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Capitol Riots Backlash Doesn't Keep Cori Bush from Bravely Tweeting 'A Riot is the Language of the Unheard'

By Kyle Becker | Feb 06, 2021 9:43 PM ET

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson File)
Thank you, Cori Bush, for taking this brave stand on behalf of rioters everywhere.

Even if it was only by accident. On Saturday night, the presumably oblivious Rep. Bush, who fancies herself a profound truth-teller, had a message on Twitter for all of America.


“A riot is the language of the unheard.” – Dr. MLK Jr. I want to talk to my constituents in the window,” she tweeted. “Their lives and their rights must be protected. My team and I are working to ensure that the urgent needs of people who are incarcerated are not ignored.”

Bush was referring to a riot among St. Louis inmates who committed some truly admirable actions, as reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
A faulty locking system allowed inmates at a downtown city jail to escape their cells Saturday before freeing other “very violent people” who then caused widespread damage on a floor of the jail, including smashing exterior windows and sending flaming debris to the sidewalk below, city officials said.
About 115 inmates took control of the fourth floor of the City Justice Center where they set fires, clogged toilets, flooded parts of the floor and caused other damage, officials said.
Smashing windows and clogging toilets. MLK assuredly would have been proud!

While she cited Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a blanket excuse for such actions (King was unavailable for comment due to his tragic assassination over fifty years ago), she waded into territory she might not have intended.

The Capitol, you see, has been struck by riots. If you have somehow forgotten about them, let AOC tell you all about it.

Cori Bush is also quite the talker, making her statement exceptionally ironic. She has called for Republicans, whom she reflexively calls ‘white supremacists’ for unclear reasons, to be expelled from Congress.


She am-Bush-ed fellow colleagues with irrational demands to throw them out of the House based on ethereal claims of “white supremacy”:


View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1357458756955746305
.31 min

She berated Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after an altercation she herself started. Watch:

View: https://youtu.be/peW0T_YMswU
1:17 min

“You think I’m going to make it all the way to Congress and then be quiet when white supremacy comes and knocks at the door?” Bush railed. “It’s not that she can’t evolve or be reformed, and so that’s why I won’t shut up, because maybe she just needs to be exposed that there is a whole other side to this thing: it’s called loving humanity.”

One thing that didn’t come ‘knocking at the door’ was a rioter, thanks in part to a brave Capitol police officer who was treated like a would-be abuser after a maudlin livestream from AOC. Bush, for her part, was having flashbacks as if she was back in ‘Nam like Connecticut Dick Blumenthal:

View: https://youtu.be/f1bWzLeB2xQ
.37 min

“You’re not taking me out!” she said about rioters who didn’t actually harm any Congressional members due to the heroic actions of the Capitol police and being evacuated to a different building.

“We would have been shot if we tried to do all that,” she said, referring to the Capitol riots. Actually, a woman named Ashli Babbitt was shot for merely voicing the “language of the unheard.”

She has stunningly and bravely referred to the president (not this one, the previous one) as the ‘white-supremacist-in-chief’:

View: https://youtu.be/rouHokKy1-Q
.37 min

Alas, Cori Bush is also, perhaps, unaware that ‘far-left extremists’ are currently marching through the capitol right, making mostly peaceful threats like, “Burn it down!”

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1358210898847035399
.10 min

This is a brazen show of force in the nation’s capitol is despite the Defcon 3 warning that there is a “terrorism bulletin” issued by the Department of Homeland Security based on no “credible, imminent” intelligence that some “extremists” might rear their ugly heads again. (There have been no reports about serious action taken against this threatening left-wing mob at the time of publication.)

There is a current estimated force of 26,000 National Guard troops in the capitol ready to stand down if there is another riot at a cost to taxpayers of around $500 million.

If tonight’s BLM march through the streets of D.C. is any indication, they probably wouldn’t hear the “language of the unheard” if it were a screaming roar.


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“MAGA Terrorism” – CNN’s Jake Tapper Says Trump Supporters Who Question 2020 Election Results Need to be ‘Held Accountable’ (VIDEO)

By Cristina Laila
Published February 7, 2021 at 4:03pm

This is CNN.

CNN’s “State of the Union” anchor Jake Tapper labeled Trump supporters ‘terrorists’ and said people who question the 2020 election results must be held accountable.

After pushing the ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ lie for years, CNN is now telling Trump supporters to sit down and shut up about the Democrat voter fraud in the 2020 election.

“If there is no accountability and no attempt by the Republican Party to stop these insane lies that have taken root in their party… This is not going to be the end of MAGA terrorism, this will only be the beginning,” Jake Tapper said.



View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1358440924762800130
5:55 min

Not a word from Jake Tapper about BLM-Antifa terrorists marching through DC last night chanting, “Burn it down!”

View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1358210898847035399
.10 min

Not a word from CNN when Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters called for Republicans to be violently attacked and harassed.


View: https://twitter.com/i/status/1356758777832300546
.21 min

Not a word from CNN when a Russian collusion truther and Bernie supporter shot up a baseball field and almost killed GOP Rep. Steve Scalise.


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Fact-Checking the Phony Fact-Checkers: The Gateway Pundit’s Explosive Michigan, TCF Center Reporting ABSOLUTELY Shows Voter Fraud

By Ben Wetmore
Published February 7, 2021 at 4:22pm

On Friday The Gateway Pundit released newly discovered and explosive video from the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan on election night November 4th. The video shows vehicles making late night ballot deliveries after the 8 PM deadline in the state.

Two outlets performed so-called “Fact Checks” of the Gateway Pundit video exclusive which shows the van performing the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump in Detroit on election night. According to The Detroit Free Press, Politifact, and Deadline Detroit (the “Three Stooges”) the videos we released on Friday do not show fraud.

Their flawed reasoning:

Even though the ballots are nearly eight (8) hours past the lawful election deadline, they *might* have been collected at 7:59PM. And since City of Detroit official Chris Thomas signed an affidavit stating as much, then suggestions of fraud are “false.”

But there’s no evidence there was a proper chain of custody on the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump. The stooges also refuse to consider several other eyewitness accounts showing these were highly suspicious and likely illegal ballots. And those eyewitnesses to voter fraud outnumber, and have better credibility, than Detroit Official Chris Thomas.

The media “fact checks” are carefully crafted hit-pieces used to discredit, and ultimately silence, the Gateway Pundit; and provide a basis for others to attack as well. Yesterday, Twitter permanently banned Gateway Pundit Publisher Jim Hoft likely because of these videos. Other entities like NewsGuard, Sleeping Giants, and others, use “fact check” propaganda like this to lobby the GP’s advertisers to abandon the Gateway Pundit. This is how totalitarians operate: crushing dissenting truth-tellers. This is how the ruling oligarchy in this country operates: Exposing the truth is a crime and must be punished.

But was the Gateway Pundit wrong in its claims or reporting?

The Pundit was completely accurate. And Clara Hendrickson of the Free Press, as well as the authors of the cowardly unsigned article at Deadline Detroit, which relied solely on the Hendrickson/Free Press for its reporting, should be ashamed of themselves for such journalistic malpractice. Hendrickson’s reporting was copied and pasted into the Politifact fact check that was similarly wrong and relied entirely on Chris Thomas’ affidavit.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on 2020 election fraud. Its TCF video and story showcases the uncovered evidence, documented and discussed in those stories. But the media when “fact-checking,” like to narrowly focus on one item and purposefully ignore the necessary context to properly consider whether or not the reporting is accurate.

The claim is rated “false” by left-wing reporters because Hendrickson takes all nuance and context away from the story, and sloppily patches two simple facts together: (1) we don’t know when the ballots showing up at 3:30AM were actually received by the City of Detroit; and (2) City of Detroit official Chris Thomas says nothing was wrong.

Detroit City Official Chris Thomas is lying in his Affidavit, here’s how we know:
  • Thomas claims there were only 45 boxes delivered, when the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump had 61 as observed by multiple witnesses and evident in the security camera footage. In the video you can observe and count 61 boxes, exactly as our witnesses described the week after the election!
  • Most explosively, we now know there was not just one, but TWO Biden Ballot Dumps by the City of Detroit “Vote Mobile” arriving at 3:30AM and 4:30AM. These ballots were extremely suspicious, were all for Biden, and took Trump’s commanding lead in Michigan to a significant defeat.
  • City of Detroit whistleblowers have come forward to say the City was pushing every ballot possible through and counting those ballots, regardless of whether they were valid or not, ignoring state law.
  • Thomas claims the process was legitimate and secured throughout, and we now know that the process was flawed at almost every step, and that there was no secure chain of custody.
Chris Thomas has the most serious and obvious motive to lie: he’s Detroit Clerk Janice Winfrey’s assistant. None of the whistleblowers have the motive to lie, many of whom are very scared of career, economic and physical threats.

But Hendrickson and others use Thomas’ affidavit to completely ignore any of these important witnesses. And she barely acknowledges at all that other witnesses and other evidence corroborates their statements.

Here’s the basic logic that Hendrickson lacks and the journalistic curiosity she never developed:
TCF election witness Jose Aliaga has repeatedly said that the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump was almost all absentee ballots from what he observed.

Aliaga noted that all the ballots were done in exclusively black ink, whereas earlier in the day they were in both blue and black ink.

All the ballots, Aliaga says, were for Joe Biden and Democrat Senate incumbent Gary Peters.

All the ballots were ‘undervoting’ the rest of the ballot, meaning they inexplicably left every other race blank.

And Aliaga said he felt the ballot selection boxes were filled in almost perfectly, whereas normal ballots had a more unpredictable look.

QR Code inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has said perfectly-filled boxes is a major indication of fraud.

Absentees, as multiple TCF witnesses have said, were counted first on election day the day prior, not last as these ballots were counted. This means that this huge influx of absentees were way out of place, since they should have been the first and not last counted.

As well, courageous City of Detroit whistleblower Jessy Jacob came forward, by affidavit and by testimony, to say that the Detroit Zuckerberg ballot boxes were checked and cleared every single hour and then were supposed to be locked promptly at 8:00PM. Meaning there should *not* have been 15,000, 150,000, or more absentee ballots left remaining to be checked until 3:30AM.

The ballot deadline was 8:00PM as set by state law, and reiterated through court cases. The Democrats wanted to count every ballot no matter when it arrived, even if days later, and that was their position in court. But the court said that no ballot received after 8:00PM could be accepted as valid, this is why that time is so important.

Another credible City of Detroit whistleblower, afraid for repercussions and so not quoted on the record, has come forward to exclusively tell the Gateway Pundit that they personally witnessed people in Detroit stuffing the Zuckerberg boxes after the legal 8:00PM deadline and that the boxes were NOT locked as the City of Detroit has maintained in legal filings.

Hendrickson does not bother her readers with the relevant context that the courts had said, over Democrat objections, that late-arriving ballots after the 8:00PM deadline could not be counted. Thus there is a very strong incentive to claim that all ballots were received prior to the deadline, and we know that the preference of the clerks was to count and accept late ballots.

Jessy Jacob also said that virtually no controls were in place checking ballots for legal accuracy, primarily signature verification or checking addresses. She has maintained that they were told to push all the ballots through and not reject any.

Indeed, the ‘rejection rate’ for ballots was at a record low, seeming to corroborate the substance of Jacob’s allegations.

Jacob says she was also told to backdate applications so that they would appear to have arrived earlier than the deadline for ballots.

In the affidavit that every fact check is relying upon, the one from Chris Thomas, who is the assistant to Detroit Clerk Janice Winfrey, he says there was one delivery of 45 boxes, including 16,000 ballots, early in the morning. Even though the video shows 61 boxes for the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Drop. He is admitting that because the Pundit reported the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump within a week of it happening, and documented it by publishing video testimonials from other similar witnesses.

Part 1 of 2


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Part 2 of 2

The problem for Thomas, Clara Hendrickson, and for the City of Detroit is that we now know they’re all lying, or they are part of the voter fraud cover-up.

Chris Thomas is certainly lying and should be prosecuted for perjury.

We found that there were more than 45 boxes in that delivery as Thomas has claimed. Eyewitnesses say the number was over 50 and many say they counted exactly 61. In the video, we count 61 boxes. This completely corroborates multiple eyewitness accounts.

But we also found more ballot dumps that we didn’t previously know about.
We know this because the Gateway Pundit spent nearly ten thousand dollars ($10,000) buying all the security camera footage from 3:00-5:00AM and found the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump on camera and examined (and still is examining) more than 1,200 hours of video. There wasn’t just one, there were apparently two early morning ballot dumps by the same white City of Detroit van ironically labeled the “Vote Mobile” by its signage entering at 3:23AM, leaving at 3:53AM. And then the SECOND ballot dump was at 4:32AM, where the van leaves at 4:58AM according to the timestamp on the TCF Security Cameras.

The TCF Center loading dock that they came into at 3:30AM had the door open, so people like reporter Shane Trejo and others could see what was happening and ran to report it to the Michigan Republican Party attorneys who were on site. But the door was closed at the other times, so the witnesses did not see them.

Chris Thomas only admitted to the one ballot dump that we knew about, apparently never expecting anyone to check the video footage.

The Pundit was the first to report on the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump because we talked to NUMEROUS actual witnesses who described their anger and shock at witnessing voter fraud in front of their eyes.

The mainstream media avoids having to admit there are eyewitnesses to the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump, because then readers would want to hear from those witnesses and determine their credibility. And those witnesses have largely said the exact same thing for months, people who did not know one another prior, who describe the same people, time, details, and specific details of the suspicious ballots. And with their statements on video, you can determine their credibility for yourself.

What’s also interesting is that this tactic of suspicious late-night ballot dumps of supposed absentees used to flip an election where the preferred candidate was behind in election day votes is well-known, so well-known in fact that in Janice Winfrey’s last Democrat primary election she used it against now-Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist. Gilchrist called the 2016 election process administered by Winfrey “a complete catastrophe.”

We were even concerned that perhaps reporter Shane Trejo and Jose Aliaga saw a different van, or perhaps different people coming out of the van, so we went back to them and asked them the same questions and showed them still pictures and video from the TCF security cameras, and both told the exact same stories they told in November and both said this was the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump they remember. Both of them feel completely confident that what they witnessed was the great steal that took Michigan away from Trump, and ultimately the systemic voter fraud that the mainstream media refuses to investigate and illogically (and maliciously) claims does not exist.

By declaring the Pundit’s coverage false these outlets take the question of whether the ballots were legal, an unknown, and declare it safe with no evidence to support that position other than a self-interested statement from one official.

There’s no credible chain of custody on those ballots presented anywhere.
The witnesses who saw and ultimately counted those ballots expressed concern about their legitimacy and complained to officials on-site. They knew something was wrong with this late-night ballot delivery and wanted someone to credibly investigate. Now, reporters like Hendrickson are declaring everything false, but the depth of their reporting is to solely rely on one affidavit, talk to no one, and ignore the LEGIONS of witnesses.

Statements by self-interested government officials should be viewed with extreme skepticism. This is especially important when the alternative is an admission of voter fraud. With whistleblowers like Jessy Jacob risking their careers to tell the truth, they should be given at least a fair review and not arrogantly dismissed out of hand. Instead, The Stooge “fact checkers” serve as the rubber stamp propagandists for Detroit – one of the most corrupt and mismanaged cities in the Western Hemisphere. Say the Stooges to an doubting public: “nothing to see here, move along.”

The Thomas affidavit comes from the court hearing held before Wayne County Judge Tim Kenny, who weighed the various affidavits submitted and said that he found the Wayne County ones “more credible.”

Judge Kenny did not have a hearing, hear testimony, and take evidence. He merely disposed of the case based on the documents provided to him. He did such poor legal work, that the Michigan Supreme Court reprimanded him in this case and ordered him to have a real, substantive, hearing. None of the primary reporting that uses the hearing to dismiss witnesses, including Hendrickson’s, provides this important, relevant, and necessary context.
…the trial court should meaningfully assess plaintiffs’ allegations by an evidentiary hearing, particularly with respect to the credibility of the competing affiants, as well as resolve necessary legal issues…
Judge Kenny has never held that substantive hearing.

These reporting oversights and mistakes are not minor or insignificant, and they are not facts that a reporter seeking to ‘debunk’ a story of this magnitude should do with one affidavit and one assumption that all government officials are ethical and honest. With so little context offered by Hendrickson, almost her entire article is lacking important context by virtue of the lazy work she provided.

Let’s examine how bad Clara Hendrickson is at journalism. Her article ‘debunking’ the Pundit was completely unbalanced and without context. She completely ignored the important testimonies of reporter Shane Trejo, Jose Aliaga, and Jessy Jacob. She never bothered emailing or calling these important witnesses. She didn’t bother reaching out to any author of these articles from the Pundit. And she engaged in premature conclusions and wrongly assuming bad faith on behalf of the Pundit, ultimately defaming the Pundit for reporting accurately.

Her piece is so superficial and misleading. She provides her readers with no context or meaningful examination of the evidence. She pontificates that the Pundit article is false by nitpicking what should otherwise be obvious: ballots eight (8) hours legally late are presumptively suspicious!

And in what should be considered the cardinal sin of these presumptuous, arrogant mainstream media fact-checkers – who don’t even deign to call reporters, publishers, witnesses or even to bring new facts to the situation – she declares something ‘false’ which is, using only the facts she cherry-picks, at best ambiguous. There is no way to know whether those ballots were legal unless she called as a journalist and found a valid, credible, chain of custody on those ballots. Instead, she relies on an affidavit from a source obviously motivated to lie: Chris Thomas from the City of Detroit. She ignored all of the evidence, documentation and actual journalism performed by the Gateway Pundit.

When the entire weight of social media, big tech, multinational corporations, among others, are punishing, threatening, deplatforming those who dare to discuss FACTS and WITNESSES to the official narrative, you would think Clara Hendrickson would do more than rely on one affidavit from someone as compromised as Chris Thomas and summarily dismiss everyone else. But you’d be wrong, because that’s sufficient for her to label it all ‘false’ and tell readers to simply move on.

Clara Hendrickson is smarter than her story. Her strategy was to frame the story for people whose confirmation bias would allow them to write-off the obvious missing context in her story.

We rate her fact check as: journalistic malpractice, and complete disgrace to the field of journalism.

We exposed the fraud at the TCF Center. These suspicious illicit ballots should NEVER have been allowed into the center and counted for Joe Biden for a number of legal reasons!


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Neo-Nazi Ukrainians, and Forefathers of Antifa, Instigated and Participated in the Capitol Hill Riot Alongside Antifa

By Joe Hoft
Published February 7, 2021 at 9:14pm

No, Trump Supporters weren’t the ones instigating the Capitol riots on January 6th. Not only Antifa, but Ukrainian neo-Nazis were there instigating and partaking in violent activities as well.

Antifa, the group of domestic terrorists that tore apart cities in the US in 2020, ended up causing $2 billion in damage. It’s no surprise then to find out that Antifa’s roots are in communists and Nazis in Europe:
AntiFa’s history can be summarized like this — the group started out as the military wing of the German Communist Party (KPD). Before the rise of Hitler, they supported Stalin and Marxist socialism. Nazis were fascists. The KPD didn’t like other socialist groups so they were labeled fascist too.
The KPD’s armed group was AntiFa and they fought in the streets against every group the KPD labeled fascist. The KPD decided it liked Hitler so Stalin was fascist. Then Hitler was fascist again. After this they merged with the SA, better known as the Brownshirts and Stalin was fascist again.
It’s also no surprise that both Antifa and Neo-Nazis from Ukraine were involved in the violence at the Capitol on January 6th. We’ve already reported on numerous individuals who either are or appear to be members of Antifa who were at the Capitol on the 6th:

With the help of Yaacov Apelbaum, from the illustrated Primer, we know that Ukrainian Neo Nazis were at the Capitol on the 6th as well. One noted member of the fascist group who refers to itself as the Zhidobanderites, Sergai Dybynyn, was photographed at the Capitol with the man known as Jacob Anthony Chansley (see above). Sergai was also in the Ukrainian army and is wanted for horrible crimes in his past.

Another member of the Zhidobanderites is a wealthy Ukrainian, Ihor Kolomoyski.

We wrote about Kolomoyski in 2019 related to his connections with Burisma. He’s also a media giant in Ukraine.

The day after the riot at the Capitol the Ukrainians reported that Russia was behind the effort because they supported President Trump. They also proved that they were at the Capitol and were using techniques like Antifa in storming the Capitol. The ‘Russians’ were Ukrainians.

Below is a composite of the events from Apelbaum. There is more information on the Ukraine’s actions at the Capitol that we will present tomorrow.


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Larry Johnson: Here Is What I See as The Strengths and Weaknesses of Mike Lindell’s Movie “Absolute Proof”

By Larry Johnson
Published February 8, 2021 at 7:15am

Disclaimer: We hear your feedback and noticed the comments below. We want to be clear, this is not an attack on Mike Lindell. We 100% support Mike’s efforts to expose the historic electoral fraud from the 2020 election. We also believe his efforts are courageous. Mike put it all on the line. This was intended as a handy guide to the substance that was delivered in “Absolute Proof.” You can decide for yourself.

Let me state up front that I admire and like Mike Lindell. He is a good, decent man with an honest heart. But those qualities do not excuse the sloppiness and lack of focus in his latest effort to present “evidence” about the electronic theft of the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump. Mr. Lindell made a good start but failed to have a tight script, which produces a meandering video account that lands an occasional punch.

Notwithstanding the media and establishment mantra that there is no evidence of fraud and that anyone who insists to the contrary is either mentally ill or a conspiracy theorist keen on wearing a tinfoil helmet, the facts show otherwise.

Unfortunately, the full scope of this evidence has not been publicly presented and methodically briefed. I want to be perfectly clear–the election was filled with fraud and outside interference. Donald Trump and the Americans who voted for him are victims of a massive crime. This includes the use of counterfeit “mail-in” ballots that were never processed through the USPS and the use of voting machines that were connected to the internet and communicating with entities outside the United States.

I was hoping that Mike Lindell’s video, Absolute Proof, would be a significant step in marshaling the evidence. But my hopes go unrealized. Mike Lindell does little in this video to move the matter forward in the compelling way required to seize the attention of America. I am not attacking Mike. His good intentions simply did not get put into action with content that would justify the title of the video.

Here is what I see as the strength and weaknesses of Absolute Proof. During the first 12 minutes of the two hour video (1:59:58 to be precise) Mike Lindell speaks extemporaneously and passionately about the fraud and promises that you, the viewer, will see”Absolute Proof.” While he is truly speaking from the heart, his presentation is disjointed and rambling. He needed to hire writers and a director to put together the blockbuster presentation that he promised. He is largely preaching to the choir.

The following experts appear in the following order:
12:40 to 23:53 COLONEL PHIL WALDRON, Working with Allied Security Operations Group in Dallas.
The good Colonel talks in generalities without presenting documentary evidence. For example, he states that Dominion is controlled by the Chinese via a Private Equity Firm that owns Dominion and that Dominion’s Testing Company for Dominion is a Chinese Company (run by CCP). Ok. Show the viewer the actual documents that buttress these claims. He also mentions foreign servers in Barcelona, Uk and Frankfurt (e.g., “We mapped out servers (SCYTL) in Frankfurt—DENIX.”) and spikes in volume of traffic between those servers and the United States. Well and good. But what did that activity consist of and what is the proof of the substance/content of the activity? That question is left hanging.
23:54 to 49:19 RUSSELL RAMSLAND—Ramsland’s favorite word is, “horrifying.” He repeats that word throughout the interview with Lindell but never puts meat on the bone. He starts off discussing activity he saw in 2018 of ES&S machines manipulating data/votes in Texas and his subsequent and fruitless struggle to get the Feds (i.e., Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice) to look at the evidence in Texas and do something. The Feds refused to act and shutdown the Texas investigation in September 2020.

DHS Intelligence & Analysis Division.

Ramsland then talks about his company’s forensic work in Antrim County Michigan examining Dominion machines. But once again the discussion is generic and lacking the kind of documentary or visual exhibits that show Ramsland is not just offering up his opinion. He states that 82% of the ballots in Antrim County, Michigan were adjudicated and that 93.6% met the same fate in Fulton County, Georgia. Yet, there is no corroborating document for the viewer to see.
It is essential in telling this kind of story for the filmmaker to show you the actual documents or graphics that confirm what is being said by an expert/witness. For example, Ramsland states that SCYTL owns CLARITY ELECTION NIGHT REPORTING but shows no document on link to any such acquisition. A viewer not steeped in the election controversy might find Ramsland interesting, but not slam dunk persuasive.
49:20 to 1:02:01 DR. SHIVA AYYADURAI—Dr. Shiva is a true genius. Lindell’s 12 minute interview with Shiva focuses on how Dominion machines appear (emphasize APPEAR) to have been used to defeat him in a GOP primary election. He says that he lost the primary because an algorithm was used to provide weighted vote tallies to his opponent. Paper ballot converted to ballot image. Machine counts image. He says that he “proved that state deleted ballot images” and that his votes were multiplied by .666 and his opponent’s votes were multiplied by 1.3. Once again, no documentary evidence to back up Dr. Ayyadurai’s testimony.
1:02:02 to 1:04:48 PATRICK COLBECK (State Senator Michigan) Poll challenger. He testifies, “We saw evidence that voting machines connected to internet.” Colbeck’s testimony is relevant evidence. But, if he went to court as a witness, he would have to explain how he knew it was connected to the internet. Just seeing an ethernet cable plugged into a machine is not final proof. I am not questioning Senator Colbeck’s veracity. Rather, I am trying to help you understand the kind of detailed testimony that is needed to make the case for fraud.
Advertisement - story continues below

1:04:50 TO 1:08:18 MELISSA CARONE—Melisssa, in my view, was the first person in this video to offer solid evidence. Her evidence comes in the form of sworn testimony regarding what she witnessed over a an extended time period. Hired by Dominion. Her job was to walk along rows of the tabulating machines. Every vote was for Joe Biden over a 20 hour time period. When ballots jammed, they were reinserted along with other ballots that had passed thru the tabulating machine.

Carone’s testimony also highlights the confusion in Lindell’s narrative.
Were the Dominion machines flipping votes because they were connected to the internet or was Biden’s tally being run up because ballots with only Biden’s name on it were being put through machines multiple times. If you are doing the latter you do not need to do the former necessarily.

1:08:20 to 1:26:10 MATT DEPERNO—DePerno is the star of the video–deservedly so–because he is laser like in focusing on the evidence.
DePerno filed a lawsuit on behalf of Bill Bailey challenging school board election. Showed in one precinct in Antrim County, Michigan that initial machine votes went for Biden but, using a hand count, the votes that were logged for Biden actually were for Trump. In Kearney Township Precinct 1, for example, the machine tabulated 744 votes for Biden and 16 for Trump. In a subsequent hand count, Biden’s vote total was 470 and Trump’s was 743.

In Antrim County, the initial machine tabulation gave 7769 votes to Biden and 4509 to Trump. In a subsequent hand count, Biden’s total was 5959 (1810 fewer votes) and Trump’s was 9759 (an increase of 5250). Initial total machine ballots totaled 12,278. Final hand count totaled 15,718. This is a difference of 3,440 votes.

Deperno subsequently received a Judicial order to capture the forensic images of the Dominion voting machines.

His team’ss forensic examination of the machines revealed a complete failure to properly follow procedures and securely transfer the votes.
Moreover, DePerno showed that the Dominion manual explains how to connect the machine to the internet. On Nov 4 and 11:03pm system files and adjudication files were deleted from Dominion system.
DePerno makes it clear that the CEO of Dominion, John Poulos, lied to the Michigan Senate in sworn testimony. Poulos made the following statements:
there were no switched or deleted votes involving Dominion machines,” said Poulos.
“There were no algorithm that enabled fractional voting.”
  • “There are no evidence and voting machines were not corrupted to alter this election.”
  • “One of the audits that an independent test authority accredited by the EAC can perform, is a test to look at whether or not that computer was connected to the internet, which of course, it’s designed not to.”As shown in the previous paragraphs, DePerno’s audit of Antrim County, Michigan showed conclusively that votes were switched and deleted, that votes were inaccurately calculated and that the machines were connected to the internet. Moroever, DePerno proffers Dominion’s own manual, which lists the steps and procedures to connect the machines to the internet.
Another problem identified by DePerno, which is an indicator of fraud, is the astronomically high error rate for ballots requiring “adjudication.” Normally, adjudication percentages are less than 5%. In the case of Dominion the calculated ballots showed a 68% error rate. That is not human error, it is machine error.

1:26:11 to 1:28:04 ERIC COOMER, Director of Product Strategy and Security for Dominion. Mike Lindell gets a big pat on the back for inserting this in the middle of DePerno’s interview. It shows the the senior Dominion executive pitching Chicago Cook County election officials and shows him explaining how his machines can connect to the internet.

1:28:05 to 1:36:18 MATT DEPERNO—DePerno is back on camera with the Dominion manual, which explains in black and white how the workstation is connected with an ethernet cable to the internet. Not his opinion. It is the factual statement of the company that makes and sells the machines.

1:36:19 to 1:49:40 MARY FANNING—This portion of the video should have been dynamite. But instead of properly and concisely presenting the evidence, Mike Lindell and Mary Fanning miss the boat. We see glimpses of a spreadsheet that, we are told, are foreign intrusions into 2995 counties before, during and after November 3, 2020. I believe it.
The data we can see does show China as the big culprit. But we only see a fraction of the take and at no time are we informed how this information in Mary Fanning’s hands was collected and stored. I had hoped that Mary would have taken some steps to explain how she and her groups got their hands on this potentially bombshell data.

What I found equally frustrating is Fanning’s lack of curiosity or effort in sorting the data by State and County. This could have been a stunning follow up to the DePerno interview. DePerno’s evidence showing there was a massive movement of improperly counted votes away from Trump going to Biden in Antrim County could have been corroborated by Fanning. Sadly, that opportunity is ignored in this video. Just a passing reference to Antrim.

The evidence of the theft is out there and it is being put together by a group of top notch attorneys. I just hope that people with deep pockets like Mike Lindell do a better job of putting together the videos that tell this story. Telling it loudly and widely is essential to defeating the Deep State.

Here is a video that does it right (Unmasked: Has the truth about the 2020 election been uncovered?):
Rumble video on website .30 min


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BUSTED: Politifact Caught in Major Lie on Early Morning Ballot Dump at the TCF Center in Detroit

By Jim Hoft
Published February 8, 2021 at 7:30am

On Wednesday morning, November 3rd President Trump was ahead of Joe Biden in the swing state of Michigan by over 100,000 votes.

This appeared to be another solid win for President Trump in a swing state he won in 2016. The ballot counting in Detroit, Michigan on election night took place at the TCF Center, formerly known as Cobo Hall.

Then late at night, a string of suspicious events changed the momentum for the Trump Team. GOP observers later testified that at 3:30 AM in the morning vehicles drove into the TCF Center and delivered fraudulent ballots for Joe Biden.

The Gateway Pundit reported on this on Wednesday morning November 4th after the incident.
And we were right.

Also back in November, the Washington Post attempted to debunk the accusations saying a man with a wagon filmed entering the TCF Center at 2:40 AM belonged to a local photographer.

And far-left Politifact claimed there was NO EVIDENCE that ballots were smuggled into the TCF Center

Politifact’s Clara Hendrickson ‘debunked’ one wagon with cameras in the front of TCF. She then used that to ignore the numerous reports of a white van delivering ballots in the cargo area of TCF, which is what every serious witness was saying.

Clara Hendrickson also wrote a piece for the Detroit Free Press where she used one city official Chris Thomas with skin in the game to allege our reporting was not accurate.

On Friday The Gateway Pundit published video of a white van dropping off ballots late at night inside the TCF Center.

Following our report on Friday Clara Hendrickson from Politifact — without a hint of shame — admits the ballots were brought into the TCF Center after all.
Then she moved the goalposts to say this did not prove election fraud at the TCF Center in Detroit.

This is how the far left operates. They just move the goalposts whenever they are caught.

This is why you can NEVER trust the fake news media or their garbage fact-checkers.



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EXCLUSIVE: Suspicious Vehicle Seen Escorting Late Night Biden Ballot Van at TCF Center on Election Night (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft
Published February 8, 2021 at 8:00am

On Wednesday morning, November 4th President Trump was ahead of Joe Biden in the swing state of Michigan by over 100,000 votes.

This appeared to be another solid win for President Trump in a swing state he won in 2016. The ballot counting in Detroit, Michigan on election night took place at the TCF Center, formerly known as Cobo Hall.

Then late at night, a string of suspicious events changed the momentum for the Trump Team. GOP observers later testified that at 3:30 AM in the morning vehicles drove into the TCF Center and delivered fraudulent ballots for Joe Biden.

The Gateway Pundit reported this on Wednesday morning November 4th after the incident.

At least three election observers later testified in sworn affidavits that they witnessed vehicles delivering fraudulent ballots to the TCF Center early in the morning on November 4th.

Michigander Shane Trejo witnessed the 3:30 am Biden Ballot Drop that gave Joe Biden an outstanding lift. “There were thousands of ballots in each box,” Trejo says. “There were at least 50 boxes that I saw unloaded at 3:30 am, well after the 8:00 pm deadline for ballots to show up.”

After these ballot drops Joe Biden took the lead in Michigan.

Shane Trejo explained how the timing was important. The Biden Ballot Drop took place at the end of one shift. The ballots were left uncounted. So when the new shift came to count ballots they didn’t know where the ballots had come from.

Former Michigan State Senator Pat Colbeck was also present at the TCF Center on the morning of November 4th. Senator Colbeck also witnessed the 3:30 am Biden Ballot Drop. Colbeck spoke with The Gateway Pundit back in November, “I went back there and I witnessed a mini-panel truck if you will with a Detroit Election Bureau regalia all over the side and a vehicle ID number on it… And inside of it, and this gets into some chain of custody discussions, there was no indication that there was a Republican and a Democrat (present) during transfer. We don’t know if they stopped by a sidestreet in Coney Island and picked up a few more ballots during transfer. We have no way of verifying any of that information.”

The authorities and media in Michigan were completely uninterested in following up on this shocking story.

On Friday The Gateway Pundit released a video of the late-night ballot dumps at the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan.

We caught the fraud on video.

** At 3:23 AM The Gateway Pundit has an exclusive video of a white van registered to the city of Detroit entering the gate into the TCF Center.
** At 3:25 AM we discovered a video from a second camera showing three individuals unloading over 50 boxes of ballots in a hallway inside the TCF Building and just outside the counting room.
** The ballots were then wheeled away on carts into the ballot counting room.
** The van is then seen on video leaving the center about 25 minutes later.
** Then we saw the van returning an hour later, entering the TCF Center again and unloading more boxes of ballots.
** The white van was escorted by a black sports car for both ballot deliveries.
** The white van was allowed through an electronic gate to enter the TCF complex.

Today we have more video proof of the Biden ballot dump.

Detroit city official Chris Thomas signed an affidavit admitting to one late-night ballot dump at the TCF Center. Thomas said 41 boxes of ballots were delivered.
This was a lie. The Gateway Pundit has video proof that the van made two ballot drops at the TCF Center. We also have proof that over 60 boxes of ballots were unloaded at the arena in just the first ballot dump.

And we also have a video that the white van was escorted by a suspicious vehicle.

A black Hyundai Elantra also drove into the TCF Center in the early morning on November 4th.

The Gateway Pundit was able to identify the vehicle. It was registered in Pennsylvania and then registered in Michigan in October. The car had a new title but they kept the old Pennsylvania plates on the car. We believe the vehicle is registered to Enterprise rent-a-car.

We now know that the source for the mainstream media reports, Chris Thomas, has not been truthful at all in his legal affidavits.

We also know the local officials and their far-left media lackeys keep changing their story — while our reports have remained consistent and correct.

And we also know these ballots came into the center without the proper chain of custody documentation.

These ballots should have been disqualified.

Here is our latest investigative video from the TCF Center on November 4th.

Rumble video on website 6:28 min

Special thanks to Cassandra Fairbanks and our investigative team who did an outstanding job on this project.


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"A riot is the language of the unheard" - MLK Jr. dumb

A peaceful protest is a constitutional right for the responsible citizen to exercise their voice to be heard.............but a riot is the language of a low IQ frustrated race lacking insight and long term strategy in how to obtain their goals when gibsmedat handouts by liberals are right around the corner.

KIng Sr. should have never been allowed to breed...........


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Fact-Check True: FBI Got Punked and Included Pornstar’s Photo in their Official Report on US Capitol Protester’s Arrest

By Jim Hoft
Published February 8, 2021 at 8:22am

On January 6th hundreds of Trump supporters and others stormed the US Capitol to urge Republican lawmakers and Vice President Pence to investigate the abnormalities and extensive fraud in the 2020 election.

Hundreds of Trump supporters and others caused thousands of dollars of damages. Four Trump supporters were killed including Ashli Babbit who was shot in the neck by an unnamed Capitol Hill police officer and bled out on the floor.

Black Lives Matter-Antifa mobs have caused over one billion dollars in damages in cities across America since May. In Minneapolis alone Black Lives Matter mobs damaged or destroyed over 1,500 businesses or buildings.

Over 700 police officers were injured in the BLM riots — and that was back in June!

Black Lives Matter was linked to conservatively 91% of the riots that resulted in the most expensive property damage in US insurance history.

But according to our elites in the US media, the tech giants and the Democrat party the worst terrorist attack in the past decade occurred in the US Capitol on January 6 where 4 Trump supporters were killed and one police officer lost his life.

Since the incident, the FBI has devoted millions in resources to investigate and arrest those who were seen at the US Capitol that day and earlier at the Ellipse where half a million American patriots watched President Trump’s final speech as president.

The FBI has put in hours of work identifying the suspects inside the US Capitol on January 6th. One individual, Brian McCreary, was identified by FBI agent Emily Eckert last week.

Emily even included photos in her report on McCreary.

It was only until after the report was published that internet sleuths noticed something strange about one of the photos.


The FBI included a doctored photo in their report on McCreary.
Here is the original image.

The photo in the FBI report was doctored by a friend of McCreary’s and was not caught before it was published in the FBI report.

The man in the photo porn star Barry Wood. His career is historic.

Now Wood is even documented by the FBI.


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"A riot is the language of the unheard" - MLK Jr. dumb

A peaceful protest is a constitutional right for the responsible citizen to exercise their voice to be heard.............but a riot is the language of a low IQ frustrated race lacking insight and long term strategy in how to obtain their goals when gibsmedat handouts by liberals are right around the corner.

KIng Sr. should have never been allowed to breed...........
After a 30 year career as an activist and politician, I respectfully disagree. In a fair system, peaceful protest can help attain attention to a cause and some political leverage in redress of grievance. Our system is broken. Free speech is repressed. The people no longer have leverage over their government in their vote, with their representatives, with their administration, and with the courts. You don't have to be low IQ to realize that. We are being ruled by special interests.


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It Looks Like the CTCL and Zuckerberg Broke Election Laws

Important News: It’s Possible that Zuckerberg Broke Election Laws

The oligarchy does what it can to protect its own. When the Reddit crowd fought the hedge funds by buying GameStop stock and causing a short squeeze, the clearinghouses and trading apps worked together to prevent them from doing so, saving the greedy hedge funds that had positioned themselves irresponsibly.

When Covid started, the crony capitalists and corporatists that run America’s Big Businesses called in favors and got themselves exemptions; Walmart stayed open while small businesses were crushed by lockdowns and restrictions. And when it looked like President Trump could defeat the oligarchs and win yet again, the oligarchy did what it always does; it protected its own and made a Trump victory impossible.

Perhaps what they did was mostly legal, perhaps it wasn’t. In most cases, it’s hard to tell. But what’s not hard to tell is that it looks like Mark Zuckerberg broke election laws with his multi-million dollar bribes donations to the vote counters that made election resources unequally available to all voters.

Luckily, the fact that Zuckerberg broke election laws won’t remain in the dark forever. In a recent article, Breitbart writer Ken Blackwell shed light on the crucially important story. Here are the details of the donations:

“Zuckerberg donated $400 million — as much money as Congress appropriated for the same general purpose — to nonprofit organizations founded and run by left-wing activists. The primary recipient was the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), which received the staggering sum of $350 million…

Predictably, given the partisan background of its leading officers, CTCL proceeded to distribute Zuckerberg’s funds to left-leaning counties in battleground states. The vast majority of the money handed out by CTCL — especially in the early days of its largesse — went to counties that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Some of the biggest recipients, in fact, were the very locales Plouffe had identified as the linchpins of the Democrat strategy in 2020.

Zuckerberg and CTCL left nothing to chance, however, writing detailed conditions into their grants that dictated exactly how elections were to be conducted, down to the number of ballot drop boxes and polling places. The Constitution gives state lawmakers sole authority for managing elections, but these grants put private interests firmly in control.”

Now, if you’re a reasonable person, you’re probably wondering how he was able to do that. Is it really legal to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to leftist vote-counting organizations while attaching conditions about how the elections have to be managed to the bribes donations? Is that not bribery and attempting to influence the vote-counting?

Well, your intuition is probably right. The donations were highly irregular and probably illegal. Here’s what the Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project said about the idea that Zuckerberg broke election laws with his CTCL donations:
“This privatization of elections undermines the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), which requires state election plans to be submitted to federal officials and approved and requires respect for equal protection by making all resources available equally to all voters.

The illegitimate infusion of private funding and third-party promotion of training, equipment, security, staffing, and reporting programs by a network of private nonprofits at the local level bypassed state administrative processes, violated legislative prerogatives codified in state Help America Vote Plans (HAVA), and resulted in questions about the integrity of the U.S. electoral system.”

To be clear, that means that what Zuckerberg and his Center for Tech and Civil Life organization did was highly illegal. Under HAVA, election resources are supposed to be equally available to all voters. Thanks to the CTCL, they weren’t.

As Blackwell reports:

“In Wisconsin, Democrat Secretary of State Doug La Follette allowed voters to claim “indefinite confinement” in order to avoid having to provide a photocopy of their ID when requesting an absentee ballot. The exemption was intended for legitimate invalids, but COVID offered a convenient excuse for circumventing the law, despite the fact that Wisconsin had no pandemic-related lockdown rules that would have rendered anyone “indefinitely confined.” The impact was far-reaching. About 240,000 voters claimed the exemption in 2020, compared to just 70,000 in 2016.

In Michigan, Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson unilaterally voided the legal requirement that voters provide a signature when requesting an absentee ballot, establishing an online request form. She then took things a step further by announcing that she would “allow civic groups and other organizations running voter registration drives to register voters through the state’s online registration website,” granting partisan groups such as Rock The Vote direct access to Michigan’s voter rolls.

In Pennsylvania, election officials in heavily-Democratic counties that received CTCL funding allowed flawed mail-in ballots to be “cured” — that is, altered or replaced — prior to Election Day. In other counties, officials rightly interpreted this as a flagrant violation of state law. On the night before Election Day, less than 24 hours before polls were due to close, Democrat Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar sought to imbue this illegal practice with the appearance of validity by issuing a statement authorizing counties to contact voters who had cast improper ballots.

Even if Boockvar had the statutory authority to do this, which she did not, the timing of her memo made it impossible for rural counties to take advantage of it to nearly the same extent as urban counties.”

Read those details about the election-day corruption in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania closely. Take a long look at what the CTCL did. Does it sound like the election resources it provided were equally available to all Americans? Or does it sound like the CTCL broke the HAVA? To me, it looks like the CTCL and Zuckerberg broke election laws. Zuck funded and directed an organization that corrupted the vote-counting efforts.

Our election laws are supposed to protect elections and ensure that every American, regardless of his or her political affiliation, is able to vote and have their vote counted. It shouldn’t matter if a leftist oligarch wants the vote to be counted one way or only let people in leftist-occupied areas vote.

But the oligarchy wanted to usher in its preferred candidate, Joe Biden. So, in a brazen and stunning display of corruption, they stole the election. Whatever the ignoramuses talking heads say on their morning news programs, the election was fraudulent, in part because of Zuck and the operations of the CTCL.
Zuckerberg broke election laws, namely the Help America Vote Act. He must be held accountable for his criminal actions.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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Corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Launches Investigation Into Trump’s Phone Calls to State Election Officials

By Cristina Laila
Published February 8, 2021 at 6:14pm
Brad Raffensperger
They just can’t quit Donald Trump.

Brad Raffensperger, the corrupt Georgia Secretary of State, launched an investigation into Trump’s phone calls to state election officials.

The investigation was launched after several complaints were filed over Trump’s phone calls to state election officials, including Raffensperger, asking them to look into voter fraud.

The complaint, which was filed Monday by George Washington University Law Professor John Banzhaf, alleged Donald Trump may have violated three Georgia state laws: conspiracy to commit election fraud, criminal solicitation to commit election fraud, and intentional interference with performance of election duties.

“The Secretary of State’s office investigates complaints it receives,” said Walter Jones, a spokesperson for Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office. “The investigations are fact-finding and administrative in nature. Any further legal efforts will be left to the Attorney General.”

Trump blasted Raffensperger for recording his phone calls during his January 6 speech at The Ellipse.

Now Raffensperger is harassing Trump for asking election officials to do their job.

ABC reported:
In Trump’s first call to Georgia officials, made in December amid an ongoing audit, he had asked a chief investigator in Raffensperger’s office to “find the fraud,” telling them they would be a “national hero” for it, according to an individual familiar with the matter. In another call on Jan. 2, Trump repeatedly demanded that Raffensperger “find” the exact number of votes — 11,780 — he needed to be the victor in the Peach State, according to a recording of the call obtained by ABC News.
Fulton County’s top prosecutor, District Attorney Fani Willis, has described the Trump-Raffensperger call as “disturbing,” saying in a statement after the calls first became public that if election officials refer the case to her, she’ll pursue it aggressively.

“As I promised Fulton County voters last year, as District Attorney, I will enforce the law without fear or favor,” Willis said in a Jan. 4 statement.
“Anyone who commits a felony violation of Georgia law in my jurisdiction will be held accountable. Once the investigation is complete, this matter, like all matters, will be handled by our office based on the facts and the law.”

Once the investigation is finished, the board will vote whether or not to send a criminal referral to the state attorney general or district attorney.
President Trump was ahead of Joe Biden by more than 110,000 votes in Georgia on election night when all of a sudden Fulton County stopped counting ballots after a pipe burst.

Poll watchers were kicked out of the State Farm Arena tabulation center on election night, but crooked Democrat officials kept counting ballots for Joe Biden.

A few “workers” stayed behind and were seen pulling suitcases full of ballots out from under tables to be tabulated.

Instead of investigating the suitcases of ballots and the affidavits describing counterfeit ballots with machine-stamped bubbles for Joe Biden, Raffensperger is investigating Trump’s phone calls where he simply asked for election officials to do their job and find the fraud.

[COMMENT: Note the purple colors in his suit. This is conspicuously like the mark of the purple color revolution or Depp State cabal resistance
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Defense Lawyers Try the ‘Trump Made Me Do It’ Strategy in Capitol Riot Cases
WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 06: A protester screams Freedom inside the Senate chamber after the U.S. Capitol was breached by a mob during a joint session of Congress on January 06, 2021 in Washington, DC. Congress held a joint session today to ratify President-elect Joe Biden's 306-232 Electoral College win …
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images
JOEL B. POLLAK8 Feb 20212,498

Defense lawyers for several people accused of breaking the law during the January 6 Capitol riot are telling courts their clients should not be found guilty or punished severely because they were acting after being inspired by President Donald Trump.

The left-wing Mother Jones magazine has highlighted twelve such cases — which will almost certainly be cited by House impeachment managers this week as they attempt to prove their case that Trump is guilty of “incitement” in the riot.

Many of the accused cite the fact that Trump invited protesters to come to Washington, DC, or to march to the Capitol.

Jacob Chasney, for example, told NBC News previously “that he drove to Washington, D.C. as a part of a group effort, with other ‘patriots’ from Arizona, at the request of the President that all ‘patriots’ come to D.C. on January 6, 2021.”

There do not seem to be any examples, however, of defendants claiming that Trump told them specifically to commit violence.

Mother Jones appears to have adopted the novel, expansive definition of “incitement” used by the House Democrats.

However, as former President Trump’s lawyers argued Monday in their impeachment memorandum (footnotes omitted):
In Brandenburg [v. Ohio], the Supreme Court erected an extremely high bar to proving incitement. That test requires proof that “(1) the speech explicitly or implicitly encouraged the use of violence or lawless action, (2) the speaker intends that his speech will result in the use of violence or lawless action, and (3) the imminent use of violence or lawless action is the likely result of his speech.” The allegations against Mr. Trump unquestionably fail as a matter of law because “[a]dvocacy for the use of force or lawless behavior, intent, and imminence, are all absent.” Thus, “[t]he doctrine of incitement has absolutely no application” to this case.

What is required, to forfeit constitutional protection, is incitement speech that “specifically advocate” for listeners to take unlawful action.

Because not a single word of the speech actually advocates violence either implicitly or explicitly, the first Brandenburg factor—specific advocacy of violence— is totally absent.
Moreover, Trump’s lawyers also point out that then-President Trump specifically told the protesters to behave “peacefully.”


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Larry Johnson: A Closer Look at the Hammer and Scorecard

By Larry Johnson
Published February 8, 2021 at 10:13pm

If you have been led to believe that Hammer and Scorecard were used to steal the election for Joe Biden, I regret to inform you that claim is suspect. This does not mean I am siding with RINOS like Romney and Barr, who deny that there was any fraud. That too is false. Donald Trump was robbed, he did not lose the election.

So far, there is significant circumstantial evidence of unusual amounts of internet traffic between foreign locations and the United States. But we do not have any tangible, verifiable evidence showing votes being switched via a command or intervention from a foreign server. Investigations continue to ferret out what happened and these efforts may produce such proof. What we do know with certainty is that there were unusually large numbers of adjudicated ballots in a few key counties, that there was ballot stuffing, that counterfeit ballots were counted and that the Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan failed to accurately record the actual number of votes for Donald Trump.

This brings me to the Mary Fanning segment in the Michael Lindell produced video, ABSOLUTE PROOF. Mary Fanning claims to have evidence that foreign servers, including locations in China and Iran, were changing vote totals in specific counties. Unfortunately, she has not published any of this alleged evidence. You just have to trust her. But I dug into the information she is relying on and learned that her source is Dennis Montgomery.

Montgomery has a checkered past:

Montgomery’s software claims were reportedly responsible for a false terror alert which grounded international flights and caused Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge to raise the government’s security level.[9] In February 2006, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and U.S. Air Force office of Special Investigations opened an economic espionage and theft of intellectual property investigation into Montgomery and Blxware.[10]
In court papers filed in Los Angeles, a former lawyer for Montgomery calls the software designer a “habitual liar engaged in fraud.” Last June Montgomery was charged in Las Vegas with bouncing nine checks (totaling $1 million) in September 2008 and was arrested on a felony warrant in Rancho Mirage, California. That million is only a portion of what he lost to five casinos in Nevada and California in just one year.
That’s according to his federal bankruptcy filing, where he reported personal debts of $12 million. The FBI has investigated him, and some of his own co-workers say he staged phony demonstrations of military technology for the U.S. government.
According to Mary Fanning:
The HAMMER has been a tool of foreign surveillance until February 2009, at which time Brennan and Clapper commandeered it and turned it against America by transforming the Hammer into an illegal domestic surveillance tool. . . .
One of THE HAMMER’s applications, an election cyberwarefare weapon known as SCORECARD.
But Fanning is wrong. The real domestic surveillance tool was revealed in the summer of 2013 by Edward Snowden. NSA developed a massive array of domestic surveillance tools and it was used on Americans well before 2009. One of the most alarming is called XKEYSCORE. Snowden describes it at length in his autobiography:
“The program that enabled this access was called XKEYSCORE, which is perhaps best understood as a search engine that lets an analyst search through all the records of your life. Imagine a kind of Google that instead of showing pages from the public Internet returns results from your private email, your private chats, your private files, everything.
Though I’d read enough about the program to understand how it worked, I hadn’t yet used it, and I realized I ought to know more about it. By pursuing XKEYSCORE, I was looking for a personal confirmation of the depths of the NSA’s surveillance intrusions—the kind of confirmation you don’t get from documents but only from direct experience.”
“The NSA described XKEYSCORE, in the documents I’d later pass on to journalists, as its “widest-ranging” tool, used to search “nearly everything a user does on the Internet.” The technical specs I studied went into more detail as to how exactly this was accomplished—by “packetizing” and “sessionizing,” or cutting up the data of a user’s online sessions into manageable packets for analysis—but nothing could prepare me for seeing it in action.
It was, simply put, the closest thing to science fiction I’ve ever seen in science fact: an interface that allows you to type in pretty much anyone’s address, telephone number, or IP address, and then basically go through the recent history of their online activity. In some cases you could even play back recordings of their online sessions, so that the screen you’d be looking at was their screen, whatever was on their desktop. You could read their emails, their browser history, their search history, their social media postings, everything. You could set up notifications that would pop up when some person or some device you were interested in became active on the Internet for the day. And you could look through the packets of Internet data to see a person’s search queries appear letter by letter, since so many sites transmitted each character as it was typed. It was like watching an autocomplete, as letters and words flashed across the screen. ”
Excerpt From: Edward Snowden. “Permanent Record.” Apple Books. ‎Permanent Record
But this fact has not deterred Fanning from crediting Montgomery as being the whistleblower who revealed this dark secret. Montgomery did no such thing. That credit (or blame, depending on your point of view) rests with Edward Snowden.

Which brings me back to Mary Fanning’s information in the Mike Lindell video. Here is the image of Fanning’s data:

This appears quite impressive and, if true, damning. How was this obtained? I cannot think of a legal way such intelligence could be obtained by a private citizen. Was it leaked by someone in the NSA? Did Dennis grab it using classified tools he is not legally entitled to possess? Was this provided by someone tied to a foreign government intelligence service? Or, is it fabricated?

I certainly understand why Mike Lindell could be taken in by this kind of material. It is alluring. But to establish this as evidence we need some very specific questions answered:
  1. How was it collected? It appears a node that only the NSA or CIA has was employed to capture and identify activities specifically targeting county election centers across the United States. I am not aware of any private company with the capability to collect and sort this kind of data without access to a classified system.
  2. Were the people producing this information using SCORECARD? If so, that is another redflag. It was collected illegally and CANNOT be used as evidence in a court case. This is a very important point. For evidence to be admissible in either a civil or criminal action, you must show chain of custody and must be able to defend against any challenge that the information was obtained outside legal channels.
  3. Why are the Date/Time groups not in chronological order?
  4. Why hasn’t the data been sorted by State and County? As I noted in my previous post, if you are going to argue that specific votes in specific counties and precincts were changed electronically, then any analyst worth their salt would aggregate the data by State and County. Thanks to the great work by Michigan lawyer DePerno, we have the numbers for Antrim. If Mary Fanning’s data is sound, it should confirm what DePerno found. That has not happened. At least not to my knowledge (and I know someone who spoke with DePerno today and he has seen no such data).
The key to beating the lie that there was no election fraud is evidence–documentary, electronic and eye witness. The fact that Dennis Montgomery, according to Mary Fanning, is at the heart of this worries me.


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Opinion: Time Magazine Details the ‘Shadow Campaign’ Against Trump
“They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it,” Time magazine says
Jeff Carlson
Jeff Carlson

February 7, 2021 Updated: February 8, 2021

In a surprisingly brazen article, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” Time magazine chronicles a myriad of pre- and post-election actions taken by a loose coalition of Democratic operatives, grassroots activists, mainstream media, tech companies, and corporate CEOs before and after the 2020 presidential election.

According to the article, the effort consisted of “a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.”

In the post-election days, the author refers to this disparate grouping of players as a “conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs” resulting in an “informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans.”

Although the words “cabal” and “conspiracy” are used to describe the sweeping activities of these groups, collectively referred to as the Shadow Campaign, the article’s author takes pains to note that these efforts weren’t aimed at “rigging the election; they were fortifying it.”

Indeed, throughout the article, there is the repeated claim that these efforts were made not with the intention of subverting the election, but rather as part of a heroic grassroots movement intent on salvaging our democracy and preserving the integrity of this and future elections.

“The scenario the shadow campaigners were desperate to stop was not a Trump victory. It was an election so calamitous that no result could be discerned at all, a failure of the central act of democratic self-governance that has been a hallmark of America since its founding,” the article reads.

Although the article treats the actions taken by this “Shadow Campaign” as necessary steps towards saving our democracy, a more objective reader of events might make the case that our democracy was actually trampled underfoot.

According to the players in this saga, the perceived threat to our democracy was so consequential that it would require “an effort of unprecedented scale” and a measure of cooperation heretofore not seen during an election process. And one that would encompass a surprisingly broad coalition of interests that would include “Congress, Silicon Valley and the nation’s statehouses.”

As the article notes, the efforts of this cabal “touched every aspect of the election” including our election laws. These groups engaged in a unified legal front to “change voting systems and laws” at the state level, often unconstitutionally bypassing state legislatures and shifting power to the states’ governors in the process. Conservative efforts to fight against this process were euphemistically termed as “voter-suppression lawsuits.”

The terminology and framing of issues bring us to a peculiar characteristic of the article. It’s written as though 75 million Trump voters simply don’t exist—as though a nation was somehow wholly united against a self-imposed second term of a Trump presidency. There is no acknowledgment that President Donald Trump enjoyed support from a large segment of the population. When the term “voters” is used, it’s always in reference to those who were voting against Trump and for Biden.

Other than a few short paragraphs, the reader could be forgiven for thinking the election was ever even in question.

While an intense focus on the Trump campaign is present in the article, there’s an almost surprising lack of discussion regarding the Biden campaign. As the article states, the Shadow Campaign was “separate from the Biden campaign and crossed ideological lines.” Indeed, Biden is mentioned in the article only a handful of times and never in direct relation to anything he or his campaign was doing to prepare for the election.

Media Framing, Online Efforts and Tech Companies
In tandem with the focus on Trump, there is another almost unifying theme of gaslighting that traces its way throughout the article. Any activity, position, or response from conservatives or the Trump administration was automatically labeled and then framed as inherently nefarious, even villainous. Meanwhile, a notion of false nobility was attached to every action taken by the left.

Pre-election warnings from the Trump campaign “and his henchmen” on the risks from an unprecedented shift to mail-in ballots were, according to the article, designed to “spoil the election.” Conservative legal pushback against the unconstitutional changes to state election law was termed as “spurious.” Despite being the legal instigators, the article stated that “Democratic lawyers battled a historic tide of pre-election litigation.”

Meanwhile, information from the right was repeatedly deemed to be “Trump’s lies,” “conspiracy theories” or “Bad actors spreading false information.” According to the article, these efforts, along with “the involvement of foreign meddlers made disinformation a broader, deeper threat to the 2020 vote.”

In contrast, when leftist organizations such as the Voting Rights Lab and IntoAction created “state-specific memes and graphics” designed to claim that mail-in voting was safe and not subject to fraud, their actions were framed as “battling bad information.” Nor was this any small effort. As the article notes, these memes and graphics were “widely disseminated by email, text, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok” and were viewed “more than 1 billion times.”

Another focus of this campaign was to convince the public that election results would be delayed, perhaps for a number of days. These efforts were designed to condition the voting public to not expect, or even accept, an outcome on election night. As the article notes, the “organization’s tracking polls found the message was being heard: the percentage of the public that didn’t expect to know the winner on election night gradually rose until by late October, it was over 70 percent. A majority also believed that a prolonged count wasn’t a sign of problems.”

Perceptions and information are crucial in an election and in recognition of this, Democratic operatives “successfully pressured social media companies” in advance of the election. These efforts were largely successful as large numbers of conservative accounts were deplatformed and crucial stories that might injure the Biden campaign were suppressed, while the media relentlessly attacked the Trump campaign.

While acknowledging the involvement of technology companies in the effort, the article portrays the resulting suppression of information and conservative deplatforming in a positive light. When stories such as the ones regarding Hunter Biden’s business activities in China were dismissed or simply not covered by the mainstream media, these tactics were labeled as taking a “harder line against disinformation” in an ongoing effort to “fight viral smears.”

There is a side question raised by the participation of the tech companies in online suppression. If accounts were deplatformed from places such as YouTube and Twitter purely for political ends, does this not raise the specter of a meaningful breach of fiduciary duty to the companies’ stockholders?

Mail-In Ballots and Shadow-Campaign Funding
These groups also engaged in large-scale “national public-awareness campaigns” designed to convince Americans that “the vote count would unfold over days or weeks” as an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots were systematically flooding into our electoral system.

With 100 million mail-in ballots sent out in an effort to get “millions of people to vote by mail for the first time,” the coalition recruited “armies of poll workers” to deal with the influx of absentee ballots. Large amounts of money would be required to deal with the processing and in preparation for this, the group “helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding.”

This money had two material sources. The first, surprisingly, came from the first round of COVID-relief packages in March 2020. As the article notes, activists lobbied Congress in March 2020, “seeking $2 billion in election funding.” This effort was led by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

Although the group didn’t get anywhere close to their lofty $2 billion goal, they were still wildly successful. When the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act passed in March, it contained “$400 million in grants to state election administrators.”

From there, the informal group turned to private funding for additional sources; Silicon Valley tech companies were the primary focus. According to the Time article, an “assortment of foundations contributed tens of millions in election-administration funding. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative chipped in $300 million.”
These contributions were framed as an effort to fill “funding gaps” left by the federal government, while ignoring that it was Democratic operatives who were pushing the mail-in vote efforts.

Indeed, focus groups were held by the Voter Participation Center (VPC), designed to “find out what would get people to vote by mail.” Several months later, the VPC would send out ballot applications to “15 million people in key states.” The group followed up with mailing campaigns and digital ads urging these targeted voters to “not wait for Election Day.”

These efforts were historically successful and transformative. As the article notes, “In the end, nearly half the electorate cast ballots by mail in 2020, practically a revolution in how people vote. About a quarter voted early in person. Only a quarter of voters cast their ballots the traditional way: in person on Election Day.”

Part 1 of 2


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Part 2 of 2

The Left’s Control of the Mobs

There are several material admissions made in the article, not the least being that the left actually did control the activities of groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and others that rioted throughout the election year. As the article notes, “Many of those organizers were part of [Mike] Podhorzer’s network” the man credited in Time’s article as being “The Architect” of the entire election effort.

The article notes that more than 150 liberal groups joined the “Protect the Results” coalition and stated that “The group’s now-defunct website had a map listing 400 planned post-election demonstrations, to be activated via text message as soon as Nov. 4. To stop the coup they feared, the left was ready to flood the streets.”

There’s another unspoken admission here as well. The trigger for the pre-planned riots was a Biden loss, not a “stolen election.” Or said another way, the left would determine what comprised a stolen election only by its outcome.

This matter was further highlighted in a recounting of election night events after Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden. Angela Peoples, director for the Democracy Defense Coalition, told Time that “We wanted to be mindful of when was the right time to call for moving masses of people into the street.”

But after Fox called Arizona for Biden, a decision was made to “stand down.” As Podhorzor noted, “They had spent so much time getting ready to hit the streets on Wednesday. But they did it … there was not a single Antifa vs. Proud Boys incident.”

In other words, Podhorzor and his crew effectively controlled the actions of Antifa and Black Lives Matter—if not completely, then at the very least during these critical moments and days.

The Importance of Fox’s Arizona Call
The description surrounding election night, while short, is telling and raises further questions. Despite the overall tone of the article, it seems clear that Democrats thought they had lost the election in the later hours of Nov. 3th, 2020:

“Election night began with many Democrats despairing. Trump was running ahead of pre-election polling, winning Florida, Ohio, and Texas easily and keeping Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania too close to call.”

According to the article, the “liberal alliance gathered for an 11 p.m. Zoom call. Hundreds joined; many were freaking out.” While Podhorzor was speaking, Fox News “surprised everyone by calling Arizona for Biden.”

The Fox News call changed everything. As the article put it, “The public-awareness campaign had worked: TV anchors were bending over backward to counsel caution and frame the vote count accurately. The question then became what to do next.”

There is another related item of note as well. Podhorzor was sharing his data regarding a “Blue Shift”—the term used to describe a late surge in Democrat votes from mail-in voting—with “media organizations who would be calling the election.”

One analyst, described as a “member of a major network’s political unit who spoke with Podhorzer before Election Day” told Time that having access to Pordhorzor’s data and being able to “document how big the absentee wave would be and the variance by state was essential.”

Arnon Mishkin, an outside contractor and a Democrat, was the individual at Fox who reportedly made the call on Arizona at 11:20 p.m. New York time. According to one report, “No announcement was made until anchor Bill Hemmer, reviewing the latest status of an electoral map that was looking positive for Trump, glanced at the southwest, where the decision desk had left its yellow check mark on Arizona awarding the state to Biden.”

After making his call on Arizona, Mishkin stated that Trump was “likely to only get about 44% of the outstanding votes that are there.” Mishkin was wrong. Trump got a significantly higher percentage of the remaining votes, and although the Arizona call ultimately stood, it was far closer than Mishkin had forecast. Indeed, there’s currently a parallel audit underway in Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous county.

Post-Election Impact
While voters on the right protested in seemingly unorganized groups, the left appeared to be far more prepared. At roughly 10 p.m. local time on election night, a bus carrying Republican election observers arrived at Detroit’s TCF Center. The article provides a rather biased description, stating that Republican observers “were crowding the vote-counting tables, refusing to wear masks, heckling the mostly Black workers.”

When the Republican observers arrived, Art Reyes III, leader of ‘We the People Michigan’ “sent word to his network.

“Within 45 minutes, dozens of reinforcements had arrived. As they entered the arena to provide a counterweight to the GOP observers inside, Reyes took down their cell-phone numbers and added them to a massive text chain.”

Election boards were another “pressure point.” Activists called “attention to the racial implications of disenfranchising Black Detroiters. They flooded the Wayne County canvassing board’s Nov. 17 certification meeting with on-message testimony.” Detroit’s vote was certified by the Republican board members.

Finally, the pressure on state legislatures was intense. On Nov. 20, Trump invited the Republican leaders of the Michigan legislature to the White House.

According to the article, a “full-court press” was launched by the left and “Protect Democracy’s local contacts researched the lawmakers’ personal and political motives.”

Reyes’s activists rallied at departure and arrival terminals for the Republican state lawmakers’ trip to D.C.

The final step in certifying the Michigan vote was a vote from the state canvassing board, which was comprised of two Republicans and two Democrats. “Reyes’s activists flooded the livestream and filled Twitter with their hashtag, #alleyesonmi. A board accustomed to attendance in the single digits suddenly faced an audience of thousands.”

The vote was certified 3-0, with one Republican abstaining.

Shadow Campaign Wants You to Know
The in-your-face detailing of events in the Time article leads to one somewhat alarming conclusion. The leaders of the Shadow Campaign want you to know what they did. Whether this stems from hubris or a position of power isn’t entirely clear, but there are some important people who were willing to contribute to this article. And to be openly quoted.

In addition to Podhorzer, Norman Eisen is quoted at several points in the article.

In addition to recruiting members for the Voter Protection Program, Eisen is one of the architects and authors of two Brookings Reports that were written during the Mueller investigation.

Brookings produced a 108-page report, “Presidential Obstruction of Justice: The Case of Donald J. Trump,” authored by Barry Berke, Noah Bookbinder, and Eisen, on Oct. 10, 2017. They followed up with a 177-page second edition on Aug. 22, 2018, which also came with a lengthy appendix.

Eisen, a senior fellow at Brookings, served as White House special counsel for ethics and government reform under former President Barack Obama and is the founder of CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics) in Washington. Eisen, according to his Brookings profile page, advised Obama “on lobbying regulation, campaign finance law, and open government issues,” according to his CREW bio.

He also served as the ambassador to the Czech Republic from 2011 to 2014.
Eisen and Berke were later retained by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) on a consulting basis as special oversight counsels to the Democratic majority staff.

As Nadler noted in an announcement, the two men had a particular focus on reviewing Mueller’s investigation and would be advising the committee. It also appears Nadler intended for the two lawyers to question Attorney General William Barr, who ultimately declined to attend the hearing—leading to a Democratic vote to hold Barr in contempt.

Ill-Fated Jan. 6 Rally
On Jan 6, thousands of Trump supporters came to D.C. for what would be an ill-fated rally, culminating in an assault on the Capitol building. The fallout from this event would be severe and the full effect has yet to be fully determined.

The new administration, along with many in Congress, appear to making domestic terrorism threats a top priority. Biden’s newly installed U.S. Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas has stated publicly that “one of the greatest threats that we face currently on our homeland … is the threat of domestic terrorism.”

Despite the expectations of many, there didn’t appear to be a material presence of counter-demonstrators from the left at the Jan. 6 rally.

The author of the Time article appears to have been in continued contact with members of the “Shadow Campaign,” including Podhorzer, the group’s “architect.” On the morning of Jan. 6, Podhorzer texted her, noting that the activist left was “strenuously discouraging counter activity.”

His message concluded with a “crossed-fingers emoji.”


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View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg_8y9wZPuQ
1:01:25 min
#StopBitching & Use Critical Thinking - Legal Proof of Election Fraud?
•Feb 9, 2021

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer


View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9E01mUhTVE
Unchecked Power with #JovanHuttonPulitzer and Susan Settenbrino
•Started streaming 22 minutes ago

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer

The appearance of extreme concentration of power and control over the court system and its $2 billion budget, extreme politics and judicial misconduct. Is this a system of justice or just-us? You decide. Knowledge is power. Let's return the power back to the people!

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4V8iqhJLXw
53:30 min

Battle of The Ballots - This History Of Mail-In Voting and the upcoming SCOTUS Sessions!
•Feb 9, 2021

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer


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Arizona Senate Fails to Hold Maricopa Board of Supervisors in Contempt Over Election Fraud Audit

By Joe Hoft
Published February 9, 2021 at 9:27am

The Arizona Senate yesterday failed to vote on holding the Maricopa Board of Supervisors in contempt of court-related the Board’s efforts in preventing a valid audit of results in the County.

Last week we reported that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors was likely to hold in contempt for failing to comply with the Arizona Senate’s request to perform an independent forensic audit of the County’s 2020 election results:

But the Arizona Senate decided not to hold the Maricopa officials in contempt yesterday per Arizona Central:
An attempt by Republican state senators to hold the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in contempt failed on Monday as lawmakers seek to conduct their own audit of the presidential election results.
Breaking with the GOP caucus and casting the crucial vote against the measure, which could have led to the supervisors’ arrests, Sen. Paul Boyer said he wanted to give the county and Senate more time to work out their ongoing legal dispute over the Legislature’s proposed audit.
“Today’s vote merely provides a little bit more time for us to work together charitably and amicably as friends,” Boyer, R-Glendale, told the Senate.
Boyer said the Board of Supervisors does not have any policy disagreement with additional audits of the last election and that his vote was not intended as an end of the process.
“My vote is about patience,” he said.
One thing is for sure. The good old boys’ networks around the country in politics are killing this country and allowing crimes to go unpunished.

This is very disappointing based on the many actions the Board has taken to prevent a transparent and valid review of their votes knowing there is so much potential for issues in the County’s election results.


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“Unmasked” Video Provides More Information and Evidence Surrounding the 2020 Election

By Joe Hoft
Published February 9, 2021 at 10:59am

A new video labeled “Unmasked” provides 16 minutes of evidence of the election fraud in the 2020 election.

This new video named “Unmasked” provides evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election. Results in Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin were basically impossible per the analysis provided in the video and previous reports.

In addition, the video shows the unbelievable and impossible patterns of results we provided months ago which we labeled the “Drop and Roll” (see our video below):

View: https://youtu.be/1_P3-Z2MV5I
3:42 min

Unmasked also provides evidence showing the ‘roll’ portion of the drop and roll where the results, as we observed, were all proportionately the same for the remaining vote counts.

This raises serious red flags.

Below is the video “Unmasked”:
Vimeo video on website 16:16 min


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ONE VOTE MATTERS – How Weighted Race Distribution and One California Vote Brings Entire 2020 Election into Question

By Joe Hoft
Published February 9, 2021 at 12:55pm

When covering all the election fraud in the 2020 election, one California vote may be the vote that provides unquestionable proof that the election was rigged.

In November 2020 after the election, we began reviewing the results of the 2020 election and looking for election or voter fraud. Hour after hour, day after day of reporting on unquestionable fraud, we uncovered significant finds. We noted that in the middle of the night on Election Night in certain states, a dump of ballots occurred, overwhelmingly for Biden, and then after that point, the results went in a consistent pattern with all votes after the original spike for Biden being awarded the same percentage between President Trump and Biden.

We called this the ‘Drop and Roll’:

View: https://youtu.be/1_P3-Z2MV5I
3:41 min

Another group continued this exercise across the country and found numerous instances of the same thing occurring in numerous states.

This was captured in prior elections as well and was related to software from a company named Diebold. Diebold was purchased by Dominion voting systems and apparently, this functionality is still used today:

The practice of allocating votes through a computer algorithm is known as weighted race distributions. This is basically awarding votes to the candidate of choice. It is done by multiplying votes by percentages and allocating votes to candidates based on these results. Each vote should equal one vote. But in the weighted race distribution method, votes are the equivalent of percentages and are allocated and counted based on these preset distribution percents. Using the WEIGHTED RACE DISTRIBUTION method in US Presidential elections is illegal.

The fact that voting machines in the US have this ability is shocking and concerning.

How do we know weighted race distributions occurred in the 2020 election?

One vote provides undisputed evidence that this method of vote counting was in place in the 2020 election and in all places, the vote was cast in California. As noted above, rather than count the vote as one vote for either President Trump or Biden, the vote was allocated 66% to Biden and 32% to Trump with the remaining percent allocated to a third-party candidate.

This proves the vote was allocated based on a preset determination.

See the explanation at the 3:30 mark below:
Vimeo video on website 16:22 min

Unmasked – Have we uncovered the truth about the 2020 election_ from Tyrone Steele on Vimeo.

Yes, there was election fraud in the 2020 election and yes it all benefitted Joe Biden. This election was allocated and stolen.


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Arizona Senate fails in attempt to hold Maricopa County supervisors in contempt over election audit
Andrew OxfordJen Fifield
Arizona Republic

An attempt by Republican state senators to hold the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in contempt failed on Monday as lawmakers seek to conduct their own audit of the presidential election results.

Breaking with the GOP caucus and casting the crucial vote against the measure, which could have led to the supervisors' arrests, Sen. Paul Boyer said he wanted to give the county and Senate more time to work out their ongoing legal dispute over the Legislature's proposed audit.

"Today's vote merely provides a little bit more time for us to work together charitably and amicably as friends," Boyer, R-Glendale, told the Senate.

Boyer said the Board of Supervisors does not have any policy disagreement with additional audits of the last election and that his vote was not intended as an end of the process.

"My vote is about patience," he said.

The Senate issued subpoenas in December and January demanding copies of all the county's mail-in ballots and access to voting machines. But county officials have not released the ballots or voting machines, contending that state law requires the ballots to be sealed unless a judge says otherwise.

The county has gone to court to quash the subpoenas.

But Republican lawmakers have continued to insist, without evidence, that there were widespread irregularities in the last election and have faced mounting calls from their party's grassroots to deliver on those claims.

Legislators also have described the county’s response to the subpoenas as a direct challenge to the Senate's authority.

"We issued a subpoena and they have given us the finger," said Sen. Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert.

The county has turned over piles of records the Senate demanded, though, such as logs and voter registration records that can be requested by the public.

And the county has hired two firms to undertake an additional audit, which is ongoing. The companies are again examining whether the machines counted votes properly, whether they were hacked or tampered with, and whether the county used proper procedures when leasing its machines from Dominion Voting Systems.

This has not satisfied the Senate, though, because the audit does not include another hand count of ballots (which the county still argues it cannot do since the ballots are locked away per state law).

Boyer gives Dems a victory, for now
Democrats have argued that the contempt resolution was a political distraction fueled by conspiracy theories and that additional audits or hearings would not satisfy some Republicans after President Joe Biden's victory in the state.

The push has also underscored the focus of this legislative session on election policy, with lawmakers entertaining major changes to the state's elections.

"I think we have much more important things that we need to be doing," Sen. Kristen Engel, D-Tucson, said on Thursday. "We have Arizonans who are out of work. We have Arizonans who are sick. We have Arizonans who are trying to get the vaccine and having trouble with that."

Boyer may have seemed an unlikely lawmaker to support the contempt resolution in the first place, given his history of bucking Senate leadership and that he represents the only district where Republicans lost a House seat last year.

He also has shied away from much of the bombast at the Legislature following the election. On Monday, he raised concerns about the threats against local and state officials as pressure has mounted on them to overturn the results or otherwise intervene in the electoral process.

"No elected official, whether at the county board level or at the state legislative level, should have to have a police presence outside of their personal homes due to a sincere policy disagreement," he said.

But Boyer joined every other member of the Senate Republican caucus last week in co-sponsoring the contempt resolution.

'No' vote surprises Senate president
His opposition clearly caught the Senate off guard.

Boyer and Senate President Karen Fann, R-Prescott, met with board Chairman Jack Sellers and Supervisor Bill Gates on Monday before the Senate vote, according to Supervisor Steve Gallardo.

"I was under the impression we had 16 solid votes," Fann said as she appealed from the dais for Boyer to change his mind before closing voting.

Had the measure passed, it would have taken the Senate into something of uncharted territory. It would mark the first time in recent memory that the Senate had held anyone in contempt — a misdemeanor — and under state law, the Senate could have dispatched the sergeant at arms to round up the supervisors.

Lawmakers questioned where, exactly, they would hold the four Republicans and one Democrat who sit on the board.


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EXCLUSIVE: Ashli Babbitt’s Legal Team Breaks Silence on Capitol Tragedy – Requests Public’s Help in Identifying Persons of Interest

By Tayler Hansen
Published February 9, 2021 at 8:39pm

After over a month of silence and many unanswered questions, Ashli Babbitt’s legal team has started opening up to the public.

Last month four Trump supporters were killed in the US Capitol siege in Washington DC. One victim, was Ashli Babbitt who was gunned down by a Capitol Hill Police Officer inside the capitol during the protests. To date, this officer’s name has not been released.

Ashli Babbitt’s legal team has been working day and night to uncover the truth behind her death.

For the first time since the shooting, they have gone public and are asking for your help. They are seeking information to help identify four persons of interest, all of whom were present during the shooting.

All four individuals are believed to have important information regarding the death of Ashli Babbitt.

“We want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of the Babbitt family. We are early in the investigative process, but we need to identify a few key witnesses. We would also greatly appreciate any video footage of the incident.” – Ashli Babbitt’s legal team
Person of interest #1
Person of interest #1

Person of Interest #2
Person of interest #2

Person of interest #3

Person of interest #3

Person of interest #4
Referred to as “Medic”

If you have any information regarding Ashli’s shooting, or if any of these people look familiar please reach out to Ashli Babbitt’s legal team on their official Twitter account or email:



Notice to Readers: There are several claims online that Ashli Babbit’s death was a staged event and that those around her were paid actors. We want to be clear that Tayler Hansen is a contributing reporter at The Gateway Pundit. He has broken stories across the country. Tayler was tweeted by President Trump at least twice. We can assure our readers that Tayler Hansen is not a paid actor. Jim Hoft


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Accused 'Oath Keeper' Denies All Charges, Claims To Be Former FBI Section Chief Who's Held Top Secret Clearance For Decades

TUESDAY, FEB 09, 2021 - 23:26

A Virginia man accused of helping to 'plan and coordinate' the January 6th Capitol breach claims he's not a member, much less a leader, of the Oath Keepers - a group commonly described in the press as 'far-right' extremists - and that he wasn't at the Capitol on January 6th due to what his attorney described as "physical limitations" that would have prevented his travel in the first place.
Thomas Caldwell denies belonging to the Oath Keepers and says he wasn't at the Capitol riot
In a Monday court filing, 66-year-old Thomas Caldwell also claimed he's held a top-secret security clearance since 1979, ran a consulting firm that did classified work for the US government, and worked as a FBI section chief from 2009 to 2010 - a job the Associated Press says typically requires 'rising through the ranks of the bureau.'

Thomas Caldwell, who authorities believe holds a leadership role in the extremist group, worked as a section chief for the FBI from 2009 to 2010 after retiring from the Navy, his lawyer, Thomas Plofchan, wrote in a motion urging the judge to release him from jail while he awaits trial.
The defense said Caldwell, who has denied being part of the Oath Keepers, has held a top-secret security clearance since 1979, which required multiple special background investigations, according to Plofchan. Caldwell also ran a consulting firm that did classified work for the U.S. government, the lawyer said.
Caldwell’s lawyer said his client retired as a lieutenant commander with the Navy and that he was a “100% disabled veteran.” Caldwell suffered from complications related to a “service-connected injury,” including shoulder, back and knee issues, the attorney said. In 2010, Caldwell had spinal surgery, which later failed and led to chronic spinal issues and a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, according to the court filing. -Associated Press
"Moving, sitting for extended periods of time, lifting, carrying, and other physical activities are extremely painful and Caldwell is limited in his ability to engage in them," Caldwell's motion seeking pre-trial release continues.

Scribd doc on website


Caldwell was arrested at his Berryville, VA home on January 19 after being accused of conspiring "to forcibly storm the US Capitol."

Authorities claimed in charging documents to have connected Caldwell and two other individuals, Donovan Crowl and Jessica Watkins, to the Oath Keepers through "social media messages, photos and video," where they allegedly arranged hotel rooms in DC days before the incident. In another message, Caldwell is allegedly referred to as "commander." An FBI witness also referred to a "Commander Tom" which investigators believe refers to Caldwell.
Charging documents show messages between Caldwell and the others about arranging hotel rooms in the Washington area in the days before the siege. In one Facebook message from Crowl to Caldwell, Crowl states: “Will probably call you tomorrow … mainly because … I like to know wtf plan is. You are the man COMMANDER.”
The FBI wrote that Caldwell is believed to have referenced the leader of the Oath Keepers, Elmer Stewart Rhodes, in a Facebook message to group members in the days before the riot.

I don’t know if Stewie has even gotten out his call to arms but it’s a little friggin late,” Caldwell wrote, according to the FBI. “This is one we are doing on our own. We will link up with the north carolina (sic) crew.” -Associated Press, Jan. 19
Caldwell also allegedly posted a Facebook video, followed two minutes later with the comment "Us storming the castle. Please share. Sharon was right with me! I am such an instigator! She was ready for it man! Didn't even mind the tear gas."

He then posted two minutes later: "Proud boys scuffled with cops and drove them inside to hide. Breached the doors. One guy made it all the way to the house floor, another to Pelosi’s office. A good time."

Authorities also claim the Oath Keepers communicated during the Capitol riot about the whereabouts of lawmakers - with Caldwell allegedly having received a message that read: "all members are in the tunnels under the capital," and "Seal them in turn on gas."

"Tom all legislators are down in the Tunnels 3floors down," read another message, and "go through back house chamber doors facing N left down hallway down steps."

Roughly 200 people including Caldwell have been charged with federal crimes related to the January 6 incident, ranging from disorderly conduct and assault to disrupting Congress. According to the report, a special group of prosecutors is considering whether to bring sedition charges.

The Oath Keepers, founded by Yale Law graduate Stuart Rhodes, bills itself as an association of non-partisan current and former military officers, cops and first responders and notably provided disaster relief to Texas, Louisiana and Puerto Rican hurricane victims. They also have a policy to physically remove any white supremacists from their rallies.

Of note, on January 13, one week after the Capitol Riot, US intelligence agencies warned that violent extremists with "political grievances" will likely pose the "greatest domestic terrorism threats in 2021."

Two weeks later, we found that one of the leaders of the Proud Boys, a group roundly labeled a "far-right extremist group" by the media and recently designated a terrorist entity by Canada, was a 'prolific' FBI informant who was notably ordered to stay away from Washington D.C. one day before the January 6 Capitol riot after he was arrested on vandalism and weapons charges.

Several members of the Proud Boys leadership were taken down after the 'insurrection.'
Enrique Tarrio, a leader of the Proud Boys who in 2014 legal documents was revealed to have been an FBI informant

Read the original Caldwell affidavit below:
Scribd doc. on website



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If You Thought The 2020 Elections Were Chaotic, Just Wait

TUESDAY, FEB 09, 2021 - 20:05

Authored by J.Christian Adams via The Gatestone Institute,

H.R.1 packs into one 791-page bill every bad idea about how to run elections and mandates that the states must adopt -- the very things that made the election of 2020 such a mess. It includes all of the greatest hits of 2020: Mandatory mail ballots, ballots without postmarks, late ballots and voting in precincts where you don't live. It includes so many bad ideas that no publication has satisfactory space to cover all of them. The Senate companion bill, S.1, might be even worse.

These bills rearrange the relationship between the states and the federal government. The Constitution presumes that states regulate their own elections, but the Constitution has a big "but" in what is called the Elections Clause. The Constitution says, "but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations." For over 200 years, Congress rarely used this power. After all, the power was put in the Constitution only to prevent the states from suffocating the federal government out of existence by never holding federal elections.

Do not assume that the bills will stall and wither in the process. They are named H.R.1 and S.1 for a reason. The bills are the top priority of the newly empowered Democrats in Congress.

Dissatisfied with the effectiveness of the last federal mandate -- 1993's Motor Voter law -- H.R.1 dispenses with the idea that an American should go affirmatively register to vote.

In 2020, states such as Nevada and New Jersey sent ballots through the mail to anyone on their registration lists despite having voter rolls full of errors. The Public Interest Legal Foundation documented thousands of ineligible registrations in Nevada alone that received mail ballots. Some were sent to vacant lots, abandoned mines, casinos and even liquor stores.

States also would be blocked by H.R.1 from signature verification procedures.

H.R.1 rigs the system for any lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the law. All lawsuits can only be filed in one court – federal court in the District of Columbia. And all opposition must be consolidated into one brief with only one attorney being able to argue the merits. It also grants automatic intervention to any legislators who want to join in the fight against the lone opposition.

It prohibits states from conducting list maintenance on the voter rolls. That means deadwood and obsolete registrations will stack up.

HR.1 and S.1 are omnibus bills that would change every American citizen's -- and foreigner's -- relationship to voter registration.

Universal automatic voter registration has, for years, been a top priority of the institutional left. In fact, H.R.1 would do away with actual voter registration and instead make the voter rolls merely a copy of anyone already on a government list -- such as welfare recipients and other social service beneficiaries. The bills would expand well beyond to federal entities like the Social Security Administration, Department of Defense, Customs and Immigration, and elements of Health and Human Services.

Naturally, a giant federal database would serve as the home for this list of people who must be automatically registered to vote, whether they know it or not.
Imagine the number of government databases in which your information is contained. Do your names and addresses all match? Does Social Security know you moved out of your birth state? Are your married and maiden names different? Did you get a driver's license before obtaining American citizenship?

You can see the pitfalls. One person will be "registered" to vote multiple times, with slight variation in names, and perhaps greater variation in residence addresses.

Making it "easier" to get registered to vote through automatic registration from government lists might seem attractive, until you consider the disaster of universal auto-mail voting as we saw in 2020.

H.R.1 and S.1 will force states to push ballots into the mail. It builds slack into the election system. Decentralized mail elections introduce error because of error-filled rolls. Mail-in ballots delay results, create uncertainty and push the elections into kitchens and bedrooms where election officials cannot observe the voting process and cannot protect the voter from coercion.

H.R.1 takes the absolute worst emergency rule changes of 2020 and enshrines them as federal law. Gone also are state witness and notary requirements during the mail ballot application process. Nor may states enact identification requirements of "any form" for those requesting a ballot. That means no more voter ID as a matter of federal law.

States also would be blocked by H.R.1 from signature verification procedures.
It gets worse. The 791-page bill also includes:
  • "Congress can reduce a state's representation in Congress when the right to vote is denied." Without qualification or definition, Congress could rely on this sentence unilaterally to cut the number of House members from any state it claims is denying the right to vote.
  • It criminalizes anyone who uses state challenge laws to question the eligibility of registrants wrongly. The penalty is up to one year in prison per instance.
  • It prohibits states from conducting list maintenance on the voter rolls. That means deadwood and obsolete registrations will stack up.
  • It criminalizes publishing "false statements" about qualifications to vote and "false statements" about which groups have endorsed which candidates. Information banned from being published includes false qualifications to vote and the penalties for doing so. What is a false statement will apparently be in the minds of the Justice Department lawyers who bring the charges. And if they do not act, the law provides a private right of action to individual plaintiffs to drag speakers to court. You can be sure this provision would be used as a merciless weapon against political opponents.
  • And in case it was not clear that H.R.1 was dismantling state power to run their own elections, the bill makes it clear: "The lack of a uniform standard for voting in Federal elections leads to an unfair disparity and unequal participation in Federal elections based solely on where a person lives." In other words, state laws which have the Constitutional authority to determine the voting eligibility of its residents, will be preempted by a federal uniform standard.
That is not all. Nationwide, states must accept mail ballots on Election Day plus 10 days later. States are allowed to add extra time to the window. No more election day. It will be election season, with a month of early voting and weeks of ballots arriving and being counted.

And of course, unlimited ballot harvesting -- having a third party "help" to fill in and gather up ballots, then drop them off at a polling station or other designated station -- is guaranteed.

Misinformation, protests, unrest, and even violence were all symptoms of the trauma of 2020. Activist groups and collusive officials in 2020 turned courts into weapons to transform state laws into election procedures that were favorable to one particular party. H.R.1 would finish the job, and federalize the policies and election procedures that made 2020 such a mess.

It is no solution to presume that federal rules, even if they were crafted the right way, would solve the problem. When Washington D.C. gets control over elections, the policy always skews in one direction.

I worked at the Justice Department, where career staff ignored federal laws they didn't like, and only enforced the ones they thought would help advance their political beliefs. Motor Voter, for example, had a federal mandate that states clean voter rolls. Guess what happened after that rule passed in 1993? No private enforcement actions were brought for two decades until I brought one against Indiana.

There is a federal mandate, passed in the 19th Century, to have one single election day. The bureaucrats in Washington in charge of enforcing that law ignore that law. Federal mandates are a one-way political ratchet. They always and only help one political party.

The nation has seen this line of thinking before. Like Obamacare earlier, H.R.1 transitions our federalist Republic to some other brave new system that purports to right generations of structural wrongs, while at the same time entrenching other wrongs. Unifying American experiences such as coming together to vote on one single Election Day, governed by rules passed by state legislators, well, to the authors of H.R.1, that is just old fashioned


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Buchanan: Of Rioters, Protesters, & Patriots
TUESDAY, FEB 09, 2021 - 18:45
Authored by Patrick Buchanan via Buchanan.org,

To Parliament, in the London of George III, the Boston Massacre of 1770 and the Tea Party of 1773 were not seen in the same light as they were by the Sons of Liberty in the Massachusetts colony.

To Parliament, this was mob violence, and the shooting and killing at Lexington and Concord were acts of insurrection and treason.

But because we won the Revolution, those events are portrayed and remembered differently. For when it comes to riots and revolutions, all depends on who writes the narrative of history. It is the winners.

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past,” said George Orwell in his novel “1984.”
To the media, the long hot summer of rioting, looting and arson that followed the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis was driven by “racial justice” protests against a “systemic racism” that permeates society.

The rioters were calling attention to injustices we Americans have failed to address, like police brutality. And almost all of these “peaceful protesters” were calling us to be a better people.

And did not the riots produce beneficial results?

Joe Biden and his party have responded by setting as a goal the replacement of “equality of rights” with “equity,” an equality of results, where gaps in test scores, incarcerations, incomes and wealth between white and black are to be closed by government action.

However, as for the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6 by Trumpists, to protest and perhaps change the outcome of the election, that was an act of insurrection, a treasonous attempt to overturn a democratic election and overthrow a democratic government.

Of all the riots in 2020 and 2021, that was the unforgivable one.

The proper response to that riot is not to heed its angry voices but to impeach the president on whose behalf they acted, to strip him of any right to serve again in public office, and to write new laws to deal with the horrific “domestic terrorism” we witnessed at the Capitol.

About the morality and justice of the rampage of rioting in the wake of Floyd’s death, and the sole riot at the Capitol, the media are the self-anointed judges.

They decide which riots are benign and which are malignant, which should receive an empathetic response, and which should end with every participant in prison.

Western democracies almost always grant favorable publicity and moral support to popular uprisings against autocratic regimes.

The Hong Kong protests were cheered on by the West until there arose a fear in China they were getting out of hand. Beijing then stepped in, ordered the protests halted and imposed law and order.

In Russia, there have been protests in many cities over the recent jailing of dissident Alexei Navalny. But winter weather and thousands of police arrests have cooled the protests, and Vladimir Putin booted out of the country three EU diplomats from Poland, Germany and Sweden who attended the pro-Navalny demonstrations.

When it comes to illegal and disorderly protests, Xi Jinping and Putin take them seriously and play hardball. They see mass protests and riots as Western-inspired, if not Western-planned, and deal with them as subversive activities.
“The messages sent by Russian authorities during this visit confirmed that Europe and Russia are drifting apart,” EU minister Joseph Borrell blogged on his return from Moscow to Brussels.
“It seems that Russia is progressively disconnecting itself from Europe and looking at democratic values as an existential threat.”
In Turkey, demonstrations by staff and students erupted in January over the installation of an ally of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as rector of Bogazici University, among the most acclaimed schools in the country. Hundreds have been arrested in clashes between protesters and police in one of the largest displays of civil unrest in Turkey in years.

In Myanmar, thousands took to the streets this weekend to protest a generals’ coup that took over the country a week ago and ousted the elected civilian regime of Nobel Peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.

The American media defended the Hong Kong protesters and tended to minimize, excuse or ignore its excesses and violence.

But in Moscow, Beijing, Istanbul and Myanmar, the protests are seen as insurgencies, as sappers of the state and regime, and the governments are predisposed to deal with them in every way — save capitulation. They see them as the work of “regime change” ideologues in the West.

In Western nations, protests and riots come largely from the left and rail against what is claimed to be indifference or resistance to the rights of minorities. And the natural tendency of the media is to sympathize with protesters, especially those bedeviling autocracies.

Again, all except the occupation of the Capitol on Jan. 6. That one was different. That one got the sympathy of no one because its premise was that an elite-backed establishment stole the election.

Such accusations against our elites are intolerable and immoral.


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“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” ― John F. Kennedy
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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”Buckminster Fuller

The takeover of the country by an amalgamation of bad characters representing fascist corporatism, collectivism, billionaire oligarchs, social media tyrants, pandemic peddlers, and Deep State snake oil surveillance state salesmen has marked a turning point for the country. Battle lines are being drawn, a propaganda war is already being waged, enemies are preparing for conflict, rage is rising, and the country is headed towards some level of dissolution.

Events since the inception of the release of the China virus from the Wuhan bio-weapon lab, have been accelerating towards an epic struggle between those constituting the true power in the country and those they consider deplorable and undeserving of respect or a voice in how the country is governed. The shadowy figures behind the curtain of Bernays’ invisible government have revealed themselves and no longer fear the plebs they rule over, as their sociopathic hubris has convinced themselves they are invincible.

They have been emboldened by the success they have achieved in engineering a takeover of the government through weaponizing a flu to coerce politicians into shutting down the nation; utilizing propaganda to induce the majority of Americans to cower in fear from a virus that is highly non-lethal (99.7% survival rate) to anyone under 80; destroying hundreds of thousands of small businesses while enriching mega-corporations; successfully rigging a presidential election through mail-in ballot fraud and vote machine machinations; provoking a fake race crisis using BLM and ANTIFA useful idiots; profiting to the tune of trillions from the Fed money printing operation; suppressing free speech and medical truths about the virus through social media censorship; setting up Trump supporters as dangerous insurrectionists with the Capital farce, subsequent white supremacist storyline, and militarization of Washington DC to complete the false narrative; and now having their empty vessel pretend president signing executive orders to pull the country hard left; with Supreme Court packing, DC and Puerto Rico statehood on the docket; and Domestic Terrorism legislation to make all Trump supporters enemies of the state.

Image result for billionaires net worth during pandemic

The overlords think throwing $600 at the plebs every six months, while allowing them a pittance of unemployment crumbs, will keep them sedated as long as they have their iGadgets to keep them distracted. The unholy triumvirate of Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Gov are generating tens of billions by peddling a DNA altering experimental rushed vaccine, that isn’t really a vaccine and doesn’t really keep you from getting Covid or spreading it further. We also don’t know the long-term consequences of this “medicine”. And it seems the triumvirate is doing their best to cover up the adverse reactions being reported, miscarriages and numerous deaths of nursing home patients shortly after getting the jab.

The blizzard of lies about the effectiveness of face diapers and lockdowns from “medical experts”, “journalists”, corporate media propagandists, and government apparatchiks has been relentless. These fabricators bloviate about following the science while ignoring the facts proving masks and lockdowns DO NOT WORK and ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine DO WORK. The level of deceit and deception being applied by those in power is drastically increasing the anger and rage in the country towards authority.

Image result for suppressing truth about hydroxychloroquine and invermetcin
Image result for suppressing truth about hydroxychloroquine and invermetcin

The country is already at war, even though many don’t know it, and the Deep State/Oligarchs are clearly winning. This begs the question, how can you defeat an enemy who controls the presidency, congress, mainstream media, social media, major cities, major states, the military, FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the courts? The truth is they think they’ve already won the war and will dictate the terms we will be forced to live by.

But hubris, arrogance and pride are always the Achilles heel of sociopaths, believing they know what is best for humanity while inflicting their lunatic solutions upon their subjects. The feeling among millions of Americans is they have either been abandoned, stabbed in the back, or robbed. They aren’t exactly sure who to blame, who to trust, or who to fight, but they are trying to figure out the best course of action, given the current circumstances.

I was reminded of the 1983 movie – WarGames – while we were still in the midst of the real Cold War with Russia, when nuclear annihilation was actually a possibility. Considering those running the show have been pimping the fake Russiagate charade for the last four years and continue to provoke Putin, the message of the movie has never been more applicable. We are surely in a strange game, where all outcomes are likely to be horrible for all the players. In the movie, the United States nuclear launch control is given to a NORAD supercomputer known as WOPR (War Operation Plan Response).

It is programmed to continuously run war simulations, learn over time, and concoct the best plan of attack if nuclear retaliation is needed. A young computer hacker unwittingly hacks into WOPR and causes the computer to think the Soviet Union has launched missiles at the United States. The humans attempt to regain control over WOPR, but it has learned how to bypass the manual controls put into place to avoid an accidental nuclear war. The computer obtains the launch codes and starts a countdown to a massive missile launch that would start World War III and result in the end of humanity.

The creator of the code and the hacker realize they have to teach WOPR why launching the missiles would be futile. They direct the computer to play tic-tac-toe against itself. This results in a long string of draws, forcing the computer to learn the concept of futility and no-win scenarios. WOPR obtains the launch codes, but before launching, it cycles through all the nuclear war scenarios it has devised, finding they all result in draws as well.

Having discovered the concept of mutual assured destruction (“WINNER: NONE”), the computer tells them it has concluded nuclear war is “A STRANGE GAME” in which “the only winning move is not to play.” It’s amazing how a movie was able to capture the enormous power and extraordinary danger of computer algorithms decades before the country had been hijacked by Big Tech companies using the power of their computer platforms and manipulating algorithms to hijack elections, censor opinions contrary to the approved Deep State narrative, and creating conflict through fake news and engineered storylines.
Image result for biden is illegitimate president

I, along with millions of the new resistance, consider Basement Biden an illegitimate president, installed as a Chinese controlled Manchurian candidate to complete the final shredding of the Constitution and surrender to globalist oligarchs. In Biden’s case, he’s more like a Senile-churian candidate who will sign anything his handlers place in front of him and pathetically attempt to say whatever they put on his teleprompter, before he has to take a nap. The first couple weeks of the new Susan Rice/Barack Obama administration has been as bad as expected, with dozens of executive orders reversing all Trump’s executive orders and implementing everything the far left was demanding, as their useful ANTIFA and BLM idiots continue to burn cities and riot for no particular reason.
It is undeniably clear the Biden administration, entirely controlled by the Big Tech/Big Pharma/Deep State co-conspirators, are going to ram through a far-left agenda with breathtaking speed, as they have no qualms about shredding the Constitution or remorselessly crushing their enemies under a barrage of pre-written bills and relentless propaganda about the danger of a white supremacist overthrow of the government flogged by their legacy media and social media arms.

Image result for susan rice is the real president

Many dejected Trump supporters, along with the millions who didn’t care for Biden or Trump, are now angry the Biden handlers, led by Susan Rice, are actually implementing everything they said they would. Trump’s Executive Orders were not law and are being disposed of by the flick of a pen. Allowing presidents this monarchical power is absurd, and reflects a nation is disarray and in a downward spiral. There is absolutely no one in Washington DC looking out for the long-term best interests of the citizens. It’s solely about power, control, and enrichment of themselves and the oligarchs who put them in power.

Not one decision is being made looking out further than the next election, as these corrupt captured faux representatives divvy up the spoils, as the country spirals further into debt, while the Fed printed 40% of all the money ever printed in U.S. history during 2020 – with 2021 on its way to new records. The insanity of the monetary and fiscal decisions being made by Powell, Yellen, Biden and a congress filled with narcissistic myopic mathematically retarded troglodytes is enough to make a sane, rational, critical thinking American scream in agony at the devastation, strife and economic wasteland we are leaving for future generations.

Image result for the scream

I find myself increasingly ignoring the daily blather of posing politicians, fake news pundits, “medical experts”, self-styled financial gurus, twitterati, and government drones. Why should I get outraged on a daily basis by the actions of a presidential administration I consider illegitimate and central bankers doing the bidding of the oligarchy, as always? At this point I feel like blurting out Crooked Hillary’s famous angry outburst during the Benghazi hearing – “What difference at this point does it make?”.

I know there are many still believing, if the GOP can just win back the house and/or senate in 2022, they can get the country back on course. Others are waiting for the victorious return of Trump in 2024 like MacArthur’s “I shall return” moment in the Philippines. Some still believe the Qanon pablum and are trusting the plan. They are badly mistaken, as the country is too far gone, and must crash and burn before it can possibly be rebuilt.
Image result for trump as macarthur returning to philippines

I have thrown in the towel on believing we can vote our way out of this mess, as Washington DC is ruled by the Uni-Party, beholden to globalist billionaire oligarchs, the upstart Silicon Valley billionaire censorship tyrants, and the Deep State snakes surveilling all our communications and controlling the narrative through propaganda and suppression of our First Amendment rights. This engineered pandemic panic has been a test run to see how far they could go in using fear to make millions cower and applaud their rights being stripped in the name of safety and security.

The wolves are salivating, as we have proven ourselves to be a nation of masked obedient sheep, begging to be led to slaughter. While the Fed prints prosperity for the .1% by driving the stock market to astronomical heights, the average American is seeing their daily living expenses jump by 5% to 10% (as the BLS reports 1.4% inflation), and their jobs disappear (as the BLS reports 6.3% unemployment when 111 million out of 261 million working age Americans are not working).

The building anger in the country is palpable. The question is how do you fight an enemy with overwhelming superiority in financial resources, police and military forces, corporate media outlets, social media platforms, the financial system, intel agencies, and all branches of the government? This question is what made me recall the WarGames final scene. The only winning move is not to play. Direct confrontation is destined for failure.

The only way to defeat this enemy is through guile, cunning, patience, and persistence. The same method of resistance will not work for all people. Everyone’s individual circumstances will dictate how they resist. There doesn’t need to be a central commander or massed forces. Differing versions of guerrilla warfare will suffice. The enemy is a bureaucratic behemoth, slow and unwieldy, led by arrogant mediocrities, unable to strategize their way out of a wet paper bag. They know only how to use force and threats to achieve their despicable ends.

Image result for schumer change the world

In Part 2 of this article, I will examine the concepts of Irish Democracy and Going Galt, providing a framework for defeating the enemy and regaining a say in how this country can be revived.


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"A Strange Game", Part 2
TUESDAY, FEB 09, 2021 - 18:05
Authored by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,

In Part One of this article I laid out the dire situation we find ourselves facing, as the illegitimate Biden administration inflicts the coup de grace to our dying empire of debt. I will now provide a possible framework of resistance and methods of undermining the corrupt pillaging system we call government.

The concept of passive resistance has existed in various forms for centuries and has been used effectively in toppling enemies. A few weeks ago I was introduced to a concept I had never heard before in Doug Lynn’s article Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair: Hover Through the Fog and Filthy Air. The passage below references “Irish Democracy” as a method for bringing an authoritarian regime to their knees.
More regimes have been brought, piecemeal, to their knees by what was once called “Irish Democracy”—the silent, dogged resistance, withdrawal, and truculence of millions of ordinary people—than by revolutionary vanguards or rioting mobs.
The premise behind “Irish Democracy” is that the State lacks the enforcement power to have its way with millions upon millions of rebels. It’s Mohandas Gandhi’s strategy, albeit without his overt confrontations with the institutions of government. “You can ignore the State and do as you please, as long as you keep your head down.”
Removing the overt confrontations makes “Irish Democracy” much safer than any other form of rebellion. The State needs conspicuous, targetable rebels. It cannot use terror of its forces without someone to turn into an “example.” No conspicuous rebels means nothing for the State to crucify for the edification of the public.
The description of Irish Democracy was put forth by Yale professor James C. Scott in his book, Two Cheers for Anarchism“:
“Quiet, anonymous, and often complicitous, lawbreaking and disobedience may well be the historically preferred mode of political action for peasant and subaltern classes, for whom open defiance is too dangerous. One need not have an actual conspiracy to achieve the practical effects of a conspiracy.”
Widespread non-coordinated resistance to the mandates and dictates of a totalitarian state can succeed, as millions of individual actions result in having an overwhelming cumulative negative impact on the state’s functioning. As Scott reflects, the state needs conspicuous targetable enemies, which we have clearly seen, as this fledgling communist regime continues to promote the white supremacist insurrection fabrication and Trump’s guilt in provoking pretend Vikings to steal podiums and take selfies in Pelosi’s office.

The goal of these mendacious totalitarians is to provoke Trump supporters into a violent response, so they can usher in their Domestic Terrorism Act (Patriot Act 2.0) and implement a modern-day techno gulag solution. We cannot take the bait. It is time to arrange our affairs in such a way that denies the State their claimed piece of your pie, while doing so in such a way the State does not scrutinize your “unlawful” acts. Ignoring ridiculous decrees, demands, and laws are the duty of every right-thinking American.

As the cancel culture social justice warriors seek their next prominent victim to crucify across their media empire, it behooves us “little people” to deny them the satisfaction of ruining our lives. They want nothing more than to de-platform you, get you fired from your job, and destroy your reputation. This is where Irish Democracy, Going Galt, and numerous other variations of these strategies, along with heeding the wisdom Sun Tzu, need to be utilized to defeat our now firmly entrenched enemy.

There are no white hats coming to save us. It is now up to millions of truculent, disagreeable, angry, deplorable citizens to undermine the establishment and force this empire built on a foundation of unpayable debt to collapse. It might seem like a daunting task, but each individual act of resistance is like a grain of sand added to the unstable pile. No one knows which grain will trigger the catastrophic failure of the system. We are all capable of becoming the straw that broke the camel’s back.

John Galt’s speech in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is over 33 thousand words, but these passages capture the essence of Going Galt:
“For twelve years, you have been asking: Who is John Galt? This is John Galt speaking. I am the man who loves his life. I am the man who does not sacrifice his love or his values. I am the man who has deprived you of victims and thus has destroyed your world, and if you wish to know why you are perishing—you who dread knowledge—I am the man who will now tell you.
You have heard it said that this is an age of moral crisis. You have said it yourself, half in fear, half in hope that the words had no meaning. You have cried that man’s sins are destroying the world and you have cursed human nature for its unwillingness to practice the virtues you demanded. Since virtue, to you, consists of sacrifice, you have demanded more sacrifices at every successive disaster. In the name of a return to morality, you have sacrificed all those evils which you held as the cause of your plight. You have sacrificed justice to mercy. You have sacrificed independence to unity. You have sacrificed reason to faith. You have sacrificed wealth to need. You have sacrificed self-esteem to self-denial. You have sacrificed happiness to duty.
You will win when you are ready to pronounce the oath I have taken at the start of my battle—and for those who wish to know the day of my return, I shall now repeat it to the hearing of the world:
I swear—by my life and my love of it—that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”
The key point is to deprive the Marxist/Deep State/Oligarchy of victims who they can use to further their warped, non-sensical, totalitarian agenda of control, force and wealth extraction for the greater good – of the oligarchs. They create a crisis with their laws, regulations, legislation, mandates, executive orders, and decrees and then make it far worse with their “solutions”, while demanding more sacrifices by the little people to keep their sinking ship afloat. This is their Achilles heel.

If millions of individuals Go Galt and Starve the Beast, one transaction at a time, withdrawing our consent because we believe those governing us are illegitimate, the State lacks the enforcement power and means to punish people they cannot find or identify as criminals. This is guerilla warfare in a modern technological dystopian world. Each of us has different life circumstances, financial capacity, and constraints, but everyone can contribute something to toppling our oppressors. Here are some thoughts. I am sure you can creatively add to this list:
  • Reduce your taxable footprint as much as possible, rendering as little to Caesar as possible. Spending less deprives them of sales tax.
  • Do home improvement projects yourself and buy supplies from local retailers, rather than big box mega-stores.
  • Don’t buy anything from Amazon. If you are still on Facebook or Twitter, depart for a platform that does not censor. Don’t use Google for searches. Cancel Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • Boycott any organization pushing the BLM agenda or critical race theory.
  • Take a course or two at the local tech school in electrical, plumbing, or other practical skill, so you can do it yourself.
  • No matter how small your plot of land, learn to grow some food – the more the better. See if hydroponics is possible. Deny the mega-food industry your business.
  • Make friends with local farmers, source meat, eggs, corn, milk, etc. from them and pay in cash. The government cannot track the transaction.
  • If you need to utilize a contractor, landscaper, painter, etc. find a local guy and pay in cash. They often will give a discount and the government will not get their slice.
  • If your circumstances warrant, bartering with locals can satisfy the needs of both parties and keeps the government out of your business.
  • Only frequent small family-owned restaurants and always pay in cash, including the tip for your waitress. The government will absolutely get their slice if you pay using a credit card.
  • If you have money in a Wall Street bank, withdraw it and put it in credit union or small local bank.
  • Do not carry any credit card debt. Pay down your mortgage. Do not borrow to buy a new car. Buy a used car.
  • Reduce your driving, not to save the environment, but to deny the State gasoline taxes and toll revenue.
  • If possible, own some precious metals, in preparation for the inevitable collapse of the USD. Crypto currencies may also be a hedge but may be too risky for most people.
  • Learn how to communicate with allies using encrypted messaging.
  • Don’t wear a mask or get the experimental DNA altering jab. Ridicule those who do.
  • The IRS is a dysfunctional, understaffed, bureaucratic calamity of an organization. You are small potatoes. They don’t have the resources to check whether your return is accurate. If the Fed can print $4 trillion out of thin air, why do they need your taxes anyway. Act accordingly.
  • If you live in an urban area, and have the means, get the hell out, preferably to a rural area inhabited by like- minded people.
  • If you live in a blue state or blue county, and can do so, move to a red state or red county. As states raise income tax rates, move to states with little or no income taxes. PA governor Wolf just proposed increasing the state income tax by 46% to give my money to teachers’ unions. Florida is looking awfully inviting.
  • With federal, state and local taxes surely going to rise, if you are near retirement, and can afford to, just drop out now and stop paying income taxes.
  • As these Going Galt actions are sure to infuriate those wielding power, make sure you are armed, have firearms training, and have a sufficient supply of ammo. Be mentally prepared to defend your homestead.

Some of these actions are easier than others, but they would all contribute to an undetected rebellion against the State. If you are interested in going full Galt, this article from Marc Moran (aka Hardscrabble Farmer) – Five Things To Do When Going Galtdetails his family’s journey from being trapped in the Matrix to the freedom of controlling your own destiny – also known as the liberty to live life as you choose.

None of what I’ve described is easy, but direct confrontation would be futile, as the majority of sheep would support the government because they are incapable of critical thought, distracted by their technological gadgets, and fearful of their own shadows. Since there is no doubt we are already at war, as the new regime has already classified us as domestic terrorists, we should heed the wisdom of Sun Tzu in confronting the enemy.
“If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”Sun Tzu, The Art of War
If ever an opponent had a choleric temper it is the Marxist regime currently in power, with the hateful Pelosi, wrathful Schumer, venomous AOC, angry Biden, malevolent Harris, and malicious Deep State apparatchiks easily irritated and can be goaded into making irrational decisions. Their arrogance, lack of self-awareness, and continuous barefaced hypocrisy, leaves them exposed to ridicule and scorn on a daily basis, which makes them angrier and more susceptible to contempt and mockery from their opponents.

There is no need to interrupt the enemy when they continue to issue executive orders and pass legislation which will have disastrous consequences. Even though the Reddit guys eventually had their asses handed to them, they proved a strategized sneak attack by the little guys could create havoc and disarray on Wall Street. The entire episode tore back the curtain and revealed the game is perpetually rigged in favor of billionaire hedge fund managers and the Wall Street cabal.

This war is winnable if we use Irish Democracy and Going Galt tactics and out-think our narcissist, intellectually deficient, liberal arts major enemies. The danger is when they become frustrated by being out-smarted and out-maneuvered, they will lash out violently against men who just want to be left alone to live their lives as free men. When the financial system implodes, and it certainly will, they will attempt to scapegoat the deplorables.

If they endeavor to violently enforce their mandates, they will unleash hardened men who will give no quarter in inflicting their vengeance upon those who chose not to leave them to peacefully liver their lives. The electrical grid and government computer systems are highly susceptible to attack. Strategic strikes of truckers could create food shortages in a matter of days in Democrat run urban enclaves of peaceful protests.

The 300 million guns in this country are owned by men who know how to use them. These political animals will pay a dear price for awakening the inner Outlaw Josey Wales in millions of angry men. This unattributed quote captures what will happen when they push us too far.

“The most terrifying force of death comes from the hands of ‘Men who wanted to be left Alone’.

They try, so very hard to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.

They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it.
They know the moment they fight back, the lives as they have lived them, are over.

The moment the ‘Men who wanted to be left Alone’ are forced to fight back, it is a small form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be.

Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these ‘Men who wanted to be left Alone’, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives.

They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror.
TRUE TERROR will arrive at the Left’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy, but it will fall upon deaf ears.”


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Several election rigging cases are still moving forward to Supreme Court
by Natural News
February 9, 2021

Several election rigging cases are still moving forward to Supreme Court

On Feb. 19, the Supreme Court will address at least three cases filed on behalf of President Donald Trump that allege widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Article by Ethan Huff via Natural News.

Attorney Sidney Powell’s Michigan election case is scheduled for the Supreme Court’s conference that day, as are the Pennsylvania election case and attorney Lin Wood’s Georgia election case.

The Pennsylvania case, Trump v Boockvar PA SOS et al, was filed back on Dec. 20. It explains that “statutory provisions … may not be ignored by state election officials or changed by state courts.”

As we covered back in November immediately following the election, Pennsylvania officials threw out the rules and changed the election process to allow millions of illegal ballots to be counted for China Joe.

Without these illegal ballots, Trump would have easily won Pennsylvania. This is why we wrote, and still stand by, the claim that once the dust settles and justice prevails, Trump will be declared the rightful winner of Pennsylvania.

This all depends on there still being a legitimate justice system, of course. If the Supreme Court turns out to be an injustice dud, then Beijing Biden could still end up holding the prize, despite it not belonging to him.

The Pennsylvania lawsuit explains that during the 2020 presidential election, Pennsylvania ignored the law by eliminating various statutory requirements, including signature verification and the right of campaigns to challenge invalid mail ballots.

The commonwealth also failed to require that mail ballots be filled in, dated and signed in accordance with the law. Consequently, millions of illegal ballots were counted for Biden.

“Collectively, these … decisions resulted in counting approximately 2.6 million mail ballots in violation of the law as enacted by the Pennsylvania Legislature,” the lawsuit explains.

“According to public reports, without these protections, the resulting disqualification rate of invalid ballots was anemic – meaning over 110,000 invalid ballots were illegally counted – more than enough to have affected the outcome of the election, where the margin between the two principal candidates for President currently stands at 80,558.”

It might sound crazy, but Trump still has a chance

In the Michigan case of Timothy King et al v Gretchen Whitmer, filed on Dec. 11, plaintiffs allege that “scheme and artifice” were used to “defraud illegally and fraudulently manipulate the vote count to manufacture the ‘election’ of Joe Biden as president of the United States.”

The fraud was extensive and multi-faceted, the lawsuit further explains. In addition to “old-fashioned ‘ballot-stuffing,’” the fraudsters used advanced computer software to manipulate the vote tabulation.

Domestic and foreign actors were used to rig the count and manipulate the totals, the lawsuit adds, noting that Michigan politicians and other officials were complicit in the scam.

“The petition detailed an especially egregious range of conduct in Wayne County and the City of Detroit, though this conduct occurred throughout the State with the cooperation and control of Michigan state election officials, including Respondents.”

In the Georgia case filed by Wood (L. Lin Wood, Jr. Petitioner v Brad Raffensperger et al), the allegation is made that the Eleventh Circuit’s decision to reject the case gave “insufficient regard to the Secretary of State’s unlawful and unconstitutional usurpation of the Georgia Legislature’s plenary authority to prescribe ‘[t]he Times, Places, and Manner’ for the conduct of presidential and congressional election.”

It further explains that unless the Supreme Court grants expedited consideration and relief, it will be impossible to repair the fraudulent election results that were brought about by the counting of illegally cast ballots, among other election crimes.


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View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or81WP0ti5Q
30:55 min
Democrats Launch NEW Criminal Investigation Into Trump At The State Level Amid 2nd Impeachment Trial
•Feb 10, 2021

Tim Pool

Democrats Launch NEW Criminal Investigation Into Trump At The State Level Amid 2nd Impeachment Trial. The investigation stems from Trump's phone call with the Georgia secretary of state over election lawsuits. Trump had a legal settlement call that was recorded and leaked which resulted in a major controversy with Democrats accusing trump of trying to cheat in the election. While Trump is currently facing a second impeachment trial a second criminal probe at the state level has been announced. Trump is already under investigation in Manhattan over his company's business dealings. Media and Democrats in the end are just obsessed and angry. They will never let this go and Trump is a fool to think they would.


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MUST READ: Democrats Were ONLY Able to “Win” in 2020 By Breaking Chain of Custody Laws in EVERY SWING STATE

By Jim Hoft
Published February 10, 2021 at 7:30am
Democrat election violations: (left to right) Secret ballot counting in Georgia, Secret ballot deliveries at 3:30 AM in Detroit, Blocking observers from viewing inside the TCF Center in Detroit

At midnight on election night, President Trump warned his supporters not to let Democrats “find any votes at 4 in the morning.”

President Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania by nearly 700,000 votes.
In Michigan Trump was ahead by over 300,000 votes.
In Wisconsin Trump was ahead by 120,000 votes.
Trump was also ahead in Georgia and Nevada.

And President Trump already trounced Joe Biden in Ohio, Florida, and Iowa — three states that ALWAYS go to the eventual presidential winner.

Then suddenly Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin announced they would not be announcing their winner that night. This was an unprecedented and coordinated move in US history.

Then many crimes occurred to swing the election to Biden, but perhaps the greatest crime was the lack of dual controls and chain of custody records that ensure a fair and free election. At a high level, when ballots are transferred or changes are made in voting machines, these moves and changes should be done with two individuals present (dual control), one from each party, and the movements of ballots should be recorded.

So when states inserted drop boxes into the election, these changes first needed to be updated through the legislature, which they weren’t, and all movements from the time when the ballots were inserted into drop boxes needed to be recorded, which they weren’t.

Chain of Custody laws were violated across the United States to favor lawless Democrats.

In Georgia the law requires that the chain of custody and the movement of all ballots be recorded.

But Democrat operatives, the Department of Justice and FBI disregarded these laws in Georiga.

Late at night on election night after the election officer in charge, Ralph Jones, sent all of the election observers and media home for the night, he instructed Democrat operatives to drag hidden ballot suitcases out from under the tables to be counted.

There was no chain of custody.

NOW WITH AUDIO: Georgia Election Official Ralph Jones, Sr. Announced on Nov. 3rd Evening that Counting would Stop at 11 PM -- Then Led Team to Count Stashed 'Suitcase" Ballots

There was a total of somewhere near 460,000 ballots where there is no chain of custody records available in Georgia. Despite this, the crooked Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certified the election results with these ballots included:


In Wisconsin drop boxes were added to the election process but not through the legislature, through the executive branch. In addition, another huge chain of custody issue occurred in Milwaukee where more than 100,000 ballots miraculously occurred. Late at night, a flash drive was lost in Milwaukee at the same time the votes were added to joe Biden’s totals:

In Michigan, there were several chain of custody violations.

As The Gateway Pundit reported last week. A city van delivered tens of thousands of ballots at 3:30 and 4:30 in the morning on election night.

Exclusive: The TCF Center Election Fraud - Newly Discovered Video Shows Late Night Deliveries of Tens of Thousands of Illegal Ballots 8 Hours After Deadline

There was no dual control as the Democrat counters in the TCF Center in Detroit covered the windows so no one could watch what they were counting with ballots:

Here too there are no doubt issues with chain of custody documentation but they also prevent poll watchers from seeing what they were doing in Philadelphia. Biden was down by nearly 700,000 votes on election night:

This went on for days until Democrats were able to steal the landslide election from President Trump.

Again, no doubt there are chain of custody issues, and poll watchers were prevented from watching the election counting as well:

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar and other Republican officials were denied entry into the Maricopa County Elections Center as ballots were counted.

Democrats were able to cheat behind closed doors, in the dead of the night and in dozens of counting centers in the 2020 election. Democrat operatives blocked access to GOP observers, and violated chain of custody laws across the country.

The media ignored these violations. They supported the lawlessness.

If Republicans ever want to win a national election they must enforce the chain of custody laws.

Until this happens Republicans do not stand a chance against their immoral and cheating opposition.


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“His Heroism and His Restraint Saved Lives”- Attorney Speaks Out after Police Lieutenant Who Shot and Killed Ashli Babbitt Lawyers Up

By Jim Hoft
Published February 10, 2021 at 11:56am

It’s been more than a month since unarmed Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed in the US Capitol. Investigators have recommended no charges for Capitol police officer who fired the shots. However, we still don’t know why his name is kept under wraps.

The shooting of pro-Trump protester, Ashli Babbitt, remains under investigation by the DC Metropolitan Police, the US Attorney’s Office in Washington, DC, and civil rights prosecutors, a routine process for shootings involving the Capitol Police.

We can confirm after speaking to the lawyers for the Babbit family that the Capitol Hill Police Lieutenant lawyered up since the shooting.

Babbit was shot in cold blood and was unarmed.

The attorney for the shooter told reporters recently that their client’s “heroism and his restraint” saved lives.


Attorney Mark Schamel posted a statement this week on the Lowenstein Sandler website.

Mark E. Schamel, Washington, D.C.-based partner in Lowenstein’s White Collar Criminal Defense group, represents the Capitol Police officer accused of shooting a rioter who was part of the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Speaking to the The Wall Street Journal about the possibility of charges against his client, Schamel says: “Without question he should be cleared. … There’s no way to look at the evidence and think he’s anything but a hero.”

CNN quotes Schamel as well: “In every analysis, this was an absolutely justified use of force.” The story is also featured on NBC News, WHDH News Boston, and RT.com, where he adds: “I think it’s his heroism and his restraint that saved lives.”


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“Complaint Seeks – to Chill Vital First Amendment Activities” – FOX News Moves to Dismiss Smartmatic Lawsuit

By Jim Hoft
Published February 10, 2021 at 10:18am

FOX News moved to dismiss the $2.7 billion “meritless” nuisance case by Smartmatic in a press release on Monday.

FOX News argued, “If the First Amendment means anything, it means that Fox cannot be held liable for fairly reporting and commenting on competing allegations in a hotly contested and actively litigated election.”

Lou Dobbs was speaking out about Smartmatic since 2006 on CNN.

The Daily Caller reported:
Fox News Media moved to dismiss a $2.7 billion lawsuit Monday, according to a press release created by the company.
“This suit strikes at the heart of the First Amendment. Smartmatic’s theory is fundamentally incompatible with the reality of the modern news network and deeply rooted principles of free speech law,” said lawyerPaul Clement who filed the motion, according to the press release.

Smartmatic, an election technology company which oversaw the voting systems of Los Angeles County, California, accused Fox of “intentionally” lying and participating in a “conspiracy” to spread disinformation, according to a Feb. 4 statement.
The motion filed by Fox News Media in response to the lawsuit claims that when high-ranking elected officials such as the president claim the election was rigged, citizens have a right to know the evidence behind both sides of the story.


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The Republican Party Is Failing to Deal with the Criminal Activities of the Democrat Party and Acting Like An Abused Spouse

By Joe Hoft
Published February 10, 2021 at 8:15am

Americans have had it with the Republican Party. The Party offers very little, if anything, without President Trump who had a backbone and knew how to deal with criminals, thugs and abusers.

Republicans ignored the greatest election results for a US President in history and align themselves with what now has become the communist left.

Republicans remain silent, like good little sheep, and don’t dare to suggest that the election was stolen in the greatest crime in history. The Democrat media might attack them.

Instead, Republicans jump over each other to try to please the Democrat Party who are evil and just stole the election from them. The Democrats are now so emboldened because they know they will never lose an election ever again. They own the machines and the criminals and processes to steal every election in history. They are now proposing to lock in this criminal activity in a bill that will fix elections forever.

This is fine with weak, lost, and dumb Republicans who are really only concerned about how to enrich themselves. Here are some additional thoughts from a reader, comparing the Republicans to victims of abuse:
A critically important analysis of our current events is to understand the current Republican (Reps) relationship with Democrats (Dems) is that of the abusive spouse (usually the husband) and the victim spouse (usually the wife). In these relationships, the husband may do something like slap the wife hard across the face for some trivial transgression. When the wife, in shock, protests that he slapped (or hurt) her, his reply is “I didn’t slap (or hurt) you.” and he brushes it off like nothing happened. Or he may even turn the tables and ask her why she’s making a big deal out of nothing. He gaslights her.
I’ll pause things right here and ask you to reflect on that verbal exchange in light of events from 2020 such as the summer time rioting. The Reps protested that Dems were rioting. Dems (and the MSM) reply that “we’re not rioting, we’re mostly peaceful protesting.”
How many times do Repubs state the obvious Dem transgression, crime, moral failing, etc. only for Dems/MSM to say “no it isn’t/no we didn’t” in the same vein as “I didn’t slap you.”
Back to the abusive husband and victim wife template. Stating the opposite of and/or denying the reality of something is gaslighting and the purpose of it is two parts. The larger element is that the abuser is trying to construct a relationship with the victim such that the abuser is able to abuse time and again, and suffer no negative consequences (the victim’s wife doesn’t report anything to the cops, nor does she leave/separate/divorce the abusive husband).
The second element is that in denying the reality of their abusive actions, the abuser may insinuate that the victim is crazy, no one would believe her, she is making a mountain out of a molehill, and in general sow seeds of self-doubt within the victim, trying to break her down mentally. The abuser is hoping to make a doormat out of the victim. Obviously it helps if the victim has low self-esteem or lacks confidence, and has little or no support from friends/family/work colleagues, and maybe even needs booze, pills, or other crutches to get through the day, etc. Gaslighting is the primary tool, to psychologically wear down the victim in hopes of creating a sustained abusive relationship: alpha/abuser to beta/victim.
Which brings up one last element that the abuser needs to put in place to make for a sustained abusive relationship. That is that he must convince the victim that any other alternative to her relationship with him is worse than what they’ve got. So if she thinks or talks of leaving him, he will tell her that she’s damaged goods, no other man will want her, and in general create a phony bogeyman or paint an awful situation that awaits her, playing upon her worst fears and insecurities.
Going back to politics, the Dem goal with gaslighting is to create a sustained abusive relationship with Reps, where Dems are the alpha/abuser and Reps are the beta/victim, and Dems never get held responsible for any and all of their criminal activity. Also the above explains why Dems are so gung-ho on the “sexist-racist-homophobe-Islamaphobe-xenophobe-conspiracy theorist-insurrectionist” labeling of Reps. It’s primarily geared for the Dem’s African-American constituents, who the Dems are victimizing in a sustained abusive relationship and are most likely to bolt from their relationship with Dems. The Dems are saying to these constituents, “If you ever think of leaving me to go to the Reps, they are lynchers, racists, etc. If you think we (Dems) are bad, Repubs are ten times worse.”
The good thing is that Trump and most grass roots Reps see through the gaslighting and are of strong enough esteem and confidence that they can say “that’s BS, you’re not walking over me” and won’t be moved off of their position. Trump seriously reinforced that backbone into his 80MM voters, which is what the Dems, MSM, and Deep State hate the most. They had just about totally demoralized the grass roots Reps, but Trump gave them a voice, courage, and new life.
Unfortunately Obama’s people/Dems have a stranglehold on DOJ/FBI/US Attorney offices and it’s going to be that way for another four years. So they will be able to get away with their abuse and not suffer any criminal penalties. Dems aren’t held accountable by the rule of law, and therefore more and more abuse is coming. Don’t underestimate how evil the Left will be in the days ahead.
It’s insane to own lies that are created to enable abuse and to try to apologize to criminal politicians or abusive spouses for their criminal and abusive acts. But, this is your Republican Party today.