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Posted March 1st, 2017 at 1:19 PM (CST) by Bill Holter & filed under Bill Holter.

I had a long conversation with Jim Sunday evening regarding the increase in volume and pitch to sabotage President Trump. He asked that I write an article addressing the push/pull toward impeaching or at least neutering him. The “movement” to impeach him (even before taking office) has grown and now looks like there are actual odds the “left” will try in reality.

I wrote “the left” above but in reality it is not just the left as we have seen Paul Ryan, Darrell Issa and other so called conservatives begin to change colors. The reality is Donald Trump is up against a very powerful machine that is entrenched and sucking the life out of the country. This machine is not U.S. centric but in fact has tentacles all over the world with a stranglehold on many “not so sovereign” governments.

The story has been Russia, Russia, Russia, in a he said she said fashion. To this point there is and has been zero evidence directly tying Mr. Trump to Russia…but no matter, they may make some up. Michael Flynn did resign after admitting he spoke to a Russian minister though we still do not have transcripts. We believe Mr. Flynn most certainly asked Russia to not take the bait and retaliate at further U.S. sanctions after the election but before the inauguration. For this, Jim and I believe he should be given the medal of honor for averting WW III. We ask, where was the press, where were the left AND the right when president Obama was caught on a hot microphone in conversation with Russian president Medvedev saying “I will have more flexibility after the next election”? His statement of course fully understood and followed by Mr. Medvedev responding “I will inform Vladimir”. Where was the outrage then?!

As quipped above, we believe something will be “made up” in an effort to impeach President Trump. It is now most likely a “race” to get something started as fast as possible, prior to AG Jeff Sessions handing down any indictments. Please understand, this is a fight to the death between light and dark, and ANYTHING goes! Ask yourself this simple question, if President Trump was truly pulling the strings …and truly in bed with Russia, then why is it five Russian diplomats have recently been assassinated or had “untimely” heart attacks? These men were all long time personal friends of Mr. Putin, it certainly looks like he is being goaded into responding with force.

But why? Why does it (and has for several years) appear like the U.S. is trying to incite a war with Russia? This question I believe is most simple of all, the “deep state” either believes they can pull off another WWI or WWII where they pull the economy from the jaws of depression…or more likely, they know the current system cannot continue and must kick the table over. I have been on the record for at least two years, “they must place blame” on something other than their Ponzi, blood sucking policies as reason for the collapse.

This is a very dangerous game both nationally and internationally. Internationally they are playing with human annihilation. Nationally they are playing with revolution, this needs a little explaining. If Mr. Trump is impeached, it will require votes from the right to do so …immediately after the people have spoken by taking both houses and 35 governorships. Should impeachment go forward, Joe six pack will take to the streets. Mr. six pack should not be confused with a bunch of delirious snowflakes carrying signs and backed up by paid vandals. No, Mr. six pack will be PACKING! He will be packing long arms and laden with full clips. Interestingly, there are many, and a majority of “law enforcement” named “JOE SIXPACK” who actually still believe in the rule of law.

Personally, as I hear of the prospects of impeachment, unless some “evidence”, REAL evidence, were to come out that actually makes sense and not a piece of Swiss cheese logic, I (and Jim) have personally decided to be Joe six packs. We are in a fight to retain, or to lose our country altogether. True Americans put up with huge transgressions over the past eight (and many prior) years. Like it or not, we were led by a Muslim president, probably not a natural born citizen and of questionable sexuality …but we did not riot, we did not destroy our neighbors businesses. No, we voted, because that is the “civilized” thing to do…

What I am arriving at is this, Joe six pack will not stand idly by when he is finally told “your vote does not matter”. Mr. six pack was fooled for many years when his “choices” were not really a choice, a vote for either one was a vote for “the machine”. Mr. six pack got wise to this and decided throw a monkey wrench into the machine. Joe can be told, and can accept many things. What he will not accept is “your vote does not count”! We hope it does not come to this but the road map shows that most all roads do lead to it. The odds, whether you like them or not, appear to favor an internal civil war unless the bastards get us nuked first.

(The above was written early Tuesday. It was purposely held until after President Trump addressed the nation and Congress. He vowed to put Americans, and “America” first. The man is trying to fulfill the promises he ran on (what a novel idea!) which is in direct opposition to the deep state and globalists plans. He said many things, many that even someone with any retained sanity on the left should applaud. He spoke to Americans as an AMERICAN! Now we must wait to see what the reaction is from the deep state and their propaganda media machine. Does the push from the deep state continue with more volume and shrill? They need to be very careful in how and how far they push as Joe six pack has his limits… the election as proof. The race is on between impeachment and indictments. Arrests and perp walks of high enough profile individuals will go a long way toward this country taking the correct fork in the road)!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter

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The sooner the indictments start getting handed down the better - SHOULD HAVE BEEN STARTED BY NOW!!!!!


Pride comes before the fall.....Pride month ended.
I am a Joe 24 pack....And still pissed with the deepstate.
I am a Joe packing thirty, usually six or more thirty packs...... if it goes there. And my guess is the rest of the Joes in this nation will opt for the thirty packs as well.


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So I Went Out To Eat Last Night and A Group of Champagne Communists Sat Down at the Next Table…

Last night being the last night before Lent, I went out to dinner for one last round of my favorite yum-yums and slurp-slurps. As I walked in, I saw a very well-dressed middle aged man who projected anger and misery from every pore sitting alone. I was seated at the table directly adjacent. Sure enough, he was extremely nasty to the staff, as they offered him something while he waited for the rest of his party to arrive.

A few minutes later, in walk three more well-dressed middle-aged men, one of which was a flaming queen. The other two men, I could hear, were not American. I overheard later that one was Swiss and the other German. A few minutes later, a middle-aged Jew, well-dressed and wearing a yarmulke, walks in carrying a plastic bag filled with Ziplock plastic containers. I sat there thinking, “Oh no. No, no, no. He didn’t bring his own FOOD up in here, did he?” Yup. He gave the bag to the manager and sniffed instructions about heating it up. So, let me get this straight. You are SUCH a pious, devout Jew that you can’t eat ANYTHING except your own super-special “ritually pure” food, but you can sit at table with a flaming sodomite? Sorry, gotta call bullshit on that bullshit right there.

So the party has now arrived. It turns out there had been some sort of a symposium for lawyers to discuss “international law” (read “power politics”) at a nearby university. All five were law school professors and presenters at the symposium. Mister Miserable, it turns out, is a law professor at Columbia who lives in – his words here – “gentrified Harlem, VERY close to the Clinton Offices on 125th Street…” (The other four ooohed and ahhhhed at this.)

At this point I took out my phone and started taking notes, because what was sitting next to me was a table of Champagne Communist “thought leaders”, three American and two European. Ho ho ho. This should be FASCINATING.

The faggot did something that I have never before heard. He referred to his sodomite partner as his “wife”, but referred to him as “he” and “him”. I guess at this point, it is all about removing all possible meaning from language for these wretches.

So, let’s get started. Everything below is paraphrase. It was all I could do to keep up the note-taking without it being obvious that I was taking notes on their conversation and not “chatting” with someone on my phone.

Topic 1: Nationalism is bad and must be completely purged from humanity.

The Swiss law professor went on a rant about how “deeply engrained” the scourge of Nationalism is in the human mind, citing Switzerland as his example. Switzerland contains four separate groups: German, French, Italian and Romansh. And even though it is a tiny country, very politically and socially liberal, with four discreet cultural groups with DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, all the Swiss people STILL, he lamented bitterly, identify as SWISS. If the Swiss all still have this deep Nationalistic pride and identity, imagine how much harder it will be to purge Nationalism from the Germans, or, THE FRENCH!

Topic 2: Typical woman…

They then started talking about the speakers at the conference. *One was a Dutch female law professor. “Is she straight?” “Yeah, she’s straight. And she expects to be submitted to because of her gender!”

I laughed out loud.

Topic 3: Law by Stealth

The fag then began to hold forth on how much appreciated the presentation of the Swiss guy, particularly the tactic of “Law By Stealth”, and how well that concept “fits in with our project”. Indeed. Also with Bergoglio’s project. Law By Stealth. It’s their own term, kids. Start using it. That is what all of this crap is.

Topic 4: Was he a threat?

The fag then asked the table who “the man in the back, with the long hair, that asked the questions” was. Someone answered, “He’s English”. The fag then asked, “Is he a threat?” Because people who ask substantive questions are “a threat”.

Topic 5: The Goal Is Global Fascism

The Swiss lawyer, it turns out, also has a private practice. When the Fag started talking about how all “private law” is really just a subset of the “imperial governmental” paradigm, and cited ICANN as his example, the Swiss came right out and said that the only possible model is total global control of all trade and businesses. Global Fascism. He said the “biggest player” is the “OMNIPOTENT REGULATOR”, which can be the “good company”, that is a company that is fully controlled by and submissive to the state, “that is so powerful” that it becomes the de facto regulator. His example? You guessed it: Apple.

Topic 6: Human rights – Fascist style

The Swiss then, in the context of Apple, assured the table that with regards to human rights, “they only do it for the public perception”. The point being, since Apple is “omnipotent”, they are their own regulator, and they decide what their human rights regulations will be. Then the grumpy Columbia professor chimed in: Apple absolutely breaks the law in Asia, but we (the former U.S.) are fine with that, because it is all “handled between friends”. Apple is for the “greater good” – that is the globalist-fascist agenda – so “why not let them flex their power?”

Feeling nauseated yet?

Topic 7: Something minor…

I missed the context of this quote, but I darn sure recorded the punchline. Someone said, “What are they protecting?” The Swiss replied, “Their sovereignty or something. Something minor.” And it wasn’t a joke. He was dead serious.
Topic 8: The flaw in the current EU system is…

The German said, “In terms of the EU, WE DECIDE.” Yeah, we noticed, Franz.

Then Columbia said, “In joining the EU, didn’t the Danes give legal supremacy to the EU?”

Then the Swiss said, “The Parliament is technically supreme, so the flaw is that there is no supreme EU norm. Denmark has a constitution, yes, de jure, but it is meaningless, de facto.

Topic 9: Free market competition should only be allowed if I benefit from it personally…

Columbia Commie then started talking about how it cost his $100 to take a cab from JFK airport to Harlem, but if he used Uber, it only cost $35, and thus “I always take Uber.” The Fag then said, “I always take the bus.” Columbia Commie then replied, dripping with sarcasm, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell. It’s your contribution to the “fight against global warming”. At this, the table exploded into laughter.

Topic 10: We Must Make Our Own State…

The Swiss said, “The solution to all of this is to separate. We must make our own state.” At this, the Jew piped up and said, “So, the “Two State Solution?” At which the table again ERUPTED into uproarious laughter. That was the biggest laugh of the night, by far.
Well, that’s Part 1. Check back for Part 2….

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Sorry Dozd
Ann Barnhardt's article is not true. At least the part where she described the people.

I've had gay people work for me. Gay guys call their partner "husband" not "wife".
Ann's mistake was that she knows nothing about gays. Probably never had to work with them and as a result is ignorant of their customs. The fact that she made such a mistake and big deal out of the term "wife" instead of "husband: probably means the story is a lie.

Second: A religious Jew, one so religious that he brings his own food into a restaurant for a meeting with friends, would not ask the wait staff to heat it up.
The oven wouldn't be kosher. A religious Jew would only eat at a kosher restaurant, with a kosher kitchen oven and utensils and dishes. If he was that religious, his kosher food wouldn't be kosher anymore if heated up in a non kosher appliance.
Also generally all ultra orthodox jews are not in any way friendly with homosexuals. If they are so religious that they won't eat strictly kosher and kosher prepared food then they sure as hell wouldn't have a meeting with an openly gay person. Remember the first prohibition against homosexuality is in the Jewish old testament.

Basically Ann probably made up the story because it was her way of saying what she wanted to say and she just wasn't knowledgeable enough about the customs of Jews and gay people, so she lied. :shk:

Much of what she said about the leftist philosophy was true. It's just unfortunate that she had to lie and make up a story with stereotype characters to say it.
Did the Jew have a hooked nose???
Did the gay guy have limp wrists?
Was the German guy wearing a Kaiser helmet or a Hitler mustache :lol:
How about the Swiss guy? What was his stereotype?

Ann's hilarious view of the world