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Those of you that are planning on changing your voter registration, what party are you going to register with ? In Kentucky, you can register as Democrat, Republican, or Other. If you select Other, you have to specify You may choose, Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Reform, Socialist Workers, independent status, or something else of your choice. This is per the State Board of Elections. I am still stewing on my selection. I would like to know what others are thinking.

I know many are saying they will vote no more. I understand that, but I plan to remain eligible for two reasons. 1. To vote in local elections, and to still vote for state level officials. and 2. To be eligible for Jury Duty. Yes I know it can be a pain. But think about this. If there are not any good people on the Jury, criminals will be more likely to go free. Also, if good people are falsely accused, there needs to be good people on the Jury to help acquit them, and defend against overzealous kommie prosecutors.

But I would still like to know what others think !!!

May God the Father guide our decisions !!!

Regards to all !!!
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Same boat as 20gauge except different back stabbing MFs.

Especially James Losthisballs Lankyour Chainford...

This jerk...

In the dictionary this dude needs to be listed as a example of coward.


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Until we go back to paper ballets and some way to have a fair and impartial count, there no chance.
We lost the perfect time and circumstances where one man could have everything but failed.


I'm a Republican in New York state, so voting has always seemed somewhat pointless. At least at the presidential level. And voting seems altogether pointless after the 2020 election. That said, if President Trump starts a Patriot party, I would change to that party affiliation.


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Well, I am Independent. I am in Pa. I changed over to Rep when trump was running for Pres. for the Primary's as Independents can't vote in them unless an Independent is running. I went right back to Independent right after the Primary.
I am not a GOP fan at this point. They had done MAJOR back stabbing to Trump.-I will never vote Dem.
The way I feel about the cheating in this state with Govern Wolf and his Democrat Philly friends and the voting Machines. I am seriously thinking of unregistered as a voter and walking away. I know no voice but where did it get us? They cheated.


I am also conflicted, I mean what's the point? I am in NY state besides, in a rural county that it's predominantly R. But it's NY so our votes hardly matter.

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More people should rescind their registration for voting.....no sense participating in a phony baloney system run by the rich.