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'Protesters' in Name Only: Mob Terrorized Us on D.C. Streets
By Richard W. Porter
August 29, 2020
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
I met some protesters face to face on Thursday night and I am here to tell you this:
They were not good people — and calling them “protesters” is a slur on lawful protest.

I was walking from the White House to my hotel behind an elderly couple. People were milling about the street, yelling obscenities at the police and Secret Service officers standing behind the fence, but our hotels were just across the street and down the block.

So, we passed through the gate to cross the street -- and ran into a gauntlet of hate.
Two people first rushed to within inches of me, screaming obscenities in (and on!) my face. I held my fingers up in a peace sign, proceeding without pushing them out of my way, steeling myself for a blow and considering if and when I would need to fight.

My peace sign actually attracted more people to me, screaming vilely, as I said, “Settle down, settle down!” The elderly woman in front of me fell to the ground. Screaming people swirled around her as she knelt on the street; her husband bent down to help her up. I stepped behind her and stretched out my arms, trying to create space for her to get up and move on. I backed across the street a few more steps trying to keep my eyes on the people threatening me, but they were moving all around me. So, I turned and finished crossing the street, waiting for a blow, seeking to convey dignity, mentally preparing to respond. A few steps further and we encountered some police officers; more came, and they set up a protective cordon to restrain, but not arrest, the criminals.

Separately, a friend helped another elderly couple through a similar assault: The elderly woman dropped her earring and was too frightened to pick it up, until my friend stepped in to assist them. A Chicago police officer in town for the event, she said it was the first time she felt like a civilian relying on police. Sen. Rand Paul would later thank the Washington police for saving him from this same “mob.”

There are a thousand similar crime stories this morning. And yes, the people we encountered were criminals: Assault is a crime in every state and municipality. At a minimum, they violated section 22-404 of the D.C. Criminal Code, the penalty for which is imprisonment for up to 180 days.

Assault is an overt act that is intended to, and does, cause an apprehension of harmful or offensive contact in the victim. Assault is a crime distinct from battery. However, assault can lead to retribution or worse crimes (like battery, theft, arson and murder) and unprosecuted assault desensitizes people to the humanity of others.

This was not the first rodeo for the hate-filled people engulfing us -- consider their inhumane preying on the elderly. They maneuvered in a practiced, agreed-upon manner, co-conspirators in a plan to cause mayhem and provoke a response — including the amateur videographers who stayed a step or two back filming as we struggled through the gauntlet. They are criminal gangs that have done and will do even worse things until they fear the consequences of their actions.

Most protesters in America are peace-loving and do not wish to inflict harm. I met some gathering in D.C. for a rally commemorating Martin Luther King’s epic “I have a dream” speech. And, as I left Washington on Friday morning, I saw families with young kids in tow, streaming across 15th Street at the Mall as they made their way to the Lincoln Memorial.

I am confident none of these people were causing mayhem late Thursday night. Peaceful protesters are up and out early; those out late are rarely conveying love or seeking to change minds. Peaceful protesters are civilized and preach and model love; criminals are violent, threaten violence and spew hate.

We need to be more discerning about what’s happening in our cities: Not all protests or protesters are the same. Criminals acting and hiding under the umbrella of “peaceful” protests need to be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the law. We need to stop ignoring criminal behavior that desensitizes an entire generation to violence and the humanity of others. The virtue of law-abiding protesters does not absolve the criminals among them or excuse their crimes.

Assault is a crime everywhere in America because it’s fundamental: We are not civilized if some are free to terrorize others at will. All Americans of good faith stand together with peaceful protesters seeking to eradicate racism and heal our nation’s divisions. And towards that end, police, prosecutors and those protestors should together adopt a “zero tolerance” approach to the marauding bands terrorizing our cities and dehumanizing others.
Richard Porter is the Republican National Committeeman from Illinois.


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On Thursday, June 4th, 2020, Danny Pruitt was on his way to dinner, when "peaceful protester" blocked the road and one of them fired a round through his window, hitting him in the back of the head.

Shot in the head, Danny tried to drive away but only made it about a mile from the scene. Officers of the Alamosa Police Department found him unconscious slumped over the wheel. He was taken by ambulance to San Luis Valley Health Center and was later flown to another hospital in critical condition with a bullet lodged in his brain. Danny is now on life support, fighting for his life.

I only speak for myself but I know I'm not alone in what I'm about to say. We're done! We're done pretending this is a peaceful protest, it's "VIOLENT public disorder", the very definition of a Riot. And rioting is what you rabid Marxist bastards have been allowed to inflict on our nation.

Now, you can jump your masked-ass on top of a burning police car and call us racist because we really don't care any longer, we're done. We don't care about your precious feelings and will no longer pretend the dude in a dress is a woman. We don't care if every Democrat Mayor in the country allows you, criminals, to burn their city to the ground. That's between you and the liberal politicians you put into office. It's your choice to live this way but we on this side of the divide have a choice as well.

We chose to stand shoulder to shoulder with the blue, we're done with you killing our cops. Our choice is to stand in respect for our flag. Our choice is to no longer stand down while you trample on our rights. In short, we're done with you thinking you're going to destroy our country. You have the right to protest but not Riot, just as we have the right to defend our property, our lives, and our Constitution. We're Americans who will only be pushed so far and you need to know, we're done.


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Anti-Police Protesters Rush ‘Upscale’ Kenosha Neighborhood: ‘Out Of Your House And Into The Streets!’
By Daily Wire News

Aug 29, 2020 DailyWire.com

Screenshot: Ami Horowitz Video
Leftist anti-police protesters stormed an “upscale” neighborhood in Kenosha, Wisconsin, late this week to cause as much disruption as possible.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz posted a video on Twitter of the incident, saying, “So, now we’re in a wealthy white neighborhood and they want to make sure that nobody has any peace and nobody can sleep.”

Toward the end of the video, the crowd, which numbered well over 100, started chanting, “Out of your house and into the streets!”

The video appears to have been taken on either late Thursday night or during the early morning hours on Friday.
Kenosha protesters went to an upscale neighbor late at night to create disruption. pic.twitter.com/pXcu5Kipyx
— Ami Horowitz (@AmiHorowitz) August 28, 2020
The chant from the leftists was the same chant that far-left activists in Portland used last week when they marched through a residential neighborhood and shined lights into people’s homes.
Journalists who were on the ground said that the activists were part of Black Lives Matter.

Residents on Portland’s north side are at their windows as the Black Lives Matter march makes its way through the neighborhood #Portland #PortlandProtests #PortlandProtesters pic.twitter.com/NfUglyO4aj
— Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) August 22, 2020


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UPDATE: Shots were fired from an apartment complex in the 20600 block of Ventura Blvd into the Trump crowd. No protesters were hit, only a car tire. SWAT team is currently at the complex.

Kathleen Sterling

LAPD SWAT and Rescue are on scene on Ventura Blvd in response to the shooting. SWAT has three suspects barricaded in the apartment.
View: https://twitter.com/ValleyNewsGroup/status/1300198327229636608?s=20

Shots fired at
supporters in Los Angeles
Emily Valdez KNX 1070


Breaking: SWAT Called out in Woodland Hills after someone from an apartment on #VenturaBoulevardshoots at pro-Trump caravan of cars. Tire on vehicle was shot out. No injuries. Suspect barricaded in apartment, per LAPD. ⁦

View: https://twitter.com/EmilyValdezKNX/status/1300184268312686592?s=20
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Wake Up America! This is why I will ALWAYS back the Blue
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This episode is going to hurt. We speak to a city police officer who tells her story as she and other officers face nightly protests. In addition, we will cover the demonstrations taking place in cities across the United States in real time as they happen.


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After action report


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.30 min
One America News Investigates: September Siege - ANTIFA's Plan to Occupy the White House
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Throughout the summer of 2020 violent riots and anarchism have spread across America's cities, but there is a deeper plan at play here. A plan to lay siege at the White House, starting this September. Who is behind that plan? Tune in Saturday, September 5th & Sunday, September 6th at 10 p.m. EST / 7 p.m. PST -- only on One America News! Visit us at: Tired of censorship from other social media platforms? Join us on Free Talk Free Talk is OANs new social platform. Users can post, chat and connect with other members. It allows Free Speech at home, on the go and anywhere in the world, No SHADOWBANNING! https://freetalk.app Website: https://www.oann.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OneAmericaNe... Twitter: https://twitter.com/OANN Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/one_america... KlowdTV: Watch OAN Live on KlowdTV subscription prices start at $4.99 /mo https://klowdtv.com


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After a night of relative peace in Portland, will Protesters return to the scene? Also Federal Agents attacked while leaving assignment in Portland. Live Coverage of nationwide demonstrations.


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LIVE: BLM Protests Live Now
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Monitoring many streams and cutting to where the action is BLM & antifa protests and sometimes riots and looting nationwide Seattle, La Mesa, Portland, Louisville, Austin, Washington DC, Chicago, Kenosha. September 2, 2020.


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View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOjLxJ0-nzc
: BLM Protests Live Now

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After action report

Monitoring many streams and cutting to where the action is BLM & antifa protests and sometimes riots and looting nationwide Seattle, La Mesa, Portland, Louisville, Austin, Washington DC, Chicago, Kenosha. September 3, 2020.


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You really can't make this crap up. Just days after strategically killing someone on the streets of Portland, the killer still walks free and is so brazen that he gives an interview describing the incident. We will cover that live plus cover the nationwide demonstrations happening in real time across our great country.


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Livenow Media
Live Protest | News | Pets | September-03-2020


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Such BS....Breonna Taylor was aiding and assisting her convicted drug dealing boyfriend!!! Sad she was killed, but boyfriend was using her address, her phone number....she was handling all his drug money for him!!! They found a dead body in the car HE drove, that she rented...after she was killed, all he was worried about was where she put his $8000.....such BS....and my daughters have fallen in to this pit of lies and hate, and I can't retrieve them. I just pray to God that at some point they are enlightened by the truth, before it's too late......smdh....over and over!!!

LOUISVILLE - Two bench warrants have been issued for a central figure in the Breonna Taylor case, sources told WAVE 3 News on Wednesday.
The revelation comes two days after WAVE 3 News received 39 pages of leaked documents that paint a picture of a close relationship between Taylor and her ex-boyfriend, convicted drug dealer Jamarcus Glover.
“It’s unfortunate that the city did not provide LMPD’s post-death report and that we only learned of it until it was leaked to the media,” Sam Aguiar, an attorney representing Taylor’s family, told WAVE 3 News on Wednesday.

"Either way, it doesn't change whether she should've been killed or the unlawful actions surrounding her killing," Aguiar added.
Glover, 30, skipped a recent court appearance; his lawyer said Wednesday that he doesn’t know where his client is. A warrant was issued for his arrest on July 27. Glover faces a number of drug-related charges in two separate cases.
The documents include a number of new details related to the evidence LMPD detectives presented in the warrant used to raid Taylor’s apartment on March 13.
Taylor, 26, was shot dead during the raid, prompting a national outcry demanding police reform and three months of protests on Louisville’s city streets. During the incident, LMPD Sgt. Jon Mattingly was shot by Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. Mattingly was one of three officers who fired back.
WAVE 3 News has learned the author of the updated report is an investigator in an ongoing narcotics case against Glover but is not part of the Taylor death investigation. The leaked documents were first reported Tuesday by the Courier-Journal.
An excerpt from the leaked report showed that on Feb. 14, 2020, Glover's car was towed for a parking violation. According to the report, Glover tried to file a complaint against the officer and gave Taylor's phone number as his own. Six days later, detectives from the Place Based Investigation team verified through a database that Glover was using Taylor's home address —3003 Springfield Drive — as well. The PBI squad was the group of detectives assigned to investigate Glover.
Then, on Feb. 24, the report further verified the link between Taylor's home and Glover.
“Detectives received Jamarcus Glover’s bank records from Chase Bank,” the leaked report stated. “On these bank statements, Jamarcus Glover used 3003 Springfield Drive #4, Louisville, KY 40214 as his mailing address.”
Glover, who in addition to his 2015 drug trafficking conviction has several pending drug and weapons cases against him, was named on the March 13 warrant that sent officers to Taylor’s apartment. Taylor and a man named Adrian Walker also were named on that warrant.
According to another document obtained by WAVE 3 News on Tuesday, mail addressed to Glover was among the items seized from Taylor's apartment after the shooting.
The 39-page summary report WAVE 3 News reviewed was part of a larger document, the full contents of which have not been released. Fraternal Order of Police President Ryan Nichols told WAVE 3 News that summary reports are normally a part of a criminal investigation.
"Good or bad, either way, everyone has the right to know all the facts in association in the case," Aguiar said, adding that he still does not understand why the information was not provided sooner or how such transparency would impede an investigation. Aguiar said he wished the public knew more.
The leaked report stated that on Jan. 2, the PBI team saw Glover pull up to 2424 Elliott Avenue, a suspected drug house, in Taylor's car. The team was conducting surveillance on the home which was described as a "trap house," meaning drug deals allegedly took place there. The report included pictures of Taylor's car at the scene.
Then, the next day, the report revealed transcriptions of recorded jailhouse conversations between Glover and Taylor in which they talk about Adrian Walker, another suspect in the case, and the third person named in the Taylor warrant.
The Place Based Investigations Squad's first case was investigating Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover who lived on Elliott Avenue.
The Place Based Investigations Squad's first case was investigating Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover who lived on Elliott Avenue.

"You talk to Doug (Adrian Walker?)" Glover asked Taylor.
"Yeah, I did," Taylor responded. "He said he was already back at the trap."
In another conversation between the two just two hours later, Glover thanked Taylor for checking on him.
"When you're around I stress more ... ," she is quoted as saying. "I just always be worried about you ... not like you and b****, but just period with the police, like all kind of s***."
In separate phone calls on Jan. 3, the conversations ended with each telling the other that they loved each other, the documents stated. Also, from January 2016 to January 2020, Glover called Taylor 26 times from jail. Another inmate called her seven times during that period.
According to the new information, once LMPD's tech team installed a GPS tracker on Glover's red Dodge Charger, the device indicated six trips to the 3003 Springfield Drive address in January 2020. LMPD's surveillance efforts also produced pictures of Taylor at 2424 Elliott. The report included never-before-seen images of Glover picking up packages at 3003 Springfield.
The documents also alleged that back in 2016, the body of Fernandez Bowman was found in a car rented by Breonna Taylor. When LMPD detectives arrived at Taylor's home to question her, Glover was there. Taylor told the detectives she did not know Bowman, that she had been dating Glover for several months and that she had let him drive the rental car. She also gave detectives her phone number, which was a number that Glover was still using as recently as February of this year, according to the documents.
That homicide victim was the brother of Damarius Bowman, one of Glover’s “associates” who has been arrested with Glover numerous times, the report stated.
The documents also included copious amounts of transcriptions of recorded jailhouse phone calls made by Glover, several of which were made to the mother of his child. On April 24, Glover told the woman, whom WAVE 3 News has chosen not to identify, that officers “took my car ... They got that bank statement out the armrest, boom it got Bre’s address on there.”
In transcribed conversations from the morning of March 13, hours after Taylor was killed, Glover told the woman that Taylor had $8,000 of his money.
“Bre got down like $15 (grand), she had the $8 (grand) I gave her the other day and she picked up another $6 (grand),” he said, according to the documents.
Then, a moment later, he told the woman that "Bre been handling all my money, she been handling my money ... She been handling s*** for me and cuz, it ain't just me."
And later, "I can walk in that house (Bre's) and go directly to whatever it is no problem with it," Glover said, according to the documents.
"While I'm frustrated that the information came out the way it did, I'm not frustrated that the public got access to the information in the case and wish they had more," Aguiar said. "There is a lot of other information that we hope will come out soon."
Sadiqa Reynolds, the CEO of the Louisville Urban League, said at a news conference Wednesday that she wants to know who knew of the information in the report, when they learned it and why it was leaked.
“I think that LMPD is playing catchup,” Reynolds said. “I think that whoever leaked that report wants to say, ‘See, this is why. Now you understand why we did this.’ What we want to say back is it doesn’t justify her death.”
Nichols said he agrees that Taylor should not have died. He explained the report shows why the investigation led police to Taylor's apartment in the first place.
The three LMPD officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative reassignment, per department protocol. One of them, Brett Hankison, was fired after it was determined that he fired 10 shots “blindly” into Taylor’s apartment from outside. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has not announced a timetable for when his office will decide whether to criminally charge the officers.