PRYR RQST I lost the love of my life..........


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Thank you for sharing your pain with us and reminding us to appreciate those in our lives. May God bless you and the children with peace in your hearts.


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Your words and love for this woman places this recent unpleasantness in clarifying perspective. What you have is far more important that what we worry about...
And the moonbeams kiss the sea...


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I am so very sorry to hear about your loss of your loved one!! Especially since you couldn't be with her in her final days and hours. I pray that our loving God will fold you into His arms and bless you with His peace and His hope and His comfort! I'll be praying for you!!

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I'm so heartbroken for you. May the Grace of the Holy Spirit comfort you and console you..........if only all of us could experience this kind of love.......God bless you and may your precious loved one rest in peace.....while waiting to see you again.


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I am so sorry for your loss.

May the Lord fill those areas you are missing now with her apart from you in the present and give you strength and guidance to press on with His best path for you.

I lost my wife of 32 years from cancer and it was a very dark path for the first 6-12 months, especially the first 90 days.

Stay close to family and keep yourself in a positive place. I had to pull away from news and politics for awhile because I needed to stay focused on keeping my head above water.

Spouses and or long term partners over time become part of you bringing you love stability and strength. When they are gone it takes time for their absence to set in (several weeks to a month or two) to deal with the impact of the loss because parts of you are still in shock/denial, depending on your level connection. You could feel like half of your person is missing along with some guilt over areas of your relationship. I dealt with these feelings. Focus on taking care of your health and stay active while you are emotionally, spiritually and mentally adjusting.

Beware, dating online is crazy and full of scams.

God bless you PghPanther!
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I am so sorry for your were blessed with 9 years of happiness that some of us will NEVER experience. To love someone so much and have that person return that love, is a gift, a blessed gift. I'm sorry you lost her. May the pleasant moments you shared, wash over you in your sadness.....Sending much love and prayers of comfort to you. My sister was married to an awful man, 20 years she gave him her best. Finally she divorced him. She met the most wonderful man and had 5 years of love and appreciation, that again, most of us will never experience. He passed suddenly and at his funeral, as I hugged her, I you know how blessed you were to be loved so much? And she did know....and I hope you do too


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Thinking of you and praying for you. Lori sounds like a wonderful lady. I'm so sad you couldn't be with her but I'm glad you were able to have those last few words with her. She knew how much you love her.


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Some of you may know or recall me talking about my girl friend of 14 years Lori..............who developed ALS after about 9 years into our relationship.

In the recent months it has progressed quickly and today 7-31-20 she passed away in the nursing home she was at...........I saw her the week before and two days ago by special permission of the home.

We met in 2006 when I was 52 and she was 48.......and instantly knew we should be took many years for us to work out our financial situations to the point where we could get married and just about that time is when the ALS appeared as a slight limp in her that point I dedicated the rest of her remaining days to helping as much as a could until she had to go to a nursing home.........she was never bitter........always wonderful, caring and loving to me and everyone she met until the end.

She once told me that if she could live one year over again it would be the first year we met, I said even over the years of having children?..............she said yes I meant that much to her...........

The last time I saw her she would still light up at my voice and was still aware of our life and love.....My final words to her were....."When I think about you it makes me glad I was born"...........she smiled and mumbled "wonderful" and then closed her eyes and we said our final goodbye that way........ sweet and decent of a person as she was stunningly beautiful.......... she will be cremated and her children and I will receive some of those ashes.........I will also get a lock of her hair she wanted me to have...........and that will go with me to my grave someday with some other artifacts I have from her.

So now the day I dreaded and feared has come and she's gone............and I'm heart broken beyond belief right now and will miss her immensely for the rest of my life.

Thank you for your time everyone.........and may the rest of your days be many and joyous with the time you have left on Earth.
Prayers and Condolences

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My sincere sympathies are with you. Your beautiful tribute had my eyes filled with tears.
Thank you for sharing your Love Story. My
The God of all comfort give you peace. This will take much time. Praying for you.