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Professor David Clements Reveals How The People Are Working To Restore Election Integrity

Thursday, July 22, 2021 9:01

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The evidence that the 2020 election was manipulated and stolen is overwhelming despite what self-professed “fact checkers,” the media and social media platforms say. Yet, what can be done about it? While states are in the midst of election audits, Professor David Clements and others are working to restore election integrity, and now, there is a network in every state of the Union to do just, and the People are spearheading the effort. He joins me in this episode to speak about what’s been going on and the fight ahead.

Professor Clements teaches law at New Mexico State University, and was a long time prosecutor that oversaw 6 law enforcement agencies, and tried many high profile cases, including first degree murder. He came to national prominence after appearing on Tucker Carlson after standing up to his university’s targeting of conservatives. He is also a contributor to Bannon’s War Room on election integrity issues.
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Cyber Expert “Code Monkey Z” Posts Explosive Background Information on Mike Lindell’s Upcoming Cybersecurity Election Data

By Joe Hoft
Published July 23, 2021 at 7:30am

Mike Lindell befriended President Trump during the Trump Administration.

Now Lindell is trying to help save the country by addressing the fraud in the 2020 Election.

Mike Lindell put together his ‘Absolute Truth’ movie months ago. In this video, he interviewed many individuals who were working to unearth the massive amounts of fraud in the 2020 Election. During the last segment of the movie, he brought on a lady named Mary Fanning who provided information to him that she assured show that China and multiple other countries were involved in the election by obtaining voting machine data in the US and then moving it to China and up to 70 countries where it was edited to give Biden the win and then sent back to the US for reporting.

The information that proved Fanning’s claims was provided to her by a man by the name of Montgomery. Unfortunately, we pointed out in February that Montgomery was a known fraudster.

It appears hucksters may be working to sabotage the election audits and investigations and embarrass President Trump and his loyal supporters. It would be naive of us not to think the Deep State would be doing this after all the criminal actions they have done to date over the Trump years.

Now another IT expert is beginning to look into the data provided to Mike Lindell. Ronald Watkins, or CodeMonkeyZ on Telegram, is a former site administrator of the imageboard website 8chan. He has played a major role in exposing the widespread election fraud in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Ron appeared on OAN in November 2020.

Watkins discussed what to do in a series of posts on Telegram on Thursday night.

Here is Watkins’ breakdown of what to look for with Mike Lindell’s information. (Along with Watkins’ comments below, we have added comments from another cyber expert who reviewed these comments and we have added these comments in green.)

  1. Mike Lindell’s PCAPs are very important and might be absolute proof of a cyber operation that targeted the election.
    I say “might” because PCAPs are a very specific thing and would need to be proven with analysis before we know for sure. (There is no such thing as “absolute proof of a cyber operation”, any evidence (unless you yourself generated the content) can only be expressed as a degree of certainty.)
  2. PCAP is an abbreviation for “Packet Capture”. Data travels over the internet in packets that can be easily intercepted with specifically designed software or hardware. (Not all internet traffic can be intercepted. You need physical access to the tap point in order to intercept the pocket traffic that it controls.)
  3. Packets are relayed over many nodes and jumps between the origin and the recipient. Any of these relays or networks in between are able to capture packets which pass through. (Data pockets often travel over a complex path of networks between source and target.)
  4. Just having 100 Gorillabytes of packet captures means nothing on its own since packets are being sent constantly back and forth over the internet. The fact that you are able to read this message means you are receiving packets in real time. (For the novice reading this, “gorillabytes’ is not a real measurement.)
  5. Since packets are sent back and forth constantly with any amount of jumps or networks in between, anybody along the route could theoretically capture the packets holding your online banking password and steal your money.
  6. Now why isn’t everyone’s online bank account getting hacked every day by people who get the smart idea to run packet capturing software?
  7. TLS, or Transfer Layer Security, encrypts your data before sending it over the network. If anybody captures your packets while you’re using TLS, then they just see a garbled mess. (TLS is only one of many security measures that are used to protect pocket traffic.)
  8. Only the recipient and sender of the packet will know what the packet contains if TLS is used. (TLS can still be intercepted, decoded and modified in transit.)
  9. Now let’s think for a second about Mike Lindell’s PCAPs.
  10. If Mike Lindell has PCAPs that prove there was a cyber operation that targeted the election networks, then first we need to think about how he got the PCAPs.
  11. If we assume TLS was enabled, then Mike Lindell would only be able to get intelligible PCAPs if the person logging the packets was either the sender, receiver, or cracked the encryption of the packets.
  12. If Mike’s team was able to crack TLS then we will have a major problem for anybody who uses the internet.
  13. There are man-in-the-middle techniques which could grab packets thought to be end-to-end encrypted but very few groups are in position to do so. (see: nsa, cloudflare, etc).
  14. Now let’s assume that the sender/receiver of the packets didn’t use TLS. If Mike’s team was able to run the packet capturing mechanism somewhere along the network routes that the election data took, and TLS was not enabled, then we can essentially conclude that He. Has. It. All.
  15. The barrier to entry to use TLS is very low. It takes but a minute to enable on a server or software, and takes seconds as an end-user (https is TLS, http isnt).
  16. If election management software sent packets over the internet without at least enabling TLS, then that indicates that they are careless at implementing security at the least, and might even be potentially malicious.
  17. I have not seen Mike Lindell’s PCAPs and don’t know the circumstances and data he has, but this could potentially be HUGE if he is able to verify and properly analyze what happened on the networks on election night.
  18. Packets consist of two portions: the header and the payload. The header contains information about the packet, such as its origin and destination IP addresses (an IP address is like a computer’s mailing address). The payload is the actual data
There is much to unwind here and reconcile. Experts are already digging into Mike Lindell’s claims before his much-anticipated symposium on August 10 to 12.


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BRAVO! Greg Kelly Airs Photos of All of the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners Still in Gulag without Trial (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft
Published July 22, 2021 at 11:07pm

American Gulag —


More than 500 Americans have been arrested by the FBI for the Jan. 6 protests including hundreds of Americans whose only crime was walking into an open building.

Dozens are still held in isolation after 6 months.

Gone but Not Forgotten.

On Thursday Newsmax host Greg Kelly posted the photos of those Trump supporters currently incarcerated in Washington DC for entering the US Capitol.

Kudos to Greg Kelly.

Rumble video on website 5:46 min


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Reporter Julie Kelly Exposes Shocking DOJ Abuse of Jan. 6 Political Prisoners on War Room (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft
Published July 23, 2021 at 9:50am


American Greatness reporter Julie Kelly joined The War Room on Friday to discuss the ongoing persecution of the Jan. 6 political prisoners.

Kelly continues to expose the horrific government abuse of the Jan. 6 political prisoners.

Dozens of Jan. 6 protesters are languishing in jail without a trial for over 6 months now for misdemeanor charges.

This is government abuse of American citizens. We have never seen this sort of abuse of American citizens for minor offenses.
Rumble video on website 11:23 min

Earlier today we reported on January 6 protesters being brutally beaten, stripped, hogtied and humiliated by DC guards at their detention compound in Washington DC.



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Attorney: Jan. 6 Prisoners Brutally Beaten, Stripped, Hogtied, Humiliated by Guards – One Prisoner Blinded in One Eye – Worse Abuse Than Gitmo (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft
Published July 23, 2021 at 8:00am


Ryan Samsel was blinded by DC prison guards.

Ryan Samsel was leading the charge against Capitol Hill Police on January 6 protests.

Samsel pushed the flimsy bike racks and stormed the US Capitol. Samsel reportedly injured a female police officer.

Since his arrest, Ryan Samsel has been held in Washington DC. On March 21, he was awakened by correctional officers, his hands zip-tied, then walked to an unoccupied cell and brutally beaten by the officers. Then Ryan Samsel lost an eye in the beating.

Ryan was not alone.

On Thursday night Attorney Joseph McBride joined Greg Kelly on Newsmax to discuss the abuse of the Jan. 6 political prisoners in Washington DC.

This is absolutely horrific account!

Joseph McBride: What I can say about the Jan. 6 protesters who remain incarcerated or detained at this point, is that their constitutional rights and human rights are being violated by the Department of Justice and the Federal Government at this very moment. The law is clear that no type of punishment is appropriate for a detainee. Despite that numerous detainees are being held in solitary confinement for long periods of time. They’re being denied medical care. They’re taking beatings. They’re being denied sleep. They’re being psychologically, emotionally, and physically tortured on a regular basis,

Greg Kelly: Hold on a second. Who’s beating them up?

Joseph McBride: I am alleging that the guards are beating them up. The staff are beating prisoners on a regular basis and have been doing so for a long time. This is no exaggeration.

Greg Kelly: Was your client Richard Barnett beaten up by staff?

Joseph McBride: He absolutely was. He was beaten. He was dragged. He was hog-tied. One time his pants dropped below his ankles exposing his private parts while he was taking a beating in front of a female officer. And he had to beg and plead to pull his pants up.

The Jan. 6 political prisoners are being treated worse than America’s most dangerous enemies.

Where the hell are all the human rights groups?

Via Greg Kelly reports:

Rumble video on website 4:08 min


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War Room: Attorney Announces Sidney Powell Will Join Major Movement to Assist Jan. 6 Political Prisoners and Their Families (Video)

By Jim Hoft
Published July 23, 2021 at 10:35am

Attorney Cynthia Hughes went on The War Room on Friday morning to announce the launch of a major legal defense fund to support the families of the Jan. 6 political prisoners.

Cynthia told the War Room audience that the meeting this week involved Sidney Powell and her Defending the Republic defense fund and several attorneys.
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Radio host Pete Santilli has been steadfastly working behind the scenes for these unjustly imprisoned patriots. Pete was put in this exact situation years ago with the same corrupt DOJ, FBI, CIA and government officials. Initially, Pete said Sidney declined, as she is so busy with the election/voter fraud cases. Eventually, she acquiesced, and Pete just made the announcement last night on his show.

Powell will be working WITH other yet unnamed high-powered attorneys who have also agreed to step in. She is NOT representing anyone….have to make that clear.

God bless Sidney Powell and the others who are suffering needlessly. Please donate to her organization Defending the Republic.

Rumble video on website 3:35 min


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Pelosi says special Jan. 6 Capitol siege committee with forge ahead - with or without GOP members

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy McCarthy calls the committee a "sham process."

Updated: July 23, 2021 - 9:10am

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’s forging ahead with her special committee to investigate the Jan 6. Capitol siege – with or without Republican members.

Pelosi staked out her position Thursday after a high-stakes exchange with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in which he appointed five GOP members and she rejected two – prompting McCarthy to say he might withdraw all of his choices.

Pelosi declared the so-called "select" committee will take on its "deadly serious" work whether Republicans participate or not, according to the Associated Press.
McCarthy, a California Republican, called the committee a "sham process" and suggested that GOP lawmakers who take part could face consequences.

McCarthy said Pelosi’s rejection of two of the Republicans he had attempted to appoint – former President Trump allies Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana – was an "egregious abuse of power."

The committee hearings are set to start early next week.

Pelosi proposed the select committee after House Republicans rejected her effort to create a 9/11-style, independent commission.

As the leader of the Democrat-controlled House, Pelosi has authority over who can be on the select committee and has already appointed outspoken Trump critic Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney. And she reportedly is considering Illinois GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger, another Trump critic.

Pelosi made clear Thursday that she won’t relent, and Democrats mulled filling the empty seats themselves

“It is my responsibility as the speaker of the House to make sure we get to the truth of this, and we will not let their antics stand in the way of that,” Pelosi said of the Republicans, the wire service also reports.


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'QAnon Shaman' In Plea Deal Talks After Schizophrenia Diagnosis

FRIDAY, JUL 23, 2021 - 10:30 AM

Days after prosecutors secured their first jail term for a felony conviction tied to the Jan. 6 Capitol Riots, Reuters is reporting that the Capitol protester known to the media as the "QAnon Shaman" is working on a plea deal after prison psychologists determined that he "suffers from a variety of mental illnesses."

Defense lawyer Albert Watkins, who is representing Jacob Chansley, told Reuters that officials at the BOP have diagnosed his client with transient schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety. His legal team said that Chansley's "mental condition deteriorated" due to the stress of being held in soliary confinement after being jailed in Alexandria, Va., Watkins said.
"As he spent more time in solitary confinement. . .the decline in his acuity was noticeable, even to an untrained eye," Watkins said in an interview on Thursday.
Chansley's lawyers said his 2006 mental health records from his time in the Navy corroborate the BOP assessment. He may have also been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome at one point.

Watkins has also blamed President Trump for instigating Chansley's participation in the riot. At one point, Watkins even compared Trump to Adolf Hitler (a comment we suspect his client didn't much appreciate).

Chansley was first photographed inside the Capitol shirtless, with his face painted and wearing a horned headdress. His lawyer says Chansley has expressed delusions, including believing that "he was indeed related directly to Jesus or Buddha.

Of the more than 530 people arrested for participating in the riot, roughly 20 defendants have pleaded guilty.

Prosecutors succeeded in convincing a federal judge that Chansley would constitute "a danger" to public safety should he be released. Should Chansley strike a deal, there's a chance he could wind up in one of the three federal prison hospitals. For now, the judge in his case has ordered a competency hearing to determine whether Chansley is capable of participating in his own defense.


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FBI Attempts to Do Damage Control After Initiating Whitmer Kidnapping Plot
Katie Pavlich
Katie Pavlich

Posted: Jul 23, 2021 8:50 AM

FBI Attempts to Do Damage Control After Initiating Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Source: (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The FBI is attempting to do damage control after it was revealed the law enforcement bureau initiated and carried out a significant portion of the kidnapping plot against Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer last year.

"Partnerships are key to disrupting violent plots. With the terror threat growing more insular, awareness and reporting are crucial," the FBI posted on a their website this week. "This is especially true for domestic terrorism—defined as violent, criminal acts committed by individuals or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature. Because the FBI’s mission includes protecting the free speech rights of Americans, we need a clear reason to act or investigate. A person’s beliefs can never be the sole reason to open an investigation."


FBI Director Christopher Wray is also weighing in and attempting to reassure Americans the FBI respects their rights.

“The FBI holds sacred the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their First Amendment freedoms," he said.

The FBI's heavy involvement in the plot raises serious questions about how the agency conducts operations, for what purpose and to what extent agents were involved in the January 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol.



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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Says He Endorses Election Audit of Several Texas Counties

By Jim Hoft
Published July 23, 2021 at 5:31pm
Seth Keshel image.

Rep. Steve Toth filed a bill (HB 241) for forensic audit earlier this week on the top 13 population counties in Texas.

The Texas counties include:

Fort Bend
El Paso
According to analyst Seth Keshel those counties represent over half-a-million imaginary Biden votes.

On Wednesday Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said he would support an audit of his state’s 2020 election results.

Via Talking Points Memo:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) on Wednesday said he’d support an audit of his state’s 2020 election results days after a state representative introduced a bill to audit the state’s largest counties. It just so happens almost all of those counties voted for Joe Biden.

“I don’t know why we wouldn’t want to give people confidence in our elections, and give them the chance to know for sure that they’ve had an audit, and things are good or they’re bad,” Paxton told talk radio host Chad Hasty in an interview. “And it gives us an opportunity to figure out how we want to correct that.”

Dr. David Clements and Seth Keshel together are analyzing the election data from every US state and creating a strategy for those interested in an individualized forensic audit plan for each state.

On Wednesday the two experts looked at the state of Texas.

Via The Professor’s Record:

Captain Seth Keshel’s observations:

President Trump defeated Joe Biden 52% to 46.5% in Texas in 2020.
– 5,890,347 (52.1%)
Biden – 5,259,126 (46.5%)

Dr. Keshel estimated there were 675,000 excess votes for Biden, conservatively estimated, in the 2020 election. Biden was up 1.38 million votes from Hillary Clinton, with Trump also up at a record number 1.21 million votes from 2016.


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“If You’re Afraid of Transparency, You’re Part of the Problem” – Sen. Doug Mastriano OBLITERATES State Democrats for Pushback on Elections Audit (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft
Published July 23, 2021 at 6:30pm

Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano is leading the charge for a forensic audit in three Pennsylvania counties.

On Friday Mastriano delivered a masterful takedown of the state Democrat elites who are terrified of the process.

What are they hiding?

Doug Mastriano: It’s sad we have a leader in this state who said he would be the most transparent governor in Pennsylvania history… Sadly the opposite is true… John Adams said facts are stubborn things. So all we need to do to shut this down is open up the books. Instead of being attacked by your attorney general who said he’d do everything he can to stop this. Is their something you’re hiding? This is supposed to be a free republic where everything is transparent! Here the government officials work for the people. All we have to do is open up the books. And if you’re afraid of transparency you’re part of the problem…

Watch the whole thing.

Rumble video on website 5:29 min


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2020 Election Security Procedures Violated – Why The County Will Not Provide Routers, Splunk Logs, Fobs – INDICT THE SUPERVISORS!

By Jordan Conradson
Published July 23, 2021 at 9:18pm


Maricopa County still has not provided answers or complied with the Arizona Senate subpoenas after the earth-shattering hearing last Wednesday.

One of the major concerns presented by audit officials surrounded the administrative account passwords and the missing event logs that were deleted by 37,646 consecutive login queries in one day.

Every election Administrator account, no matter the user, all have the same password.

The system only has 8 users which shows that somebody ran a script with over 37,000 queries and deleted the election security logs prior to February 5th.

The Gateway Pundit reported on these ‘worst in class’ IT actions and deliberate subterfuge of an election system.


We don’t know where the script came from because Maricopa County refuses to comply with Arizona Senate subpoenas.

The Senate needs routers, splunk logs, and iButton fobs to see how the systems were configured, if they were connected or modemed, and who did what.

If all passwords are the same, anybody who knows the password can sign into any account, therefore we can’t even trace actions to a specific user.

These passwords also have not been changed since Dominion software was installed in 2019. We don’t know who else had access to these machines.

This was a direct violation of the Arizona Secretary of State Election Procedures Manual that says, passwords must: be changed on a regular basis and may not be a vendor-supplied password

Page 96: Arizona Secretary of State Elections Procedures Manual

Page 96: Arizona Secretary of State Elections Procedures Manual

The manual also states that systems may not be connected to the internet, communications devices, or any external network (except for e-pollbooks).


Dominion ICP Features

The image above, from the description of Dominion ICP Machines, shows that they have wireless network capabilities. Why do we use systems that can connect to the internet?

E-pollbooks and Ballot on-demand printers are allowed connection to the machines along with network connectivity according to the elections procedures manual.


Page 98: Arizona Secretary of State Elections Procedures Manual
They must use best practices for information and network security, which would include changing passwords regularly and different passwords for each username. They did not do these things.

We do not know if they were connected to secure networks because the county refuses to provide routers and Splunk logs.

Since installation in August 2019, there have been no antivirus updates, no operating system updates, or any security patches on the machines.

Does this explain why on-demand ballots were misprinted with offsets of up to 3200%? Did somebody hack and change the system configuration of on-demand printers?


In addition, Maricopa County’s Twitter account says, somebody “was “inappropriately accessing and downloading”, in other words breaching, “publicly available information”.

A Maricopa County Employee described this information breach as an “intrusion” and scrubbing of voter registration information. This is the same “publicly available” information that the county referred to. Police “raided the individual’s home” and retrieved this data within seven hours.

They raided his home and arrested him for inappropriately accessing publicly available info?

Were the E-pollbooks, which are connected to tabulators and WiFi accessed?

We cannot know without the subpoenaed routers, passwords, Splunk logs, and iButton fobs.

The routers show when and where data was transmitted to and from. Splunk logs log this data along with the MAC address of the device which was utilized.

What will this data show us? Did any tabulation machines’ MAC addresses ever touch the internet?

Why is the county still refusing to comply with the investigation of these election law violations?

They say that they did their own audit, which looked at none of these critical security concerns.

They also claim to not have access to these items.

If true, Dominion has complete and total control over the election and Maricopa cannot independently verify the system configuration is good.

The elections procedures manual was violated.

What else is the County hiding?

The supervisors need to be jailed! Weak RINO Paul Boyer failed his constituents when he killed the previous resolution to do so.


Who ran a script with over 37,000 login queries and deleted data prior to February 5th?

If you have nothing to hide, then cooperate.


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Former DEA Agent Tells Tucker Carlson FBI Informant “Friend” Invited Him To Capitol On Jan 6, Pressured Him To Go Inside [VIDEO]

By Patty McMurray
Published July 23, 2021 at 9:17pm

100 Percent Fed Up – In addition to questioning the so-called plot by mostly FBI agents and informants to “kidnap” Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Tucker Carlson host of the Fox News Tucker Carlson Show has been questioning the role of the FBI and possibly other intelligence agencies in the so-called “insurrection” at the Capitol building on January 6th.


Carlson explained to his audience that asking questions about what really happened on January 6th has earned him and others to be labeled “conspiracy theorists and unpatriotic” by propagandists in the media. “As it turns out, we were right to ask those questions, and tonight, we’ll show you why,” Carlson said.

He explained, “Mark Ibrahim is a 32-year-old Army veteran who served in Iraq.

On January 6th of this year, he was a federal agent. He worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration—the DEA. Ibrimham says he went to the Capitol that day because he was invited by an FBI informant, a man he had known in Iraq. We have confirmed that is true.” Carlson explained that they reached out to Ibrahim’s FBI informant friend and that while he denies he encouraged anyone to break the law, he did confirm Ibrahim’s story.

According to Tucker, the FBI knew that Ibrahim’s friend, the FBI informant would attend the rally that day.

Ibrahim told Tucker that his friend, the FBI informant strongly encouraged him to enter the Capitol building, but since Ibrahim knew it was illegal to enter the Capitol building he refused.

What happened next is so crazy, it’s literally unbelievable.


View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1418371977723666432
8:51 min

Should anyone trust our intelligence agencies anymore? Are we still living in a free country?


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In Arizona, Secretary of State, AG square off in partisan impasse over voting law enforcement

In pointed response to GOP AG Mark Brnovich's request for voter fraud referrals, Democrat Katie Hobbs's election services director urged campaign finance probe of Republican lawmaker.

Updated: July 23, 2021 - 11:41pm

Two top Arizona officials this week are squaring off over efforts to investigate and potentially prosecute voter fraud throughout the state, prolonging a months-long battle launched amid widespread reports of irregularities during the 2020 election.

The office of Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs this week responded to a request for voter fraud evidence from State GOP Attorney General Mark Brnovich by suggesting that Brnovich investigate a state GOP representative who has been criticized for alleged improper use of campaign funds.

Brnovich's office had written Hobbs earlier this month pointing out that her office had submitted no referrals for illegal voting activity from the past two election cycles, a markedly rare occurrence in the state.

"This is the first time in over a decade the AGO has received no referrals from the Secretary of State regarding double voting," the letter read, according to a copy obtained by the Arizona Republic.

The letter also reportedly indicated Brnovich's intent to investigate an alleged election pressure campaign run by Trump officials that Hobbs's office had asked the attorney general to look into.

In a sharp response this week from the Hobbs camp, state Election Services Director Sambo Dul urged Brnovich's office to mount an investigation into Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem, a Republican, over claims by Hobbs's office that he violated campaign finance law by mixing political funds with personal accounts.

The two state leaders appear to be at something of a deadlock, with Brnovich vowing to investigate the pressure campaign while seeking voter fraud data from Hobbs and Hobbs failing to hand over that data while demanding the attorney general investigate a Republican representative. Neither office responded to requests for comment on the controversy.

The clash, meanwhile, is a stark reminder of the bitter political divides that have riven the state — and the nation — since the November presidential election.

An election audit in the state's largest county, Maricopa, is drawing to a close.

While auditors have reported finding evidence of significant irregularities, Maricopa County officials have adamantly refused to hand over county computer equipment the auditors claim is "critically important" for the overall investigation.

Democrats nationwide have argued that efforts to audit the 2020 election and pass voting reform laws meant to strengthen election security are merely pretexts to suppress the vote of Democrat-leaning racial and ethnic minorities.

President Joe Biden and other progressives have claimed that measures like mail-in-voting identification requirements and adjustments to early-voting schedules are functionally equivalent to the South's racial segregation laws of the early-to-mid 20th century.

Modest reform efforts in Georgia and Texas have generated intense backlash, with Major League Baseball earlier this year pulling its All-Star Game out of Atlanta in retaliation for Georgia's new election law, while earlier this month Texas Democrats fled the state for Washington, D.C., rather than allow a vote on an election reform bill to advance there.


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Bovard: The Coming "January 6" Train Wreck

FRIDAY, JUL 23, 2021 - 11:40 PM
Authored by Jim Bovard,

The January 6 Capitol clash may be the gift that keeps on giving to cynics everywhere. In the coming months, Americans will likely see jaw-dropping bureaucratic debacles, stunning abuses by federal prosecutors, and appalling bloodlust by angry Biden supporters.

Perhaps the least likely outcome is that the coming train wreck will restore faith in American democracy.

The Justice Department declared last week, “The investigation and prosecution of the Capitol Breach will be the largest in American history, both in terms of the number of defendants prosecuted and the nature and volume of the evidence.” The feds are sorting through “237,000 digital tips, 1 million Parler videos and images comprising 40 terabytes of data scraped from the Internet — roughly equivalent to 10 million photos, 20,000 hours of video, or 50,000 filing cabinets of paper documents,” theWashington Post reported. Investigators are also sorting through “cell tower data for thousands of electronic devices that connected to the Capitol’s interior distributed antenna system,” information provided by phone companies, Google, and other data aggregation companies.

The problem will be compounded because many government employees are slow readers.

More than 500 protestors have already been charged in federal court, but their trials will likely be delayed at least until next year. Federal judge John Bates recently warned that evidence snafus could result in judges “going on the warpath.” If judges conclude that the Justice Department is unreasonably keeping January 6 defendants locked up (often in solitary confinement) too long, judicial edicts could unravel prosecutors’ long-term plans.

Federal cases against January 6 protestors are being built on what one savvy electronic evidence consultant called a “Tower of Babel nightmare.”
While federal agents gloated at the 300,000 plus tips that poured into the FBI with regards to January 6 protestors, prosecutors are obliged to sift the hairballs and provide each defendant and their lawyers with potentially exculpatory evidence. The biggest data dump on record will likely spur a deluge of inadvertent or intentional withholding of evidence. The Justice Department recently notified defense lawyers that they would have to “build a system to receive the data” the feds delivered. The prosecution is also whining because a federal judge prevented them from relying on a private contractor to organize secret grand jury evidence.

The Justice Department may be delaying release of the bulk of the more than 14,000 hours of video surveillance from inside the Capitol on January 6 in an attempt to preserve Biden’s “domestic terrorism” storyline of that day’s events. Even before Trump supporters poured into the Capitol that day, Democrats were accusing them of sedition for filing legal challenges to the 2020 election results, including popular Twitter hashtags such as #GOPSeditiousTraitors and #TreasonAgainstAmerica. After the mob delayed congressional proceedings for six hours, congressional leaders compared the interruption to the 9/11 attacks, Pearl Harbor, and the War of 1812. The Justice Department may also be foot-dragging on releasing evidence because it is reluctant to disclose what role, if any, federal informants or undercover agents had in instigating or propagating violence that day.

For January 6 defendants, federal prosecutors are using a simple formula: Trespassing plus thought crimes equals terrorism. On Monday, Paul Hodgkins was sentenced to 8 months in prison, though the feds admitted he was guilty simply of taking selfies, wearing a Trump T-shirt, and carrying a Trump flag into the Senate chamber and “did not personally engage in or espouse violence or property destruction.” Though Hodgkins pled guilty only to one count of obstructing an official proceeding, Biden’s Justice Department demanded a lengthy prison sentence for Hodgkins to “deter…domestic terrorism.” This is akin to prosecutors seeking harsh punishment for a confessed jaywalker because his negligent behavior could have caused a school bus to crash.

At the same time the Justice Department is bumbling towards paralysis, many Americans are howling for the heads of January 6 defendants. In his Gulag Archipelago, Alexander Solzhenitsyn described the vast public outrage that went along with a prominent Soviet show trial of accused wreckers: “There were universal meetings and demonstrations (including even school-children). It was the newspaper march of millions, and the roar rose outside the windows of the courtroom: ‘Death! Death! Death!’” The same spectacle has been stark on Twitter and in the comment section of the Washington Post, among other places.

One Washington Postcommenter declared that “the only effective way for the government to respond to an act of war by domestic terrorists is to be prepared to meet them with machine guns and flamethrowers and mow them down. Not one of those terrorists who broke through police lines [on January 6] should have escaped alive.” Hodgkins’s sentence terrified and enraged Post readers.

One wrote, “The pitiful 8 month sentence scares me badly… I’m afraid the government is losing its ability to protect us from madmen (consider the mentally ill and tweakers roaming our streets untreated) and right wing Q inspired terrorists.” Another commented, “He should have been given the death penalty for sedition.” As always, one commenter even reached back to the Nazis for an analogy, writing, “It is comparable to the 9 months that Adolf Hitler served after his participation in an attempted 1923 putsch against the German government. Remember how that turned out?”

Federal judge Randolph Moss, when he sentenced Hodgkins, declared that his action will make it “harder for all of us to tell our children and grandchildren that democracy stands as the immutable foundation of our nation.” Unfortunately, judges seem nonchalant when American democracy is subverted instead by federal agencies. After FBI Assistant General Counsel Kevin Clinesmith admitted falsifying key evidence to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump presidential campaign, federal judge James Boasberg gushed with sympathy at the sentencing hearing: “Mr. Clinesmith has lost his job in government service—what has given his life much of its meaning.” Scorning the recommendation of the federal prosecutor (who said the “resulting harm is immeasurable recommendation” from Clinesmith’s action), Boasberg gave Clinesmith a wrist slap—400 hours of community service and 12 months of probation. The Justice Department Inspector General documented many other abuses of power and deceit by FBI officials in the Hillary Clinton or Trump investigations, but not a single FBI official has spent a day behind bars.

Will Justice Department prosecutors be caught in a Catch-22, pressured by the White House to harvest as many scalps as possible but crippled by the lack of proof that most of the accused were guilty of anything besides trespassing or “willfully and knowingly parading” in the Capitol? Political pressure for high-profile convictions resulted in disastrous courtroom defeats for federal attorneys prosecuting Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidian standoff at Waco, and other cases. If juries rebuff prosecutors on more than a few January 6 cases, then the entire political storyline could quickly collapse.

Federal prosecutor Mona Sedky is calling for harsh punishment for January 6 defendants because of “the need to preserve respect for the law.” But at this point, “respect for the law” is a loss leader in this process. That won’t be remedied when people realize that taking selfies can result in a federal sentencing enhancement.


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Doug Logan from Cyber Ninjas releases a statement on the alleged missing 74,000 ballots in Maricopa County

Posted at 10:22 pm on July 23, 2021 by Greg P.

Here’s the latest on the ongoing audit of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, Arizona. . .

First up, former President Trump is headed to Phoenix on Saturday and will speak at a TPUSA event:


And he’s already attacked Republican State Senator Paul Boyer for blocking more subpoenas of election materials that Cyber Ninjas, the firm doing the audit, says they need to finish it:


The main issue here is a request for the routers which County officials say will put other information at risk and have refused to provide them:


Boyer fired back, mocking Trump for getting kicked off of Twitter and the auditors for looking for bamboo fibers on the ballots:


And as for the audit, things don’t appear to be going well at all.

Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas released a statement through State Senator Wendy Rogers where he blamed Maricopa County for any misinterpretation over 74,000 mail-in ballots that the auditors claimed lacked proof they were ever sent:



We covered this here:


Cyber Ninjas had been backing away from the claim before today’s statement:


Part 1 of 2 due to photo count limit
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Part 2 of 2

Logan doesn’t outright say Cyber Ninjas got it wrong, but that’s where it looks like it’s headed:

And there’s a new report out tonight claiming that Ken Bennett, a former Secretary of State and the liaison between the auditors and the State Senate, has now been barred from the audit floor after he allegedly shared with a third party that the Cyber Ninjas count of the ballots was incorrect:


According to the reporter on the story, Bennett shared this info with a group that’s been critical of the audit:

But, according to Fann, Bennet still is the liaison:


Fann responded, asking Richer to please cooperate with the auditors:

Richer, however, has told the auditor to finish it up with what they have and “prepare to defend it in court”:


And on it goes.


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Arizona’s Corrupt Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, Calls President Trump a “Sore Loser”

By Joe Hoft
Published July 24, 2021 at 8:00am

Arizona’s corrupt Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, says President Trump should stop being a ‘sore loser’.

The corrupt Secretary of State in Arizona, who certified a fraudulent election result, claims President Trump is a “sore loser”. Hobbs shared this on CNN with disgusting reporter Jim Acosta.

Mediaite reports:
Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said Friday former President Donald Trump should stop being a “sore loser,” ahead of his planned Arizona rally Saturday.

Hobbs — currently running for governor — is one of several Democratic Secretaries of State across the country who have been pushing back on the former president’s false claims about the election. Trump has endorsed the widely-derided election audit in Arizona.
What a terrible person Hobbs is. She certifies an election full of fraud and then calls the President a conspiracy theorist as bucket-loads of fraud are uncovered.
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Ironically the Swing States in the 2020 Election Were States with Some of the Largest Grants from the CARES Act

By Joe Hoft
Published July 24, 2021 at 4:00pm

The swing states that came into play in the 2020 election were ironically the same states where large grants were given prior to the election.

The US Government created the CARES Act wherein part they provided funds to states to help them manage the 2020 Election with the China Coronovirus still a factor in the states.


Overall the government gave away over $470 million in CARES grant funding by July 2020. Oddly enough the swing states had some of the largest CARES grants.

FundingChart CARES by Jim Hoft on Scribd Scribd doc on website)


Six swing states received some of the largest awards in the CARES Act (Pennsylvania – $17 million, Georgia – $13 million, Michigan – $14 million, Wisconsin – $9 million, Arizona $9 million, and Nevada – $5 million). In total these swing states reviewed $67 million in CARES grants.

What did these states really do with the millions provided to them in the CARES Act?


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President Trump on Election Fraud: “When They Steal it From You and Rig It, We Have to Fight – We Have No Choice” (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft
Published July 24, 2021 at 6:21pm

President Donald J. Trump spoke tonight at the ‘Rally To Protect Our Elections’ sponsored by Turning Point USA.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson and Julian Conradson are attending the rally today in Phoenix.

President Trump HAMMERED HOME the idea that the 2020 election was stolen.

There were no apologies.

Trump told the TPUSA crowd, “When they steal it from you and they rig we have to fight. We have no choice.”

President Donald Trump:
It was the most corrupt, dishonest, election in US history… The crime of the century is being fully exposed.

The chants to “Lock her up!” from the crowd when he mentioned Hillary Clinton never get old.

Rumble video on website 4:05 min


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Trump returns to Arizona, urges crowd to restore 'American birthright' of 'honest, fair elections'

Trump arrived in Arizona for the first time since narrowly losing the state in his 2020 reelection bid.

Updated: July 24, 2021 - 8:40pm

Former President Trump took center stage Saturday night at an election-integrity rally where he told the loud, welcoming audience, "We will not stop until we have restored our American birthright of honest, free and fair elections."

Trump thanked the organizers of the Rally to Protect Our Elections, Turning Point Action and group president Charlie Kirk, for what he called their "fearless leadership."

He also told attendees, "Let me also express my appreciation to the thousands of bold, young, and proud American Patriots that are with us today. What a crowd.

… You are the pulse of our movement, you are the ones who will make America Great Again."

Trump arrived in Arizona for the first time since narrowly losing the state in his 2020 reelection bid and amid an audit of last year's presidential election ballots led by Arizona Republicans.

"We are gathered here in Phoenix to show our support for election integrity and for the brave and unyielding conservative warriors in the Arizona State Senate," the former president said at the rally, at the Arizona Federal Theater, in Phoenix.

"I’m hearing Texas wants to do a forensic audit," Trump also said. "Even though I won Texas by a lot, I said you should do it. The 2020 election was a total disgrace.”

The crowd cheered back: You won,” and “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

The former president also called last year’s election “the most corrupt election in our history.”

Prior to the rally Kirk said: "Arizona is at the epicenter of the 2022 midterms and, of course, the next presidential election in 2024. It’s critical that our support is stronger than ever so the average American’s trust in our systems and institutions is restored. We must start earlier and work harder than ever before to save Arizona and the republic."

Trump, who has yet to say publicly whether he'll run again for president in 2024, has said the audit, conducted by an outside auditor in the state's Maricopa County, would uncover enough errors to potentially erase the nearly 11,000-vote deficit he had in the election.

The loss gave now-President Joe Biden Arizona’s 11 Electoral College votes, marking the first time since 1996 a Democrat won the state.
By reporter Laura Baigert


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Arizona Secretary of State Candidate Who Killed Election Integrity Bill Gets BOOED Off Stage, Escorted Out By Police

She shouted "I will win my primary!" before being booed off stage and escorted out by Phoenix police.
Tom Pappert
July 24, 2021

Arizona Secretary of State Candidate Who Killed Election Integrity Bill Gets BOOED Off Stage, Escorted Out By Police

Arizona Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, who is now running for Arizona Secretary of State and recently killed election integrity legislation to help prevent accusations of fraud in future races, was booed off the stage during her speech at the Turning Point USA Chapter Leadership Summit held today in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ugenti-Rita begged the crowd multiple times to allow her to give her speech, but was met by a chorus of boos throughout. Eventually, she admitted defeat, and angrily stomped off stage after telling voters, “I will win my primary!” National File spoke to a source who attended the event and understands that she was escorted from the venue by the Phoenix Police Department.

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1419039118663634945
.44 min


On Ugenti-Rita’s decision to block election integrity legislation, National File previously reported:
SB1241, which was set for its third reading in the Senate on Tuesday, contained over 34 various election integrity measures, including: requiring paper ballot copies for every vote cast on a voting machine, securing those machines and hard drives outside of voting hours, sending ballots with mismatched signatures to the Attorney General for potential investigation, requiring ballot observers to be able to see the voting machines, increasing chain of custody requirements, and forcing anyone registering in Arizona who moved from another state to deregister from their previous state.

However, Republican Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, announced that she would join the Democrats in voting against the election integrity bill, which Townsend implied was revenge for her own vote against Ugenti-Rita’s SB1485. Although SB1485 included some election integrity measures, it would not have applied key revisions in time for the 2022 primaries, leaving them open to the same potential attacks that may have occurred in the 2020 election.

Much of the provisions included in the final version of SB1241 were tacked onto the bill when it went through the House, after Ugenti-Rita refused to allow Townsend to hear the issues in the Government Committee that she chaired. When it came to voting, Ugenti-Rita objected exactly because of the methodology Townsend used to get the issues into the bills, despite the fact it was her own tactics had seemingly forced her to do.
Later in the event, Rep. Paul Gosar invited the mother of Ashli Babbitt to attend his speech, and National File was able to interview her. She was met by uproarious applause and chants of “Ashli!” at the event.


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July 21, 2021


Landmark Communications of Atlanta, GA bills itself as the ‘go to’ firm for GOP candidates to get elected in Georgia.

The founder, Mark Roundtree, says this about himself on Landmark’s website:



Mark Rountree is President of Landmark Communications, Inc., which he founded in 1991.

Campaigns & Elections Magazine has recognized Mark as one of Georgia’s five “Top Influencers” as well as “the go-to man for GOP legislative candidates.”

Unfortunately, Landmark has a history of helping Democrats get elected running as Republicans. This phenomenon may have contributed to the absolute cesspool of corruption in the Peach State when it comes to the performance of Republican officials during the 2020 election cycle. Some of these candidates have ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

We believe there has been a concerted effort among Democrat operatives to do just that – infiltrate the GOP and run ‘progressives’ as Republicans, who are lying about their beliefs and views on the issues. All of the information below is from publicly available information.

Nazeera Dawood
Nazeera Dawood ran for the Johns Creek, GA (JC) city council in 2015. Johns Creek is a bedroom community of North Atlanta, now heavily populated by Asians.

Nazeera is an Indian immigrant and Landmark represented her during the JC election cycle in 2015. She was a member of the Republican Leadership Program when she qualified for Post 5 in JC. Nazeera advertised herself as a fiscal Republican, tough on taxes, a woman with ‘Republican family values’. She was defeated for the position after information showing the complete opposite was released to the public. She was removed from the Republican Leadership Program after this development.

Nazeera is in the ‘founders’ photo below, of the event ‘Tacos, Beers, And Abortions’, sponsored by the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. Nazeera is obviously not a conservative. It was also found out during the election that Nazeera is not a medical doctor.



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Photo of Maxwell Maxwell3 weeks ago

Beverly Long Washington, DC, USA
One would have to be living under a rock to not know America is in the midst of a huge national crisis. The crisis is an election crisis, Constitutional crisis, and a media/news crisis, all at the same time. Short recap? The American public has lost confidence it the security of its voting systems, half of the country says the current President is illegitimate because of compromises in the American voting systems, and barely 1 out of 5 Americans believe their media sources tell the truth of what is really going on. Can this massive national crisis in the United States of America ever be fixed? Can the American public trust it’s voting systems anymore?

You will never read about this in the American media since the American media is largely responsible for enabling and ensuring the United States of America fails and fails fabulously. The American media is solidly made-up Socialists and Marxists. Since the Obama administration, almost all reporters and journalists who were conservative in their views and reporting have been jack-booted and banned from the news and publishing business. What is left over is a massive grouping of far extreme-left liberals who hate America, encourage American citizens to riot, burn and loot and want to ban the nations National Anthem. At the same time these same news and media people want to legalize sex with children as young as 6 and legalize teaching in American schools that if you are white, you are “automatically racist” and therefore you and your family are responsible for the nation’s woes. Reading this you might be surprised, but I assure you this is 100% true reporting contrary to what is allowed in the United States at the moment. This ban on truthful reporting on the true state of the union in the Unites States is supported and enforced by social media. The new Nazi enforcement goon squad.



The Press of the Third Reich, when Adolf Hitler took power in 1933, had allies and bias barkers within only 3% of Germany’s 4700 newspapers, but once they rigged the elections to be only for their party by forging votes and threatening canceling anyone who did not go along with them, the were able to eliminate the existing German multi-party system and take over almost 100% of all forms of media.

Shortly thereafter, the new government allowed the state to seize the printing plants, radio, and all media outlets. Anyone who did not go along with the “approved party line” was called out, labeled derogatory terms, harassed, ostracized and their livelihoods were destroyed. Anyone who stood up against the new government claiming it was both corrupt and immoral, if they were not immediately killed or jailed, they were run out of the county as conspiracy theorists who were conspiring to corrupt the new Nazi nation. Friends and family were encouraged to turn in other friends and family to root out extremist. This rooting out of those who stood opposed to oppression found the first wave of punishment was in fact censorship. This is happening again in American right now.

During the first weeks of 1933, the Nazi regime deployed the radio, press, and newsreels to stoke fears of a pending “uprising,” then channeled popular fear and anxieties into political measures that eradicated civil liberties and democracy. This too, is happening in the United States of America right now.

America long been the ideal beacon and measure of freedom and liberty, but at the moment a movement is underway to bring down the once great nation.
Just like 1933 Germany, one party, the American Democratic Party or DNC did not have the majority in recent years. In fact, their stronghold in certain areas was rapidly dwindling and America was booming under Donald J. Trump as President. However, a questionable election, which is now forbidden by both news media and social media to debate, discuss and investigate, has caused what seems like Nazi Germany to resurrect itself in North America.

In 1933, the goal of Hitler’s Nazi Party (NSDAP) was to achieve a majority, in order to consolidate their newly won power into one ruling party. Hitler and his party drafted new laws to ensure they would gain more power over the people and stay in power (similar to the Democrats new HR1 Bill in America). Hitler’s use of the media and censorship allowed for the passing of the notorious Enabling Act of 1933, which allowed him and his government to enact laws without the consent of the parliament. This soon led to the abolishment of democracy and the introduction of the Nazi dictatorship.

As the historic Land of the Free is rapidly becoming as bad as the movie Land of The Lost, one lone 1st generation American German-Jew has willingly walked in front of the proverbial tanks. Not in the Chinese Tiananmen Square in the shade of the Forbidden City, but in full view of the the crooked parts of the American system and they are now throwing tons of shade in the public square over the invention of Kinematic Artifact Detection, a platform created by famed Internet pioneer and inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer.

In classic Nazi propaganda form, the fake news within American media has taken Pulitzer’s passion as a world class explorer and framed him as a “failed treasure hunter”. They push a false narrative of an unavoidable dot com crash as a total failure despite his patents being on every mobile device around the globe. Same tactics used by Hitler’s Nazi propaganda machine, just redeployed in the modern age.

Pulitzer has 25 years’ experience with over 200 patents based upon how machine-readable codes work on printed paper and interact with machines (think Voter ID, ballots and voting machines). He is most likely the world’s foremost authority and expert to discover what went wrong with the American voting process, in specific the ballots used in conjunction with the voting machines.

Ten Million Dollars, Death Threats and Setting The Gold Standard
Just after the controversial 2020 American general election between Donald J. Trump and Joseph Robinette Biden, Pulitzer spotted an anomaly. For the first time in American history all vote counting stopped. Pulitzer asked himself “Why did vote counting stop?” More important, “Why did this abrupt stop happen in exactly 6 states, 6 specific counties, and those six are what put Joe Biden over the top the next day?” This is when Pulitzer jumped into action. He had already been observing and attempting to understand voting irregularities back as early as 2008, but things in 2020 just magnified he needed to develop something to inspect and more thoroughly audit the voting systems used. He had a burning need, as did most Americans, to find out the truth surrounding the 2020 election.

For the record, currently there have been over 50,000 legally certified and notarized sworn affidavits of bad elections practices & irregularities, voter fraud or election fraud during the 2020 election.

In late November, Pulitzer made his findings and his new patented invention known to the public. Kinematic Artifact Detection is a new forensic discipline born from the known science of kinematics combined with forensics and the advanced technology tools Pulitzer had been working with and deploying over the last 6 years. When word hit the street, the fake new press started attacking Pulitzer and when that strategy did not work, the death threats started rolling in.

Then the system resorted to offering Pulitzer $10m to just walk about and not deployed his new technology.

Choosing his fellow country men and women over money and politics, Pulitzer refused the bribe and now is forced to sneak in and out of building for meetings, disguise his appearance when in public and have full time bodyguards.

Pulitzer’s first roll out of his Kinematic Artifact Detection Platform was in the historic Maricopa County, Arizona election audit. For the very first time in history all 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County are not only being audited, but forensically studied utilizing this new certification and compliance inspection system. The system is able to detect counterfeit ballots, illegal copied ballots, ballots which were labeled as being received in the mail but yet were never mailed and countless other indicators indicating nefarious or illegal activities regarding voting.

Many say the system, the corrupt system of American politics and the American media, is now terrified of both Pulitzer and his soon to be published results.

Pulitzer, which is neither Democrat nor Republican is agnostic about what the results will reveal. He states “This not about which person won the Presidency. It is not even about political parties. This is only about election integrity and making sure that not only does every vote count but going to the now needed step of assuring an individual’s ballot, was actually counted the way they actually had voted when the paper ballot left their hand.”

Many are hailing Pulitzer as a modern American founding father and the man who will save the United States from Socialism or Marxism. Others just call him a failed treasure hunter and failed inventor. However, when one looks at his patents, achievements, and business record, it is easy to see that Pulitzer is the real deal and easily qualified to settle the debate once and for all and bring peace and prosperity back to the United States of America.


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State Senator Michelle Ugenti Rita Has TGP Reporter Removed From Trump Rally And ARRESTED after She is Booed Off Stage (VIDEO)

By Jordan Conradson
Published July 24, 2021 at 11:34pm

On Saturday, President Trump spoke at the Rally to Protect Elections in Phoenix, Arizona.

The rally featured all candidates for Arizona’s next Secretary of State, Governor, and U.S. Senator.

US Senate candidate Blake Masters gave a great speech on his America First agenda.

Several local politicians were invited to speak at the rally today.

Arizona RINO State Senator Michelle Ugenti Rita also gave a speech but she was booed off of the stage as her words were muffled by the crowd, turned angry mob.

In a contemptuous effort to save her speech, she yelled at her peasants “I’m going to win the primary!”

See the hilariously sad “speech” in the video below.

It wasn’t planned either! This was an organic idea from the grassroots MAGA apparatus.

]Crowd: BOO!

Ugenti-Rita: Pay attention…

Crowd: BOO!

Ugenti-Rita: We the people, We the people….

Crowd: BOO!

Ugenti-Rita: I’m running to be your next Secretary of State. I’m going to win the primary!

She’ll win without us? Who has she struck a deal with?

After feeling the heat from the crowd of thousands, The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson ran into her in another part of the arena.


He asked her why she killed Senator Kelly Townsend’s chain of custody and election integrity bills.

Ugenti-Rita: Because it was bad

Conradson: Do you think that’s why you got booed off stage?

Ugenti-Rita left the building when asked questions by Conradson. Shortly after, she came back, and when he saw her again, she told officers on sight that Conradson was harassing her.

The police did nothing because no laws were being violated.

Conradson compared this behavior to that of radical leftist Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, whose seat she is running for.

Roughly ten minutes later, Conradson was detained by event officials and escorted from the building for “harassing” Ugenti Rita.

After walking away, he called AZ State Senator Kelly Townsend, who encouraged him to come back peacefully and fight this.


While on the phone with the Senator and simply walking to meet her outside of the event, police grabbed Conradson and used handcuffs to put him in the back of a police car.

Conradson could hear police radios accusing him of being a member of the Proud Boys, a right-wing organization that the left has labeled as terrorists.

Conradson has no affiliation with any political groups.

The police said he was facing a misdemeanor and a fine of up to $900.

This tyrant violated Conradson’s free press rights.

State Senator Kelly Townsend raised hell when this happened which is most likely what led to Conradson’s release.

The officers dropped Conradson off at his vehicle and said that he is permanently banned from the venue.
Kelly Townsend: I think it’s concerning that someone on our side has such disregard for the Constitution that she would seek to have a journalist arrested because he dared ask her a question about me that angered her. I am glad we were able to resolve the issue and correct what could have been a great miscarriage of justice.
After this fiasco, Michelle Ugenti Rita went to Twitter to trash the audit
I’ve been on the frontlines of the battle for election integrity for the last 10 years. I wrote the law banning ballot harvesting, cleaned-up our mail-in voter rolls, strengthened ID requirements just to name a few of my accomplishments, (1of5)

Something every candidate on that stage praised. I’ll put my record of fighting for election integrity up against anyone. What I won’t do is vote for “show” legislation that does nothing to strengthen election integrity and introduced for self serving reasons. (2of5)

There’s too much at stake. Our election system is under constant assault by the left, and I won’t support bills that fail to strengthen our election system. The same holds true for the audit. I supported the audit, but I do not support the Trump audit any longer. (3of5)

I wanted to review our election processes and see what, if anything, could be improved. Sadly, it’s now become clear that the audit has been botched. The total lack of competence by @FannKfann over the last 5 months has deprived the voters of Arizona a comprehensive…(4of5)

Accounting of the 2020 election. That’s inexcusable, but it shows what can happen when Republicans do not take election integrity deadly serious. (5of5)


This is a lie. She has been nowhere near the frontlines of this battle. How would she know that the audit was botched? She hasn’t even visited nor paid any attention whatsoever.

This was out of nowhere and was an obvious outlash at the MAGA movement for their scorn.

Michelle Ugenti Rita is out of the closet now.

It seems she has already started her party switch.

Michelle Ugenti Rita clearly will not win the primary unless she has made a deal.

Rumble video website 3:43 min
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Justice for Ashli: Mother of Murdered Jan 6th Patriot Ashli Babbitt Honored at Trump Rally, Speaks Out to Reporters on DC Political Prisoners (VIDEO)

By Julian Conradson
Published July 25, 2021 at 7:45am


“My daughter died for this cause, I want my country back”

Rep. Paul Gosar invited Michelle Witthoeft, the mother of slain Jan 6th protester Ashli Babbit, to Turning Point USA’s Rally to Protect Our Elections in Phoenix on Saturday as his guest of honor.

She received a resounding standing ovation when she was introduced to the crowd.

.15 min
View: https://twitter.com/JCConradson/status/1419067821724561410?s=19

Ashli Babbit was murdered by a Capitol Hill police lieutenant while she was unarmed and climbing through a window in the US Capitol Building on January 6th.

Witthoeft spoke with National File before the event and explained what she is doing to ensure that her daughter did not die in vain and to call attention to the other “political prisoners” who are currently being held in Biden’s DC gulag.

My daughter died for this cause, there are still political prisoners being held in DC jail under horrible conditions as a result of this. They were protesting our American birth right to go and redress their government because everybody in this country knows that this is a stolen election. So I’m here to be my daughter’s voice because it has been silenced.”

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1419053881141649414
2:01 min

President Trump has been raising the issue more and more. He recently sent out an email to his supporters with the simple question – who shot Ashli Babbit?


The identity of the killer had been suspected for months. It was recently confirmed by The Gateway Pundit that Lt. Mike Byrd was the one who pulled the trigger.

Unsurprisingly, he is being protected by the swamp in Washington and the media is ignoring the story entirely. As of now, he has skated free.


Hopefully, with her mother’s effort and more people speaking out, there can be justice for Ashli and the other patriots being abused by the far-left DO”J”.

All tips and information regarding Ashli Babbitt’s legal case can be submitted to:
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Organizer of January 6 Truth Rally Vows To Fight Back: ‘The Future of America Is At Stake’- RALLY TODAY

By Alicia Powe
Published July 25, 2021 at 9:50am

Americans across the political spectrum must band together to stop political persecution now or will ultimately be incriminated for exercising our First Amendment, like the hundreds of Trump supporters sitting in DC jails 23 hours a day for protested the stolen election, warns the organizer of the January 6 Truth rally.

After the FBI knocked on the door of her apartment to interrogate her about her involvement in the January 6 “siege,” Trump supporter Cara Castronuova drew a line in the sand and decided it was time to fight back.

She launched Citizens Against Political Persecution, an organization to advocate for those politically persecuted by the government and began hosting rallies to raise awareness about the so-called January 6 “siege.”

On Sunday, Castronuova is hosting Free Political Prisoners Now rally in New York City on Sunday to petition the federal government on behalf of the Jan 6 detainees currently held in solitary confinement in Washington DC.

“I started investigating to understand after the FBI came by my house. I was there on January 6. I was not in the Capitol building. If I was, I’m sure they would have arrested me because they have all the facial recognition technology they use. I was just there as a protester,” Castronuova told The Gateway Pundit. “To get a visit from the FBI when you’re a protester and a rally organizer, you start questioning everything.
“The first time they came, I was on a trip in Florida. My family member that I live with called me and told me, ‘The FBI is at the door. They had badges, looking for you.’ Of course, after that my whole trip went south. They said we’ll follow up with you when you get home. That was terrifying, I spent the whole week on the beach thinking ‘Oh my God.’
That week for me felt like a lifetime. I didn’t do anything wrong but who knows. They said they had gotten a tip about me. People are being encouraged to send them digital tips. One to homeland security and one to the FBI.”
Jan 6. protesters who are convicted on felony charges will no longer be able to own guns or, in some states, vote again.

As Democrats compare the events of the January 6 protests to the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and 9/11, prosecuting trespassers with felony charges, they will continue to use the protest as a precedent to achieve their political objectives, Castronuova argues.

“If I can, I am going to fight this. There are people in jail now, held in confinement that can’t. There are prisoners in there who weren’t even in the Capitol,” she said. “We have a guy who lost his job for the Long Island Railroad just because he took a picture of Jan 6. This is political persecution. People have been fired, been jailed. Ashli Babbit is the ultimate political prisoner. Her mother and husband will be calling into the rally.”

Amid the left’s onslaught of lies and propaganda about January 6, those outraged by the criminalization and incarceration of American protesters cannot rely on Republican lawmakers or even conservative media outlets to tell the truth, Castronuavo lamented.

“People are still really sensitive around the subject as if it’s taboo. The news isn’t talking about it enough, politicians aren’t. The future of America is at stake right now and it seems like people don’t realize that,” she said. “Politicians I’ve approached about this tell me they are trying to get past January 6, they’re ‘past that.’ We are not past it. Republicans are completely in denial if they think Jan. 6 is put behind us and that they can just turn their back on it. In doing so, turn their back on citizens that it’s their job to protect. If your constituents’ constitutional rights are being flagrantly violated, that’s something you should be on top of, they weren’t and they’re not. They will speak for other things in other countries, but they’re not going to speak out for American citizens.

“The America First politicians slated to speak at the rally are running for office – they are braver when they are running for office; otherwise they wouldn’t be speaking against this unless they got the okay from their masters.

Americans have to join forces to destroy the fallacious narrative being pushed by all facets of society against the truth, Castonuova continued.

“We have to be so formidable the mainstream media has to cover it. Literally The Gateway Pundit and InfoWars the only media outlets covering the truth about January 6. It’s amazing to me — they are the only ones that tell the truth. The mainstream media lies and slanders people. There are very far and few in between who will actually put their name on something like this because they are just afraid they don’t want to be canceled or censored,” she said. “They are going to witch hunt with the Jan. 6 committee, exploit and politicize it.

“Political persecution is literally running rampant in New York right now over the vaccines. It’s like the new racism, and it’s completely acceptable and its completely encouraged. Now, the government is encouraging people to discriminate against each other for political viewpoints. The goal is to try to get them to see it. We need people who are so influenced— completely brainwashed –by the mainstream media, Hollywood corporations. Our goal is to somehow touch their hearts.”

The rally to Free Political Prisoners Now will be held on Sunday in Foley Square in New York, NY from 1 to 3pm.


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Rep. Jim Banks Says Nancy Pelosi Was Responsible for Security Breakdown on January 6

By Cassandra Fairbanks
Published July 25, 2021 at 10:30am

Rep. Jim Banks, one of the Republicans barred from the January 6 Committee by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has accused her of being responsible for the breakdown in security during the protest at the Capitol that day.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Banks asserted that “Due to the rules of the United States Capitol, the power structure of the Capitol, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has more control and authority and responsibility over the leadership of the Capitol Police than anyone else in the United States Capitol.”


“So she doesn’t want us to ask these questions because at the end of the day, she is ultimately responsible for the breakdown of security at the capitol that happened on January 6,” he said.

Pelosi blocked Banks and Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan from serving on the select committee after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy chose them.

Banks has asserted that he was rejected by Pelosi because she “doesn’t want to talk about what happened at the capitol that day,” and is “only interested in a narrative.”

Pelosi has claimed that she blocked the two Republicans because she was concerned about how their appointment would affect the “integrity of the investigation.”

Pelosi announced on Sunday that she plans on appointing Never-Trump Rep. Adam Kinzinger to the Jan. 6 select committee. She has also named Rep. Liz Cheney.


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Nancy Pelosi Appoints Adam Kinzinger to Her Sham Jan. 6 Commission …UPDATE: Kinzinger Accepts

By Jim Hoft
Published July 25, 2021 at 12:35pm

House speaker Nancy Pelosi announced today that she was appointing RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger to her sham January 6 commission.

This is after she refused Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy‘s list last week.

Pelosi, in a historic move, would not approve representative Jim Jordan or representative Jim Banks to the committee. This is because the two representatives would have revealed that it was Nancy Pelosi who actually turned down the request for extra security at the Capitol on that day. This was Pelosi‘s responsibility, and she failed.

The Republican members would have also revealed that at least two of the four people killed that day were killed by capital police. This includes Ashli Babbitt and Roseann Boyland. The main stream media continues to cover for Democrats and refused to report the truth on this tragedy. Instead, The fake news continues to lie about the death of Officer Sicknick who died from natural causes.

Via Nancy Pelosi website:
“On January 6th, insurrectionists attempted to overthrow the government during the worst assault on the Capitol since the War of 1812,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “It is imperative that we get to the truth of that day and ensure that such an attack can never again happen. That is why we established the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol, which is bipartisan.”

“Today, I am announcing the appointment of Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, an Air Force veteran and Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard, to serve on the Select Committee. He brings great patriotism to the Committee’s mission: to find the facts and protect our Democracy,” continued Speaker Pelosi.
Adam Kinzinger accepted her appointment.

Today, I was asked by the Speaker to serve on the House Select Committee to Investigate January 6th and I humbly accepted. I will work diligently to ensure we get to the truth and hold those responsible for the attack fully accountable.
Rep. Jamie Raskin (D), who tried to block the electoral college votes for President Trump in Jan. 2017, sits on Nancy Pelosi’s sham committee now. The lefties have no qualms, ever, about their hypocrisy. The RINOs are the eternal fools.


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Thousands of Patriots Attend Trump Speech in Phoenix – Crowd Circles the Arena – ‘Trump Won’ Banner Dropped from Balcony (Video)

By Julian Conradson
Published July 25, 2021 at 7:40am

President Trump was welcomed by a packed house in Arizona for his speech at Turning Point Action’s “Rally to Protect Our Elections” on Saturday afternoon.


The massive event, hosted by Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA, was located just miles away from the historic Arizona audit in downtown Phoenix. It featured multiple prominent Republicans who spoke about election integrity including Reps. Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs, and AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake.

There were over 15,000 people that registered for tickets and over 5,000 who attended the America-first rally.


Yet, the guy who “got 81 million votes,” can barely fill a small white circle in front of his stage.

Thousands of excited patriots braved the rain and stood in line for hours to secure their place inside. Some had even been there since the night before.

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1419182716650545161
.46 min

The crowd quickly filled up the 4-story arena, leaving many people outside and unable to get in.

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1419208542255341570
.36 min

When the rally started, a group on the top balcony unveiled a ‘yuuge’ “Trump Won” banner to the rest of the crowd’s delight.


One by one, the speakers talked about election integrity and the importance of finding out the truth of what happened in the 2020 election.

They also targeted the “rubber stamped” radical-left Senator Mark Kelly, repeatedly telling the former astronaut in one way or another to pack up the BS and go back to space.

Scheduled to end the event with a bang, Trump entered the arena to a roaring crowd who began chanting “USA! USA!”

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1419211798905987072
.43 min

Trump spoke at length about the illegal votes that the AZ audit has uncovered and slammed the corrupt democrats for rigging the election. He also trashed Joe Biden for his “nonexistent border” and mishandling of the country.

“Our country is being destroyed by people who have no right to destroy it. People that won an election Illegally. People who should not have been elected, they lost in a landslide.”

View: https://twitter.com/JCConradson/status/1419212852208934918?s=19

The almost 2-hour speech concluded with him promising to, once again, make America great again.

Whether that happens in 2024 by running again or sooner by proving fraud, Trump nation can’t wait to find out.


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AZ Senate Candidate Masters: If GOP Loses in 2022 ‘We Lose the Country Forever’

PAM KEY25 Jul 2021246

Video on website 5:25 min

Venture capitalist and Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters said on this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that if Democrats win the 2022 midterm elections, then “we lose the country forever.”

Anchor Maria Bartiromo said, “Joining me right now is Blake Masters. He is running for the Senate seat in Arizona. And he is the CEO of Thiel Capital. He recently launched that Senate campaign in Arizona. And it is good to see you. Thanks very much for being here. Blake, what’s at stake?

Masters said, “Everything is at stake here in this 2022 and 2024 election. I really think, if Republicans don’t win these elections, we lose the country forever, because if you look around, the left and the Democrats, they have taken control of almost every major institution in our country.”

He added, “And they’re very close to controlling it all. And so, if they win, they tell us what they’re going to do. They’re going to pass H.R.1, S.1. They’re going to federalize elections, so no Republican can ever win again. They want to add new states to our union just so they can add more senators and control everything. So I really think the future of this country hangs in the balance. That’s what’s at stake in 2022.”


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Pence Out: "Zero" Chance Trump Taps Former VP For 2024

SUNDAY, JUL 25, 2021 - 12:00 PM

Former President Donald Trump, should he choose to run in 2024, won't pick Mike Pence again as his VP, according to Politico which cites several Trump advisers.

As things stand now, Trump is extremely unlikely to run again with former Vice President Mike Pence as his number two, advisers say. Some Trump aides have also written off Pence’s political future, at least at the presidential level, privately arguing that he has failed to capture anything close to the same kind of enthusiasm as Trump. They point to anger among the most diehard Trump supporters over Pence’s decision to carry out his Constitutional duty in certifying Biden’s election win. -Politico
"The vice president is an incredible man and was a great vice president, but he has a huge obstacle — problem — in trying to be the nominee after dealing with what he’s dealt with over the last six months," said another Trump adviser - noting the former president's overwhelmingly warm reception at recent conservative events.

When asked specifically if Pence could possibly serve as Trump's #2 again, the adviser replied: "zero."

Meanwhile, Trump and crew are certain that winning the GOP nomination will be a cakewalk.

"Their confidence is so supreme that they view almost all of the emerging field not as competition but as possible vice presidential picks," according to the report, which adds that Trump allies are already keeping tabs on how potential GOP presidential candidates are acting towards Trump himself, as well as the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

"You can’t wait to run for president," one Trump adviser said. "But those doing it now look like they’re dancing on the grave and the political body’s still warm."

Influential conservatives tend to agree - if Trump is running again, he needs to start with a clean slate.

"I think they know they need a fresh start if Trump runs again," said Bob Vander Plaats, CEO of Iowa-based social conservative group, The Family Leader. "Is that a Nikki Haley, is that a Tim Scott, is that a Gov. Kim Reynolds? Or is that a Kristi Noem? You could see all of those making a big play for VP." (hilarious)

Others (never-Trumpers) see Pence as a legitimate challenger in 2024 after his role in overseeing the certification of the election - while Pence and his advisers still have 'strong roots in conservative circles.'
Pence aides have made clear he is focused on helping Republicans get elected in 2022. And Pence, unlike other potential 2024 contenders, has never said publicly that he will bow out of the race if Trump gets in. The election is still 39 months away.
John Bolton, Trump’s former national security adviser turned Trump critic, told POLITICO that any “GOP presidential candidates who disagree with Pence's Jan. 6 electoral-vote rulings are almost certainly toast in the 2024 general election.”
Bolton, through his PAC, has been producing reams of polling data making the case that the Republican electorate is less tied to Trump than conventional wisdom suggests. His most recent survey showed that only one-third of Republicans polled believe Trump is the strongest candidate to take on Biden in 2024, while 52 percent believe a “fresh face” would make for a stronger candidate. -Politico
That's not what potential GOP candidates think, however. Potential 2024 contenders and their aides 'have begun engaging in a shadow campaign of sorts, presenting themselves as Trump understudies' who are ready to step into the race if Trump decides not to run again - or, they would angle for the VP spot.
Those on 'the list' - according to Politico, include: "Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, ex-Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Sens. Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley,' some of whom have been making their way to early voting states such as Iowa and New Hampshire to connect with party bigwigs and activists. Others have traveled elsewhere to speak at events for 2022 midterm candidates - as well as wooing rich donors at PAC fundraisers.

According to those 'in the know,' Trump and the rest are waiting to see how the 2022 midterm elections turn out.

"The best thing you can do is be out there for yourself and fundraising and stumping for candidates," said one Trump adviser. "74 million people isn’t a base. It’s half the electorate. People are asking the wrong question — how do I keep Trump saying my name with a smile on his face? But they need to know how they should connect with his base."


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AZ State Senator Defends TGP Reporter, Calls on RINO Michelle Ugenti-Rita to Resign

By Cristina Laila
Published July 25, 2021 at 3:55pm
Michelle Ugenti-Rita

Arizona state senator Kelly Townsend defended Gateway Pundit reporter Jordan Conradson after RINO state senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita had him removed from Trump’s rally and arrested.

On Saturday, President Trump spoke at the Rally to Protect Elections in Phoenix, Arizona.

Several local politicians were invited to speak at the rally today.

Arizona RINO State Senator Michelle Ugenti Rita also gave a speech but she was booed off of the stage as her words were muffled by the crowd, turned angry mob.

In an effort to save her speech, she yelled at her peasants “I’m going to win the primary!”

After feeling the heat from the crowd of thousands, Gateway Pundit reporter Jordan Conradson ran into her in another part of the arena.

Conradson asked her why she killed Senator Kelly Townsend’s chain of custody and election integrity bills.

A few minutes later Conradson was detained by event officials and escorted from the building for “harassing” Ugenti Rita.

After walking away, he called AZ State Senator Kelly Townsend, who encouraged him to come back peacefully and fight this.

On Sunday, Ugenti-Rita lashed out at Townsend and said she “encouraged” Jordan Conradson to “break the law.”

“A so-called reporter was removed by police and event security from an event yesterday after repeatedly harassing me. Then Kelly Townsend encouraged him to break the law by committing trespassing by re-entering the building to continue to harass me,” Ugenti said. ” This shows Townsend erratic emotional behavior and sick personal vendetta against me and others masked as caring about election integrity. If she isn’t stopped someone is going to get hurt.

Karen Fann this is the 2nd Senate member has encouraged violence against and you continue to ignore the situation. You must deal with her behavior immediately for the safety of the public, staff and members.”

Kelly Townsend hit back and defended TGP’s Jordan Conradson.

Kelly Townsend: “This is pure libel. I did not encourage him to break the law, I defended him against your tyranny and violation of the 1st amendment. You have violated your oath, Michelle Ugenti, at this point you need to resign.”



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Crazed Mob of Antifa Thugs Attacks Jan 6th Political Prisoner Rally in NYC; “I’ll Hang a Proud Boy”

By Julian Conradson
Published July 25, 2021 at 9:52pm

The Citizens Against Political Prosecution held a rally on Sunday in New York City.

The event was held to raise awareness in support of the January 6th patriots who are currently being abused in the DC gulag.


The event had barely gotten started when a large mob of deranged antifa members gathered in a nearby park. They marched over to the event holding signs that said “we will replace you” and “F— Justice, we want revenge.”

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1419382637811150851
.26 min

Once they got close enough they hurled eggs at the protesters and screamed their mindless chants directed at the crowd.

The mob harassed people as they tried to get through the park to access the event. Two brave women, draped in Trump gear and the American flag, refused to be intimidated by them and yelled back “this is my country.”

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1419434036661993477

As they are known to do, they were also threatening journalists who were filming and even assaulted one as he tried to walk past their blockade. A NYPD officer separated them and told the man filming to accommodate the mob by going another way.

No wonder the guy was asking “what country am I in right now?”

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1419407374289342469
.26 min

They also had agents from the ACLU called “protest monitors” who were “alerting” the black-bloc enforcers about people who were filming, sending them to try and put a stop to it.

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1419401012553650178
.21 min

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1419415555929423882
.16 min

The lunatics repeatedly clashed with police and, in one exchange, an unhinged comrade promised to not allow “another one of these rallies (in) peace.” He also told the officer he would “hang a proud boy” and “do it in front of him.”


View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1419376370510147585
.42 min

These terriorists have only become more emboldened under the Biden regime. They have had hundreds of cases dismissed despite their violent actions and despite thousands of hours of video evidence that documents their crimes.

Yet, they swear “Antifa is just an idea.”

The New Yorkers who are standing up for the political captives of the deep state have it especially hard, they are truly patriots.

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1419363357874966528
.11 min

Not only do they have to put up with these psychos in their black costumes, they live in a city run by marxist Bill DeBlasio, a state run by Governor Cuo-vid, and with a federal government lead by a Chinese puppet.


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Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers: “DECERTIFY NOW – RECALL THE ELECTORS” – AG Brnovich NEEDS To Indict Supervisors

By Jordan Conradson
Published July 25, 2021 at 10:15pm

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is leading the fight for decertification in Arizona.


Today on Twitter, Rogers shared her bottom line.
There is a lot of noise out there. Here is the bottom line:

Arizona’s certification was clearly not accurate.
Retweet and tag your legislators

At the July 15 Arizona Senate audit Hearing, The audit team made some shocking but not surprising announcements on their findings and requested action from Maricopa County.

The County responded by showing no interest in cooperating.


Maricopa County violated critical security procedures outlined in Arizona’s Elections Procedures Manual and they refuse to allow an investigation into the 2020 election.


It’s no wonder then that they refuse to deliver the routers, logs, and access keys.
Innocent people do not fight investigations so hard. Attorney General Brnovich should be leading the charge with indictments.

Wendy Rogers previously said that these public servants need to be held accountable “to include possibly sending them to jail.”


If you want this audit completed, tell Attorney General Mark Brnovich to indict the Supervisors, NOW.


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Greenwald: FBI Using Same Fear Tactic From First War On Terror, Orchestrating Its Own Terrorism Plots

MONDAY, JUL 26, 2021 - 12:00 AM
Authored by Glenn Greenwald via substack,

Questioning the FBI's role in 1/6 was maligned by corporate media as deranged. But only ignorance about the FBI or a desire to deceive could produce such a reaction.

The narrative that domestic anti-government extremism is the greatest threat to U.S. national security — the official position of the U.S. security state and the Biden administration — received its most potent boost in October 2020, less than one month before the 2020 presidential election. That was when the F.B.I. and Michigan state officials announced the arrest of thirteen people on terrorism, conspiracy and weapons charges, with six of them accused of participating in a plot to kidnap Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who had been a particular target of criticism from President Trump for her advocacy for harsh COVID lockdown measures.

The headlines that followed were dramatic and fear-inducing: “F.B.I. Says Michigan Anti-Government Group Plotted to Kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer,” announced The New York Times. That same night, ABC News began its broadcast this way: "Tonight, we take you into a hidden world, a place authorities say gave birth to a violent domestic terror plot in Michigan — foiled by the FBI.”

Democrats and liberal journalists instantly seized on this storyline to spin a pre-election theme that was as extreme as it was predictable. Gov. Whitmer herself blamed Trump, claiming that the plotters “heard the president’s words not as a rebuke but as a rallying cry — as a call to action.” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) claimed that “the president is a deranged lunatic and he’s inspired white supremacists to violence, the latest of which was a plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer,” adding: “these groups have attempted to KILL many of us in recent years. They are following Trump’s lead.” Vox’s paid television-watcher and video-manipulator, Aaron Rupar, drew this inference: “Trump hasn't commended the FBI for breaking up Whitmer kidnapping/murder plot because as always he doesn't want to denounce his base.” Michael Moore called for Trump's arrest for having incited the kidnapping plot against Gov. Whitmer. One viral tweet from a popular Democratic Party activist similarly declared: “Trump should be arrested for this plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer. There’s no doubt he inspired this terrorism.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo instantly declared it to be a terrorist attack on America: “We must condemn and call out the cowardly plot against Governor Whitmer for what it is: Domestic terrorism.” MSNBC's social media star Kyle Griffin cast it as a coup attempt: “The FBI thwarted what they described as a plot to violently overthrow the government and kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.” CNN's Jim Sciutto pronounced it “deeply alarming.”

A lengthy CNNarticle — dressed up as an investigative exposé that was little more than stenography of FBI messaging disseminated from behind a shield of anonymity — purported in the headline to take the reader “Inside the plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer.” It claimed that it all began when angry discussions about COVID restrictions “spiraled into a terrorism plot, officials say, with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer the target of a kidnapping scheme.” CNN heralded the FBI's use of informants and agents to break up the plot but depicted them as nothing more than passive bystanders reporting what the domestic terrorists were plotting:
The Watchmen had been flagged to the FBI in March, and one of its members was now an informant. That informant, others on the inside, as well as undercover operatives and recordings, allowed the bureau to monitor what was happening from then on.
The article never once hinted at let alone described the highly active role of these informants and agents themselves in encouraging and designing the plot. Instead, it depicted these anti-government activists as leading one another — on their own — to commit what CNN called “treason in a quaint town.” The more honest headline for this CNN article would have been: “Inside the FBI's tale of the plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer.” But since CNN never questions the FBI — they employ their top agents and operatives once they leave the bureau in order to disseminate their propaganda — this is what the country got from The Most Trusted Name in News:

Gov. Whitmer herself attempted to prolong the news cycle as much as possible, all but declaring herself off-limits from criticism by equating any critiques of her governance with incitement to terrorism. Appearing on Meet the Press two Sundays after the plot was revealed, Whitmer said it was “incredibly disturbing that the president of the United States—10 days after a plot to kidnap, put me on trial, and execute me, 10 days after that was uncovered—the president is at it again, and inspiring, and incentivizing, and inciting this kind of domestic terrorism.”

On October 22 — just two weeks before Election Day — MSNBC's Rachel Maddow hosted Whitmer and told the Michigan Governor that the evidence was clear that Trump had been "turning on a faucet of violent threats” against her. Whitmer agreed that Trump was to blame for the kidnapping plot by having repeatedly attacked her in his rallies:

Joe Biden also made repeated use of this storyline. Appearing at a campaign rally in Michigan on October 16, the Democratic candidate blasted Trump for the crime of continuing to criticize Whitmer even after she was the target of a terror plot. He explicitly blamed Trump for having incited it: “When the president tweeted 'Liberate Michigan, Liberate Michigan,' that's the call that was heard.

That was the dog whistle." And he accused Trump of purposely stoking a wave of the worst kind of terrorism on U.S. soil: “it's the sort of behavior you might expect from ISIS,” he said of the accused.

Yet from the start, there were ample and potent reasons to distrust the FBI's version of events. To begin with, FBI press releases are typically filled with lies, yet media outlets — due to some combination of excessive gullibility, an inability to learn lessons, or a desire to be deceived — continue to treat them as Gospel. For another, the majority of "terror plots” the FBI claimed to detect and break up during the first War on Terror were, in fact, plots manufactured, funded and driven by the FBI itself.

Indeed, the FBI has previously acknowledged that its own powers and budget depend on keeping Americans in fear of such attacks. Former FBI Assistant Director Thomas Fuentes, in a documentary called “The Newberg Sting” about a 2009 FBI arrest of four men on terrorism charges, uttered this extremely candid admission:

If you’re submitting budget
proposals for a law enforcement agency, for an intelligence agency, you’re not going to submit the proposal that “We won the war on terror and everything’s great,” cuz the first thing that’s gonna happen is your budget’s gonna be cut in half. You know, it’s my opposite of Jesse Jackson’s ‘Keep Hope Alive’—it’s ‘Keep Fear Alive.’ Keep it alive.
In the Whitmer kidnapping case, the FBI's own affidavit in support of the charges acknowledged the involvement in the plot of both informants and undercover FBI agents “over several months.”

Excerpt of FBI affidavit criminal complaint accompanying the criminal complaint in U.S. District Court against six defendants in the Whitmer plot

In sum, there was no way to avoid suspicions about the FBI's crucial role in a plot like this absent extreme ignorance about the bureau's behavior over the last two decades or an intentional desire to sow fear about right-wing extremists attacking Democratic Party officials one month before the 2020 presidential election. In fact, the signs of FBI involvement were there from the start for those who — unlike CNN — wanted to know the truth.

[Long article go to website for the rest]


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EXCLUSIVE: Maricopa County Witness Evidence Confirms SharpieGate Effort To Hurt Trump In Election

Big Revelations In The Desert
Patrick Howley

July 25, 2021

Pennsylvania Republicans Learn Arizona Audit Process; Trump Meets With Pro-Audit State Senator
(Modifiled/AP Photo/Matt York, Pool)

President Donald Trump supporters and American patriots nationwide are emboldened after an Arizona state Senate hearing on the Maricopa County election audit proved massive fraud. Among the audit’s findings so far:

11,326 people in the county who voted in the November 3 election were NOT on the voter rolls on November 7, but were added to the voter rolls by December 4. This number is higher than Joe Biden’s supposed statewide “lead” in Arizona of 10,457 votes. Additionally, more than 74,000 mail-in ballots were counted in the county even though there is no recorded evidence of the ballots being sent to the “voters” in the first place — and Maricopa County withheld all photographic evidence of the mail-in ballot envelopes from the Republican audit team (meanwhile, photographs show ballot printers and boxes getting loaded onto a “Destruction” truck in Phoenix during the Senate hearing). Thin ballot paper used for approximately 168,000 ballots led to markers “bleeding through” the paper, damaging ballots, after a Maricopa County official ordered staff to hand out Sharpie markers to same-day voters even though she knew about concerns with the Sharpies. Now, new witness evidence provided to NATIONAL FILE proves, once and for all, that the SharpieGate scandal is completely true.

On November 3rd 2020 I went to go vote around 2:00pm. I live in North Scottsdale somewhere along Thompson Peak Parkway. I went to go vote at this address 8600 E Anderson Dr, Scottsdale AZ 85255 which was a particularly large building. I parked my car and I was talking to a lady who was handing out drinks. She was a Republican just like me. I spoke to her for about 10 minutes and we were excited about Trump. After the 10 minutes was up I went inside to go vote. As soon as I entered the building I gave the lady my voter registration card which of course verifies my political party and if I am registered to vote. She proceeds to hand me a sharpie. I told her why the hell would I use a marker for my ballot when I can use my own ball point pen? She immediately argued with me for refusing to use a sharpie. I told the lady I wasn’t stupid! I was once an engineering student and I know that these machines are programmed to only read ball point pen only. It was even stated on the sample ballot to use ball point pen only. She then argues with me about the machines being a “New System” and that I need to trust the system because it can now read sharpies. I told her why would I trust this new system?

I also stated that the sample ballot even states to use ball point pen as well as the original one which was printed out to me. I spent about 45 minutes arguing with her. Eventually I got sick of hearing her shit and I told her to hand me my ballot after arguing with her. I took her dumb sharpie and used it on my ballot because I had to pick up a client at 3:30pm and I didn’t want to waste more time arguing with this lady. I was then directed to go vote at the red table. I then became highly suspicious because why were the tables color coded red and blue around me and why was I directed to vote at the red table? When I was filling out my ballot I also decided to take a photo of my ballot so I can upload it to social media. I was proud of voting for Trump. Then the same lady who argued with me about the sharpie screams at me for taking a photo of my ballot and told me that “There are no phones or cameras allowed inside.” I told her it’s my ballot which is now my property and I can do what I want with it. Once I was done with my ballot I was directed to give my ballot to the guy on the left which I did. I then left the building frustrated. Never in my life have I had a difficult time voting in my life. I later became very suspicious about the situation and kept checking if my ballot was counted. I never saw my ballot update in the system so I assumed my ballot was spoiled or not counted due to the use of the sharpie. I wish I would have obtained more photos but I was in a rush. Also the sharpie did cause the ink to bleed through. Below I have attached pictures of my ballot with an arrow showing the red table. These photos were taken using a Samsung galaxy note 10plus 5G.”



SharpieGate: “We are seeing a lot of very thin paper stock being used especially on Election Day,” said Doug Logan, Cyber Ninjas CEO, noting that approximately 168,000 on-site ballots printed at polling places used this thin paper, which resulted in a “bleed-through” ink effect that damaged ballots. Evidence shows that a Maricopa County government official ordered her underlings to hand out Sharpie markers to Election Day voters (mostly Trump voters showed up to vote on Election Day) despite “issues and concerns” with the markers.


NATIONAL FILE REPORTED IN NOVEMBER 2020: “An election day video shot in Arizona has drawn scrutiny nationwide after voters in the hotly contested state reported being issued Sharpie permanent markers to fill out their ballots, as opposed to the standard ballpoint pen, raising concerns that ballots filled out with the markers will not be properly counted. Filmed outside a polling location in Maricopa County, a woman on screen can be heard telling a man recording footage of the incident that poll workers were handing out Sharpies to voters, triggering vote-counting machines to reject ballots. Despite the issues, poll workers seemed to have barred the use of pens, maintaining that ballots must be filled out with Sharpies despite having pens on hand and barring voters from using their own or each other’s pens to vote.

“There were two people in front of me that used the Sharpie that was given to them by the poll workers, it did not read their ballot, and they slide it in there twice. I used a pen. I took their Sharpie and threw it away and it read my ballot,” the woman said.

“They had a bowl of pens behind them that they were not giving to people and only giving Sharpies out,” she says as another woman appears to corroborate her story.

What’s more, is the woman in the video says that after posting an account of her troubles voting to a local Facebook chat, more voters described a similar experience, all seeming to revolve around a region surrounding the Town of Gilbert, a heavily Republican area.

“I posted it on my Facebook group chat in my neighborhood, they said they did it at the Queen Creek Library, they did it at ASU Polytech earlier, that like four different polling places were doing Sharpies all in – like between Queen Creek and the edge of Gilbert.”

When the woman began alerting other voters at the polling location to the issue with the Sharpie markers, “there was a guy that directly came out and yelled at me. Three times.”

“They called the sheriffs[…]and told us to stop handing out the ballpoint pens,” the man recording responds. “In which case, those [ballots being filled out with ballpoint pens] are the only ones being counted and validated.”

“And so we know that and we’ve been telling them you need to use a ballpoint pen, not the sharpie, and now those are getting invalidated. So people are coming here to vote for Donald Trump and those votes are all getting invalidated. There we go…Welcome to the new America, people. That’s what’s going on!”…Arizona State Senator-elect Kelly Townsend, currently a State House Representative, confirms, after speaking to the Maricopa County Recorder’s office staff, that the reports of voters in Republican-leaning areas being given sharpies by poll workers that allegedly resulted in ballots being rendered unusable are now officially under investigation, and urges Maricopa County residents to aid in the effort.”

NATIONAL FILE REPORTED ON NOVEMBER 6: “A video has been uncovered released by Arizona officials last month that instructs voters not to use sharpies when casting their ballots.

Republican voters in Arizona during the election reported that they were forced to use Sharpies instead of ballpoint pens, something that is alleged would result in the ballots being thrown out, with the controversy being labelled “SharpieGate” as a result. National File reported on a viral video from a female voter on her experiences at the voting booth:

“There were two people in front of me that used the Sharpie that was given to them by the poll workers, it did not read their ballot, and they slide it in there twice. I used a pen. I took their Sharpie and threw it away and it read my ballot,” the woman said.

“They had a bowl of pens behind them that they were not giving to people and only giving Sharpies out,” she says as another woman appears to corroborate her story.

What’s more, is the woman in the video says that after posting an account of her troubles voting to a local Facebook chat, more voters described a similar experience, all seeming to revolve around a region surrounding the Town of Gilbert, a heavily Republican area.

“I posted it on my Facebook group chat in my neighborhood, they said they did it at the Queen Creek Library, they did it at ASU Polytech earlier, that like four different polling places were doing Sharpies all in – like between Queen Creek and the edge of Gilbert.”

Now a video has emerged from the official YouTube channel of Pima County, Arizona, with officials telling voters that they should not use sharpies or any permanent markers when casting their ballot. “Use a black or blue ballpoint pen, no sharpies, to fill in the ovals next to your candidates name,” the official in the video says.

NATIONAL FILE REPORTED ON NOVEMBER 30, 2020: “Trump campaign expert witness Colonel Phil Waldron confirmed the SharpieGate scandal during Arizona’s hearing on election integrity on Monday.

Republican voters on election day in Maricopa County in Arizona reported that they were forced to use Sharpies, rather than ballpoint pens, and were concerned that there would be bleedthroughs, and therefore invalidate the ballots. The hashtag “SharpieGate” went viral, with Arizona voters posting their concerns all over social media.

“There were two people in front of me that used the Sharpie that was given to them by the poll workers, it did not read their ballot, and they slide it in there twice. I used a pen. I took their Sharpie and threw it away and it read my ballot,” one woman said at the time.

During Monday’s hearing in Arizona on election integrity, Colonel Phil Waldron, an expert witness, confirmed the scandal’s existence when discussing the topic with former New York mayor and head of the Trump legal team, Rudy Giuliani.

“Tell us about the green button in Maricopa County on the machine,” Giuliani asked Waldron. “There is one witness that is going to testify that all day she saw election officials constantly pressing the green button when somebody was voting.”

“I believe this was also linked to another witness that’s going to talk about the differences between the pens and the sharpies,” Waldron replied. “The Maricopa elections division in early voting they specified to only use ballpoint pens for voting, and then on election day they specified only use sharpies.”

National File confirmed this story, with Maricopa County Elections Assistant Director Kelly Dixon identifying issues with ballots being cast using Sharpie markers but still insisting that voters who cast their ballot on November 3 must do so using sharpies.”


Republicans hoping to get President Donald Trump back in office can look to left-wingers for advice. That’s right. After the 2016 election, liberals tried to overturn Trump’s victory and laid out numerous strategies for doing so, as we will explain below. Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers stated: “I have heard enough. With the tens of thousands of ballots mailed without being requested, the over ten thousand people who voted after registering after November 3rd, the failure of Maricopa to turn over the 40% machines, the passwords that Dominion still refuses to turn over, & tens of thousands of unauthorized queries demonstrating how insecure the election was, I call for the Biden electors to be recalled to Arizona & a new election must be conducted. Arizona’s electors must not be awarded fraudulently & we need to get this right.” Arizona state senator Sonny Borelli stated: “I’ve seen enough evidence to challenge the validity of the certification of the Maricopa County Election results.” Arizona state senator Kelly Townsend stated that “I want to see indictments.” Georgia State Senator Brandon Beach, referring to the massive voter fraud revelations in his own state of Georgia, said, “We can ask for our 16 Electoral College votes back, and park them here. And just say, we don’t want those as part of the vote.” Beach explained, “Decertify our 16 electoral votes. Park them here. Bring them back, and park them in Georgia. And then if Arizona did that, if a couple other states did that, and it got below 270, then the Twelfth Amendment would kick in, and Congress would have to act.” So would Republicans put Decertificaton of the 2020 election on the ballot for the 2022 midterms, or can Wendy Rogers’ strategy prove effective and can we get a re-vote of the entire election?

Arguments can certainly be made for an Election “Re-Do.”

As Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan revealed some of his evidence at an Arizona Senate hearing, ballot printers and boxes were being moved in Phoenix onto a truck providing “Destruction” services. The establishment appears to be panicking. Maricopa County officials have confirmed that they are getting rid of the election equipment that was inspected in the audit.


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Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan said at a hearing before Arizona state senators Thursday that his election audit found more than 74,000 mail-in ballots that were counted in Maricopa County with no record of them being sent to the voters, and that the standard of verification for mail-in ballots dropped down to zero during the counting process. Logan is demanding the full library of mail-in ballot images from Maricopa County, which the county has not provided to him.

Biden’s official lead in Arizona stands at only 10,457 votes.

“We have 74,243 mail-in ballots where there is no clear record of them being sent,” Doug Logan said. “And so we have 74,000 where we have them came back from individuals where we don’t have a clear indication that they were ever sent out to them.”

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1415760870982967300
1:56 min

Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan stated that the standard of verification for mail-in ballots dropped considerably as the volume of the ballots increased. “We’ve had an affidavit that specifically stated that when mail-in ballots were received, that so many of them were received that the standard was reduced over time. They originally talked about, there was originally 20 points of comparison on the signature and then after some time they were told to go to ten points of comparison, then five. And then eventually they were just told to let every single mail-in ballot through,” Doug Logan stated, noting that Maricopa County is withholding mail-in ballot images that can be used as evidence. Former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett recommended re-subpoenaing those images.

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1415761743238909956
1:53 min

Former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who served as the Republican state Senate’s liaison to the Maricopa County audit, confirmed that “thousands” of ballots that were set aside to be duplicated had no serial number on them or a very “light” unreadable serial number, making them impossible to properly count during the 2020 election.

“There was almost one whole pallet that were called original/damaged ballots sent to duplication…if a ballot gets damaged and has to be sent to duplication,” Bennett explained. “We found I would have to say thousands of duplicate ballots where those serial numbers are not on them” which “has created great difficulty in trying to match up.”

Bennett said that “thousands” of ballots in the duplicate pile had serial numbers “put on by a dot matrix printer, very very light” and there was “none whatsoever on many” ballots. When asked how you would know if ballots are duplicated or not with no serial number, Ken Bennett confirmed that you would NOT know.

The stunning revelation provides more substance to President Donald Trump’s assertion that the 2020 election was illegitimate.

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1415733267349884932
2:17 min

Tech contractor Ben Cotton, a witness in the Arizona Senate hearing Thursday on the Arizona election audit, confirmed that the Maricopa County election system was “compromised” during the 2020 election. “An element of the election system was actually compromised or breached during the course of the November 2020 election…The registration server that was public facing did have unauthorized access to that. In cybersecurity terms, it was breached…The county issued a letter” regarding the problem, stated tech expert Cotton.

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1415740013027942400
.42 min

In March, there were more than 37,000 anonymous administrative queries to access the 2020 election system in Maricopa County that defied “normal Windows behavior,” according to cyber expert Ben Cotton, a witness at the Arizona state Senate hearing Thursday on the election audit.

“The Windows logs will actually record the user name that is requesting that action” in addition to the IP address and the host name of the client making the request, said tech expert Ben Cotton. “What we are seeing here…is we’re seeing anonymous logins at the system level that do not follow that pattern of normal Windows behavior.” Cotton said that he needs to obtain data to figure out what the activity is.

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1415743415304826882
.52 min

President Donald Trump stated: “Arizona Senate hearings on the Maricopa County Election audit is devastating news to the Radical Left Democrats and the Biden Administration. While this, according to the Senate, is preliminary, with results being announced at a later date, it seems that 74,243 Mail-In Ballots were counted with “no clear record of them being sent.”

"There were 18,000 voters who were scrubbed from the voter rolls after the election. They also revealed that the voting system was breached or hacked (by who?) Very big printer and ballot problems with different paper used, etc., and MUCH MORE. The irregularities revealed at the hearing today amount to hundreds of thousands of votes or, many times what is necessary for us to have won. Despite these massive numbers, this is the State that Fox News called early for a Biden victory. There was no victory here, or in any other of the Swing States either.”

“Maricopa County refuses to work together with the Senate and others who are merely looking for honesty, integrity, and transparency. Why do the Commissioners not want to look into this corrupted election? What are they trying to hide? The highly respected State Senator Wendy Rogers said in a tweet the hearing today means we must decertify the election. In any event, the Senate Patriots are moving forward with final results to be announced in the not-too-distant future, but based on today’s hearing, why even wait?” stated Republican President Trump, who served honorably in the Oval Office from 2017 until his ouster by the Deep State in January 2021.

The Left Tried To Overturn The 2016 Election After Trump Won, Demanding A Revote And Petitioning Attorneys General

The left-wing VoicesofMillionsCoalition drafted a Change.org petition to the U.S. Supreme Court to force a “Revote of the 2016 Elections (Primary and General).”

The group’s petition stated: “The people of Austria and Ukraine prompted their Supreme Court to overturn their elections following widespread election hacking.

We must do the same. Jerroll M. Sanders—legal strategist for a far-reaching citizen revote effort—looked at U.S. law through a new lens and drafted a writ of mandamus that amounts to a solid challenge to the 2016 elections. Citizens across the nation walked into courts and filed the documents drafted by Sanders to safeguard our right to vote. One of the writs filed jointly by three citizen petitioners now sits before the U.S. Supreme Court. The writ asks the Court to declare the 2016 elections (primary and general) unconstitutional because the U.S. Government failed to protect States’ against cyber invasions during the 2016 elections as required by Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. www.revote.org.”

On November 21, 2017, VoicesofMillionsCoalition posted that “Revote Coalition Launches Promising Strategy to Obtain Revote of 2016 Federal Elections” and stated, “Revote Coalition (www.revote.info) has sent requests to several State Attorneys General (AGs) asking them to file a Supreme Court (SCOTUS) case seeking a revote of the 2016 federal elections. AGs are considering the group’s request.” Of course, in the 2020 election, the Coalition encouraged its anti-Trump supporters to vote with paper ballots.

State Supreme Courts have ordered re-votes of contested elections
This time four years ago, in July 2017, the liberal website FiveThirtyEight ran an article headlined “What Happens If The Election Was A Fraud? The Constitution Doesn’t Say?,” which delved into the strategies Democrats could try to use to overturn the election if “Russian interference” was found to have helped Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. Needless to say, liberals were very much open to the idea of overturning the election results using legislative process. FiveThirtyEight even linked to some examples of cases that could be used to support a re-do of the 2016 presidential election, the way the 1974 Senate election in New Hampshire sparked a re-vote the following year.

In July 2002, the Chicago Tribune ran a headline entitled “Supreme Court doesn’t bar revote in primary” in which staff reporter Christi Parsons reported: “Clearing the way for a new election to correct a faulty Illinois House primary, the state Supreme Court on Friday declined to step in and avert plans to hold the unprecedented revote this fall. As a result, election officials are on course to hold a do-over election Sept. 10 for the West Side Chicago and west suburb House seat.

In the initial election, some ballots were not counted, some were lost before an official recount and others were mistakenly cast by voters who didn’t live in the district. A Cook County judge last month ordered a new primary election in the race between Democrats Dorothy Reid and Deborah Graham.

On Friday, justices declined to take up a direct appeal of that ruling, leaving an appeals court to hear complaints from Reid. She had been declared the winner after a coin flip to break a tie between her and Graham, opening the door to a court challenge soon after the March primary.”

In 2004, WTHR 13 in Indianapolis reported on the Indiana Supreme Court ordering a new East Chicago mayoral election as a result of fraud. WTHR reported: “The Indiana Supreme Court says supporters of long-time East Chicago Mayor Robert Pastrick bought absentee votes to get him re-elected last year. The state’s highest court Friday ordered a new election because of pervasive corruption in the Democratic primary in which Pastrick defeated George Pabey by 123 votes.”

The Supreme Court of Connecticut in 2006 upheld a lower court’s ruling that an election must be re-done for Middletown city council. The Supreme Court of Connecticut wrote in its decision on Bauer vs. Souto:

“This appeal concerns a contested municipal election for the common council of the city of Middletown (council) that was held on November 8, 2005…Following the filing of simultaneous briefs and oral argument before this court, we announced the decision of this court from the bench on December 21, 2005, affirming the trial court’s judgment ordering a new election to be held on January 24, 2006, but reversing the judgment as to the scope of that election. Specifically, we ordered the new election to be citywide, and not limited to district eleven, the district in which the contest arose, as ordered by the trial court…The defendants’ suggestion, made at oral argument in this court, that the new election be limited to those voters who actually voted in the first election in district eleven, is patently unreasonable. There is nothing in our law or in our democratic traditions to suggest that, if a voter does not vote in an election, he or she waives his right to do so when the results of that election prove unreliable and a court orders a new election.”

Back when liberals thought they could overturn the 2016 election, FiveThirtyEight reported (emphasis added):

“Others (legal scholars) suggest that there is legal precedent for a presidential re-vote if there were flaws in the process. One instance in which this question arose was the “butterfly ballot” from the 2000 election, which may have caused some voters to choose Pat Buchanan when they meant to vote for Al Gore in Palm Beach County, Florida…At least one federal court has suggested that the courts could order a new election. In 1976, a District Court in New York heard a case alleging voter fraud in several urban locations. The court’s opinion maintained that federal courts had a role to play in ensuring free and fair presidential elections, arguing: “It is difficult to imagine a more damaging blow to public confidence in the electoral process than the election of a President whose margin of victory was provided by fraudulent registration or voting, ballot-stuffing or other illegal means.”

This assertion challenged the idea that presidential elections occupy a special category beyond such court remedies.” (FiveThirtyEight passage ends)

Ohio State University law professor Steven Huefner wrote a paper in the Harvard Journal on Legislation, Vol. 44, 2007, entitled Remedying Election Wrongs which argued for the constitutionality of “empowering” what he called “legislative tribunals” to “settle some election contests.” Here is a passage from Huefner’s abstract (emphasis added):

“The article next discusses the primary values that should be protected in remedying an unsettled election. With these values in mind, the article then urges states to reconstitute their remedial processes for failed elections.

"First, it recommends much greater specificity in defining the remedies available for particular types of election failure. It then identifies several additional issues that a state’s election contest statute should address with clarity, such as who can contest an election, what evidentiary showings to require, and the time within which a contest should be resolved.

"It also recommends empowering non-judicial forums, such as administrative or legislative tribunals, to settle some election contests, and encouraging citizens to adjust their expectations about our election processes – and about the appropriate remedies for failures in these processes – in recognition of the practical impossibility of developing a flawless election system.”

Though Huefner was indecisive on what could happen in a contested presidential election and felt that Congress should have jurisdiction over federal elections he wrote:

“The easiest case for adjusting election results is when the specific tainted votes, not just the total number of affected votes, can be identified. If the invalid votes are known, then the court can subtract those votes from the official tally, and declare whichever candidate has the most remaining votes to be the winner. For instance, in a recent judicial election in Arkansas, the outcome was reversed when 518 invalid absentee ballots were specifically identified and removed from the official count because the ballots were not obtained or submitted in compliance with absentee balloting requirements...

"Nonetheless, most courts also have a comparatively easy time resolving the case when the ostensible victor of the election is proven to have participated in vote fraud. When the number of tainted votes exceeds the margin of victory, courts will usually presume that all of those illegal votes favored the candidate behind the fraud and deduct those votes from the official tally, thereby reversing the outcome…The remaining alternative for remedying an unreliable election outcome, whether it occurs as a result of fraud or mistake, is to invalidate the election and call for a new one. This has happened in a variety of circumstances, and many courts have wrestled with whether and when they have authority to order a new election. Although dramatic examples of ordering a new election at the federal level are rare,68 we can find a number of instances in local elections. For instance, in an Alabama mayoral race in 1984, one of four voting machines was conclusively shown to have failed to register any votes cast for one of the four candidates.

The state supreme court ordered the entire election rerun, overruling the trial court’s remedy of ordering new balloting only for the voters who had voted on the defective machine…Consider, for instance, a system in which all U.S. citizens received a voter identification card upon reaching voting age, linked to a national computerized database of voters.162 Election eligibility could then be easily confirmed at polling places nationwide. Voters who had voted by absentee ballots also could be systematically identified. Imagine the impact that such a national voter identification card could have not only on facilitating greater voter participation, but also reducing voter and administrative errors (including those associated with the casting of provisional ballots), discouraging (and identifying) vote fraud, and reducing costs.”

Kelly C from Arizona said on Twitter that “they were snatching people’s ball point pens away very aggressively, but the liberal cities like Tucson there was a sign that no sharpies allowed, definitely done on purpose” and “they didn’t just hand them out forcefully (they) took people’s ball point pen and said we can’t use them.”