Traumatized Floridian Kerry supporters seek therapy


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Traumatized Kerry supporters in Florida seek therapy: report

MIAMI (AFP) - Shocked supporters of defeated US presidential candidate John Kerry are seeking help from psychologists, who refer to their condition as"post-election selection trauma."

The Boca Raton News reported Tuesday that Palm Beach, Florida trauma specialist Douglas Schooler alone has already treated 15 clients and friends with intense hypnotherapy since the Democratic candidate conceded on November 3.

"I had one friend tell me he's never been so depressed and angry in his life," Schooler said. "I observed patients threatening to leave the country or staring listlessly into space. Theywere emotionally paralyzed, shocked and devastated," he told the daily.

"We're calling it 'post-election selection trauma' and we're working to develop a counseling program for it," said Rob Gordon, the Boca Raton-based executive director of the American Health Association.

"It's like post-traumatic stress syndrome, but it's a short-term shock rather than a childhood trauma," he told the daily.


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Might the old country doc say: "Take 2 squirts of ketchup and call me in the morning." :lol:

Also, I couldn't help but notice that the acronymn for this condition is PEST (post-election selection trauma) :D