Jarrett Calls on Dem Presidential Candidates to 'Break with Conventional Wisdom and Announce a Running Mate That’s a Woman of Color'


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The real one. We employee a lot of people and quite frankly we don't care what color they are or where they came from or who their parents were/are. I don't even care much if they have a criminal background so long as they've paid their dues to society and don't keep screwing up like that over and over. They could be green with purple pokadots and none of us would care. But you damn sure better be able to follow through on your resume ... or else.
"It will have to be about qualifications and what they bring to the table, not what they do under the table."
This sentence, this point is irrelevant with who becomes the dem nominee. Biden is the front runner, and no way no how does he qualify at this point in time. HIs mind has gone south, his nose goes south too often as well. None of those who were in the running carry an overall package to be president of the US. Not one. It's about doing the bidding of the deep state, that is all.