Red Alert


The whole Tea Party movement is a very encouraging phenomena, as more and more folks awaken to the waste and lack of accountability in government and by the Fed. If memory serves me correctly, in the aftermath of last year's Tea Party events, the eminent political analyst Janeane Garofalo discounted the whole concept as White Americans were angry about having a Black man in the White House. How out of touch with reality does one have to be to make such a comment in the first place?

Now, so as not to disappoint, my Red Alert teaser defined. I would like to see a national movement for Tea Party attendees where they would wear a uniform of sorts: red tee shirts (with or without appropriate slogans), red Levis and red socks and sneakers. This red uniform would represent the red ink and red tape the government has us all encumbered with. I'm sure there are many clever and creative folks out there who can embellish this concept, but it somehow seems like an appropriate method for garnering both media attention and making a very clear statement about both how frustrated citizens are with the status quo and how committed they are to changing the politics as usual paradigm in America.:sheep:

Mr. Dot

Red is too associated with the republican party. I'm as disgusted with them as I am with the dumbocrats.


One Day Closer
Red can also be directly connected to communism and bloodshed.

It is too easily used as a tool against the Tea Party.

I think sticking with the three colors of the flag is the only safe identifiers.

fruit loop

Conformity and silly regs are what the Tea Party is supposed to oppose. Requiring a uniform of protestors???? Come on.


Still A Geology Fanatic
Okay all of you know how non political I am...and how this idea smacks of brown shirts and all that ilk.....BUT....this is a good point.

So lets refine the idea....for instance how many people wear bracelets or ribbons for their causes of choice?

How about register tape streamers printed in represent the debt that is becoming our heritage?

I have a small business and a balance sheet W/O red ink at the bottom is the only thing that keeps it afloat.

SO I take great exception to the fact that our elected representatives can continue to RUN miles of red ink and expect us to pick up the tab.

I say red ink banners should be hung the badge of breach of trust of our Govt.