Penzey’s Spices CEO: Trump Voters Must Be Punished for “Committing Biggest Act of Racism” (Five yesr old thread!)


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Why the hell can't people just keep their mouths shut. Geeeeez enough is enough. Suck it up buttercup and deal with it. We had to do the same when Barry got in, now it's our chance......which I sure hope we don't "F" this up.


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I just sent them a message on their web site that I will not be buying from them any more because of his idiotic remarks.

My wife also sent them a message and dropped them. She always ordered from them- generally every other month and spent upwards of $100 each time. She also sent them as Christmas gifts direct from Penzeys to her friends. This year she forwarded to her friends- a copy of her complaint.

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I feel like you're truly asking, so I'll reply. You can take a stand against illegal aliens without calling them rapists and murderers and oh, maybe some are good people. He claimed an American judge couldn't do his job correctly, because of his race. If you have a problem with someone and how they do their job the reason best be something better than what color/religion/gender they are. Those are two reasons just off the top of my head, but I'm fairly certain there's more.

Yes, I was serious in my question. Trump certainly could have better phrased many things he said during the campaign but he never made negative racial remarks about legal Hispanic immigrants or native born Americans of Hispanic descent. He spoke out against illegals, perhaps too strongly in his characterization of them, but based on actions rather than race. Same thing with the LaRaza judge. He is not a run of the mill judge of Hispanic descent but rather a LaRaza supporter which is not exactly someone I'd be comfortable with rendering a fair verdict for non-Hispanics. The same people that call Trump a racist called anyone that didn't vote for Obama a racist and whenever anyone didn't agree with Obama they were called a racist, and many who call Trump a racist call every white person a racist simply for being white.

Neosgirl seems to have a very shallow understanding or knowledge of actual events, speeches and facts.

The fact is that if crimes of illegals are removed, as well as those of blacks, there is hardly any violent crime in the US. Illegals commit a huge percent of violent crime (ie non-white collar). The figure vary, but it may be around 30% of all crime. Illegals are a huge percentage of prisoners in federal prisons.

And just by their presence, they are committing the crime of being here illegally, and it cascades - many illegally voted, which corrupts and ruins our electoral process, use up resources that are supposed to be for citizens and legal residents. For instance, hospital ERs are closing and hospitals themselves, in border areas of the SW, because they are flooded will illegals who don't pay. Just a few examples.

And anyone who has made even a cursory attempt to read in depth about Trump's life, dealings with others, will see with crystal clarity that he is the least racist of any public figure in recent history. His hiring practices, his personal charity, his relationships with others, reaching out to help others - is 100% color blind. When he opened Mar A Lago, he opened membership to blacks and Jews, which was so frowned upon by the other elites in Palm Beach (or whatever the name of the town is) that they tried to shut him down! But he refused to kowtow to them, and became the first golf club/resort to welcome blacks and Jews as members.

So, neosgirl, you only reveal your own ignorance with these claims.

And the judge's parents were illegals, and the judge himself was or is a member of La Raza ("The Race"), a racist, seditious and hateful organization.

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Another clueless progressive. I get the sense that these folks have never seen full blown real racism before. I could be wrong about that, but some how, I think I am on the money. I would suggest a visit to your local urban black area, if one is even near him.
Racist and racism are easy, throw-away words for people too intellectually lazy to think of a good argument or have facts to support their contentions.