Scott Walker: Electoral Vote Proportional Allocation An 'Interesting' Idea


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01/26/2013"It's an interesting idea," he told a Newsmax interviewer at the National Review Institute Summit in Washington after speaking at a lunch. "I haven't committed one way or the other to it. For me, and I think any other state considering this, you should really look at not just the short-term but the long-term implications. Is it better or worse for the electorate?

Said Walker, "Some might argue that it would give more opportunity for candidates to jump in; others suggest it might reduce it."

"I think we have to very careful in changes like that. But I think it's worth looking at," he said.

A Huffington Post analysis showed that if the electoral college allocated its votes proportionally by congressional district, then former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney would have won the 2012 election. In the 2012 election, Republicans retained a majority in the House but lost the House popular vote, thanks to gerrymandered districts in several states. Nebraska and Maine currently allocate one electoral vote to the winner of each congressional district and two to the winner statewide.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus backs changing Wisconsin and other mostly blue states' electoral votes. Such a plan would likely give Republicans more electoral votes in national elections because blue states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan have substantially red districts. Walker has previously expressed interest in the idea.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) came out against a similar plan percolating in his state's legislature Friday, with a spokeswoman saying the governor believes the state's system works "just fine."