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He best not take that, "Thank you for standing up and proudly taking the hit for the team." crap to Kenosha.
He'd be likely to get his attitude tuned up.
How drug-addled/insane does one have to be to choose commit suicide at a public riot event?

Mental normalcy left the building a LONG time ago, for many of the rioters.



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BREAKING: Riots, Looting Break Out In Minneapolis After Murder Suspect Commits Suicide. Police Release Video.
Minneapolis, MN May 27: A fire broke out in an auto parts store across from the Minneapolis police's Third Precinct station Wednesday amid a second night of protest.
Photo by Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune via Getty Images
Rioting and looting once again broke out in Democrat-controlled Minneapolis on Wednesday night after the police were falsely accused of shooting a black man. Law enforcement officials quickly released a video showing that the man, who they said was a murder suspect, shot and killed himself.
“Groups of people are looting multiple stores in downtown Minneapolis,” FOX9 News reported. “Social media posts show images of people damaging items in a Target as well as broken windows of surrounding stores. Haskell’s liquor store and the Medical Arts building also appear to have been looted.”

Law enforcement officials, who were after the suspect for his alleged connection to a deadly shooting earlier in the day, released a video of the suspect that confirmed that the suspect shot himself as police arrived on scene.
“We’ve got cops from all over the Twin Cities coming out here to maintain order because the citizens of Minneapolis and Hennepin County deserve to feel safe,” said Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson. “The people causing problems are going to go to jail tonight.”
Minnesota Democrat Governor Tim Walz released a statement following the incident, saying that it was time for the city to heal and that lawlessness would not be tolerated.
“Minneapolis, it’s time to heal,” Walz said. “We must rebuild and recover. Dangerous, unlawful behavior will not be tolerated. The State Patrol is headed to Minneapolis to help restore order. I remain in close contact with the city, and every state resource stands ready to help bring peace.”
Minneapolis Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey responded to Walz’s statement by saying, “Thank you, Governor Walz, for your partnership and support. The unrest must stop and healing must start. Destruction will not be tolerated. Healing our city will require peace and all of us working together.”
“We need everyone to keep the peace and immediately go home,” Frey added.
The rioting and looting in Minneapolis comes just a few months after violent riots broke out in the city in response to the death of George Floyd. Those riots spiraled out of control, causing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage, and were followed by subsequent riots in other Democrat-controlled cities across the U.S.
The most recent example of violent riots to hit the U.S. happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this week after a black man was shot by police officers who were reportedly responding to a domestic incident.
However, state authorities released a report on Wednesday afternoon stating that their investigation found that the suspect, who was shot after resisting law enforcement and attempting to enter his car, had a weapon on the floorboard of his vehicle.
“During the investigation following the initial incident, Mr. Blake admitted that he had a knife in his possession,” the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) said in a statement. “DCI agents recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard of Mr. Blake’s vehicle. A search of the vehicle located no additional weapons.”
This report has been updated to include additional information.
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Spread of protests
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Oakland Police report 600 to 700 people in violent demonstrations

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Multiple fires set at downtown Oakland demonstrations. (Photo: Oakland Police Department)

OAKLAND, Calif. - The latest wave of civil unrest reached downtown Oakland late Wednesday night.

Police say multiple fires were set, including at the Alameda County Superior Courthouse. But many appeared to be small fires in the streets, although at least one car was torched.

After midnight, Oakland Police reported that 600-700 people took part in "violent & destructive protests."
Damage included dozens of windows being smashed and multiple businesses being vandalized, said police.

Authorities reported that some protesters threw objects at officers, but none was hurt.
Several arrests were made, said police.

Hours earlier, authorities reported that demonstrators briefly overtook Interstate 580, but then exited the freeway from the Grand Avenue off-ramp.

Police on Twitter asked "agitators" to stop throwing items and using laser pointers against officers near police headquarters.

In addition, they reported illegal fireworks were being set off. As the night wore on, things seemed to escalate. Shortly before 10 p.m., police said the "agitators" within the crowd had attempted to set a business on fire at 8th and Broadway streets, but that officers and the fire department had intervened in time to prevent further damage.

Demonstrators marching at Broadway and 17th in Oakland.
By 10 p.m., police said there were broken windows and garbage cans set on fire along Broadway.
Several businesses, including Luka's Tap Room & Lounge on Broadway at W. Grand Ave., had just removed plywood from their windows following the unrest from the George Floyd protests back in June.

A nearby Target store had recently reopened after being ransacked during those same demonstrations.

Oakland Police Department spokeswoman Officer Johnna Watson said as many as 300 demonstrators gathered at Frank Ogawa Plaza as unrest continued in other parts of the country after the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

An officer, who has since been identified, shot Blake seven times in the back on Sunday. Blake, who is Black, may be permanently paralyzed from the shooting, but was listed in stable condition at the hosptial.

Oakland police said demonstrators and officers faced off in the area of 7th and Washington streets.

Towards the beginning of the evening, OPD tweeted to ask that those attending the evening demonstrations be respectful of the community and to local businesses in the area and to protest peacefully.

Police had also indicated they support demonstrators' rights and reached out via Twitter to allow organizers to facilitate a safe space for the demonstrations. They asked protesters not to cross barricades.

Earlier this summer a federal judge granted an injunction against OPD in how they conduct crowd control policy. As part ot the ruling, tear gas, flash bang grenades and other less-than lethal projectiles like rubber bullets are effectively banned, with exceptions for cases where police need to prevent injury or substantial property damage.

OPD, clad in riot gear, had controversially deployed tear gas on a group of Floyd protesters near police headquarters back on June 1. The group was an offshoot of an earlier youth organized protest that gathered and marched from Oakland Technical High School.

The department said some in the group were throwing rocks and bottles at officers and preparing Molotov cocktails. They used the gas just ahead of an imposed curfew. It was not clear if the youth had evacuated the area in time, although OPD maintaned they did.

It was not clear who the organizer or organizers were for Wednesday evening's events.

The 19th St. BART station issued a tweet just before 10 p.m. to say the station was closed due to a civil disturbance. BART has ended its service at 9 p.m. since the pandemic began.

A flashpoint in Kenosha was reached Tuesday, when during a third night of unrest, a 17-year-old boy seen toting a semi-automatic rifle from multiple vantage points on social media videos, shot and killed two demonstrators and injured a third.
Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch, Illinois was taken into custody Wednesday on suspicion of first-degree intentional homicide.

Meanwhile, downtown Minneapolis saw the looting of several businesses Wednesday night after a homicide suspect turned a gun on himself. Confusion and rumors circulated online that it was police who shot and killed the suspect. Minneapolis' mayor, with cooperation of the police department, was quick to produce surveillance video that showed the graphic shooting was in fact a suicide.


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Recap of last night's various riot actions
Wake Up America! Daytime Edition Thursday August 27th
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Daytime Edition! As the US battles itself nightly, only time will tell what happens when the sun goes down and the demonstrators become emboldened by the anonymity the night brings. This is a recap of the night's festivities!

The nighttime edition
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BLM/Defund the Cops mob in D.C. call the cops to complain an elderly white man hit a black woman.

Of course BLM lies. It was the black mob screaming at, hitting the man and then tossing stuff on him.
They want to riot, and are looking for any justification to do what they want.

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The old white guy was punched and pushed by the black bitch with the long weave. He told a reporter he couldn't remember what happened. He was likely in shock with a concussion, going through that gauntlet. He just left his female companion to herself. I hope she is ok.


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According to the radio news this morning, the mayor of Denver this morning finally declared the rioting in his city rioting and said publicly they were going to treat it accordingly. So now it's put up or shut up....