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Nobody's mentioned a fried turkey yet so I'll handle that and homemade cranberry orange relish. If too many show up I can break some BBQ & ribs out of the freezer and put out 2 kinds of homemade SC style vinegar/pepper sauce - NOT that mustard based stuff they make mid state, either.


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That‘s 10 am my time - so I’m baking the cornbread right now in my big cast iron skillet. Planning an early morning to bake the best dressing you ever plated next to your turkey :)

Who’s making the gravy?


The cider hits the spot Meemur; thanks! That wind is blowing hard tonight and the snow is really drifting!


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Windy here but no snow. Tomorrow will be in the 40s. I'm still going to head out early for some hiking. I'm trying to build up my legs and thighs for x-country skiing. I rode my bike a lot this summer, which helped, but I still have a lot of work to do.


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2 PM CST. ( I might have a football game on in the background. for those interested. Alabama vs. Auburn in their annual game. ) I just had an almost senior moment. The game isn't until Saturday but I suspect a few of you will still be hanging around soaking up leftovers by then!

I don't like alcohol but those rum balls still look good! I must try one or two or three. I wonder why they are German?
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I can smell the aroma of my veggie base cooking. I've already got the celery, onion etc chopped up and sauteing. I plan on putting the stuffed turkey in the oven bag at 10:00. I've always had a great juicy turkey when I use the bag. I'll use the pan juices for the gravy but we will need more than one variety of gravy. If gravy is your specialty bring yours too. He's a beautiful 24 pounder!


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The Charcuterie Chalet is getting finishing touches of the finest Wisconsin cheeses and Polski butcher sausages, some Swiss Colony pepperoni nd Costco Salami for shingles. Venison and pheasant sticks for logs and chimney, Hanover waffle pretzels for windows, cream cheese and parmesan sprinkle for the snow and Rosemary twigs for 'pine trees'. A platter full of assorted crackers to carb binge. No leftovers, eat it up

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Well, just finished up the ham and turkey. On thanksgiving I do the cooking, it's kind of a tradition with us.

The ham was glazed with orange blossom honey-with just enough heat and time to give it a bit of a crunch. A little salt, a touch of pepper and the honey-that's it. Wife is already nibbling at it.
She's a fan of turkey; I'm ok with it but it's not a favorite of mine. But it's not thanksgiving unless she has turkey. So, I fixed a breast. 3 pound Butterball. Slathered it in olive oil with a touch of cilantro (yeah I experimented a bit). Then I hit it with butter and salt and pepper. Put it in the oven for an hour and a half.
The house REEKS of ham and turkey smells. I made a big plate of biscuits, the missus did the homemade cranberry sauce. I made some turkey gravy this time. Made some spinach too, I like a nice veggie with the meal. Oh, and I felt like some baked potatoes. They were good!

We ate early-my wife nearly polished off the turkey by herself ! I have to admit, it was moist through and through, the cilantro left an interesting flavor; not overpowering but a great compliment to the meat. She loved the biscuits and gravy; I made a dozen and there's 4 left (mine went down with some muskiedime jelly. Don't have a clue where my sugar meter is today :)
The ham was perfect, if I say so myself. The taste of the honey with the flavor of the ham-delicious. She loved it; TBear hung out at her plate this time. It's his first Thanksgiving, and he definitely liked the turkey over the ham. He and Roscoe also had a nice plate they shared.

For the virtual feast, I'll go ahead and make some more. I've got some real deal country ham; would ya'll like that in addition to the orange honey ham?


Is it ready yet??
I brought plates and cups for every one!!

What is ready to sample if it isn't done yet??


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Whoooo, thought I’d be late, my snowshoe binding came loose! ;) Here’s the dressing and I brought jars of my homemade High-bush Cranberry/Rosehip Barbecue sauce to take home with you!

Smells amazing, nice be here!

ETA: this is not my photo, but a screen grab from Simple Living Alaska (YouTube). The couple live just a short way north of me and they make beautiful vids about their self-sufficent, sustainable lifestyle.
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Okay folks the turkey is all sliced and on the table which is groaning with all our sides! Yum yum yum! I had to call in about 20 of ya'll who were outside playing corn hole and volleyball. A few folks were in the backfield target practicing too. This is quite a spread, something for everyone! Enjoy.


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Just had a flashback to my dorm days. Everybody went somewhere for Thanksgiving except me. I covered all the open shifts on the switchboard (double-time pay on holidays) and made a bundle. Dinner was a Swanson's Turkey TV dinner and the better part of a six of Carling's Black Label. Urp!



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The table must be made of titanium; it looks like acres and acres of food. i'm ready for a second go at the table. me and the missus just took a thanksgiving day ride, stopped by Starbucks and got a creme brulee latte {she said I had to try one). Pretty tasty, once cooled TBear had a little which he seemed to really enjoy. Then we came home and gave him a good walk. So yes, please pass a plate I'm going in for another run!