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Loud Crappy Retaliatory Music You Deploy To Intimidate Other People's Loud Crappy Music?

Well OK. Y'all need to be thinking a little more creatively.

If I really want to be evil, imagine anyone of these on loop.....

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Barney - I Love You (SONG with LYRICS)
Dec 21, 2010

run time 00:00:56

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It's A Small World After All Lyrics
Dec 21, 2014

run time 02:05

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Pinkfong Baby Shark - Kids' Songs & Stories
June 17, 2016
Pinkfong Baby Shark - Kids' Songs & Stories

run time 2:16
You beat me to it. :xpnd:


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When my kids were teenagers they'd arbitrarily play Throbbing Gristle full tilt just to get a rise out of me. Worked every time. "Turn that shite off. . . . .don't make me come up there or someone's gonna get my Irish foot up their arse!" lol

Bright side.......these are the people you will get to shoot when tshtf...... those idiots in the crowd were diggin that crap!! it sounded british......


One of my favorite novel series, the Ring of Fire series--sometimes called the 1632 series--deals with something like this. A bunch of West Virginians are uprooted and forcibly sent back in time to the year 1632 in Europe, where they proceed to raise hell across multiple continents bringing the spirit of good old fashioned American values with them.

At one point, they've surrounded a castle called the Wartburg which is full of Spanish soldiers, led by some straight-up Spanish Inquisition types. They spend the entire night laying siege to the castle with up-time music, which you have to figure is freaking them right out. At the end, they have a specific playlist that comes just before they offer jobs in their army to anyone willing to defect from Spain. That playlist includes:

Parts of Berg's "Wozzeck", 8:13


"Night on Bald Mountain", 9:40


"Pictures at an Exhibition", 3:16


It goes on like this since I can only put so many videos in one post, but then, they top it off with this.

Shostakovich, Symphony No. 8, Third Movement, 8:12