ALERT Need prayers now. Wildfire


Praying for the safety of you and yours, and your surrounding towns. May the Lord place a hedge of protection all around, for your good and His glory.


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Amen on prayers for You and Yours, Naturallysweet!

May You and Yours Be Safe and Well...

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Prayers for your safety my dear friend!

Stepson isn't far from you, he, his wife & 2 grandbabies are already on their way out.



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For those who don't know, Detroit, Idanha and Mahema are really small towns, less than 500, caught between the North Fork of the Santiam River, Detroit Reservoir, and the Cascades. Very steep, hilly country. ( I used to work in Detroit. USFS. The country is so steep that some fire crews from other flatter states would sometimes refuse to go on fires because it is such dangerous terrain.) These are all logging towns. Not rich areas, hit hard over the past decades by the closing of a lot of mills. It will hit these just barely recovering towns really hard. Detroit, (also a very small town) has more tourists, as they have the marinas from the reservoir, camp grounds nearby and a couple restaurants, shops and maybe a hotel. It has more opportunity to come back. It's tragic to see these areas on fire. The other towns are mostly mill towns, or used to be. Some still have mills, one of which I heard is burning.

Praying for those in the way of the fires.


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Also suggestion take a video tour with phone of each room to capture stuff to remember if needed for insurance.

Easy to replace house and furniture and clothes. Records photos people and pets can all fit in a car.

Always easy to be early than to try to be last.

Prayers and thoughts.


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Adding my prayers for all in the path of these fires.

I have family in Redmond/Bend area(s); not sure if the fires are close to them or not. (I need to get ph# from my Dad and call my cousin.)


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Adding my prayers for all in the path of these fires.

I have family in Redmond/Bend area(s); not sure if the fires are close to them or not. (I need to get ph# from my Dad and call my cousin.)
Smoke was terrible last night according to a friend. Most of the smoke was from a fire near Kahneeta. I haven't heard what is going on today.


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We have a member who may very well be affected by this fire as well as others of her family. I PM'd her but have not heard back. I'm praying for her and her family, too. Hope you don't mind if I tag this onto your thread, Naturallysweet.

McKenzie Fire: Officials believe between 80-100 homes destroyed in Blue River
by Lauren Negrete and Staff
Tuesday, September 8th 2020

This fire, now called the McKenzie Fire, has destroyed between 80 and 100 homes in Blue River, Lane County officials believe, Sept. 8, 2020. (Oregon Dept. of Transportation photo){/p}

BLUE RIVER, Ore. — A wildfire forcing people to flee their homes Tuesday along the McKenzie River, and it's destroyed dozens of homes.

The Lane County Sheriff's Office confirms that some deputies and fire personnel working on the fire are surrounded, though officials did not elaborate on where exactly they are.

KVAL - Wildfire update (12pm)

The fire started Monday night when a power line went down and the evacuation zone has been growing ever since.

This fire is now being called the McKenzie Fire and Lane County officials believe that between 80 and 100 homes have been destroyed in Blue River.

Lane County's administrator worries that more homes and businesses have been lost as information is still coming in.
This fire started around 9 p.m. Monday.

For one resident who had to leave Vida, it's something his family knows too well.

"My father and brother lost their homes in the fire in paradise, California, so it's kind of surreal to see that happening over here," thew witness told us.

The fire started when a power line went down just east of Blue River.
Residents in the area have been told to evacuate to either Springfield or Redmond, depending on which side of the fire they live on.