Massive Hillary Email Dump Today

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Heads Up – MASSIVE State Department Friday FOIA Dump – Multiple Clinton Documents…

Posted on September 29, 2017 by sundance
BREAKING: All American Wolverine Katica (twitter link) has spotted a massive FOIA data dump from the U.S. State Department today consisting of thousands of documents, many of which relate to Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State.
FOIA Friday Document Dump of 300 PAGES (20 entries on a page) of emails, documents, etc… SEARCH ARCHIVE HERE

If you want to help search through the emails and documents –CLICK HERE– then share your discoveries in the comments section below. Looks like there’s enough documents to keep us all busy through the weekend.

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Ah, the famous Friday afternoon data dump/release because it is Friday afternoon and nobody is paying attention. We have seen this before. The data will be lost in the weekend clutter, which is the whole point of releasing it on Friday afternoon. It will be a cold day in hell before we ever see a Monday morning data dump. he he he

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This should be in the pedophilia thread but what the heck....

Missing orphans!

SPEZ: Also from the same day:

Trouble moving money w/ heavy redactions:

Opening ports: btw. think dems are pushing to get ports opened in Puerto Rico right now too. hmm.

spez2: Also the emails between Huma and Hildawg happened while HRC was on a day off into early Jan 19th 2010 when Hillary's schedule is redacted

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First, it really no longer matters. Not enough people would ever vote for her again.

Second, HAD she won, the releases would have instantly and permanently stopped.

Third, I read the thread title as “Giant Hillary dump”, and I was about to page Satanta for pics.

Fourth, this thread just reinforces my desire to start moving all the Hillary threads.