Misc Make predictions on reactions to my new rear window posters


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Dollar Tree had two big white blank posters for a dollar. So, I bought two, to alternate placed in the left rear window of my truck while driving around. One now reads "SCIENTISTS For Trump - - SMART Americans know he's right!". The other: "Sentence Pelosi, Obama, the Clintons, Kamala, the Bidens, & the governors of NY/CA/MI/IL now!" Any predictions on which will get me more thumbs up (and middle fingers)? No, I'm not dumb enough to PARK with one of those visible in my truck.
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I’d be more interested in the reaction to a poster of your signature “a man should only take a wife whose Bible includes.........” parked at church and the next Sunday a poster of the verse about men loving their wives as Christ loves the Church.


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Hope you bought extra wheel/tires.
Now is not the time to enflame the idiots.
Be invisible.
I drove around for MONTHS back during primary season with a sign in the back window reading just "Scientists For Trump", til it fell apart. Yes, I took it out when parked anywhere but actually out on the oil rigs, where I correctly figured I was safe. Of course, I was in West Texas at the time, where white males are about 95% pro-Trump; likely explains why I got honks followed by thumbs ups 10x as much as I got flipped off. (That, and few blacks around, and the Hispanics often don't read English well.) Here in NW FL, there is near parity in Trump and Biden signs, with essentially no news about sign theft, where the Repub Prez candidate normally gets 70% of the vote. I figure most pro-Trump people locally are going gray off the internet. A month or so ago I called the local Repub campaign office twice offering to volunteer, leaving messages, and never heard back. I'm basically broke, but I felt I had to do SOMETHING more that just vote or post on Internet echo chambers.


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One of my daughters got in the spirit and voluntarily made a decent poster reading "Honk if you support Trump". I'll try it out today.


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you may want to make sure your insurance is paid up.
car and health insurance.

Antifa has publicly said they are going to burn every since house that has a American flag, or a Trump sign. They would be happy to follow you home and they would not care if innocents got hurt when they burned your house down.


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So far, zip for apparent reactions. LOTS of vehicles here have political stuff, including large pro-Trump flags.
Drove through the town next to me huge trump turnout on the town square lots of honking going on I am shocked at how many trump supporters and I live behind enemy lines :D