1. Safecastle

    GROUP BUY Berkey Outdoors Summer sale | Lowest MAP since 2010 on Berkey Outdoor Systems for limited time

    Berkey® outdoor systems are perfect for summer outdoor activities and recreation! Powerful, portable and compact, our outdoor systems make it easy for your customers to enjoy great-tasting purified water wherever their adventures may take them. Berkey Travel MSRP: $269 LIST PRICE: $224...
  2. Safecastle

    GROUP BUY Gift Card from Safecastle $10, $25, $50 , on top of already existing discounts, don't miss

    Happy Memorial Day, we thank our veterans. This memorial day we are giving more than ever before. Not only do you get discounted prices on our May specials below You also get order discount based on tiers below on top of already discounted prices Not only that members save extra Only For...
  3. theberkeyguy

    PREP Berkey Base – Stand (Stainless Systems)

    New Berkey Product: Berkey Base – Stand (Stainless Systems) The Berkey Systems Stand adds design and function to your stainless steel Berkey system. Each polished stainless steel wire stand is 5” tall and allows you to easily...
  4. Safecastle

    GROUP BUY Berkey Filters are back in stock !! Buy Berkey Light or Travel Berkey get a Lifestraw Free

    We have Berkey Filters (Light and Travel in Stock). Special Offer: With any purchase of Berkey Light or Travel Berkey you get a Lifestraw Free (retails $22) Berkey Light The Berkey Light™ water filter is designed for use during travel, outdoor activities or during unexpected...
  5. theberkeyguy

    PREP New Berkey Product...

    Introducing Berkey BioFilm Drops: Berkey® Biofilm Drops are used for storing and maintaining pure, fresh water. Scientifically engineered and patented Copper-Siler Ion solution in the defense of biofilm related bacteria in ceramic water...
  6. Safecastle

    GROUP BUY Ultimate in water borne contamination removal | Available in CA too | Free Sports Berkey

    World leader in portable water filtration Berkey water filter systems come in several different models, all shown on this page for comparison. Each model was engineered with a specific set of guidelines in mind. The most important factor to consider is the number of people that the specific...
  7. theberkeyguy

    PREP Every Berkey System Owner Needs This: The Black Berkey Primer

    Introducing The Black Berkey Primer! The Device is 100% made in America. I have waited over a year to tell all of you about this amazing new device that is NOW available! Many of you have asked us this question, how do I prime my Black...
  8. theberkeyguy

    PREP Travel Berkey System w/ Free Sport Berkey Water Bottle

    Travel Berkey System w/ Free Sport Berkey Water Bottle This Deal will go on all summer long, no coupon code needed. Sport Berkey Water Bottle comes with a filter, and is valued at 24.99 theberkeyguy
  9. theberkeyguy

    PREP Cyber Monday Deal on Berkey PF-2 Fluoride Filters

    Cyber Monday Deal on Berkey PF-2 Fluoride Filters, a set of 2 Filters for 37.99: These Elements last up to 1000 gallons, or up to 1 year of usage. theberkeyguy
  10. theberkeyguy

    PREP National Preparedness Month Giveaway

    We have having a giveaway during the first week of September, which is National Preparedness month. The Giveaway is for 7 Royal Berkey Systems. Please check below for how to enter giveaway: Thanks so much, theberkeyguy
  11. theberkeyguy

    PREP Royal Berkey Systems on Sale at 270.50

    Royal Berkey Systems are on Sale at 270.50: We are having a sale for a limited time on the Royal Berkey Systems, which happens rarely. Please let your family and friends know of the sale. theberkeyguy
  12. theberkeyguy


    BREAKING NEWS FOR THOSE IN CALIFORNIA: New Millennium Concepts has reevaluated their position on Berkey Products shipped to CA and have made a Decision: Sales of the following systems & Berkey Products are now available to customers in the state of California: Sport Berkey® Go Berkey® Travel...
  13. theberkeyguy

    PREP Last Day of Royal Berkey Systems on Sale at 270.50

    (Monday) Last Day of Royal Berkey Systems on Sale at 270.50 Regular Price will go up to 283 dollars on Tuesday. theberkeyguy
  14. theberkeyguy

    PREP Updated website from The Berkey Guy

    After Months of working on our new web site, we are happy to debut our updated site at This site is designed to make things easier for you to: Navigate the Site Enter Promo Codes View Products from Every Category Understand Product Details Add Upgrades &...
  15. theberkeyguy

    PREP LED Flashlight Special we are having Till July 15th

    I wanted to let those at this board know about a special we are having till July 15th, as many of you have emailed us with questions, or purchased from us in the past. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here in the thread. Happy 4th of July to All. Here is our current special: In...
  16. theberkeyguy

    PREP Wise Food Storage Long Term Options

    I hadn't posted anything about Berkeys or Wise Food for about 2 1/2 months and thought others may benefit from this information: I just wanted to let everyone know about our new line of Wise Food Storage Long Term Emergency Food Supplies. Choose...
  17. theberkeyguy

    PREP New Radio Show: The Berkey Guy

    We have had a lot of members here contact us about Berkey's and preparation in General, and we wanted all of you to know about our new radio show that will debut Tuesday Sept 21st, 2010 at 5 PM PST. It is on Blog Talk Radio, on the Dr. Prepper Network. Our show will be called, The Berkey Guy...
  18. theberkeyguy

    HEALTH Berkey PF-4 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements

    Hello to all the TB2000 members, just wanted to get the word out about things that are new, as many of you have contacted us about berkey water filters. Thanks again to all who have contacted us. We are happy to announce that we have added to our site: Berkey PF-4 Fluoride and Arsenic...
  19. theberkeyguy

    HEALTH Special Lower Price on a Travel Berkey at $205 w/ Free Shipping

    For a Limited Time we are holding a Special on Travel Berkey's. The price is currently $205, regular price is $220 dollars. We offer Free shipping, and the Best Prices on Berkey Water Purification Systems. We also offer Free items with your purchase. You can find the specials on our website...
  20. theberkeyguy

    HEALTH SPECIAL Price on a Royal Berkey at 262.50 w/ Free Shipping

    For a Limited Time we are holding a Special on Royal Berkey's. This Special will last till about the 15th or 20th of January 2010. The price is currently 262.50, regular price is 275 dollars. We offer Free shipping, and the Best Prices on Berkey Water Purification Systems. We also offer Free...