Special Interest Groups

Members Only forums

In Memoriam

For those members who have left this plane of existence. In honor of their life. This is a members-only room.

The Corkboard: TB Community Center

The meeting place for the other side of TB - the community of members. This is the section for personal posts and discussions that aren't globally newsworthy or better placed in a specific SIG.

Jihadist/Anti-American-Media Stories

A place to post stories from various Jihadist websites, such as PressTV. Since we need to see and read what the enemy is doing, this is the place to go.


This is a multi-purpose SIG, and is for Communications, Technical issues in general, and PC help. All the "propellor-heads" hang out here!


A place for hard-core religious discussion. Feel free to discuss any and all religious issues of all faiths.

Swaps & Sales

Here is where members can post PRIVATE buy/sell/swap ads. NO commercial ads allowed without prior permission, and please DO NOT post personal info such as phone numbers or addresses. (Any entries with personal info in them will be immediately deleted

Take It Outside

A free-for-all SIG. Little or no moderating. Pretty much anything goes in here, EXCEPT: threats of harm to a member, pure, unadulterated trolling, obvious pornography, or ongoing bashing of the TB2K site or staff. Come in here at your own risk! Threads that start degenerating on the Main Board get moved here. Someone wants to bitch/rant at someone/something? Please, take it here!

Alternative (Misc) Topics

Things that aren't "news and prep" and don't fit in the main room (or any other room for that matter) go here including gross, horrific or sensational "news" stories that would not typically be on page 1 of your hometown newspaper.

All Things Political

Here is where we will be discussing political topics leading up to general elections. Pretty much anything goes in terms of topics, but please try to keep it civil.


This room is for singles to discuss various issues such as preps, defense, meetings, etc., as they relate to single folks.


This room was created in response to Member requests. By using this room you understand and agree that Timebomb2000.com, the staff and site host shall be held harmless from any legal action arising from activites in the "real world" initiated via use of this room. Participation is voluntary, and participants ARE NOT VETTED by the staff of TB2K. Any and all risk arising from use of this room is the sole responsibility of the individual participants.

Minors (under age 18) may not attempt to setup any face-to-face meetings. Any minor found doing so will be immediately and permanently removed from TB membership.