POL Law enforcement agencies are prepping for a possible Trump indictment as early as THIS week


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Julie Kelly: Can’t wait to see Patriot (FBI) Front dudes cause problems next week.

Heads up—if you’re in an internet group chat anywhere discussing a response to Trump’s arrest and unknown posters with handles like “UPWITH1776” or “IMADOMESTICTERRORIST” are in it, leave immediately. Trust me

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So we can't protest our grievances legally and peacefully any more.
If this is the case then the battle for freedom is already lost.

The announcement gives them the necessary time to give the illusion of an organized event.

(Soros) BLM and (FBI) Antifa gearing up to cause trouble also wearing MAGA gear

They're laying their narrative. I pray everyone stays home. Patriot front and antifa will be out in full force.

ITS A TRAP. and welcome to Chy Na
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Bill Clinton (DNC Regime Member) was guilty of a global fundraising conspiracy involving massive illegal foreign contributions from China, Venezuela, and other countries during his 1996 presidential campaign. His campaign was fined $2,000.

He was never arrested.
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Plus he was using the oval office as his personal sexcapade motel....aka Lewinsky. Plus no one wants to remember Gennifer Flowers. How is Clinton still walking around out of jail?


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Bernard B. Kerik
I’ve heard… A Trump indictment by @ManhattanDA may reveal a dozen staffers that will out his political bias behind this persecution! #EnoughlsEnough #ThirldWorldNation #PoliticalPersecution


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"Beria was executed separately; he allegedly pleaded on his knees before collapsing to the floor wailing.[62] He was shot through the forehead by General Pavel Batitsky.[63] His final moments bore great similarity to those of his own predecessor, Nikolai Yezhov, who begged for his life before his execution in 1940.[64] Beria's body was cremated and the remains buried in Communal Grave No. 3 at Donskoi Monastery Cemetery in Moscow.[65]"


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Apparently we are living in a “Police State”.

What’s next? Martial Law?

As soon as Trump voters stand up.
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What about the legal citizens of this country start making citizen arrests of the crime lords running the show, charging them with the outrageous crimes against us and the rest of the world. After all we have the right to do so.

We can start with HB and follow the trail of money. God knows our feckless alphabets are the worthless political arm of the communist party.

Eff‘em all … start locking them up

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Seems to me any explosion of popularity from this has limited upside.

The way I see it, it will harden his base and maybe bring around a decent number of more or less conservative fence sitters.

But do you really think the 45-50% of this country that is either woke commie or led by the nose with everything the media tells them, and have been promised every day since who knows how long, that the walls are closing in on the Evil Orange Man, that they won't be cheering this on at the top of their lungs?


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What about the legal citizens of this country start making citizen arrests of the crime lords running the show, charging them with the outrageous crimes against us and the rest of the world. After all we have the right to do so.
Thousands of Illegal Aliens Reaching The Border City of Juarez Atop Of Train Cars. "At least 10k illegals, mainly military age males" preparing to enter The United States.

Looks like the Democrat army is arriving.

2024 needs more fortifications

Maybe closer to Red Dawn
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Oh hell no, lets use the dem's own system to fug em DEEP and HARD over this. Bragg has already insinuated that there will be issues next week. Good reason by independent truckers to declare a "Force majeure " and tell NYC "hey you want it? it's going to cost you 4 times as much in fees, payable by cashiers check in advance, or come and pick up your own shite. After all their own DA said it's going to be dangerous there next week right?. Pick any number you think you can get, I said 4, maybe you can get even more. A win for the little guy since with the truckers shortage I'm sure they can deliver somewhere else if the companies in NYC balk at the additional vigorish being added on. Hell its NYC they should be used to that by now. The little guys get some decent cash or the wokesters in NYC learn what it is like to REALLY tighten their belts

I love that city, or at least what it USED to be. now? shame on em for voting the way they do now. Embrace the suck NYC, maybe you'll wake up when you're hunting down rats for food. Of course with no guns? that should be fun, those rats are BIG!!

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The DA is not acting on his own. I'm sure he's following orders from Xiden/DOJ/FIB.
Yep, but in such a way that Biden and the DOJ will still say, hey, this is a local/state matter. We have our own investigations, but this wasn't us.

But everyone will know it's all the same beast.


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please do corrupt NY DA, this will seal the deal for a landslide victory for trump in 2024 when are you demorats going to understand to stop wasting our money on political whitchhunts that always end badly for you,the guy is rough around the edges but i enjoyed a safe border low taxes cheap gas energy independence,this is not just my opinion on reelection, both left news and right are running with the re election claims

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This is all Kabuki theater produced by the uniparty--aimed at distracting the public from all of the criminal, catastrophic stuff brought about by the Biden administration. Hope it backfires on them big time...
The financial stuff will still be ongoing no matter what they think will distract us.

Though with the Biden Crime Family, the GOP investigators need to get their ducks in a row and start impeachment proceedings. No waiting around for that. I know it ultimately won't succeed in removing him, but we all know corruption when we see it, and this stinks to high heaven.