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It's not canning season and I'm trying to rebuild our preps from mostly store bought on a budget.

For fruit I've picked up some dried and canned from Costco and Sam's. My plan for the big cans of pears and peaches in syrup is to put any fruit left over after opening in glass jars, add brandy to them and refrigerate. I've never had brandied fruit go bad.

To get a variety of fruit I'm also buying in baby food containers (glass if possible) and commercially canned pie filling. I posted before that I hope the small baby food sized servings will encourage anyone in house with the flu, CV or whatever to eat with minimum waste. The pie filling I suspect will make a quick easy ready to eat dessert, garnish or side dish. So far I've picked up Apple and cherry and hope to get more.
Going thru supplies this past week, I found 3 cans of blackberries and 1 cherry that I didn't remember having. I'm going to make a cobbler and a pie or 2.

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Do you all have enough???
Your statement worries me! I swear I’m going to worry about too many people lol!
Please don't worry. Worry won't fill a tummy. It might give you an ulcer and I wouldn't want that to happen! A few prayers would be appreciated. I figure they're like chicken soup, not as filling, but couldn't hurt. :)

We have what we have. It should be enough to see us thru till the garden produces. We have a few months. We're good. As soon as we settled into our new place I started prepping a little each paycheck. It added up fast, thank the Lord.

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Oregano oil is used for viral protection by travelers in Asia.

Oil of Oregano
oil of oregano, to stay healthy on the road
Eating spaghetti sauce won’t help you with the flu, but oil of oregano can. It’s an immune-booster, natural antibiotic, anti-bacterial, and fights infections. Along with turmeric, oil of oregano is my remedy when I feel ill. It’s best to catch it early; as soon as I feel something coming on, I take oil of oregano and I can often avert the worst of the illness.

You can take oil of oregano in tincture/oil form, or for those who object to the very strong taste, you can take capsules (like these)



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Anyone have any luck with Thomas Labs antibiotics? I went to top off my stock and they turned down my order

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Picked up vented locking gas caps for all vehicles.

Not sure how bad this thing is going to get or how long it will last but if there are shortages or rationing I'd like to be ready. I'm remembering the '73 gas crisis/oil embargo and there were some individuals who were a little to busy with their Brooklyn Credit cards (AKA a fuel syphon).

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I remember another old timey way for bringing down a fever quick was an alcohol bath. A quick wipe down with a washcloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. It opened the pours and was only done once. If it worked it worked if not some other treatment was tried. Rubbing alcohol is poisonous so I wouldn't recommend it.
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I remember another old timey way for bringing down a fever quick was an alcohol bath. A quick wipe down with a washcloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. It opened the pours and was only done once. If it worked it worked if some other treatment was tried. Rubbing alcohol is poisonous so I wouldn't recommend it.
Epsom salts do something similar, and aren't poisonous. They're great for emptying the body of toxins through the pores, and also for relieving soreness and achy muscles.

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Epsom salts do something similar, and aren't poisonous. They're great for emptying the body of toxins through the pores, and also for relieving soreness and achy muscles.
Thanks this info could come in handy. We're down to our last small bottle of Isopropyl alcohol. Today our drug store was totally out of it and I haven't seen ethyl alcohol(Ethanol) in ages.


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Recipe for Pedialite / Electrolyte Drink

Oral Rehydration Solutions ORS Made at Home - Rehydration Project

The "Simple Solution" - Home made Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) Recipe
Preparing 1 (one) Litre solution using Salt, Sugar and Water at Home

Mix an oral rehydration solution using one of the following recipes; depending on ingredients and container availability:

  • Half (1/2) teaspoon of Salt
  • Six (6) teaspoons of Sugar
  • One Litre of clean drinking or boiled water and then cooled - 5 cupfuls (each cup about 200 ml.)
Preparation Method:
  • Stir the mixture till the salt and sugar dissolve.​
Recipe  1: Making a 1 litre ORS solution using Salt, Sugar and Water
Effective homemade remedy for watery diarrhea
An efficient and effective homemade remedy to be used when watery diarrhea strikes and is a good substitute for oral rehydration salts:

  • 1/2 to 1 cup precooked baby rice cereal or 1½ tablespoons of granulated sugar
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
Mix well the rice cereal (or sugar), water, and salt together until the mixture thickens but is not too thick to drink.

Give the mixture often by spoon and offer the child as much as he or she will accept (every minute if the child will take it).

Continue giving the mixture with the goal of replacing the fluid lost: one cup lost, give a cup. Even if the child is vomiting, the mixture can be offered in small amounts (2-1 tsp.) every few minutes or so.
  • Banana or other non-sweetened mashed fruit can help provide potassium.
  • Continue feeding children when they are sick and to continue breastfeeding if the child is being breastfed.

Questions on Solutions made at Home
Q. How do I measure the Salt and Sugar?

Different countries and different communities use various methods for measuring the salt and sugar.​
  • Finger pinch and hand measuring, and the use of local teaspoons can be taught successfully.
  • A plastic measuring spoon is available from Teaching Aids at Low Cost (TALC) with proportions to make up 200 ml of sugar/salt solution.
Whatever method is used, people need to be carefully instructed in how to mix and use the solutions.

Do not use too much salt. If the solution has too much salt the child may refuse to drink it. Also, too much salt can, in extreme cases, cause convulsions. Too little salt does no harm but is less effective in preventing dehydration.

A rough guide to the amount of salt is that the solution should taste no saltier than tears.

Q. How much solution do I feed?

Feed after every loose motion.

Adults and large children should drink at least 3 quarts or liters of ORS a day until they are well.

Each Feeding:
  • For a child under the age of two
    Between a quarter and a half of a large cup
  • For older children
    Between a half and a whole large cup
For Severe Dehydration:

Drink sips of the ORS (or give the ORS solution to the conscious dehydrated person) every 5 minutes until urination becomes normal. (It's normal to urinate four or five times a day.)

Q. How do I feed the solution?
  • Give it slowly, preferably with a teaspoon.
  • If the child vomits it, give it again.
The drink should be given from a cup (feeding bottles are difficult to clean properly). Remember to feed sips of the liquid slowly.

Q. What if the child vomits?

If the child vomits, wait for ten minutes and then begin again. Continue to try to feed the drink to the child slowly, small sips at a time.

The body will retain some of the fluids and salts needed even though there is vomiting.

Q. For how long do I feed the liquids?

Extra liquids should be given until the diarrhoea has stopped. This will usually take between three and five days.

Q. How do I store the ORS solution?

Store the liquid in a cool place. Chilling the ORS may help. If the child still needs ORS after 24 hours, make a fresh solution.​

10 Things you should know about Rehydrating a child.
  1. Wash your hands with soap and water before preparing solution.
  2. Prepare a solution, in a clean pot, by mixing

    - Half (1/2) teaspoon Salt and Six (6) teaspoons sugar
    - 1 packet of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS)
    - with one litre of clean drinking or boiled water (after cooled)

    Stir the mixture till all the contents dissolve.
  3. Wash your hands and the baby's hands with soap and water before feeding solution.
  4. Give the sick child as much of the solution as it needs, in small amounts frequently.
  5. Give child alternately other fluids - such as breast milk and juices.
  6. Continue to give solids if child is four months or older.
  7. If the child still needs ORS after 24 hours, make a fresh solution.
  8. ORS does not stop diarrhoea. It prevents the body from drying up. The diarrhoea will stop by itself.
  9. If child vomits, wait ten minutes and give it ORS again. Usually vomiting will stop.
  10. If diarrhoea increases and /or vomiting persists, take child over to a health clinic.


People often refer to home-prepared oral rehydration solutions as "home-brew." This should be discouraged because the word brew implies:
  • either fermenting which in fact is an obstacle to some home-prepared solutions especially those made with rice-powder
  • or it implies boiling (as in tea) which, especially with sugar and salt or using packets of ORS, should not be done because it decomposes the sugar, or caramelises.

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This prep isn't specific to CV-19 but it's one I like to keep handy. As always I'm not giving medical advice this is simply part of the family's first aid kits. I'm not advising anyone to break quarantine unless they absolutely have to!

Individually wrapped sanitary napkins. It's not that I have a need at this phase of my life for their originally intended propose. It's just that absorbent bandages are so expensive. I seal a few of these in a water proof plastic bag and tuck them into first aid kits and BOBs for just in case.
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Pets need a first aid kit too.

Hit the feed store two weeks ago and picked up some OTC, stretchy bandage, a clotting powder and a few other things for the livestock and pets. They were totally out of Betadine First Aid Solution (Providone Iodine Antiseptic).

Warning: Never smell Iodine. It will destroy your sense of smell. I worked in a goat dairy for a while and the owner harped on it. An iodine solution was used to wash and sanitize the goats udders prior to milking.

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I use Concentrace by Trace Mineral Research for electrolytes and hydration. It’s a liquid that contains the electrolytes in proper proportions along with a whole list of trace minerals (something like 72 of them!). It’s tasteless when diluted as directed and can be dosed up or down based on body weight so can be adapted for the entire family. This also means that it can be added to virtually anything liquid (soup, juice, coffee, sauces) as a way to get the minerals into your system throughout the day.

I’ve been using this stuff for years as I’ve lived most of my adult life in the Arizona desert. No ties to the company; no financial gain from this post. Just wanted to pass on some info that might be helpful to others.



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Luckily I cashed in a Pension Pot a couple of weeks prior to the virus arriving. 4 year old nephew brought it home a week before the Schools were closed, and we’ve been in Lockdown ever since. I have 3 stainless steel gravity feed water purifiers unused, plus spare filter candles should they be needed. Purchased a new breadmaker, an extra greenhouse (brilliant value twin wall polycarbonate) ordered lots of varieties of Heritage seeds, and bulk flower pots, a pallet of growbags, loads of fertiliser 7:7:7 and seaweed fertilisers, blood fish and bone, plus seaweed foliar feed. Should have plenty of Heritage seeds for neighbours next year. Also had a good deal on a new Honda Mini Tiller.
Big study I think in France? Where infected with Wuhan virus records log smokers and non smokers, someone analysed the stats for smokers with the virus, I think it was 1600 smokers, only 5, aged 75 to 94 died (not necessarily of the virus), and all other smokers made a full recovery. Needless to say, that’s not exactly getting MSM coverage. I put down my recovery to drinking plenty of Quinine in Indian Tonic Water, Zinc tablets, and anti inflammatory Ibuprofen tablets, but that I’d started smoking to get excess fluid created by my eye drops (fluid that left me very vulnerable to upper respiratory infections) under control looks to have helped more than I realised. Worth noting as it may be related, I haven’t had an upper respiratory infection or an eye infection since I started smoking (I was getting them thanks to the eye drops prior. There’s also a lot of clear evidence now, that if HCQ, Zinc and Z-Pak is given early in the infection, then the treatment is very effective. At least 70% of patients in Spain were prescribed it by their Spanish doctors, and there’s now plenty of evidence that it works from other Countries. As an aside, we’ve had the Media over here telling us that HCQ is untested and dangerous as it damages the kidneys, yet my friend’s mother has been told to drink plenty of Tonic water, because it’s so good for her kidneys. My friend got hit with the Wuhan virus really hard, in February. Feeling really rough, he usually has a glass of brandy before bed, but he’d run out, and had a very large Gin and lots of Tonic instead, plus a 600mg Ibuprofen, and another Ibuprofen the following morning and G&T plus Ibuprofen the following night. The day after, he was right as rain. He’s a non smoker.
Keep well all, busy transplanting plants for a few days, all the best.

PS. They’ve been telling us over here that Ibuprofen is really dangerous as well. This despite there being no Scientific evidence that Ibuprofen has ever harmed anybody. More worrying is, they’re using the scare as grounds for prescribing a “protective “ tablet to prevent Ibuprofen damage. If you look up the side effects of that “preventative“ it includes increasing the risk of Upper Respiratory Infections? Seems to me, the Medical Profession has been preparing the way for , and increasing the casualties from this Wuhan virus?
Also the Media had “experts “ on, telling us that Smokers were the most vulnerable to the virus, when there are now strong indications that it’s the opposite that’s true, they look to be the least vulnerable. What’s going on? Are they saying the same nonsense in the USA?
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What kind of zinc is the best to buy? I've seen zinc picolinate, chelated zinc, zinc citrate, & raw zinc. How many mg?