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Huge if confirmed. This would fit in with reports of new sealed docket entries related to the raid of Trumps home as posted below.

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John Basham

RUMINT: UNCONFIRMEDOne Of My Most Credible Sources In DC Tells Me

's #GrandJury Has Already Returned A "True Bill Of Indictment" On AT LEAST ONE CHARGE AGAINST FORMER PRESIDENT #TRUMP. I'm Told The Indictment Is "UNDER SEAL" Pending Additional Charges!

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The long awaited tipping point.

If true, no more elections.

This is crucial to the Left for many reasons. If they can arrest and imprison Trump (like they did for November 6th protestors) it shows their power over any would be dissenters.

You will have nothing, and you better be happy about it.

It also gives an excuse to "postpone all elections." Any reaction by Trump followers will be called an insurrection. When Biden signs the national emergency directive, all rights are suspended.

They are goading on the start of the festivities.
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I thought after they stole the election and got away with it, "What can't they do and get by with?"

The deep state criminal syndicate has political prisoners incarcerated, and now looking to jail the leader of their opposition, soon to be followed by his supporters.

If true, America, RIP.

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I'd hope that there are still some honorable/intellectual members of
the US military leadership that will say, enough, it's time to put an end to
this invasion/circus.

These traitors need Gitmo, then some sort of trial before sentence is carried out.


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FOX News
FOX News
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CNN commentator says Justice Department has to indict Trump or lose credibility: 'No going back'​


CNN commentator Scott Jennings said the FBI's credulity is on the line after last Monday's raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, saying the organization must indict Trump or lose its credibility and adding that there is "no going back" after the unprecedented move.
maybe this guy violated up to three different laws, not including the
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CNN commentator says 'there's no turning back' after FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago

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"There's no going back now. We're all at the circus now, we're all at the big top and Merrick Garland is going to have to produce a clown on stilts juggling flaming bowling pins at this point," he said.

"We're here, we're waiting, they have taken the unprecedented step of raiding the home of a former president and probable candidate, and they have said to the world, ‘We think maybe this guy violated up to three different laws, not including the laws they might be investigating him for on January 6.’"
"At this point, how do you go back?" he added.

Jennings went on to say that the lack of an indictment would call the Justice Department's credibility into question and beg more to ask whether the move was politically motivated as many already allege.

"If you don't indict him now, you basically will open up the Department of Justice’s credibility here for an attack that's like, 'Well, I guess you did it for political purposes,'" he said.

"To me, the credibility of the Bureau and of the Department of Justice is on the line. The steps they have taken, so bold, to go after these documents and to accuse, possibly, the former president of violating these laws, I just don't know how do you — the Rubicon is crossed. How do you go back?

Jennings' comments come as many Republicans continue to slam the FBI and the Justice Department over alleged political weaponization of a bureaucratic agency under the Biden administration, citing inconsistent treatment between the former president compared to allegations against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and alleging attempts to stifle Trump's 2024 ambitions.

Last Monday's FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate was the first of its find against a former president, and called many supporters to rally outside the estate in solidarity with their favored 2024 candidate.

Since the raid, reports emerged that the FBI sought classified documents containing national security information and seized classified documents covered by attorney-client privilege and executive privilege as a result.

Trump and his affiliates maintain that the obtained documents were properly declassified and taken in accordance with the Presidential Records Act.


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Until they look at Hillary, Hunter, various Congress members whose sons are involved as Hunter is in various overseas corporations, Hillary, Obama and DMC for Russian hoax, Pelosi insider trading and many many more issues, they should back off of Trump because they are showing themselves as total hypocrites. This is political not justice. I don't care if Trump took a few boxes of papers when Obama has hundreds of boxes and Hillary destroyed evidence on her server. My respect for the Democrats is less than zero due their political persecution of Trump. Oh, and let's not forget the list of visitors to pedo island who should also be prosecuted rather than being protected. The DOJ, FBI, President, Congress, etc. are currently a sick joke rather than a government of the people.

What's really frightening is how they are now targeting anyone who disagrees with them as terrorist.


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And they took his passport. Couldn't bail out of here if he wanted to.

Who took his passport? And by what reasoning, based on what formal charge? Not questioning/doubting the True Bill statement but, first I've heard of this.

Sorry but Trump is highly vocal when he feels he's being targeted or wants to make a point. If he were formerly charged with anything, he'd be in the news. I don't think he's ever been one to hold back and brash aggressiveness has generally served him well to date.


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A Trump Indictment Over Mishandling Classified Documents Is Now a Very Real Possibility​

The warrant that allowed the FBI to search the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home reveals an unprecedented prosecution under the Espionage Act might lie ahead.

Mitchell Epner​

Published Aug. 12, 2022 6:21PM ET

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty​

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The warrant obtained by the FBI to search former President Donald Trump’s office and residence at Mar-A-Lago has been made public, and it is a shocker. And I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but this could be the big one—the case where Trump can’t escape legal accountability.

Appendix B to the search warrant states tht the warrant is to search for evidence of violations of the Espionage Act, 18 U.S.C. Section 793, and two other statutes.


What did former President Trump do that could be considered a violation of the Espionage Act?
It appears that Trump allegedly held on to top secret records that he originally lawfully possessed after their return had been demanded by the National Archives

  • Section 793(d) of the Espionage Act states “Whoever, lawfully having possession of…any document…relating to the national defense which information the possessor has reason to believe could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation…willfully retains the same and fails to deliver it on demand to the officer or employee of the United States entitled to receive it” is guilty.

Does it matter that former President Trump states that he de-classified the materials found at Mar-A-Lago?

Section 793(d) is not restricted to classified materials. Rather, it covers any document “relating to the national defense” that contains information that the possessor has reason to believe would be detrimental to the United States if made public. Here, the search warrant return states that documents seized from Mar-A-Lago include “classified/TS/SCI documents” (meaning Top Secret or Secure Compartmentalized Information), “Top Secret Documents,” “Secret Documents,” and “Confidential Documents.”


Even if former President Trump de-classified these documents before his term ended, the information contained in those documents would still fall squarely within Section 793(d).

How do we know that former President Trump was asked to return these documents to the US government?
In February 2022, the National Archives revealed that former President Trump had brought 15 boxes of materials from the White House to Mar-A-Lago.

David Ferriero, the National Archivist, wrote to Congress that “NARA has asked the representatives of former President Trump to continue to search for any additional Presidential records that have not been transferred to NARA, as required by the Presidential Records Act.”

More recently, it was revealed that a subpoena was issued for return of these documents, but that former President Trump did not return all of the documents demanded.

What penalties does former President Trump face if convicted under the Espionage Act?

If former President Trump were to be indicted, tried, and convicted under the Espionage Act (all huge ifs), he would face a presumptive sentence of between 14-17.5 years imprisonment.

The penalty for each count of violation of Section 793(d) is imprisonment of “not more than ten years.” Each document wrongfully retained by former President Trump would constitute a separate count of conviction, meaning that he could face up to 10 years for each document.

Sentences in the federal system, however, are calculated by reference to the United States Sentencing Guidelines. These guidelines create a presumptive sentence, from which a District Court judge may depart in their discretion, although, ordinarily, the District Court judge will impose a sentence within the range calculated by the Sentencing Guidelines.

“...the next logical step would be an indictment, which might include charges other than violations of the Espionage Act.”
Violation of the Espionage Act is governed by Section 2M3.2:

Because Top Secret (and above) information was apparently wrongfully retained by former President Trump, the guideline offense level would be 35. Although there could be upward adjustments for various aggravating factors (such as an abuse of a position of trust), an offense level of 35 and no prior criminal history would expose former President Trump to a presumptive sentence of 168-210 months (14 - 17.5 years).

What happens next and how long will it take?

There is likely to be a long period before the next activity in this case becomes public.

First, because the documents were seized by a search warrant, there is a possibility that some of the documents might be covered by attorney-client privilege. The Department of Justice will use a “taint team” to review the documents for privilege, before handing any of them over to the investigative team of FBI agents and Assistant United States Attorneys. Former President Trump’s attorneys will be able to participate in this process. To the extent that there is any dispute about the privileged status of any of the documents, the decision will be made by a federal judge. This process usually takes weeks or months.
The DOJ follows a tradition (which is not included in any written DOJ policy) of not taking public action in a politically-sensitive case in close proximity to an election. Depending on who you ask, this unwritten policy means that the DOJ will not indict a case (or otherwise make news) within 60 or 90 days of a general election. The search warrant was executed at Mar-A-Lago 91 days before the midterm elections on November 8.
When the DOJ emerges from the quiet period after the November 8 elections, the next logical step would be an indictment, which might include charges other than violations of the Espionage Act.
An indictment of a former President of the United States would be unprecedented. Of course, the actions of former President Trump are likewise unprecedented.


Faithful Steed
David Rothkopf is CEO of The Rothkopf Group, a media company that produces podcasts including Deep State Radio, hosted by Rothkopf. TRG also produces custom podcasts for clients including the United Arab Emirates. He is also the author of many books including Running the World: The Inside Story of the National Security Council and the Architects of American Power, Superclass, Power, Inc., National Insecurity, Great Questions of Tomorrow, and Traitor: A History of Betraying America from Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump.

I.e. spokeshuman for the Deep State.



I give up.
Who took his passport? And by what reasoning, based on what formal charge? Not questioning/doubting the True Bill statement but, first I've heard of this.

Sorry but Trump is highly vocal when he feels he's being targeted or wants to make a point. If he were formerly charged with anything, he'd be in the news. I don't think he's ever been one to hold back and brash aggressiveness has generally served him well to date.

It's posted here somewhere, but:



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This needs to be posted everywhere: The democrats are going to seriously regret this because they have just given normal Americans the fuel to elect people that will finally go after the crooked damnable democrats like pelosi, clinton, obammy, schumer, schiff, fartswell, etc...

They may get Trump but we can finally get all of them, especially with people like Lauren Boebert already in office. It will be a bloodbath of Biblical proportions to finally give the democrats what they deserve.


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It's posted here somewhere, but:

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If that's the case, he can demand their return unless permission to seize same was explicit in the search warrant (unlikely I think) Not saying they didn't go missing but ........

AFAIK, seizing or surrender of a passport can be ordered by a court or the issuing body but there needs to be clear instructions and for a specific reason. Otherwise, that's a penalty invoked without due process of a charge, a trial and adjudication of guilt..

If I were executing such a warrant, said instructions would be in writing and not signed by some clerical staffer.

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Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius, commonly known as Boethius and titled as one of the "Last of the Romans"

Though a successful senior official, Boethius became unpopular among other members of court after denouncing extensive corruption in government. Theodoric imprisoned him under charges of treason. He was executed by a political faction that was in conflict with another political faction that he supported.

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I do think indictment is where they want this to head.

It seems their main strategy is now to convince the public that Trump, along with being an uncouth ogre, is also a monstrous criminal. And they will try to tie him up fighting who knows what charge.

I think they believe this is all they need to keep him out of the 2024 campaign.


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I used to hear ‘you can indict a ham sandwich’

Indictments are somewhat easy and I hear a relatively low bar, it is somewhat up to
the moral character of the prosecuter And the judge to not get petty or over-use it.

Of course this would all be DC crap and run under likely cherry-picked radical judge and we know what pondscum the demo’s dept of justice has become, so let the kangaroo Stalinist tribunal begin.

At this point I don’t believe the democrats and this includes your moron ‘sign in the yard neighbor’ has any limit to what they will attempt to do to Trump or for that matter you…