ALERT Need prayers now. Wildfire


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Level 1 “be alert” here in Sw Wa......emptied and hooked up my trailer to the truck and just waiting. No panic, trusting God but prepping also......haven’t packed bags but have them ready to if needed. If they bump up the alert level we’ll pack up and be ready.


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Naturally sweet, all good in your area now?
All good right now. Watching carefully.

Except there are crazies running around playing arsonist. Rumors of them near me . But could be people being scared.
Luckily I have about 6 roads out of here.
Emergency backup I have a couple acres of irrigated lush garden and clover, that's I'm keeping well watered right now.


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I pray and speak against unholy alliances. I pray and speak against arsonists and other terrorists making any progress in your whole AO, and for the infrastructure and everyone to be protected from any Jesus' Precious Name I do pray! I Plead the Precious Blood of Jesus for this important Prayer!


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This is a screenshot from a local Facebook group. There was a small brush fire on the other side of town last night.
There is no wind, no sunlight No reasonable reason for the grass to catch fire. It was arson.


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Woohoo, level 1 now!! Was dropped from level 2.

The air is outright toxic. Over 500 at The worst on the planet. But the threat is going down. I don't have to wake up at night to check the fires progress.

Not unloading the truck yet. Not till the rains come. Especially not in this toxic air.


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Yes, Southern Oregon needs our prayers right now.:usfl:

All I'm dealing with us the fear of leftist with Molotov cocktails and a bad air quality number that broke the scale. (just wore a gas mask to feed the chickens. Yes, it's that bad. ).

I need to return 2020. It's defective.


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My mother and step-father are east of the Two Four Two fire near Chiloquin. My step-father is very sensitive to wood smoke/hydrocarbons -- they give him bad headaches. He's got a constant bad headache right now (which makes him into Mr. Grumpy). I suggested to my mom that they take a trip to my sister in Wyoming, as the air is pretty clear there and the smoke is likely to be hanging around their place for a few weeks. But she doesn't think he's up to a two-day drive.