FOOD Last night I ate 9 year old Hormel chili


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We had 12 year old Spam the other night with eggs and we're still kickin'. It had gotten pushed back behind something that seldom gets moved and I found it in the process of a kitchen re-organization. The can was perfect, opened it and smelled it, smelled like it always does. Sliced it up real thin and fried it real crispy. Yum-O!


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I can remember before they put those dates on every thing. We had sense enough not to eat anything out of a swelled can. At my house we refuse to look at dates except to laugh at them. My kids throw out milk if it's a day out, I still use the sniff test. When I worked at a grocery store in 60s they let us buy bent cans for 10 cents each. I wish we still had them available to us.

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Turret Buster should get some kind of achievement award. Maybe the Brown Toilet Bowl Award. That is an achievement but I have to say I just don't like canned chili any age. Last week we did prepare stuffed green peppers with canned tomatoes we canned eleven years ago. Doing just find. So far.

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The key thing was "heat it to a boil." If you had not, I would have not known where to send the flowers. :D

Back in my wilder days in the 1970's I got drunk with a friend I had known for years by then. He convinced me to join him in eating cheap chili, something like a store brand, only worse, along with scrambled eggs. Oh boy, we then had a flatulence contest, which is the kind of thing you do when you get out of the Army and live with a high school buddy for a month or so. So, yeah if you hadn't cooked it to a boil, and then ate scrambled eggs with it, well then I would be really impressed. :applaud:


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Now you know how just many laughs and fun you created by eating 9 year old Hormel Chili and posting it.