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Thursday, March 2, 2017
The GOP Emailgate of June 2016 to deny Candidate Trump the Nomination


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There is a fact that it was not the Russians who hacked the United States in 2016 in the Presidential elections for Donald Trump, but instead the Trump campaign computers were hijacked from the inside, and the proof of this is the fact that a certain mass email appeared on cue, just as Donald Trump was arriving in Scotland to celebrate the Brexit vote.

The mass mailing was illegal in it was soliciting money from foreigners, in members of Parliament in London. Whoever was behind this knew when Donald Trump was to arrive in foreknowledge, knew to mail the foreigners, and enough of them including leftists in Iceland so this would throw up red flags, and to accomplish all of this just before the Republican National Convention in Ohio, all to complete the 100 Days #NeverTrumper plan to deny President Trump the nomination for the Republican Party.

What follows is an investigation of the events, those with connections and opportunity, to have coordinated this event. At the time Rex Elsass, who had been working for Rand Paul and John Kasich, was working for the Trump team as a media push in this period of the mailings in order to appeal for donations, as you will recall this was the period that Katie Walsh and her fiance were denying candidate Trump donations in soaking them all up for down ticket #NeverTrumpers.

Do not forget in this that Katie Walsh was bragging about her data mining, and that she is the one who was bawling in despair on election eve at Trump headquarters when Hillary Clinton lost.

A scandal of this sort was designed to be a criminal investigation and to deny Mr. Trump the nomination, meaning if you recall the push was for by Bill Kristol and others to nominate anyone other than Mr. Trump, including appeals for it to be Mike Pence, the intrigue of Jeb Bush as the uniter, and you do remember that Ted Cruz was the one who blew up the Republican Convention in that disgusting convention speech.

There were three parts to this move against President Trump and are listed as follows.

Mailings sent to British Conservatives in Parliament, including Green Party member in Iceland to make certain it red flagged for the press.

Changed the server domain so emails would not deliver to inbox and flagged as spam.

Snail mail, push mail to get seniors to donate in being delinquent in not donating. This same mailing appeared in September and was not reported on after the RNC took over the mailings.

After these events, Rex Elsass, who did not fall out of favor with the Trump campaign, as he appeared as an advisor again in September, appears to have been replaced by the Republican National Committee which was in charge of the mailings with their lists from this point on.

Elsass was a Rand Paul and John Kasich supporter, but in reviewing this, the Trump campaign trusted him, so that being the case, we progress this to a new examination.

It now fast forwards to the year 2016, as new positions are taken and backing shifts to Donald Trump and his campaign.

The lists in this are key as Rex Elsass was uploading lists at this time from Chris Christie who was a client for expanded mailings. Elsass though does not appear the source of the foreign emails as he does not appear to be a foreign connected political operation, as other operations are. It would not make sense if Elsass was the source, as it harmed his control in the campaign over media. The group which benefited in Elsass losing control, would be the RNC.

That points to the #NeverTrumpers in the RNC who as Katie Walsh bragged had control over the data lists, and if one examines the reality of her finance, the man whose job she inherited by Reince Priebus, Mike Shields was connected at the hip overseas, was in charge of the #NeverTrumpers in Congress in Ryan and Boehner connected, and he would have the list which appears to have been uploaded to the mailing lists, which infuriated British Conservatives and had enough leftist mailings to other political operatives who were pro Hillary Clinton, that the Washington Post would have this then as a push story, which was intended to criminalize the campaign of Donald Trump in FEC violations.

The emails included those in Green leftists in Iceland which the Washington Post was in contact with, which would make these a huge political issue sure to be a story to attack candidate Trump on.

In Iceland, Katrin Jakobsdottir, the chairwoman of the Left-Green Movement, a democratic socialist party that focuses on feminist and environmental issues, said she unexpectedly received a Trump campaign email and has “no idea” how she got on his list.
It is vital to review the evidence at this point, in it appears that Elsass had control, and someone gained access to that computer terminal. Consider that someone appears to have sabotaged the mailings so to not reach donors in having changed servers.

It appears someone hacked from the inside, and while the campaign was acquiring the lists of friendlies like Chris Christie, someone jacked using a flash drive a list of foreign names which basically spam bombed the British Parliament who were furious, and it was all coordinated for the announced trip by Mr. Trump to Scotland.

This was the latter part of June 2016 and of interest in this, Corey Lewandowski was being sidelined and removed, and Paul Manafort was securing power, but within a few weeks a coup against Manafort removed him from the Trump campaign, and it was then that Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway arrived, with Reince Priebus seizing control, with Mike Pence.

There were three new hires in this period, and within a week all three were fired.

There were three operatives hired during this period of the emails, Kevin Kellems, Erica Freeman and Vincent Harris. Ms. Freeman was fired over the Trump University surrogate coordination as Mr. Trump stated he did not know the woman. Kellems who was hired for the surrogate coordination too, but cited the chaos in the campaign, and Harris who operates a media marketing group termed his termination as a "contract fulfilled".
Whoever was behind this, had to have data access in foreign connections, and connections inside the GOP in the data ranks, and that points to Katie Walsh again. Of the two known data experts, Vincent Harris and Mike Shields are suspect in it might have been their lists. Harris was UKIP connected which was not the Conservative Party which was spammed, but Shields was well connected to this group of Conservatives.

Both Harris and Shields were connected to the Cruz campaign though, and that is vital in this, in Shields was an intimate of Amanda Carpenter, the instigator of the Ben Carson false email of getting out of the Iowa race, and Harris assisted media for the Cruz operation.

This is where the history of Ted Cruz matters, as he was part of the Melania Trump model photos, in a strange SuperPac which was comprised of Cruz and Hillary Clinton donors, which reveals as what has been a collusion in this which is still in process in insurrection against President Trump in his Administration.

Cruz and Clinton backed Photogate. Paul Ryan was behind Pussygrab and in the turmoil of a Republican convention, who would benefit but Ted Cruz and Mike Pence in seizing the nomination from Donald Trump, and who would assist in that but Hillary Clinton as her fingers were all over this in it was DEMOCRACY 21 with Paul S. Ryan filing the FEC complaint against the Trump campaign.

The coordination did not stop there, as the Clinton Bush media which pushed this story at the Washington Post which has been dumping nothing but CIA smear stories against the President.

We glean from the Post though that the RNC contractors had been monitoring the Trump campaign emails, and knew exactly the flow and that new influxes of lists had been uploaded.

Washington Post

Tom Sather, senior director of research at Return Path, a data firm that performs email studies, said he noticed that Trump’s campaign switched domain names when he sent his first email out, causing many email services to flag it as spam and not recognize that it was coming from a familiar source.

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said Return Path works with the RNC. David Wendland, a spokesman for the company, said the RNC “is not yet a direct customer of Return Path. It is possible that might change, though, as Return Path is in talks with the RNC to determine how it can help them with their email program this election season.”

Sather said he and his company also noticed a big jump in the size of Trump’s distribution list on June 21, signaling that the campaign may have added another list or lists to its existing file.
Again it is the Post which reveals a hint in the legal list being uploaded was from Chris Christie as he joined the Team Trump. It was in this period of time that someone moved under this cover of lists being uploaded, to upload a list of foreigners, and the red flag of communists in Iceland, which the Post naturally was emailing as a source, as they seem to have known who was being emailed before they were emailed. [The Post...where John Podesta had major contacts to and where Podesta now works]

Washington Post

Renting email lists from former candidates is common practice in politics, and there is evidence suggesting Trump is doing that now. A Trump fundraising email sent out Wednesday afternoon came from “info@” Christie, a former presidential candidate and the Republican governor of New Jersey, supports Trump.

Those that passed through this Emailgate hack were the trusted advisers to withstand the withering attacks upon Donald Trump.

Trump’s advertising campaign has been led by Jamestown, a prominent political consulting firm with an anti-establishment edge. Two Jamestown employees, Jason Miller and Larry Weitzner, have taken senior roles in the campaign. Also helping to lead the Trump ad effort is Rick Reed, a veteran GOP strategist who assisted the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign against John Kerry in 2004.

It was this push which brought this full circle, but this time the Republican National Committee was in full control of not giving money to the Trump campaign, and had control over the mailings, and a great deal of the control over the rats in the maze GPS locations to get out or suppress the vote.

On Sept. 12, Smart Media Group, a media buying firm that works with the Republican National Committee, detailed in an email to Trump campaign officials how Clinton was outspending the Republican nominee on TV by an astonishing seven-to-one margin. With polling in many battlegrounds suggesting the race is tight, many Republican strategists are concerned that Trump’s lack of commercial spending could pose problems as the contest enters its final seven weeks.

The Ohio-based GOP operative has a long history in Republican politics, having worked for a number of presidential candidates over the years. During this year’s primary season, Elsass advised Rand Paul and, following Paul’s departure from the race, John Kasich. In 2012, he worked for Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich.

All of this vanished even with a Clinton FEC filed complaint. In hindsight, the trail of this looks exactly like a coup against Candidate Donald Trump and looks like a coup against President Trump.
In a criminal investigation it is motive, opportunity and who would benefit.

Some group in the #NeverTrumpers were coordinating with the Clinton campaign to deny President Trump the nomination. That would leave the #NeverTrumpers choices of Ted Cruz, who fire bombed the RNC to try to defeat Donald Trump, John Kasich who refused to attend the convention, Jeb Bush who might be a candidate and is now being pushed for Vice President by the Bush fam, and Mike Pence to seize the nomination from the President..........all which would have elected Hillary Clinton.

As Darrell Issa who lied to Americans about getting Birther Hussein out of the White House is now engaged in trying to smear President Trump in Russian investigations, and is moving to deny Attorney General Jeff Sessions his position of oversight of the investigation, along with these other Bush praised Senator Burr of North Carolina trying to impeach the President in this fraud investigation of the #NeverTrumpers
, there is an investigation which must be conducted and it is who in this group ran a criminal operation against Donald Trump the Republican candidate for President, as the evidence points to that crime.

The same conspirators now attempting to "investigate" President Trump in fake news Russian connections are the likely group who were behind this GOP Emailgate of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

This requires an investigation as the list alone uploaded could have been a mistake, but when it was coordinated to spam the British and others to red flag this, as Mr. Trump was in Scotland for Brexit, and the Washington Post had foreknowledge, and Ted Cruz was on a mission with the #NeverTrumpers and Mike Shields was stating this was a warm up for Cruz 2020, this points to a criminal conspiracy.

It is time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate this with the full weight of the Justice Department, and it appears that the coup plotters then are the same coup plotters now engaged in this insurrection against President Trump.


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The computers would not have to had been hacked. Trump's plane's flight plan would have become public record when filed. It takes hours to cross the Atlantic. I would not be surprised if then Candidate Trump had better computer security and more up to date hard ware than many US government and military facilities.