WAR Regional conflict brewing in the Mediterranean


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#Turkey / #Israel / #Egypt: Lately the EastMed States are slowly reproaching Turkey diplomatically due to Israel have noticed with having Turkey that it will benefit them more than opposing them. We will see the same with Egypt and this is guaranteed. More EEZ Deals coming
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#Turkey / #Israel: When the Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz make a Statement by inviting Turkey to the East Med Forum than it should be a heads up of a great diplomatic reset which Egypt is seeking together with Turkey.
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The only looser State in the Region will be Greece due to the incompetent Greek Government being so focused opposing Turkey while other #EastMed Countries has and will acknowledge the Turkish Benefit. Greece is about to loose big time diplomatically !
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EHA News


Replying to
Turkey's deputy foreign minister [annexation of Crimea]:

"Our approach to this issue is based on both legal and moral foundations.""Our cooperation with Ukraine is developing with increasing high-level visits and new bilateral mechanisms established."
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Part of this is Turkey looking for access to Ukrainian defense industry resources to fill holes in their domestic capabilities.


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When wasn't there something going on in the Mediterranean and Middle East?

Those people need to get a life and knock off all the hate. We seriously need a giant meteorite to flatten the whole friggen area and then maybe we'd get a little peace.


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LOLOL. Godzilla herself could knock the ME into the ocean and there'd be nary a moments' respite for us. Dunno bout your area, but even here all I have to do is look out the door to see the rot and misery of a fatally flawed and failing system
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Turkey slams Mediterranean undersea cable deal
Turkish state media says Turkey has protested against a Greek, Cypriot and Israeli deal to build an undersea electricity cable connected the three

By The Associated Press
15 March 2021, 09:28

ANKARA, Turkey -- Turkey has protested a recent agreement reached between Israel, Greece and Cyprus advancing plans to build a 2,000-megawatt undersea electricity cable connecting the three, the state-run news agency reported Monday.

Turkey formally protested against the agreement, arguing that the route of the planned cable, expected to be funded by the EU, transgressed Turkish territorial waters, the Anadolu Agency reported. In diplomatic protest notes presented to Greek, Israeli and EU diplomats in Ankara, Turkish officials also stated that the three countries needed to seek Turkey’s approval before conducting feasibility studies, the agency reported.

The three countries reached an agreement last week to expedite permits and approvals to conduct feasibility studies for the undersea cable and to coordinate with their respective national electricity regulators on how best to proceed.

Previously, the three countries had teamed up for a planned $6 billion undersea pipeline to carry gas from new offshore deposits in the southeastern Mediterranean to continental Europe, by bypassing Turkey.

Israel, Greece and Cyprus have also conducted a joint naval exercise last week, in the latest example of increased cooperation between the three which increasingly view Turkey as a rival in the Mediterranean Sea.

Greece and Cyprus are embroiled in a dispute with Turkey, which has sent gas prospecting vessels into waters claimed by Greece and drilling ships into an area where Cyprus claims exclusive rights. The tension brought NATO allies Greece and Turkey close to open conflict last year, but tensions have eased since then.

Israel and Turkey were once close allies but had a major falling-out in 2010, when 10 Turkish citizens were killed by Israeli forces as a Turkish-led flotilla tried to break Israel’s blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Turkey slams Mediterranean undersea cable deal - ABC News (go.com)


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Talal Al-Haj


A very important development that will catch many by surprise! The Turkish government is breaking up with the Moslem Brotherhood. Turkish authorities are limiting their funding, put a number ofd their leaders under house arrest.
Talks are discussion meetings being held today and will continue tomorrow between high Turkish officials and Moslem Brotherhood leaders residing in Turkey to avoid any further steps taken against their organization, its leadership and their members in Turkey.
The Moslem Brotherhood organization describes itself as a reformist group, yet it is classified as a terrorist group by a number of countries in the world such Russia & Kazakhstan & in the M.E. by Egypt, KSA & United Arab Emirates. The UK & the US are yet to classify it as such!


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Libya Monitoring

During 2020, there were subtle indications pointing towards the establishment of a Turkish naval base at #Khoms, #Libya. Not least the visits of frigates, but also refurbished structures and access roads. The below shows development since September 2020 to present.
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Graphic showing visible developments at #Khoms contrasted with imagery from April 2020. This is part of mounting evidence that #Turkey is developing a more permanent naval base at the port. #Libya
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Great Success! US-Backed Fighters Seize US-Made Missiles Heading To Other US-Backed Fighters In Syria
Tyler Durden's Photo

TUESDAY, MAR 30, 2021 - 05:00 AM
Via Southfront.org,
In an unusual turn of events in Syria, militants once backed by the US have seized a shipment of US-made missiles that was heading to fighters currently backed by the US.

The missiles, US-made TOWs, were seized on March 28 by the Syrian Task Force, a joint force of the Turkish Police, Counterterrorism Unit and the National Syrian Army (SNA), near the Turkish-occupied town of Azaz in the northern Aleppo countryside.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Interior, the smugglers confessed that that they had been trying to transfer weapons to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the town of Manbij in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo.

Beside two TOW anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), the weapons shipment included 24 AK-type assault rifles, a designated marksman rifle, two gun tubes and ammunition.

Click to see full-size image. Source: t.me/uom_03
Most SNA factions were once backed by the US, which supplied them with TOW ATGMs until late 2017. The YPG and the PKK, one the other hand, are the core of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which still receive US support.

Between 2012 and 2017, the US shipped loads of weapons and ammunition to rebels in Syria in an attempt to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Pentagon led these efforts to arm the Syrian rebels with a direct support from US allies in the Middle East, first and foremost Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

US efforts didn’t only fail to topple the Damascus government, but also ended up turning Syria into a large black market for advanced weapons. Many of the weapons supplied by the US and its allies found their way to the hands of terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda-linked Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham. Some of these weapons were found in Iraq and even Lebanon.
Today, weapons like TOW ATGMs, are being used by militants once supported by the US against Washington’s current proxies in Syria and vice versa.

The US plans to arm Syrian rebels inflamed the war, threatened neighboring countries and even ended up turning Washington’s tools against each other. Some not very tolerant social media users would call these great achievements a brilliant example of a“clusterf**k.”


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Who knows maybe Erdogan might make a play at Greece soon to. Turkish Defense Minister says Greece continues ‘provocative actions’


Well that shitstorm they were causing a few months ago, on the brink of war, really didnt just vanish into thin air :) A lot of people seem to not understand, that if something indeed happens between rus/ukr, it opens up door for at least 10 other conflicts to explode.

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Ragıp Soylu

BREAKING — Turkey strongly condemns “unelected” Italian PM calling “elected” Erdogan a dictator as part of populist rhetoric “We return it to him” says Turkish FM Cavusoglu

#BREAKING Turkey summons #Italy ambassador after PM calls Erdogan a dictator
Looks like the Italian PM is calling a spade a spade, probably in no small part due to Erdogan's adventuring in North Africa and elsewhere.


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Turkey accuses Greece of aiding extremist groups
Updated 10 April 2021
April 10, 202115:40

  • The Greek Ministry of Immigration recently accused Turkey of trying to cause “escalation” in the Aegean Sea
  • Alton attached with his tweet a three-minute video clip explaining how some foreign countries assisted extremist groups
DUBAI: Turkey has accused Greece of harboring and aiding extremist organizations including the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Al-Arabiya TV reported.

It’s a claim Greece denies, saying that Turkey is causing further unrest in the region and trying to harm its image.
Head of the Turkish Presidency’s Communication Department Fahrettin Altun said in a tweet that there were extremists hiding in an alleged refugee camp in Greece.

He added that the militants were planning to launch suicide attacks against Turkey at a time when Greece lets refugees die in the Aegean Sea, he said.

Alton attached with his tweet a three-minute video clip explaining how some foreign countries assisted extremist groups.
The video clip also indicated that Ankara was appealing to NATO-member states, including neighboring Greece, to support all efforts made by Turkey against extremist organizations.

Earlier, the Chief of Staff of the Greek Army Lt. Gen. Konstantinos Floros said Turkey’s actions were bringing instability to the region.

The Greek Ministry of Immigration recently accused Turkey of trying to cause “escalation” in the Aegean Sea, with “dangerous maneuvers” and encourage migrants to head to Greece, the main transit gateway to the European Union.


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