Vote Wisconsin State Reps in case of legislature elector selection without official pop vote.


There is a possibility that this year the state votes in the swing states are so fouled up that the winner is unclear at the time the vote has to be certified and the electors chosen. In that case the state legislatures will be choosing the electors without the direction of the (highly suspect) popular vote in the state.

These states all have Republican legislatures and there is a chance that they could choose the Trump electors in this case.

The following is a list of the Republican reps in Wisconsin and their phone numbers.

A gentle reminder of their constitutional duty might be in order. If you call, or pass this list on to those who call, PLEASE DON'T GET HEATED ON THE PHONE or pass the list to anyone who will.
We need to appear to be the reasonable side in this mess.

It is also better if only residents call, that way the reps arent getting pestered by people who can't do anything to their re-election chances.

I got this list off of a post on AR15 and wanted to pass it along.

ALLEN, Scott (R) 608-266-8580
AUGUST, Tyler (R) 608-266-1190
BALLWEG, Joan (R) 608-266-8077
BORN, Mark (R) 608-266-2540
BRANDTJEN, Janel (R) 608-267-2367
BROOKS, Robert (R) 608-267-2369
DITTRICH, Barbara (R) 608-26-8551
DUCHOW, Cindi (R) 608-26-3007
EDMING, James (R) 608-266-7506
FELZKOWSKI, Mary (R) 608-266-7694
GUNDRUM, Rick (R) 608-264-8486
HORLACHER, Cody (R) 608-266-5715
HUTTON, Rob (R) 608-267-9836
JAGLER, John (R) 608-266-9650
JAMES, Jesse (R) 608-266-9172
KATSMA, Terry (R) 608-266-0656
KERKMAN, Samantha (R) 608-266-2530
KITCHENS, Joel (R) 608-266-5350
KNODL, Dan (R) 608-266-3796
KRUG, Scott (R) 608-266-0215
KUGLITSCH, Mike (R) 608-267-5158
KULP, Bob (R) 608-267-0280
KURTZ, Tony (R) 608-266-8531
LOUDENBECK, Amy (R) 608-266-9967
MACCO, John (R) 608-266-0485
MAGNAFICI, Gae (R) 608-267-2365
MURPHY, Dave (R) 608-266-7500
MURSAU, Jeffrey (R) 608-266-3780
NEYLON, Adam (R) 608-266-5120
NOVAK, Todd (R) 608-266-7502
NYGREN, John (R) 608-266-2343
OLDENBURG, Loren (R) 608-266-3534
OTT, Jim (R) 608-266-0486
PETERSEN, Kevin (R) 608-266-3794
PETRYK, Warren (R) 608-266-0660
PLUMER, Jon (R) 608-266-3404
PRONSCHINSKE, Treig (R) 608-266-7015
QUINN, Romaine (R) 608-266-2519
RAMTHUN, Timothy (R) 608-266-9175
RODRIGUEZ, Jessie (R) 608-266-0610
ROHRKASTE, Mike (R) 608-266-5719
SANFELIPPO, Joe (R) 608-266-0620
SCHRAA, Michael (R) 608-267-7990
SKOWRONSKI, Ken (R) 608-266-8590
SNYDER, Pat (R) 608-266-0654
SORTWELL, Shae (R) 608-266-9870
SPIROS, John (R) 608-266-1182
STAFSHOLT, Rob (R) 608-266-7683
STEFFEN, David (R) 608-266-5840
STEINEKE, Jim (R) 608-266-2401
SUMMERFIELD, Rob (R) 608-266-1194
SWEARINGEN, Rob (R) 608-266-7141
TAUCHEN, Gary (R) 608-266-3097
THIESFELDT, Jeremy (R) 608-266-3156
TITTL, Paul (R) 608-266-0315
TRANEL, Travis (R) 608-266-1170
TUSLER, Ron (R) 608-266-5831
VANDER MEER, Nancy (R) 608-266-8366
VORPAGEL, Tyler (R) 608-266-8530
VOS, Robin (R) 608-266-3387
WICHGERS, Chuck (R) 608-266-3363
WITTKE, Robert (R) 608-266-0731
ZIMMERMAN, Shannon (R) 608-266-1526