DEEP STATE Joe Biden Delivers the DC Attack Speech Against MAGA Republicans that Mitch McConnell Cannot

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We'll get the "it was the start of a holiday weekend" as to why R's haven't responded to Biden's speech last night, so I'll give the R's through Wednesday to respond. Should be 'INTERESTING!'

Joe Biden Delivers the DC Attack Speech Against MAGA Republicans that Mitch McConnell Cannot

September 2, 2022 | sundance | 401 Comments

Everything you need to know about the background construct of Biden’s speech against “MAGA republicans,” can be found in the silence of the approved republican who is intended to benefit from it.

It is worth noting and emphasizing the specific target of this effort, lest the motive slips by while many are distracted by the outrage.

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Joe Biden, together with and in direct coordination with, the two wings of the DC UniParty system, is not focused on ‘republicans’ as political opposition and domestic enemies. Joe Biden and his various conscripts are focused on a very specific type of republican, the “MAGA Republican.” The same enemy identified by Mitch McConnell and the GOPe donor class. This is not accidental.

While the institutions target Donald Trump himself, the political apparatus that supports the institutions is targeting Donald Trump supporters. Please pay close attention to this, and please pay even closer attention to the voices you do not hear. Silence can be deafening, but only if you are paying attention to it.

Last night’s speech in Philadelphia was a full-frontal assault on MAGA republicans, Donald Trump voters and supporters. There is no parsing or backtracking that can obfuscate the words used and the specific intention of them. Joe Biden would not read the script from the teleprompter if his handlers thought there was no benefit to it. He is saying what he says with purpose, specific intent and motive.

It is in the background of those words, where we should be paying very close attention right now to who remains silent. If you pay attention, you will notice the professional political class, the RNC club and the people who make the decisions about the club agenda, are conspicuously silent. As an example, go look for Ron DeSantis’ response to the Philadelphia remarks, you will notice a curious silence, which, hopefully, people will connect to the other moment of curious silence in the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago raid.

How long does it take to respond?

How long did it take you to formulate an opinion of those disparagements you heard?

It can be uncomfortable to see, and even more uncomfortable to accept, the nature of what exists in silence…. agreement.

Other than a single rather timid tweet from the personal account of the acceptable republican, there was nothing in the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago raid. Evaluations were being conducted. Those evaluations are seemingly again being conducted by the management team of the acceptable republican right now. Silence in the face of tyranny is agreement.

Those who have traveled these pages through the years know what it is like to accept discomfort. However, it is in the bigger picture that we can formulate plans to overcome the opposition. You are not the crew who would drag the Trojan Horse into the fortress. You are the crew who would build the kindling underneath it far away from Troy and then watch what happens when lit. You are the people who can see the false constructs.

That said, all is not bad news… In fact, the red speech from Joe Biden is actually awesome news. What this entire effort tells us is that they cannot find a way to get rid of the MAGA uprising, they are getting more desperate. In the background we can be assured the republican brand managers and image consultants are feverously working their polling and focus groups, and discovering they are not making a dent in the effort.

The Republicans are aligned with Left-wing Democrats throwing everything, including the kitchen sink and indictments against Donald Trump,
yet his influence over outcomes within the party is unaffected. All of the effort in the world, against the MAGA coalition, is not having the desired effect. This must be making the managers of the approved candidate very frustrated.

That’s me, smiling.




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What have we heard from GW Bush concerning Bidens lecture to Republicans?

Post if you've heard something from anyone in the Bush family?


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What have we heard from GW Bush concerning Bidens lecture to Republicans?

Post if you've heard something from anyone in the Bush family?
The shrub family are 100% Deep State RINOS. You’ll hear nothing from them or their minions that is good for the republic or common people

Hope they all dry up and blow away like a wetland plant transplanted to Death Valley in the heat of summer

They are worse than demoncrats because they speak conservative yet always act as elite one world government die hards