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Violet, Veronica and Andrea were in the kitchen when Ivar and Sofia showed up. Henrik came upstairs when he heard the increase in voices. Moments later, Silas and Amber arrived.

Henrik got everyone to start carrying the food outside. The idea was a fine outdoor dining experience. Sabine went past them headed the other way. She told them she would be right out to join them, she wanted to clean up first.

Henrik was a bit nervous. He wanted this day to go perfectly. It was more than a fine family get together with what he thought of as his new extended family, but he was trying to suppress his butterflies.

All of the tables were set out with tablecloths, the coolers were full of ice and drinks. Crockpots of mulled wine were out as well. A well banked, self-feeding fire was roaring in the fire pit. Sabine had chairs horseshoed around the fire pit.

Henrik carried the pot of jambalaya out and wrapped the base of the pot some insulation to keep it warm.

Paige carried out some of the plates and silverware. She was happy. It was written all over her. Here she was, surrounded by friends. Not long ago, she might have died. These people stood with her, for her. They were bound together as she had with no others in a long time.

Sabine was the last to come out. At her arrival, all heads turned. She seemed to be dressed up a bit more than normal. Not that there was anything that dressy in her attire. She was wearing a dark grey fisherman’s sweater and black pants. This was different than her normal blue jeans and sweatshirt.

Andrea saw the effort Sabine had put in her appearance compared to normal. Her hair was down in loose curls framing her face instead of pulled back. She was wearing jewelry, a thin gold bracelet and a gold class ring opposite her watch, which wasn’t her normal one. This one was gold, and old, really old. Andrea wasn’t sure what was going on but she looked great!


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Everybody was mingling, the food was great and everyone was happy. Sabine noticed Henrik was still a bit nervous, however. She was watching him closer once she realized the nature of her observation. It took a little while but she realized he was mostly nervous when he looked at Paige. She started paying attention to Paige to see if it was something going on with her he was keying in on, or if it was something with Henrik.

After the jambalaya, which everyone said was amazing, and before they had made room for dessert, everyone was sitting around the fire talking. This was when Paige broached a subject some of them had been curious about for some time.

“So, Silas, not that we mind and aren’t appreciative at the honor of being selected as your ‘four musketeers’ but, why us?”

All other conversation stopped and everyone looked at Paige then Silas.

“Well, there are a bunch of factors. I had read a bunch of your background, Paige, and Sabine’s background as part of the selection process for you to get the jobs here. In my research, because I don’t just go with what’s on the official record, I found out you two were loyal to a fault,” at this statement Paige smiled and Sabine got a momentary pained look on her face she hoped no one noticed. Silas continued. “And once I had the character references to build on, I watched you both once you arrived. Paige, once I met you and saw the resemblance to my own little slice of evil incarnate,” he gestured towards Violet, who stuck out her tongue like a five year old at him. “I watched you closer, almost out of habit. Once the incident happened with you, I was able to observe all four of you under pressure. The events were similar to working with you in combat. The stress brought out your natures. You and Sabine trusted Henrik and Andrea, so your trust bought my trust of them. Most of the other people on base I haven’t deployed with nor observed in such situations. I went with my gut after expert consultation.” He smiled.

Sabine had to ask. She had learned to be cautious of others talking about her.

“What expert consultation?”

Silas pointed a thumb at his wife, Amber.

“Her. I trust her judgement above all others when it comes to reading people.”

“Spousal trust is great, but…” Sabine started, then tapered off as Silas continued.

“I understand your reservations, Sabine, but it is also a professional opinion. It’s her fault. She did an unofficial psych eval for me. Otherwise, what’s the advantage of having a professional shrink for a wife? Something has to offset the fact I can never win an argument.”

Paige, Sabine, Henrik and Andrea looked over at Amber. She was smiling and looked a bit sheepish before she spoke.

“It’s not like I threw you guys down on a couch. He asked me my opinion about if we could trust you and would you be able to go along with these two’s” she pointed at Silas and Ivar. “hare-brained plan to pillage and protecting the troops vs filling official blocks.”

Sabine was instantly on guard. She had dealt with enough psychiatrists working for the prosecution and the defense that her distrust of how they can manipulate anything and everything said to a preconceived outcome was her personal baseline. She found herself trying to replay every word and gesture she had done within Amber’s presence. It took her a moment before she realized Amber was still talking.

“So, it’s just I have a lot of time hearing other people’s stories and get a decent feel of what they are like . I’ve always been a decent judge of character.” Amber turned while she was talking and caught the pointed look in Sabine’s stare. She wasn’t sure what that was about.


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Andrea looked over at Sofia.

“So, a secret shrink, and you are what? A neurosurgeon or a CEO?” Andrea, unlike Sabine, said it with a smile and a grin.

“The only surgery I ever did was on cloth. A four year stint as a parachute rigger, then odd jobs on base since I was married to him.” She pointed at Ivar.

The conversation turned back to friendly banter for the most part. Some were commiserating with Violet and the fact she couldn’t get away with anything growing up, everyone was having fun, for the most part. Silas noticed Sabine had vanished somewhere in the general mingling however.

Sabine slipped off to be alone for a few. She had to put some things into perspective. She had developed a distrust of psychiatrists and psychologists. She had seen all those tricks and such. She didn’t think Silas was using a psych to manipulate her, but she was hypersensitive to such things. She had to put her distrust back into its box. She had no real things to suspect them, but …….

Henrik had watched the party for a while. He had almost gotten his nerve up, but then the group took a left turn when Paige asked ‘why us’. He had to wait for another lull to develop before asking Paige to take a walk with him.
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After a few minutes, Henrik slid up to Paige.

“Come take a walk with me.” He slid his hand into hers and lightly pulled her away from the group out into the field farther away from the house, out beyond the fire.

The two of them walked at almost a slow mosey some distance from the fire.

Paige could feel the tension in Henrik through his hand and arm. She could tell he was worried about something, but she wasn’t sure what. This was a stark contrast to the friendly and comforting environment here in the meadow. It almost reminded her of when she was a little girl up at her grandfather’s house back before the subdivision got built up behind his house. She tried to let the peace flowing into her go across to Henrik.

She knew no one realized everything he did for them or how much he was the secret engine keeping her going forward. Unless he was in front of students taking command and teaching, he never attracted attention towards himself if he could avoid it. She knew he was self-conscious of his size and bulk. He was the epitome of the nickname Sabine gave him; ‘the Ginger Yeti’. His baseline was to be kind and polite. Shoot, she mused, some of their biggest fights had stemmed from him just trying to help and not knowing how to do it the right way.

She didn’t know what was stressing him out right now. This get together was supposed to be to help everybody relax for a night from all the stress they had been immersed in the past months, and here he was, tense as a cat at a dog show.


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Sabine was in the kitchen getting the desserts together when Silas came into the house. Sabine looked up at him, the look on her face struck him almost like a physical blow; icy, hurt, and then, the scariest of all, a blank affect similar to the one he had heard described by his friend from the courtroom and he had seen a glimpse of in the Arms Room footage. She was now wearing a flat featureless, emotionless look similar to just before she removed the safety on the pistol pointed at Frickel.

“Sabine.” Sabine didn’t answer him, but at least she didn’t look away.

“Sabine, all I did was give her the personnel packet for Paige and you and she met you at the party. I don’t know if she even asked Violet anything. She only got ‘Sabine’. I promised you and I have held to it. I have been married to her for 27 years and tell her everything but I still kept the other you from her. Your story is not mine to give.”

Sabine stood there listening to his explanation. There was a small part of her that wanted to believe him. There was still a big part of her that was raging at the feelings of betrayal surging up in her. This person knew too much about her for her to feel comfortable. Once again she had choices of who knew what about her maybe taken away. She felt like she was back to being a pawn or a play toy, dancing to someone else’s tune.

“You have no idea what I went through because of the ‘benevolent shrinks’!”

“Your right. I have no idea. I also didn’t open the can of worms you are worried about. I asked her opinion about two people I thought would be willing to work with me on what is fundamentally an illegal operation for the good of the troops. Even when I was looking to keep my own ass safe, I didn’t open that door. You are legally free and clear of the stuff in your past. I have put my career and my freedom in your hands without revealing your uncomfortable but legally neutral past.”

Sabine just stood there with a blank stare. Silas continued.

“Amber’s specialty is PTSD. She works at the bases we have been at helping all the Special Ops guys with their issues. She is used to not having all the info and not prying for it. She looked at the packets and talked to me for my opinion, and what she though after meeting you. I know you feel betrayed, but as I told you, your secrets are yours to tell, not mine. I am sorry I made you feel this way, but I only talked to her about ‘Sabine’.”

Sabine was at war with herself. Everything he said might be true. She still felt hurt. It would take a little bit for her to sort it out. She didn’t want to lose the friend she thought she made in Silas.

“Silas, you are going to have to give me some time on this. Help me carry the desserts out to the table.”

Silas knew this was the best he was going to get for now. At least she is still talking to him. The two of them carried the trays out to the food tables so they were ready when people made room.

Almost everyone was standing around oohing and ahhing at the desserts when a shriek came from across the meadow.
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At the sound of the shriek, time seemed to fracture, speeding up for some and moving in slow motion for others.

Sabine was instantly in motion, her pistol out as she turned. Her voice was flat and commanding when she spoke as she took off.

“Aid Bag! Now”

Andrea knew exactly where an Aid Bag was in Sabine’s SUV, her VW and Paige’s Cherokee. One from any of these would be the fastest. She took off running.

Veronica had her pistol out and was close on Sabine’s heels, her long legs the only ones with a hope of keeping up with Sabine’s stride.

Violet wasn’t far behind Veronica, but the only weapon she had was the chef’s knife from the table.

Silas and Ivar were moving Amber and Sofia towards the house to keep them out of harm’s way if things turned sour. All four of them were almost knocked over by Andrea running flat out, a large pack on her back.


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Sabine closed in on the space she thought the sound came from. She thought she heard sobbing. She also knew she heard running feet behind her. She slowed up. The last thing she wanted to do was run headlong into trouble.

Veronica saw Sabine slow. She moved to one side to help cover the target area.

Violet caught up to them as they slowed. She veered to the other side of Sabine, trying to see ahead of them in the gloom.

The three of them could see what looked like Henrik and Paige , kneeling on the ground, holding one another, rocking back and forth.


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Sabine was the first to speak.

“Henrik? Paige? What’s wrong? What’s going on?” Sabine’s voice was low and insistent as she scanned them and the area. Neither of them answered her. Thinking one of them might be injured, she moved a little closer, kneeling down.

“What’s going on?” Sabine repeated, a little more worried and questioning.

About this time, Andrea arrived, sliding in beside Sabine like she was stealing home.

“What’s going on? What do you need?” She said as she whipped the pack off her back, opening it for Sabine.

Veronica moved past the two (now three) on the ground to stand beyond them, scanning the surrounding trees for trouble.

Violet moved up beside Sabine, ready to lend a hand as needed.

Paige looked up from Henrik’s shoulder, tears streaming down her face, her breathing in sobs. She saw her friends arraigned for battle around her, her sobs took a different tone. She started to speak, the words barely making it out.

“I’m sorry! I just…….” And she held up her hand. A red stone sparkled on one of her fingers in the firelight.


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How could you do that to us? For penance, we expect weekend chapters :).
About Silas and Sabine's history. Will we earn the details eventually?

Thank you.


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:-) Thanks you so much! A lovely surprise... Did he go for rubies or garnets?
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“He also thought of the other thing buried in the foam of the pistol safe. He really needed to get it sized. He didn’t want to give her the ring until it was the right size. He wanted to be able to slide it on her finger when she said yes. No other answer would work in his mind. The stone wasn’t traditional for an engagement ring, but it had been in the family for five generations. The oval shape and size of the blood red ruby set in the white gold filigree would look just right size wise on her hand. Her hands weren’t tiny, they were sized right to actually do things, and strong. It would be a perfect ring for her. It just had to be sized.”


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How could you do that to us? For penance, we expect weekend chapters :).
About Silas and Sabine's history. Will we earn the details eventually?

Thank you.
post 2767 and 2771 gives most of the data “between“ them. What I think you are asking is about Sabines background. You will just have to go through and pluck the pieces of that one yourself, and pick up the little dribbles I leave as we go forward. If I were to do a straight “Sabine” story it would be like having HP Lovecraft, Steven King and Emile Bronte collaborate on a love story