WTF?!? Pelosi to file Impeachment against Trump for Afghanistan


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So what she is admitting is that they had a plan for 8 months, read that plan, studied that plan, got advice on that plan, and even when they thought it was a "bad plan", they announced they were going ahead with the plan with a shortened timeline anyway, so that makes it his fault?

Sorry hun, you had the pen to sign off on it in YOUR hand. Once he is out of office it is now YOUR plan and your decision for action, inaction or change.


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Dems never admit they’re at fault for anything, it’s always has been & always will be someone’s fault. Just like adult kids, they finger point and make themselves above reproach. They ONLY thing they understand is being voted (booted) out of office.

If the Republicans once again control of Congress (House & Senate) they better stop playing & move forward with Impeachment against Biden & all his administration.


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Num nuts will never make it until 2022 elections.
He can barely shuffle out of pressers.
His drug cocktail is losing the very little duration it had.
He will be 25’d.
Die in his sleep of not so natural causes.
Assassinated thats blamed on a Trump loving Q fanatic.
He’s done. It’s just a matter of days or weeks.
If he’s still in the asylum in 2022 I’ll be surprised.


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Can you imagine the look on many liberal/democrats faces come judgement day?
quite honestly I'd much rather see it as they were hanging from some conveniently located high place in wide public view in real time and RFN, thank you . . .