PRYR RQST My son has passed away.


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I am so sorry to hear of this, I have a very good friend whose son also died on the 20th. He was even younger than your son.

I am praying for the peace of God to be with you, ma’am.


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So very very sorry to hear this, anney!! Big cyber (((hugs!!!))) to you and your granddaughters!! I will be lifting all of you up in prayers!! Praying that God will give each of you the strength you need, the peace you crave, and the understanding you want. May He enfold you and your precious granddaughters in His everloving arms!!

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Oh my God. So very sorry dear sister, lifting you all in prayer. I'm so so sorry. I wish my words didn't seem so lame and inadequate. My heart breaks.


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So very sorry for your families pain. One day you will all be together again and you will have an understanding of why this happened. Prayers for your families peace and comfort to that time.


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anney, I am so very sorry for the tragic loss of your son. Prayers for God’s comfort for you and the family.

I simply can’t imagine that kind of pain, but I know that a couple of members have experienced the loss of loved ones by suicide and hope they’ll reach out to you.