CHAT Question for all - are you addicted to this place?


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Since I refuse to watch the propaganda otherwise known as media news most of what's happening I get here. I pop in and out off and on through the afternoon and evening. I've reached the point with "what's happening" that I really don't give a hoot so if I couldn't come here I would survive. Suffer withdrawals probably, but I'd survive.


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There is more interesting stuff here than anywhere else.

TV sucks...I get mad after about 45 seconds of it being on.

Radio isn't much better.

My hearing is going to crap, it's easier to read than listen.

Think about it this way, you aren't sitting in front of the idiot box absorbing all the crap it projects into your mind.

Dennis Olson

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Addicted? HELL NO!! I quit this place sometimes 5 or 6 times a day, often for as much as 4 hours!

On a more serious note, I’m a news junkie first, last and most of all. Secondarily, you are all family to me. So I satisfy my news needs and I get to “talk” to everyone. And no matter what time of the day or night, something is happening here. Further, I’ve never seen a question go unanswered, often within 10 minutes.

So if that makes me an addict, I guess I’m guilty. Proudly so.


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I'm retired. I was a workaholic all my life, now it's like I have a job. I was tired of quilting, the loom has basted quilts piled on it and it is still too early to garden.
Do you sell your quilts? I just bought one in November, but I can't resist the opportunity. Private message is fine.


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How many here are ADDICTED to this forum? With all that is going on now, I am finding myself checking the board at least a dozen times each day.

Neither healthy or normal, if you ask me...

Time for a break.
You mean you actually turn it OFF!

Blasphemy! Bring out "The Stretcher" (you know the one. Where they tie your hands to one end and feet to the other and make you taller)