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I would like to politely request that Wikipedia be considered to be put on the proscribed list.

Aside from the university I attended banning any and all citations from Wikipedia on any paper written, because it can be edited by ANYONE and had been fact-checked by University board members to be "highly inaccurate", and aside from being warned by a family member who was asked to join Wikipedia's lying, deep state Board, which they refused, I just came across this little truth bomb in tonight's X22 Report.

Just start at the 25:26 mark through the 26:09 mark


Saved, to glorify God.
Where can I get videos of senate hearings without the Youtube censorship of Foxnews videos and censorship of Senate hearings parts of which are replaced with Chinese women knitting or folding oragami animals?
Is Youtube controlled by the Communist chinese?
They replace Fox news censored parts of videos with
Still picures of Trump till the censored part is past!
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