CORONA POLL: Are you getting the vaccine? (Or have you gotten it?)

Have you been vaccinated, or do you plan to be?

  • Yes, I am fully vaccinated with the Pfizer or Moderna shots (both rounds)

    Votes: 26 7.4%
  • Yes, I am one round into the Pfizer or Moderna shot (one round)

    Votes: 13 3.7%
  • Yes, I've received the J&J shot

    Votes: 12 3.4%
  • I plan to get vaccinated with the Pfizer or Moderna shot

    Votes: 2 0.6%
  • I plan to get vaccinated with the J&J shot

    Votes: 10 2.8%
  • Nope... not for me. I have zero plans to get any COVID vaccination shot

    Votes: 289 82.1%

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Dennis Olson

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We have a real, honest-to-God flat-earther in our membership as well. There are all kinds of twisted minds in a society. This place is just a microcosm of that.


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Oh yeah. We were on a team Zoom call when my boss asked us to raise our hand if we've been fully vaccinated, and then raise our hands if we haven't yet received any shot. I honestly felt that was totally none of anyone's business.
It's not. Having said that, hospitals often say to staff "get the flu shot or don't work here". Biden is going to eventually require vax passports. It's coming. This is a massive privacy concern.


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I survived a mystery flu/bug that made its way through the local university here back in 1998, IIRC, some 15,000 students got it and were sick for a good week and a half, and I'm talking bed ridden sick. It really didn't make it beyond the town here which was odd in and of itself. I was living in campus housing (small apartment) and cooking my own food so it wasn't because of dorm food.
Packy, that didn't happen to be the fall of 1998, did it?

If so, I was one of those.


Voice on the Prairie
Yes, I think it was fall semester that I was so sick.
And I was sick for 10+ weeks in the summer of 2019. As we discussed, I think COVID or SARS crap was around then, brought in by the Chinese exchange students. If it was around, I'm sure I was exposed. I still haven't had the opportunity for an affordable antibody test, but I'll bet I've had it.


We have a real, honest-to-God flat-earther in our membership as well. There are all kinds of twisted minds in a society. This place is just a microcosm of that.
Get them on a commercial flight and take them up to 40K feet and have them look out the window at the curvature of the earth and 'splain that Lucy!'


We will not take any of the vaccines. A close family member is the DON of our local nursing home. They had one of the first documented deaths from the vaccines. The dr who signed off on the death certificate fought off corporate and the local hospital. Several of the staff had severe reactions to it.


From what I’ve read, that’s after shot #2.
No, immediately after the first shot. A couple of nurses had to go home within 15 minutes of the shot. One nurse who had already had COVID and took the shot said she felt like she had COVID again only worse. And she had a hard time when she had it the first time.


Has No Life - Lives on TB
Saw my primary care today, she asked if I was going to get the shot, I laughed, she laughed and said she should have known better than to ask. The I brought up the statin thing and we both laughed. Nothing will change my mind on either of these poisons.

God is good all the time


Border Collie Dad

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Something silly: over 100 years of empirical data. But you’re the one who doesn’t believe that viruses make people sick. A total flat-earthier in that regard.
Millions or billions of viruses around for millions or billions of years and we're not extinct.
What viral load makes us sick?

Also, since they can't see viruses without an electron microscope which was invented ( I believe) in 1930 we don't have 100 years empirical data.
Is this the same empirical data that is manipulated and massaged by the pharmaceuticals to hide the effects of their crap?

'm not sure he even believes they exist. He keeps saying the CDC doesn't even have samples of sars-cov-2. Honestly, I'd like to think that no one is that stupid and that he just likes arguing. But.............
I believe viruses exist but not sure it's been proven they cause disease.
If the CDC has an ISOLATED sample of the virus, why do they (and others) say they can't provide the sample?
They seem to have fragments with other fragments filled in by computer model.
But not the ISOLATED virus.

I'd like to think no one is that closed minded to blindly accept the corruption of the sciences

Border Collie Dad

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Did you REALLY REALLY MISS all of the Dr Niman sequencing done in Dec 2019 and Jan 2020, as posted in the first hundred pages o the Omnibus COVID thread???

Or are you of the opinion that viri don't ever exist?

As for Pasteur, yes, he got really lucky with his apparatus.
No ISOLATED virus.
Just fragments pieced together with computers filling in missing fragments


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That's why I think the bulk of their shots are saline. They can't afford another lawsuit.
In J&J`s case, they along with all of the other pharmeucutical companies have complete immunity to any lawsuits that may come about because of the harm or deaths of people because of their vaccines. This is a law. So there is no monetary downside to being even slightly reckless.


On TB every waking moment
Dude got a V for Vaccine tattoo… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Dude got a V for Vaccine tattoo…
Posted by Kane on April 7, 2021 1:37 pm


‘I got a vaccine tattoo. V for vaccine, v for victory over ignorance and bigotry. I wear it with pride.’

Mark of the Idiot…

I got a vaccine tattoo. V for vaccine, v for victory over ignorance and bigotry. I wear it with pride.
— PuckPono
(@PonoPuck) April 6, 2021


Has No Life - Lives on TB
Never volunteer for a trial of anything. They always have to work out the defects. Everything has defects, especially drugs. How many times have they admitted serious/deadly side effects they were aware of from the beginning, years if not decades earlier! ...and you are the guinea pig. They don't care about you

They care about the herd.


Has No Life - Lives on TB
As we’ve seen documented on this forum since the Kung Flu hit, how severely one is afflicted is ENTIRELY a roll of the genetic dice. Members here know people personally in their 70’s and 80’s who’ve come down with it and had few (or no) symptoms. But others had friends or family in their 30’s and in otherwise perfect health who got it and died. It really is a genetic crap-shoot.

You know, I have questions about that. As we know it's been reported, and as the WHO has admitted, there were too many amplifications being used in the PCR testing (perhaps to ramp up fear? Nah, they'd never do that...) so perhaps the folks who 'had' Covid with a sniffle and nothing more, really only had a more common Corona virus?

The data is munged. Whether that was done purposefully or not is open to debate, I suppose, but the data itself is munged. It has been a major bitching point for me since last March, and though I'm not following as closely as last year, I can't say that I have any greater confidence today in the data.

Maybe others do (have greater faith in the data as presented); and we always say, ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances, and I'm cool with that.

However, for me at least, the whole concept of "Trusted Authority" has taken a hell of a hit this past year.


Has No Life - Lives on TB
on a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

on a long enough timeline the resistance to getting the vaccine drops to zero.

and once they have a vaccine passport,
they will insist that you are vaccinated by every possible vaccine there is.

My effort is to assure my personal timeline is long enough.



Has No Life - Lives on TB
LOL. About 40,000 people died in car wrecks in the US in 2019; Over 400,000 from covid in 2020. Yep, exactly the same.........

And IIRC exceptionally few people died of Influenza.

Which is quite interesting, in itself.


Has No Life - Lives on TB
Wasn't johnson and johnson baby powder sold for decades knowingly containing asbestos? Now admitted - they offer a token settlement.

What, don't you trust them?

Not sure why I would get a shot for a virus that hasn't been isolated yet blamed for causing a disease but no proof except "testing" done with a test not suited for it.
There's a response worth considering.


The REPORTED numbers are miniscule.
Several days ago VAERS had a few thousand deaths and (I think) 50,000 effects.
It's been said that only 1-10% of cases are reported.
Number of COVID Vaccine Injuries Reported to VAERS Surpasses 50,000, CDC Data Show • Children's Health Defense

Let's give the benefit of doubt and use the higher number-10%.

That would mean 22,000 death and 50, 000 injuries as of March 26 related to the virus.

Of course none of it could be lamed on the virus.
Wonder why.

These same numbers were causing people to panic here on the Main Coronavirus thread and lots implied we're all gonna die.

Keep in mind that medicine is the third leading cause of death in this country.
I was talking about covid, not the non- "vaccines"

Deena in GA

From what I’ve read, that’s after shot #2.
It seems that most of the problems do come after the second, but the first person I know of that died from the vaccine had just had his first shot. At supper tonight our son told us that one of his customers told him his sister had her first shot a few days ago and then had a stroke. She’s lost her memory from the stroke.


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No, the numbers are fake. People are being reported as dying from covid, but heck, for some strange reason deaths from flu, heart attacks, etc. have all but disappeared .....gee I wonder why.....
Is that why the US life expectancy decreased by a little over 1 full year in the last year?
Europe just reported theirs decreased by a similar amount.

U.S. Life Expectancy Drops 1 Full Year Due to COVID-19
By Dennis Thompson
HealthDay Reporter
THURSDAY, Feb. 18, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- In a sign that the coronavirus pandemic is cutting short the lives of Americans, a new government report finds that average life expectancy in the United States took a drastic plunge during the first half of 2020, particularly among Black and Hispanic people.

Overall U.S. life expectancy dropped to 77.8 years, down one full year from the 78.8 years estimated in 2019.
Declines were even greater for certain demographics. For example, average life expectancy decreased 2.7 years for Black people and 1.9 for Hispanic people between 2019 and the first half of 2020, according to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), which is part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Life expectancy for white people decreased by an average 0.8 years.
To put those numbers in context, it made headlines when average U.S. life expectancy dropped by 0.2 years between 2014 and 2015, after years of steady increases.

The nearly three-year decline in life span among Black Americans is especially troubling, one expert said.
"These are enormous differences in life expectancy," said Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association. "It's a big deal to lose a year, but to lose three years, that's staggering."
The new statistics highlight the heavy impact that health care inequities have had on Black and Hispanic communities over the past year, experts said.

"During some of the spikes in the COVID pandemic, it became apparent that people of color in America had worse outcomes when infected with the COVID-19 virus," said Dr. Teresa Murray Amato, chair of emergency medicine with Long Island Jewish Forest Hills in New York City.
The CDC estimates life expectancy using death and birth records, producing a statistic that provides a reliable snapshot of Americans' overall health.
"Every day of life is precious," Benjamin said. "The way for people to think about this is that these were preventable deaths. Life expectancy is a statistic based on how long we thought people would live."


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Terry, that story was posted here when it came out. Total Dup.
Yep you're right, but it was a quick reply to someone who said that over half a million additional deaths never happened.
So many additional covid deaths in the last year that it decreased the life expectancy by over a year, and over 2 or 3 years for blacks and hispanics.
If I'd have just said yes they did, he would not have believed me.


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I know the bulk of the members here are on the "plus" side of 60, so I can understand the worry and concern about catching COVID. After reading Dennis' post about the J&J vax, I got curious to know how many others here are going to get their shot.

My hubby and I are vehemently opposed to it. Not only because it's experimental and we don't trust the gov or big pharma, but also because we'd just rather take our chances with the virus. We know a lot of people who came down with it, including my 71 year old father, and they barely had the sniffles. But I'm not judging or blaming anyone who has gotten the vaccine. It just feels like those of us holding out are becoming a smaller tribe with each passing day. Thankfully, we both have medical clearance to decline the vaccine. I have a hyper-histamine condition where I have allergic reactions to many foods (one of the criteria that doctors recommended would not do well with the vax) and my hubby has a genetic blood clotting disorder (another condition that does not mesh well with the vax). I do foresee issues with my employer. Most everyone on my team is in the process of getting their vaccines now, and my boss is already talking about bringing everyone onsite at the headquarters regularly for a meet-up. That means flying and travel. I don't think legally they can force me, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Anyway, what say you? Have you been vaccinated? Do you plan to get vaccinated? Thoughts? Comments?
I remember ten years ago when this thread started off with.. I know the bulk of the members here are the “plus” side of 50.