PLAY IT'S THE TB2K WEEKEND DANCE PARTY - Loud Crappy Retaliatory Music You Deploy To Intimidate Other People's Loud Crappy Music?

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While not music, cutting the lawn early after people have been rowdy and drinking all night can have an impact.

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ONE of the things I used to do to the idiot next door when he had loud late nite goings on:
I would start the lawnmower and leave it by/next to the fence running and ring his door bell a bunch of times until he got up and then say "...Mornin!..."


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Bumping to top for the evening shift!

This will get the attention...

Chicken Dance

The cringe is strong with this one, but it will do the trick...

The Laurel Park Ladies Whistling Choir - Bohemian Rhapsody

It may not be as bad as Yoko, but it's darn close.

And it's sure to bring the neighborhood to its knees...

Toad Sings "Chandelier"


You're not well. ;)

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