Legal So about the Durham investigation and the looming indictments .....


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I realize this isn't really on folks' radar screen at the moment, but I think we'll see how things are going to go within the next couple of weeks, if we haven't seen already. I personally don't know which way things are going to go but there's been a lot of awesome points and counter-points made since Tuesday.

Anyway, I believe that - before Thanksgiving if not sooner - the results of the Durham investigation should be released and the anticipated indictments rolled out. I know that there'll be a large hue and cry about how that's only political, but of course it's political. It was created by elites who have always believed that they've had a manifest destiny to rule over the rest of us proles once they were inside the clubhouse. Plus, there'll be pushback from those who will say that the charges will just be dropped if there's a Biden/Harris administration.

So force the issue. Make them drop the charges and give us the brazen reasons - and we already know what they are - for dropping them, in front of God and everybody. If President Trump gets the four more years, there'll already be a good foundation laid for going after the election fraudsters.