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“He also thought of the other thing buried in the foam of the pistol safe. He really needed to get it sized. He didn’t want to give her the ring until it was the right size. He wanted to be able to slide it on her finger when she said yes. No other answer would work in his mind. The stone wasn’t traditional for an engagement ring, but it had been in the family for five generations. The oval shape and size of the blood red ruby set in the white gold filigree would look just right size wise on her hand. Her hands weren’t tiny, they were sized right to actually do things, and strong. It would be a perfect ring for her. It just had to be sized.”
This ring sounds SO beautiful. Much better than a diamond (to me) any day!!!

I’m guessing there’s going to be another party!!!!


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"having HP Lovecraft, Steven King and Emile Bronte collaborate on a love story"

Well, no one would just put it least not without permission


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Henrik and Paige were walking slowly through the field behind the house. Henrik had finally gotten her away from the crowd. Once he thought they were far enough to not get interrupted or disturbed, Henrik started talking.

“Paige. This whole world is coming apart around us, and our lives in flux. With everything that happened to you and us. I have been thinking. Whenever I’m around you, I feel safe, warm, happy and when I’m not, I feel empty, sad, and horrible. When I’m with you, what I feel must be what they call love. I don’t want to be without that feeling ever again. I want to be with you forever. Paige, will you marry me?” Henrik held out a small box with the lid open. The ring was beautiful. It was an antique art deco piece from the 1920’s with a stone as dark as blood.

“Yes, yes, yes!” then Paige shrieked as he slipped the ring on her finger. They embraced as they slipped to the ground on their knees.

They didn’t know how much time passed until they heard Sabine’s voice.

“What’s going on?”

About this time, Andrea arrived, sliding in beside Sabine like she was stealing home.

“What’s going on? What do you need?” She said as she whipped the pack off her back, opening it for Sabine.

Paige looked up from Henrik’s shoulder, tears streaming down her face, her breathing in sobs. She saw her friends arraigned for battle around her, her sobs took a different tone. She started to speak, the words barely making it out.

“I’m sorry! I just…….” And she held up her hand. A red stone sparkled on one of her fingers in the firelight.

Henrik was so happy! She said yes! They were holding one another when Sabine, Andrea, Veronica and Violet came running up. He realized Paige’s scream had an unanticipated effect on the rest of their friends.

Once the situation was apparent, Andrea rushed forward to embrace the pair of them while Sabine zipped up the aid bag and stood up. She looked over at Violet and spoke.

“Violet, why don’t you go back to the command staff” she gestured over her shoulder towards the house “and call off the air strike. We will get these two to walk back that way in a moment when they get their wits about them.”

“Sounds like a good idea. Well that little run made some room for dessert.” Violet turned back towards the house.

Sabine moved in and gave Paige a big hug.

“I’m so happy for you two.” She had a big smile and a big warm embrace. She then went over to Henrik and wrapped him up in the same type embrace, her head next to his. While she held him, she whispered in his ear.

“Henrik, if you hurt her, if you break her heart, if you humiliate her, I will make your life a living nightmare till the end of your days.” As she leaned back from the embrace, she is smiling and says “I’m so happy for you guys! Dessert is on the table. We should celebrate! I’ll be right there!”

He wasn’t quite sure what was going on when Sabine started whispering in his ear but the words chilled him. It wasn’t the ‘you better treat her right’ screwing around of a friend. It was actually scary. Not kind of scary, scary. Her voice was different, her accent was different. It was as if it was not Sabine. It reminded him of the stories his grandmother told him growing up about the goblin or demon, Mare or Mara is what she called them, that would sit on the chest of sleeping people and cause bad dreams and nightmares. It shook him to his core and he knew deep in his heart Sabine meant every word.

Before Henrik can keep up with the shifting of gears, Sabine had moved past them, past Veronica, off into the gloom.
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Sabine was sitting in the grass in the dark at the far end of the field. She heard the loud exclamations by the joyous crowd when Henrik and Paige showed off the ring and everyone was celebrating. She wasn’t here right now, though. She was hearing the five hundred people at her engagement party. God! If she had only known what was to come, she would have begged her best friend to slit her throat right there in the gazebo with the cake knife!

Sabine came back to the here and now when she heard someone else in the grass next to her.

“Those two are good for each other. They would walk through hell for each other.” The voice was barely above a whisper. It was Veronica. “They have what I wish I had when I got married.” She was quiet for several minutes. She reached a hand down to Sabine to help her up. As Sabine stood, Veronica pulled her into an embrace. The two of them stood under the stars both happy for their friends and sad for their own pasts. Sabine thought for the first time in long time she might have found someone with as many dark secrets as she did. Did she really tell Violet everything?
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Destiny is out there.
Not to be morbid.
Will Henrik bite the final bullet before or after the wedding?



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The group was ecstatic. Everyone was congratulating the happy couple. At one point, Paige was retelling the moment Henrik proposed.

“…and then he slid the ring on my finger. I was crying, he was crying, and all of a sudden, you guys come swooping in like a flock of guardian angels…”

“Wait a minute!” interrupted Veronica. “Are you calling me short and fat! “

Paige started stammering. “No, I just meant…”

“Yeah, I don’t know about this angel thing….” Added Violet.

Andrea chimed in. “Yeah, well with some of the things I’ve done, I don’t see me as an angel.”

Silas, Ivar, Amber and Sofia were laughing watching the exchange within the group. So was Henrik. Everyone was laughing it up so much most missed Sabine’s input about Angels.

“Lucifer was an angel.”

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“Lucifer was an angel.”

He was the Morning Star, the light-bringer... הֵילֵל בֶּן-שָׁחַר (Helel ben Shachar, Hebrew for "shining one, son of the morning") ...until ambition and pride of self led to being cast down... Interesting how Lucifer appears in earlier Babylonian and Summerian pantheons with a similar story.
Interesting that Sabine would seek to introduce the dark edge on a celebration.
Thanks CCG!


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It was decided they must have an engagement party. There was enough space in the house everyone could sleep over since they had the next couple days off. Ivar and Sofia took one of the spare bedrooms on the top floor and Silas and Amber took the other one. Veronica and Violet took a couple of the couches in the main room.

One of the things about the split level nature of the house was Paige and Henrik’s bedroom was under the kitchen. The next half level up was the living room, then the kitchen was the next half, then the three main bedrooms were over the living room. This meant most of the time, everyone was pretty insulated from the sound of others as far as the bedrooms were involved. This morning, Paige woke to the sounds of someone in the kitchen. She was still filled with the euphoric energy from Henrik proposing. Since she was awake, she figured to go on up to the kitchen and let her fiancé, fiancé, sleep in.

She climbed the stairs carefully. She didn’t want to wake the others. She wasn’t sure what they had planned for the party but it was so sweet of them to insist. She wasn’t used to this kind of togetherness as a group. Her family environment was a lot more, fractured, yeah fractured was the best word she could apply to it. Each person was great to be around by themselves but they never did well as a group.

As she turned the corner and looked up the short flight of stairs, she saw Sabine in the kitchen, washing dishes. She remembered Sabine being a bit more subdued than most of the rest of the group last night.

“Hey, Sabine. You’re up early. How are you doing?” Paige was still trying to keep her voice down, Violet and Veronica were still asleep on the couches in the living room.

“I’m OK. I’m surprised to see you this early. I figured you would be sleeping in. You had a lot of excitement yesterday.”

At that, Paige lit up all over again.

“I know! This is definitely a big bright spot in this whole chaotic cascade of crap going on.”

“I know he loves you, and I take it you love him.” Sabine’s voice was low as she poured a cup of coffee.

“I didn’t know how much until recently. Everything going on has sharpened my thinking. I guess it took a punch to the head to make me realize how much I cared for him. I would do anything for him.”

At her last words, Sabine’s face transformed and her voice got sharp and harsh.

“Don’t think such thoughts, or worse, utter such an oath lightly! That is a fast way to walk yourself into hell!”

Paige was startled and confused. What was wrong?

“Sabine? I know Henrik would do anything for me, as I would for for him. I don’t understand!”

Sabine’s reaction was even more volcanic.

“Think long and hard about such an unlimited oath! Such things have a way of shackling your soul!” The coffee cup flew from Sabine’s hands, shattering the sliding glass door. Without another word, Sabine stepped through the empty frame of the door and out to the yard, leaving a stunned Paige wondering what happened.


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Ouch! Some real pent up emotions there. Shades of that "angel of death" again. Those may not be her friend when she joins the crowd later and gets in the game.
Thank you.


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Sometime later, Sabine heard the door to the barn open. She was halfway up the rope and looked over. She wasn’t sure who it would be; maybe an angry Henrik, a confused Andrea or even Paige, asking for an explanation. Who it ended up being was definitely a surprise.

“I guess they sent you since they had a professional at talking to crazy people. This is a really bad idea” Sabine snarled.

“Actually, my professional creds were a secondary issue. You don’t work for me, you don’t live with me, and Violet’s way of dealing with things won’t work here and Veronica opted out. I get paid to be yelled at by angry people and have a fairly thick skin. That made me a better choice than Sofia, who is far too tenderhearted.” Amber’s voice was smooth and even. It was like she was describing figuring out what was the best type of paint to use on an outdoor fence. Amber continued.

“Your friends are worried. You haven’t normally been the type for violent outbursts. Paige said you were even cool as a cucumber when you stared down her attempted murderer in the armory. So, there must be something going on and everyone is puzzled and wants to help.”

“Oh, so I just plop on the couch, we have a cumbia and all is good? Is that the idea? Don’t like it.” Sabine was still on the rope.

“Hey, I came out here as the elected friend, not as Doctor. I just want to figure out how we, your friends can help the situation. And make no mistake, there is a situation. The person who saved Paige’s life goes high order when talking about her love and commitment to her soon to be husband, who by the way, said you were all for him marrying her. You even helped him get the ring sized. So now he is twitchy about your outburst, Paige is beside herself, wondering what she did to make you so angry when she thought you were happy for them. Your friends are worried. I am the elected mouthpiece. What’s going on?”

Sabine hung on the rope for a few moments, trying to gather herself, trying to put herself back together. Again. She finally made a decision. She slid down the rope. She walked up to Amber. She had several inches on her in height and a perverse part of her knew she could be an imposing individual close up when the fire was in her eyes. She stood in front of Amber for a few silent moments. Suddenly the corner of her mouth turned up in a smirk holding no warmth nor humor. Sabine had an idea.

“Professional question. As long as I don’t reveal a desire to cause harm to myself or others, you are legally bound to reveal absolutely nothing of our conversation if I was your patient, Correct?”

Inside, Amber was startled by this turn of events. She came out here to try and defuse whatever the hell this was that went down with Sabine and Paige. She liked these four and didn’t want things to blow up unnecessarily between them. These guys were some of the few friends that seemed worth a shit around here.

“I didn’t bring my couch, but yes, were you my patient, I would be morally and ethically bound to not reveal any of our conversations held as your doctor.”

“And you hold that to be a very serious duty?” Sabine asked.

“Very.” Now it was Amber’s tone that was flat, forceful and matter of fact.

“Good. Pull up your metaphorical couch, doctor. I will explain a small piece about this morning. No details, my rules. Then we try to fix things with my friends. I don’t want to lose them.”

Amber felt like she was at the beach, looking out at the endless ocean. She was reminded of some of her earlier patients. She was used to working with Special Operations types. Multi-tour, multi-decade types. For some reason this seemed like it might be as big an issue, but much different. She got into the business to help people. She specialized in people who couldn’t tell people what they had seen or done. The mystery was part of it. She had watched her father struggle with the things he saw and did when he was in the service. His closed off little community of friends who had all been there, done that were the only ones he was able to partially relax around.

Her doctoral thesis and specialty was PTSD with service people; military, fire, police, EMS. She had honed and specialized her focus after meeting Silas and getting to know the special people like him. She knew in her gut that Sabine needed help. She also knew she had to want help. It was a challenge. She would help her as much as she allowed her to.

“OK, your rules. What’s next?”


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Sounds like a lot of fear for her friend mixed in with a little jealousy.

Thank you.

And another to say thank you for...Love it, keep'em coming?


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“Are you religious?”

“Kind of a sideways question, but OK. I grew up Lutheran. And I take it this has bearing?” Amber sounded a little confused.

“OK, Lutheran works. Catholic light. You might understand some then. I am Catholic. Many years ago, I made a deliberate solemn vow to God, and then I basically destroyed myself and allowed others to destroy me, all in an attempt to not betray that vow. In the end, I was too weak to endure and keep my vow. I broke my vow to God and I may or may not be damned to hell for it. I never want someone I care about to face such a thing. I was too weak to stay true and too strong to just die with my vow intact.”

Amber could hear all the contradictions within Sabine’s statements. Ocean indeed! What hell she must have gone through to get this way! She couldn’t even talk to Silas about it, she had invoked the ‘Doctor’ clause.

“I don’t know if I can understand without the details, but suffice to say, you are a bit leery of promises I take it.”

Sabine just nodded.

“Well we need to figure a way to convey that it was your concern for Paige that brought about your sudden fit of temper, or something.”

“I might have an idea, if she will talk to me.” Sabine said in a sad voice.
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Sabine is carrying a lot of baggage that needs to be unpacked. Hopefully Amber can help.

Thanks CCG.



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Amber was almost mobbed when she came back into the house from the barn.

“What’s up with her? Is she OK? What happened?” All the questions bombarded into her at once so she could barely tell who was asking what.

“Enough!” Everyone went silent, looking at her expectantly. Amber continued.

“Sabine is sorry for her outburst and embarrassed at it as well. She asked me to ask you guys to please set it aside for now. She would very much not want to talk about it right now. She needs to come in, shower and wants to go get the supplies for the party this afternoon, and another door. She asked for Paige to accompany her on the shopping trip so she could talk and clear up some things. Any objections from the peanut gallery?” Amber looked around the room. All heads nodded affirmative.

“Amber stepped outside and motioned Sabine in. Sabine walked quickly, not making eye contact as she pressed through the crowd on her way to the stairs. Andrea started to follow her, but Amber laid a hand on her shoulder, holding her back.

After Sabine was upstairs, Amber turned to the rest of the people.

“Guys, we have a party to set up.” She turned to Paige, holding her in place for a moment as everyone moved along.

“Paige, Sabine wanted you to know, her outburst was protective, not anger at anyone other than herself. She said she would try to explain some, if you would be willing to listen. That’s the reason she wants you to go with her.”

“I’ll listen. It was just so sudden. I didn’t see it coming.”


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Part of the problem was she unpacked some of it with the Priest, and it made some aspects far too fresh in her mind

Mental anguish can be debilitating to a person. Holding it in long term can lead to lots of problems. Even though Sabine is functioning there are always repercussions that will raise up from time to time that could create problems at the worse times and not only for her but the group which showed up with her explosive outburst and the reactions/concern by others are indicative of what may occur in the future.

Will have to wait and see.



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Congratulations for if the publishing works. Yours is a very good and unique story.
thanks! I’m hoping to have part one available for print and eprint by Christmas if everything lines up, even though it’s self-publish. Whenever it seems to take so long I keep reminding myself it took seven years for the first Harry Potter book to become available


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“Paige, Sabine wanted you to know, her outburst was protective, not anger at anyone other than herself. She said she would try to explain some, if you would be willing to listen. That’s the reason she wants you to go with her.”

“I’ll listen. It was just so sudden. I didn’t see it coming. She has been acting strange since the attack. If you have a moment I have something to show you.” Paige took Amber to the master bedroom downstairs to see the imagery of Sabine in the Arms Room.

Amber was standing on the beach again staring out at the endless ocean.

She started to understand a few thing about Sabine as she saw the look in her eyes as she held the pistol out. It was as if she had done this before or wished she had done it. It was not Frickel she was shooting. She seen it before in rape victims, an attitude of ‘the ****er will never do that to me or someone I love again’. It is a kind of controlled rage. The person becomes cold, calculating and most of all, does not trust anyone, especially if she went through any kind of court trial. Sabine a rape victim?? Amber thought she might be putting a puzzle together but Sabine was nowhere near that simple. Damn! Silas share the pieces! She started thinking.

She saw the brutality of the attack on Paige as Paige was fast forwarding through it to get to the point she wanted Amber to see. Amber wasn’t sure if Paige realize how much she saw. It was enough to know Sabine was not the only one who needed help. She had to find a way to help them both. It was obviously each one was willing to kill or die for each other. Something so pure was a horrible thing to throw away.

Thirty minutes later, Paige and Sabine were in Paige’s Cherokee headed towards the base to pick up some supplies at the small commissary on base. Paige also wanted to swing by her shop to pick up some items. The incident last night had identified some shortcomings in preparations in Paige’s mind. Shortcomings she was prepared to fix.

Since Paige had already swapped out the original pistols issued to Sabine and herself with the Glocks, she figured to re-issue those to Veronica and Violet now, while they were here. She wasn’t sure when they would get back down here next and wanted them taken care of.

The drive started out quiet. Sabine sat in the passenger seat. She looked different to Paige. She normally exuded confidence. She was the rock of the group, unshakable, unflappable. This person beside her was withdrawn, embarrassed and unsure. The only person in their group who might have seen like her this before was Andrea. It was a long time ago, but Paige remembered Andrea telling her about the night she first brought Sabine home from the club. Then Sabine moved in. Andrea and Paige swore to never speak of it again to not embarrass her. This must be the person Andrea found in the bathroom. It was a startling change. She had to get Sabine back. She didn’t know this person. She wasn’t sure what to do but wait.

Finally, Sabine took a deep breath and started talking, slowly and quietly.

“Paige, I’m sorry about this morning.” Sabine seemed to stall, not sure where to go next.

“It’s ok, it’s just a door. The landlord was supposed to replace it anyway. I don’t know if the new one will, though. I’m still waiting to find out how much our rent is going to go up since the son sold the place. All I got was the change of ownership and the P.O. Box to send the rent checks to now.” Paige tried a little distraction to get Sabine to talk more on a safer topic.

Sabine told her not worry about it, she took care of it when she went to the barn. She had called and someone would be out that afternoon. It paid to own the house. With the diversionary tactic dealt with, Sabine built the courage to start the conversation.

Sabine took a deep breath, “ Andrea once told me Henrik never liked me and you guys had a fight when I moved in. He said something about you taking in stray puppies from the pound nobody else wanted because they had been beat by their previous owners. I was going to be trouble. He called me an ‘ice princess’. You and Andrea out voted him.”

All Paige could thing was Damn Henrik and Andrea! That roommate meeting was supposed to be private. She at least had a way to show Henrik thought differently now on a couple of those points.

Sabine continued while Paige listened trying to figure how this had anything to do with this morning. She want to ask but did not want to interrupt.

“I am happy you are getting married. I think Henrik is a good man and the two of are right for each other but………”

After a long pause to gather her thoughts she continued, “when you started talking about ‘doing anything’ it struck a bad chord. You sounded like someone I knew long ago. It seems like lifetimes ago. She promised she would do anything for someone. She tried to keep her promise even when things went horribly wrong. She had made a promise, though and she would not, could not release herself from the promise. She destroyed everything she was, everything she could have been, all to keep her word. It broke her body, it broke her mind and destroyed her soul. When they finally pushed her past the breaking point and she failed to keep her promise, it killed her.”

Sabine was openly crying now.

Paige didn’t know what to do, how to react. This was nowhere what she expected. She was looking for a turn-out so she could stop and help her friend. She wanted ask the questions going through her mind. Didn’t her friend see any signs. The texts books said there were always signs, the lectures said there were always signs, the TED talks said there were always signs. THERE ARE ALWAYS SIGNS. THIS PERSON SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE SIGNS.

Sabine was still talking. “I told myself I never wanted to watch someone else go through that ever again. I watched all of this happen and felt so helpless to do anything about it. Then I heard those same words said by you, with just as much cheer and hope as when she did, I had to lash out! I know you and Henrik aren’t like that, but it scared me to hear it again! I’ve seen the road that can lead to. I can’t watch it again. I won’t watch it again. I know you and Henrik would do almost anything for each other. I caution you to remember the ‘almost’ part. Even in love, you must be true to yourself. Do not lose yourself trying to please him. Do not expect him to lose himself to please you.”

Paige could feel the pain and anguish rolling off of Sabine in waves. She finally found a place to pull over.

“Oh, God, Sabine! I didn’t know! It was just an expression! I won’t. I will see the signs. There are always signs it is going down such a bad road. I promise you if I see a sign I will leave. I will call you. I will not let him hurt me. No man will hurt me again!!! Neither one of us belong to a cult that demands ultimate devotion and commitment.”

As the comment slipped out her mouth she remember once seeing a crucifix on Sabine’s neck. Andrea, God bless her! Without her, no information would flow in this house, told her Sabine was a conflicted Catholic. She thought it was just the homosexual thing. She wished she could retract the comment made in haste but words once said….

“It’s just an expression until it isn’t. For her it wasn’t. And the problem was, once done, it couldn’t be undone.” She almost screamed ’I didn’t see them until it was too late!’ but she caught herself at the last minute. She couldn’t stand the thought of it all being revealed, the pity faces, the walking on eggshells, the always guarded speech. Everyone looking at her as ‘poor little weak Sabine’.

Sabine just sat there, her face wet, her posture empty. She was wrung out. She had come up with this verbal sleight of hand to shift some of what she needed to convey. She was still uncomfortable with Silas knowing whatever he did, having to tell Paige some, not to mention Amber, the professional shrink now in the mix!

Paige took Sabine’s hands in her own.

“Sabine, you’re my friend. You were trying to protect me. Hell, I already know in my heart you would be willing to kill to protect me. I’m not going to throw something that powerful away over a raised voice and broken door. I need you here.” She paused to collect herself then continued.

“I’m sorry for the friend you lost, but I am not her. From the time I was young I was taught the signs to watch for.”

“As for the wedding, I decided young St. Peter or Paul which ever one it was who outlined those crazy rules of marriage ARE NOT INVITED TO MY WEDDING!!! God yes but we have to modernize those teachings. My brother, the Minister tried to explain them to me once but after a long talk he jokingly said God was going to bring back smiting just for me”

Paige in her innocence did not know what she had just said to Sabine. Sabine in her guilt was not sure either. It was going to take time to process.

“Even if I miss things I have you here to keep us on the straight and narrow. We will avoid such traps. We good?” Paige smiled and squeezed her hands. Sabine nodded, not trusting her voice.

“Good! Now, let’s get the stuff for the party and the stuff from the shop and get back to the house! We have eating, drinking and partying to do!”

Sabine softly replied.

“OK, but after you pick up the stuff at the shop, why don’t you head on back without me. I need to do some things at the office and collect myself some before I’m back in the crowd.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. Besides, the kitchen is only so big and Andrea was cooking some stuff. Later this evening, I can bake my part for the party tomorrow. I just need some time.”

Paige pulled back out and drove on down the road. She though Sabine sounded absolutely exhausted. She also knew better than to push the issue. Commissary, shop, and then back to the house. One of them would come back down and pick Sabine up in a little while. As she drove, Paige also now wondered if she did miss something about Henrik.
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At the Commissary, Sabine showed a bit of spark as she shopped. She was moving about, grabbing this item and that box, all the time juggling between what she wanted and what they had left. The shelves were getting a bit bare. They had condensed the isles used down to use about half the normal space and the selection was pretty slim. Eventually, Sabine had what she thought would work. She also insisted on paying at the register. She wasn’t going to let Paige pay for her own party.

Over to Paige’s shop was a quick five minutes. Paige made a snap decision while they were there. She would pull the full weapons package she was building for the Vs now. She wasn’t sure what things would be like in a few months and didn’t want anything to get in the way of them coming back down for Christmas or the wedding they still had to plan.

Paige and Sabine moved a couple cases to the Cherokee. Once they were loaded up, Paige came around and tried to talk Sabine into just getting in.

“Look, everything will be OK. We just go on back to the house. Everyone will give you space if that’s what you need.” Paige tried to soft sell it.

“Yeah, and then either everyone keeps wandering by, asking if I’m OK, do I need anything, or just staring at me wondering what crazy thing I was going to do next. No. Let me get my bearings back in order. I’ll be fine in a little while. Me losing my temper at you is the worst part of all of this.” She lied smoothly. “Let me get it back in its box so I stop worrying you and the others. Go on back to the house. I’ll be fine in a little while.”

“Are you sure? Would it help to talk more?” The words were barely out of Paige’s mouth when Sabine cut her off.

“NO!” Sabine’s voice became softer. “I’m sorry. More talking wouldn’t make it better right now. I’ll call you guys in a little while for a ride.”

Paige could hear the dismissal in Sabine’s tone. She moved closer, wrapping her in a strong embrace.

“Sabine, we love you, all of us. Even the Ginger Yeti. He just doesn’t understand you is all. He wants you here, I want you here. He didn’t and still doesn’t understand you. Then again evidently, neither do any of the rest of us. That doesn’t mean we don’t love you anyway. We love you for you. We will be down to pick you up in a little bit.” She broke the embrace.

Sabine could hear the sincerity in Paige’s voice. She also knew the truth of her words. They did love her, and they didn’t understand her, but it wasn’t their fault they didn’t. She was determined they never would. She refused to burden them with her past. Sabine stood there watching Paige drive out of sight.

Sabine stood there looking out across the empty parking lot for a long time. A part of her was thinking of the zipper pouch in her pocket. In it were her four passports, her bank books and a few odds and ends. It would be so easy.


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Paige was mulling the things Sabine said all the way back to the house. She could see where such a thing could be unsettling, even alarming, given Sabine’s explanation. She also realized and remembered she owed Sabine her life as well. That kind of loyalty deserved the same level of loyalty from her. She would try to put all of this behind her as Sabine requested and move forward.

When she pulled into the barn, Amber met her there.

“Where’s Sabine?”

“She stayed behind at the office to take care of some things and to ‘get her head back on straight’ she said. One of us needs to go back down there in a little while and get her.” Paige replied as she started unloading the groceries. Amber’s response wasn’t quite what she expected.

“Wait. She had you leave her there? Tell me what she told you in the car. It could be important.” Amber’s brain was running a thousand miles a minute as she replayed the earlier conversation she had with Sabine.

Paige made a decision. She knew Sabine had talked to Amber earlier when she didn’t talk to anyone else. She decided to tell her. Paige recounted the conversation on the ride to the base. Amber listened intently, filing all the bits away for further analysis. When Paige was finished, there was silence in the barn. Finally, Amber spoke.

“I’ll go down and get her.” The gears were spinning in her head. She had to go tell Silas she was heading down to get Sabine, but if what she feared was happening, she would already be far too late.

Amber helped Paige carry stuff to the kitchen, working around Andrea who had the whole place in shambles as she cooked. Paige and Amber deflected questions of Sabine as they moved groceries. Once they were all in, both Paige and Amber went looking for Silas. Amber invoked spousal privilege and spoke to him first, which was fine with Paige. She knew her conversation with him would probably last longer anyway.

“Hey, I have to run down to the base and pick up Sabine. She stayed behind to do some work.”

Silas saw the look on his wife’s face. It was the same one she had when she was working with a difficult patient. He was worried about Sabine after the outburst this morning, but could think of no one better to help her than Amber.

“Take whatever time you need. We have plenty to do here. The workmen just called and will be here soon to replace the door.” After a quick kiss and a knowing look , Amber grabbed her shoulder bag and left, leaving Paige to talk to Silas next.

“Silas, after last night’s events, I thought Violet should have more than a chef’s knife to protect someone with.” she began.


Remote Paramedical pain in the ass
Amber drove towards the base. She tried to focus on both her driving and her patient. She kept seeing the ocean stretching out before her. It was her own visualization technique for the mind. Everyone only sees the surface unless they really work at it, but the deeper you get, the less perspective you get on the big picture, and there are some parts that are so deep you can never reach or see them. In her head, Sabine’s mind was a storm-tossed sea; powerful, violent and unpredictable. She remembered what she told her about how if need be, Sabine would vanish, never to be seen again. She was honestly expecting to arrive at the base and have Sabine nowhere to be found.