, and hordes of licentious Hollywood celebrities know what's best for us, the members of what they look down upon as the underclass – and that we are the heirs of the colonial folks who waved a flag showing a curled rattlesnake and the warning "Don't Tread on Me."

So they keep treading on us and keep getting bitten. Remember, for example, how these people tried to smear Mel Gibson and attacked his monumental film "The Passion of the Christ." Remember how they predicted it would be a classic Hollywood box office bomb and tried to convince us that we should avoid seeing it. Remember how we blithely ignored them and flocked by the millions to see the film and turned it into a billion-dollar smash box office hit.

Over the last four years, it became evident that George Bush really is what he told us he is – a devout Christian who prays constantly and who, by putting himself into the hands of God and following His will, knows that he is being guided by his Lord in all that he does. This, probably more than his conservative political views and his determination to fight terrorism on its home ground and his adamant refusal to surrender American sovereignty to our erstwhile European allies and the feckless U.N., galls the largely atheistic liberal internationalist community.

They simply can't understand how in this enlightened age, where secularist hedonism is the accepted creed, any president of the United States could be addicted to such an outmoded form of what they regard as sheer superstition. God simply doesn't enter into their concept of what life is all about or how it should be lived. They see themselves as an ordained elite destined to direct our lives. They simply have no time for God.

Were the truth to be told, they worship their own god, and his name is Karl Marx. Whether they admit it or not, they are his modern-day acolytes and as such are socialists to their inner core. They peddle their socialism under the guise of "social welfare." Like Satan they repeat his promise in the Garden of Eden that we "shall be as gods" if we heed the siren song of collectivism and surrender ourselves to their authority.

Most Americans have looked behind the liberal promises, seen the ghastly image of Karl Marx lurking there and rejected them out of hand. Yet the poor fools keep trotting out poor old Karl in new clothing – they keep telling us they have "plans" to make life a bowl of cherries for us all if we'll just vote them into office and hand over the keys to the Treasury. They can't understand that we have plans too – and they don't include putting the socialists in charge of our lives and liberty, or our pocketbooks.

I'll let Ron Marr have the last word.

"The election of 2004 was not just a case of Bush versus Kerry. It was a contest of city versus country, blue collar versus white collar, arrogant elitist versus good ol' boy. It was class warfare in the deepest of trenches, but even after being whipped, dipped and hung out to dry, the high and mighty of the left STILL don't get it. They cannot comprehend how and why they were whomped by a bunch of hicks.

"And the Limousine Liberals STILL don't get it. They think the Bush victory is an anomaly, even though they've been humiliated twice in four years. They will lose again and again, firm in the resolve that good breeding always wins the day. The clay-eaters, rubes and mouth-breathers of 'Flyover Country' will never surpass them, they think, for they lack class, culture and social contacts.

"As for the aforementioned po' white trash ... they are laughing. They don't have much cash. They don't have health insurance. They don't take cruises. They don't have designer labels.

"All they've got is the Senate, the House, the Oval Office and a grin that spreads ear to ear."

* * * * * *

Phil Brennan is a veteran journalist who writes for He is editor & publisher of Wednesday on the Web ( and was Washington columnist for National Review magazine in the 1960s. He also served as a staff aide for the House Republican Policy Committee and helped handle the Washington public relations operation for the Alaska Statehood Committee which won statehood for Alaska. He is also a trustee of the Lincoln Heritage Institute and a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

He can be reached at


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housemouse said:
I just do not understand how they can confuse an amoral life style with "culture".
Their "culture" includes (unfortunately!) Chlamydia trachomatis, Treponema pallidum, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Trichomonas vaginalisand Herpes simplex.




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As I have previously stated, I do not understand most liberals. We were up in Mill Valley (north of San Francisco in Marin County... you can not get much bluer) and wifey wanted to do some shopping. In the little area we traversed in the burg, there were TWO stores that did nothing but sell Bush Hate Stuff and Kerry Love stuff, and even after the election is over they are doing a brisk biz..... I do not understand. :eek:

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It seems to me that liberalism has turned increasingly into a social status more than an ideology. It used to be a worldview held together by consistent logic and policy prescriptions. Today, liberalism is a set of knee-jerk beliefs mainly bound by the psychological need to identify with the 'in crowd' or the 'intelligentsia'. Liberals think of themselves primarily as 'openminded' or 'tolerant' as opposed to the knuckle dragging primitive Christians who carry guns (gasp) in their pickup trucks (gasp) and (gasp) want to democratize the Middle East in reaction to 911. To the extent that the left stands for anything at all (it is largely nihilistic), it is to oppose whatever the traditional positition happens to be, usually reflexively. In this way liberals seal their identification with being other than 'those people'. Understanding modern liberalism is easy: Whatever Middle America is, liberals are not. This is very different than earlier in the 20th century, when liberalism was largely populist. Of course, they are hypocritical. I have heard liberals make statements like "I just can't support those intolerant redneck right wing religous freaks. I am too tolerant for that." They've moved into the realm of self parody.

Until the American left drops the elitism and the haughtiness, it will never advance. Plain folks will never vote for candidates who look down on them.
IMHO The Democratic "Party :eleph: " has promised everything to everyone for a long time. However, "If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything."

The intelligentsia are convinced THEY, and only they, know what is best for the common folk. "They" readly claim the right is intolerant (because we don't agree with them). 52% of the vote is not a mandate (but, it wasn't all Christian Fundamentalists who voted for President Bush) enough citizens finally decided that "the anything goes party" doesn't fly.

Yes, I've been listening to the lost, confused, disoriented left on NPR. They don't understand how their message failed to produce a landslide for Mr. Kerry. I hate to tell them that *"THEY AREN'T AND NEVER WERE MAIN STREAM!"*


Leftists are the political progeny of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro and Pol Pot.

They are forced to lie to their useful idiots, and make outlandish promises of goodies to their parasites - because they lack any factual and meaningful foundation upon which to build political support. Leftism suffers from two fundamental and insurmountable flaws. It is those two flaws that condemn them to being despots rather then a viable and humanitarian political ideaology.

Leftists are criminals who lack the balls to commit their crimes themselves.

Leftists are soooooo stupid they don't even recognize the flaws in their ideology or their criminality.